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10x System Scale

Game modification: 10x System Scale
10x System Scale
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Galaxy Generation


Updated for 2.7.*

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10x System Scale is a mod that seeks to make the galaxy feel larger, more diverse, and a tad more realistic than in vanilla.



  • Solar systems:
    • Scales up solar systems to (you guessed it) ten times their vanilla size. This is a purely cosmetic change: ships will cross the space just as quickly as in vanilla.
    • Your starting solar system can now have additional habitable planets.
    • Increases the number of moons that planets can have.
    • Primitives can now spawn on moons, and in binary or trinary systems. Their homeworld will also have a name, unless they're a Stone Age civilization.
    • Adds 47 new combinations of binary and trinary systems, documented below.
    • Brown Dwarfs can now spawn as their own planetary systems, instead of being limited to binary or trinary systems.
    • Adds White Dwarfs to the game, and changes Sirius B and Procyon B to that class.
    • The K/F and G/F binary systems are now K/White Dwarf and G/White Dwarf.
    • Red Giants are scaled up to look more impressive compared to Red Dwarfs.
    • Adds Class K Orange Giants to the game, supplementing the M Giants already present.
    • Adds quaternary, quintenary, and sextenary systems.
    • Adds a number of new unique solar systems for galactic variety.
    • Reworks many vanilla solar systems into binary or trinary systems.
    • More Fallen Empires can have Ecumenopolises as their capital planets.
    • The guaranteed habitable world at Alpha Centauri can now orbit Proxima Centauri instead of star A. Primitives can also rarely spawn in the system if guaranteed habitable worlds are turned off.
    • Bugfix: the M/G binary system is now M Giant/G, and the G/M/K trinary system is now G/K/M.
  • Megastructures:
    • Gateways and L-Gates now directly orbit planets and are no longer adrift in the outskirts of a system.
    • Ringworlds can now be built in binary/trinary/etc systems. They will only consume the planets directly orbiting them; habitats orbiting one such planet will lose any special deposits they get from "mining" the planet.
    • Repairing Ringworlds is now done through a planetary decision. The requirements are identical to those in vanilla.
    • Dyson spheres can now be built in binary/trinary/etc systems. They will, for the most part, only freeze the planets directly orbiting them, although if you build one around a star that has both S-type and P-type planets, the P-type ones will cool down slightly as a result.
    • Matter Decompressors can now be built in binary/trinary/etc systems, as well as solar systems that have been blessed by The Worm and become Black Holes.
    • Mega Shipyards can now be built in binary/trinary/etc systems, as well as Black Hole, Neutron Star, and Pulsar systems.

New Binary and Trinary Star ClassesEdit

A lot of new combinations of binary and trinary stars have been added.

Icon Class Star type Environmental effects
sc_binary_11 Binary Stars (K Giant, Black Hole)   +50% Disengagement Chance Reduction
  +50% Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown
  sc_binary_12 Binary Stars (T, T)
  sc_binary_13 Binary Stars (M, T)
  sc_binary_14 Binary Stars (K, K)
  sc_binary_15 Binary Stars (G, T)
  sc_binary_16 Binary Stars (F, M)
  sc_binary_17 Binary Stars (M, M)
  sc_binary_18 Binary Stars (B, M)
  sc_binary_19 Binary Stars (B, G)
  sc_binary_20 Binary Stars (M Giant, M)
  sc_binary_21 Binary Stars (G, G)
  sc_binary_22 Binary Stars (G, K)
  sc_binary_23 Binary Stars (G, M)
  sc_binary_24 Binary Stars (F, K)
  sc_binary_25 Binary Stars (B, K)
  sc_binary_26 Binary Stars (B, A)
  sc_binary_27 Binary Stars (A, M)
  sc_binary_28 Binary Stars (A, G)
  sc_binary_29 Binary Stars (F, White Dwarf)
  sc_binary_30 Binary Stars (B, T)
  sc_binary_31 Binary Stars (White Dwarf, White Dwarf)
  sc_binary_32 Binary Stars (K, M)
  sc_binary_33 Binary Stars (K, T)
  sc_binary_34 Binary Stars (White Dwarf, T)
  sc_binary_35 Binary Stars (F, G)
  sc_binary_36 Binary Stars (Neutron Star, Pulsar)
  sc_trinary_5 Trinary Stars (T, T, T)
  sc_trinary_6 Trinary Stars (M Giant, K, M)
sc_trinary_7 Trinary Stars (A, White Dwarf, F)
  sc_trinary_8 Trinary Stars (M, M, T)
  sc_trinary_9 Trinary Stars (G, G, M)
  sc_trinary_10 Trinary Stars (B, K, T)
  sc_trinary_11 Trinary Stars (M, T, T)
  sc_trinary_12 Trinary Stars (K, White Dwarf, M)
  sc_trinary_13 Trinary Stars (B, A, M)
  sc_trinary_14 Trinary Stars (F, K, K)
  sc_trinary_15 Trinary Stars (A, G, G)
  sc_trinary_16 Trinary Stars (M Giant, F, M)
  sc_trinary_17 Trinary Stars (M, M, M)
  sc_trinary_18 Trinary Stars (G, K Giant, M)
sc_trinary_19 Trinary Stars (B, B, F)
  sc_trinary_20 Trinary Stars (Pulsar, F, T)   +100% Shield Nullification
  sc_trinary_21 Trinary Stars (K, K, M)
  sc_trinary_22 Trinary Stars (K, M, M)
sc_trinary_23 Trinary Stars (B, White Dwarf, G)
  sc_trinary_24 Trinary Stars (G, T, T)
  sc_trinary_25 Trinary Stars (Black Hole, Black Hole, White Dwarf)   +50% Disengagement Chance Reduction
  +50% Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown

Quaternary, Quintenary, and Sextenary Star ClassesEdit

A handful of quaternary, quintenary, and sextenary stars have been added as well.

Icon Class Star type Environmental effects
sc_quaternary_1 Quaternary Stars (B, B, A, F)
  sc_quaternary_2 Quaternary Stars (K, M, M, T)
  sc_quaternary_3 Quaternary Stars (G, K, K, M)
  sc_quaternary_4 Quaternary Stars (A, F, G, K)
  sc_quaternary_5 Quaternary Stars (M, M, T, T)
  sc_quaternary_6 Quaternary Stars (F, F, F, G)
  sc_quaternary_7 Quaternary Stars (K Giant, A, G, G)
  sc_quaternary_8 Quaternary Stars (K, K, M, M)
  sc_quaternary_9 Quaternary Stars (G, T, T, T)
  sc_quaternary_10 Quaternary Stars (F, M Giant, M, M)
  sc_quaternary_11 Quaternary Stars (A, G, White Dwarf, K)
  sc_quaternary_12 Quaternary Stars (B, A, M, M)
  sc_quaternary_13 Quaternary Stars (G, White Dwarf, Neutron Star, F)   +50% Sublight Speed Reduction
  sc_quaternary_14 Quaternary Stars (M, M, M, M)
  sc_quintenary_1 Quintenary Stars (M Giant, G, White Dwarf, M, M)
  sc_quintenary_2 Quintenary Stars (K, K, M, M, T)
  sc_quintenary_3 Quintenary Stars (G, G, M, T, T)
  sc_quintenary_4 Quintenary Stars (F, G, White Dwarf, G, K)
  sc_quintenary_5 Quintenary Stars (A, A, M, T, T)
  sc_quintenary_6 Quintenary Stars (B, Black Hole, F, K, K)   +50% Disengagement Chance Reduction
  +50% Emergency FTL Jump Cooldown
  sc_sextenary_1 Sextenary Stars (M, M, M, M, T, T)
  sc_sextenary_2 Sextenary Stars (K, M Giant, White Dwarf, M, M, M)
  sc_sextenary_3 Sextenary Stars (G, White Dwarf, M, M, M, M)
  sc_sextenary_4 Sextenary Stars (F, G, M Giant, G, M, T)
  sc_sextenary_5 Sextenary Stars (A, A, G, White Dwarf, K, T)
  sc_sextenary_6 Sextenary Stars (B, A, White Dwarf, M, T, T)

Modified filesEdit

This mod edits the following files in the common folder, and should be funtionally compatible with any mods that don't touch them.


Mods that add new solar systems will work, but there may be some visual weirdness: moons will appear to have much wider orbits, ringworlds may have gaps in them, etc.