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This article has been verified for the current PC version (2.7) of the game.

An anomaly is represented by survey readings that deviate from what is normal. When a science ship surveys a celestial body it may identify an anomaly that needs further investigation. Anomalies have their own tab in the Situation Log.

When the investigation of an anomaly is complete, an event will pop up that can give various bonuses, such as research points, resources on a planet, or even a special project which requires further research investment to unlock benefits. Certain Ethics occasionally have additional options.

Each surveyed celestial body has a 5% chance of spawning an anomaly, which is increased by 0.5% for every surveyed planet with no anomaly before being reset. The Leader trait meticulous.png Meticulous trait also increases the chance of finding anomalies by 10%.



To investigate an anomaly, a science ship with a scientist on board must be present at the celestial body where the anomaly is located. Investigating them takes time, which is determined by the level of the scientist minus the difficulty level of the anomaly. As such, anomalies of higher levels are often best left off until a skilled scientist can study them faster.

Level difference Investigation days
+9 (Inconsequential) 20
+8 (Inconsequential) 24
+7 (Trivial) 30
+6 (Trivial) 35
+5 (Very Easy) 45
+4 (Very Easy) 55
+3 (Easy) 65
+2 (Easy) 80
+1 (Routine) 100
0 (Routine) 120
Level difference Investigation days
-1 (Routine) 180
-2 (Challenging) 300
-3 (Challenging) 540
-4 (Hard) 720
-5 (Hard) 1080
-6 (Very Hard) 1440
-7 (Very Hard) 2160
-8 (Hellish) 2880
-9 (Hellish) 5760

Anomaly ListEdit

Each Anomaly can only be found x times where x is the number of possible outcomes. Once a certain outcome of an anomaly has occurred, the same outcome cannot happen if the anomaly is discovered again.

Anomaly (single outcome) Level Rewards Celestial body Empire
Icy Plains 4     Arctic
Arid and Abandoned 6       Arid
Arid Wastes 3     Arid
Abandoned Station 3      Asteroid
Alien Machine 3      Asteroid
An Asteroid, Carved 3 event chain   Asteroid   
Asteroid Collision 1     Asteroid
Astonishing Asteroids 6      Asteroid
Covered in Debris 3     Asteroid
Mind the Minerals 2     Asteroid
Mystical 7       Asteroid   
Orbital Speed Demon 4 event chain   Asteroid   
Radiating Asteroid 7     Asteroid
Spacecraft Remains 4       Asteroid   
Unknown Insides 3     Asteroid   
A Curious Signal 2       Barren   
On the Barren Plains 5 event chain   Barren   
Peculiar Crater 7     Barren
Winking 5      Barren
Desolate Sands 1     Desert
Ice Lit 3     Frozen
Something Smells 2     Frozen
Minesweeper 2     Gaia
Paradise Anticipated 3     Gaia
Atmospheric Storms 1     Gas Giant
Cargo Pod 1     Gas Giant
Clouds Dance 1     Gas Giant
Gas Giant Ship 5      Gas Giant
Gas Giant Signal 5 event chain   Gas Giant
Ice Ice Giant 6     Gas Giant
Promising Moon 1     Gas Giant
Terminal Orbit 5     Gas Giant
Heated Rhythm 2      Molten
Drops in the Ocean 3      Ocean   
Floating Value 3      Ocean   
Kaleidoscopic 2     Ocean
The Winter of the Fallen 3       Tomb   
Impossible Organism 6 event chain   Toxic   
Pigment Poison 7     Toxic   
Poison-coated 2     Toxic
Toxic Construction 8      Toxic
Toxicity 3      Toxic
Among the Vines and Trees 3     Tropical   
Scurrying 4     Tropical
Tropical Oddities 3     Tropical
Wooden Hegemony 3     Tropical   
Possible Inhabitants 3        Dry Planet   
Parked 8    Any Habitable Planet
Planetary Scars 4   Any Habitable Planet
Rubiconian Shores 7 event chain Any Habitable Planet
Steamrolled 1   Any Habitable Planet
Ancient Shipyard 4   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Asteroid in Orbit 1   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Atmospheric Anomaly 3   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Doppler Effect 3 event chain Any Uninhabitable Planet   
Life Signs 2   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Monoliths 3   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Projecting 3   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Signs of Battle 4   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Solar Sailer 2   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Space Station 1   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Strange Mountain Formation 3   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Surface Beacon 1   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Surface Writing 2   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Unidentified Object 2   Any Uninhabitable Planet
Distress Signal 2   Any Planet   
Playful Ruins 3    Any Planet   
Improbable Orbit 5   Any Star
Light Phenomenon 3     Any Star
Anomaly (multiple outcomes) Level Outcomes Celestial body Empire
Asteroid Waves 1 4   Asteroid
Crashed Ship 3 2   Asteroid
Dimensional Disturbance 6 2   Asteroid
Docking Hatch 3 2   Asteroid
Dustbowl 1 3   Asteroid
Energy Emissions 1 2   Asteroid
Mineral Cluster 3 4   Asteroid
Odd Readings 6 2   Asteroid
Unknown Origin 1 2   Asteroid
Looking Down 6 2   Barren
Buried in the Sand 4 2   Desert
Dunes 3 3   Desert
Cold Hard Potential 3 4   Frozen
Cold Wastes 2 2   Frozen   
Aerostat Structures 1 2   Gas Giant
Atmospheric Object 4 2   Gas Giant
Space Debris 1 2   Gas Giant
Signs of Former Habitation 1 2   Toxic
Continental Findings 1 3   Continental
Rainbow in the Dark 5 2   Black Hole
Spotty Greenery 4 2     Wet Planet
A Lush Planet 4 4 Any Habitable Planet
Peculiar Patterns 3 3 Any Habitable Planet
What Hums in the Night 5 2 Any Habitable Planet
Massive Impact 2 2 Any Uninhabitable Planet
Tomb World 4 2 Any Uninhabitable Planet
Unusual Energy Readings 2 4 Any Uninhabitable Planet
Weak Signal 2 2 Any Uninhabitable Planet

Distant Stars anomaliesEdit

Distant Stars anomalies have only one possible outcome.

Anomaly Level Reward Celestial body Requirements
Armed Vessel 3 50   Influence or special project to gain 90-250   Engineering Research   Asteroid No empire discovered the same anomaly
Secret Heart 5 +1   Rare Crystals deposit   Asteroid
Unscannable Object 1 90-250   Physics Research
+1 L-Gate Insight in an L-Gate was discovered
Waterless Canyons 1 +4   Minerals deposit   Barren
Gray Goo 4 Random   Industry technology
+1 L-Gate Insight in an L-Gate was discovered
Inconsistent Readings 1 +3   Physics deposit   Frozen
Metallic Crystal Formations 2 90-250   Engineering Research
200   Nanites if not    Xenophobe
90-250   Society Research if    Xenophobe
+1 L-Gate Insight in an L-Gate was discovered
Alien Activity 3 60-150   Society Research   Gaia No empire discovered the same anomaly
Movement in the Clouds 2 Lost Amoeba event chain   Gas Giant
Solid Core 3 +2   Exotic Gases deposit and 90-250   Society Research
+1 L-Gate Insight in an L-Gate was discovered
  Gas Giant
Volcanic Vents 1 +1   Exotic Gases deposit and 60-150   Society Research   Molten
Deep Tunnels 1   Flooded Mounds planetary feature and   Watery Grave planet modifier   Ocean
Impenetrable Clouds 1 +3   Minerals deposit   Toxic
Mysterious Construct 5 Special project to gain a unique Admiral leader if AI Policy is not Outlawed   Toxic No empire discovered the same anomaly
Fleet Signatures 4 +3   Society deposit   Black Hole
Heavy Pulse 2 +4   Physics deposit   Class F Star
Ship Fragments 1 120-350   Society Research   Neutron Star No empire discovered the same anomaly
Abandoned Settlements 4 Special project to gain the   Brain Slug Host trait and 150-500   Society Research if not   Machine Intelligence
150-500   Society Research if   Machine Intelligence
Any Habitable Planet No empire discovered the same anomaly
Alien Life 3   Savage Wildlands planetary feature and   Hostile Fauna planet modifier Any Habitable Planet No empire discovered the same anomaly
Attractive Magnetism 1   Soothing Magnetism planet modifier Any Habitable Planet   Gestalt Consciousness
Bizarre Blanket 1 90-250   Society Research Any Habitable Planet
Corrupt Survey Data 4 60-150   Engineering Research and the planet disappears Any Habitable Planet No empire discovered the same anomaly
Isolated Ruin 2   Zone A planetary feature Any Habitable Planet
Megaflora 1 90-250   Society Research Any Habitable Planet    Machine Intelligence
Resonant Crystals 1   Resonant Crystals planet modifier Any Habitable Planet    Gestalt Consciousness
Overgrown Ruins 6 120-350   Society Research if not   Fanatic Purifiers or   Determined Exterminator
90-250   Society Research if   Fanatic Purifiers or   Determined Exterminator
Any Habitable Planet
Deep Caverns 7 +1   Living Metal deposit and   Living Metal technology if not already researched Any Uninhabitable Planet
Webwork 2 +3   Society deposit Any Uninhabitable Planet
Silent Behemoth 2 +3   Society deposit and 60-150   Society Research Any Uninhabitable Moon
Unusual Moon 3 +3   Minerals deposit Any Uninhabitable Moon No empire discovered the same anomaly
Encrypted Transmission 2 +1 L-Gate Insight Any Planet System has an abandoned L-Gate
Metallic Sands 2 90-250   Engineering Research
  Nanosands planetary feature if planet is habitable
+4   Minerals deposit if planet is uninhabitable
+1 L-Gate Insight in an L-Gate was discovered
Any Planet
Supply Ship Wreckage 2 300   minerals or 100   Influence Any Planet      Genocidal
Interference 1 60-150   Physics Research and 60-150   Society Research Any Star
Irregular Energy Emissions 4 25   Influence or special project to give a scientist the   Meticulous trait Any Star    Gestalt Consciousness
No empire discovered the same anomaly

Heavy ReadingsEdit

If an anomaly is randomly discovered on a star and the system contains a Gateway the anomaly will always be the level 2 anomaly Heavy Readings. Investigating the anomaly will issue a special project on the Gateway. Finishing the special project will grant 90-250   Physics Research and the investigating scientist will gain 2 skill levels and the   Paranoid trait.

Repeatable anomaliesEdit

There are two types of repeatable anomalies. The first is the Ancient Signs of Life anomaly, which can only be found on   Barren worlds and will add the   Terraforming Candidate planet modifier once investigated.

The second are anomalies with the name randomized based on the planet class which will reveal a pre-sapient species on the planet once investigated. Such an anomaly can be triggered once for each planet class, including   Gaia and   Tomb worlds.     Genocidal empires cannot discover these anomalies.

Pioneer 11Edit

If the Sol system is present in the galaxy a random Asteroid might reveal a level 3 Debris Field Anomaly. Investigating it will discover the Pioneer 11 probe. If the empire is human it will gain 40-100   Influence. If the empire is alien on the other hand it will bring the following options:

  • Decipher the data disk and gain 120-250   Engineering Research while the science ship leader gains 200 Experience. The location of the Sol system is added to the situation log. Entering the system will grant 80-175   Influence.
  • Sell the data disk and gain 120-250   Engineering Research.
  • Use the data disk as furniture and gain 40-100   Influence if   Xenophobe or   Fanatic Xenophobe.

Media coverageEdit

A number of anomaly events can be solved in ways that will impact an empire's media views on the empire if not   Gestalt Consciousness. Such outcomes bring a   Happiness modifier for 10 years.

Media Coverage modifier Happiness
Extremely Positive +40%
Very Positive +25%
Positive +10%
Negative -10%
Very Negative -20%
Extremely Negative -30%
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