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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

This page is about modding Agendas.

They are defined at "common/agendas/xxx.txt".

Data Structure[edit]

  • weight_modifier - Modifies how likely should a leader have this Agenda.
  • modifier - A block of Modifiers to be applied to the Empire for as long as this leader remain on the ruler's seat.

Whenever a leader becomes the ruler or a candidate of an Empire with an Authority that has has_agenda = yes, if the leader doesn't have an Agenda, a random Agenda is chosen for the leader and they will preserve the Agenda for their lifetime and will never change to another.

Unlike Mandates, the Agendas don't have some sort of on_term_started. All an Agenda can be relevant to the game is its Modifiers.

There are neither Conditions to check the Agenda nor Effects to change the Agenda.


Science Leap[edit]

agenda_science = {
	weight_modifier = {
		weight = 100
		modifier = {
			factor = 1.5
				from = {
					has_ethic = ethic_materialist
		modifier = {
			factor = 2
				from = {
					has_ethic = ethic_fanatic_materialist
		modifier = {
			factor = 1.5
			leader_class = scientist
	modifier = {
		all_technology_research_speed = 0.10

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