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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.
Complete Soundtrack
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Release date / Patch
2016-07-12 / 1.2

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From Paradox Development Studio’s original sci-fi title, Stellaris, comes the complete soundtrack composed by Andreas Waldetoft and Bert Meyer including performances by the Brandenburg State Orchestra and Budapest Film Orchestra. With the full score from the initial game, along with new tracks from expansion content such as Apocalypse, Distant Stars, and more, this soundtrack contains a total of 63 tracks, with over four hours of music, fusing melodic orchestral performance with synthetic creations. This soundtrack provides fans with a growing, living set of music, with more tracks to be added as Stellaris continues to expand in the future.

In game, only those music can be played which are included in the activated DLCs. However, the Complete Soundtrack includes all Stellaris music tracks released, regardless the owned DLCs. Once the Complete Soundtrack is bought newly released soundtracks are automatically downloaded when they are released, requiring no further payment.[1] Some of the soundtracks are only available in the Complete Soundtrack.

As of 2021. April 15. total track time is 6 hours, 29 minutes.

Stellaris[edit | edit source]

Stellaris.png Stellaris was released on 2016. May 09, but the Complete Soundtrack was released only 2016. July 12. Initially Stellaris Nova Edition and Stellaris Galaxy Edition included Stellaris OST, but with the release of Complete Soundtrack they were merged and sold independently. Total music length 2 hours, 41 minutes.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Stellaris Suite: Creation & Beyond 8:30 Andreas Waldetoft
Faster Than Light (feat. Mia Stegmar) 6:40 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only
Deep Space Travels 7:29 Andreas Waldetoft
To the Ends of the Galaxy - Instrumental 6:13 Andreas Waldetoft
In Search of Life 6:01 Andreas Waldetoft
Spatial Lullaby 4:14 Andreas Waldetoft
Gravitational Constant 7:07 Andreas Waldetoft
Alpha Centauri 5:23 Andreas Waldetoft
Genesis 6:08 Andreas Waldetoft
The Celestial City 5:49 Andreas Waldetoft
Infinite Being 7:33 Andreas Waldetoft
Pillars of Creation 12:36 Andreas Waldetoft
Distant Nebula - Instrumental 7:56 Andreas Waldetoft
Sigma Tauri 5:36 Andreas Waldetoft
Journey Through the Galaxy 5:47 Andreas Waldetoft
Riding the Solar Wind 7:13 Andreas Waldetoft
The Birth of a Star 11:02 Andreas Waldetoft
Luminescence 8:03 Andreas Waldetoft
Distant Nebula (feat. Mia Stegmar) 7:56 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only
Faster Than Light - Instrumental 6:40 Andreas Waldetoft
Battle For Supremacy - Bonus Track 4:00 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only
  • Added later
  • Originally planned to be part of the game, but was removed before the release
Infinite Being - Alternative Version 7:32 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only
To the Ends of the Galaxy - Alternative Version 7:32 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only

Leviathans[edit | edit source]

Leviathans.png Leviathans was released on 2016. October 20. Total music length 25:17.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Dragon Breath 6:38 Andreas Waldetoft
Assembling the Fleet 5:15 Andreas Waldetoft
The Awakened 6:33 Andreas Waldetoft
The Last Stand 2:39 Andreas Waldetoft
The Titan 4:01 Andreas Waldetoft

Utopia[edit | edit source]

Utopia.png Utopia was released on 2017. April 06. Total music length 33:58.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Utopia Main Title 9:36 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Complete Soundtrack only
  • Also played at game launch
A New Dawn 1:50 Andreas Waldetoft
Towards Utopia 8:07 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Played during Stellaris: Console Edition trailer "The fall of an Empire"[2]
  • Played during Stellaris: Ancient Relics Story Pack - Launch Trailer [3]
The Imperial Fleet 5:27 Andreas Waldetoft
Cradle of the Galaxy 5:48 Andreas Waldetoft
In Memoriam of Mercedez Romero 3:10 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Blorg Scientist during All hail Blorg, Space Friends[4]

Synthetic Dawn[edit | edit source]

Synthetic Dawn.png Synthetic Dawn was released on 2017. September 21. Total music length 17:24.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Synthetic Dawn Main Theme 7:00 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Also known as "Robotics and Beyond"
Robo Sapiens 5:28 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Also known as "Robotics"
Synthetic God 4:56 Andreas Waldetoft
  • Also known as "Robotic God"

Humanoids[edit | edit source]

Humanoids was released on 2017. December 07. Total music length 18:42.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
The Imperial Fleet (Second Coming) 6:52 Bert Meyer
In Memoriam of Mercedez Romero (Luminous Flux) 3:37 Bert Meyer
  • Blorg Scientist during All hail Blorg, Space Friends[4]
Towards Utopia (Nova Flare) 8:13 Bert Meyer

Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Apocalypse.png Apocalypse was released on 2018. February 22. Total music length 16:37.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Then Comes Light 5:43 Andreas Waldetoft
Doomsday 4:58 Andreas Waldetoft
Hostile Fleet Detected 4:02 Andreas Waldetoft
For as Long as I Shall Live (Apocalypse trailer) 1:54 Bert Meyer
  • Complete Soundtrack only
  • Added later
  • Played during the Apocalypse trailer video [5]

Distant Stars[edit | edit source]

Distant Stars.png Distant Stars was released on 2018. May 22. Total music length 14:45.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
One Galaxy 4:41 Bert Meyer
Adagio Stellar 4:20 Bert Meyer
Into The Dark 4:24 Bert Meyer
Distant Stars Trailer Theme 1:20 Bert Meyer
  • Complete Soundtrack only
  • Played during the Distant Stars trailer video [6]

MegaCorp[edit | edit source]

MegaCorp.png MegaCorp was released on 2018. December 06. Total music length 16:32.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Hidden Motives 4:36 Bert Meyer
Dark Minds 4:10 Bert Meyer
The Master Plan 3:54 Bert Meyer
The March Of Profits 3:52 Bert Meyer
  • An alternative version played during the MegaCorp trailer video [7]

Ancient Relics[edit | edit source]

Ancient Relics.png Ancient Relics was released on 2019. June 04. Total music length 17:25.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Among The Ruins 4:30 Bert Meyer
Finding Sanctuary 4:11 Bert Meyer
Abyss 4:23 Bert Meyer
Our Heritage 4:21 Bert Meyer

Federations[edit | edit source]

Federations Federations was released on 2020. March 17. Total music length 16:41.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
A Brighter Tomorrow 3:54 Bert Meyer
Hegemonic Dominion 4:03 Bert Meyer
Call To Assembly 4:14 Bert Meyer
Unity and Paperwork 4:30 Bert Meyer

Nemesis[edit | edit source]

Nemesis.png Nemesis was released on 2021. April 15. Total music length 13:29.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Coronation of the Dark Emperor 3:34 Andreas Waldetoft
Nemesis Main Theme 4:01 Andreas Waldetoft
Super Massive Fleet 5:54 Andreas Waldetoft

Overlord[edit | edit source]

Overlord Overlord was released on 2022. May 12. Total music length 32:56.

Title Runtime Composer Notes
Stargazer 2:53 Andreas Waldetoft
Methonos 5:40 Andreas Waldetoft
Beyond 8:16 Andreas Waldetoft
Gather the Fleet 5:03 Andreas Waldetoft
Overlord Menu Music 11:04 Andreas Waldetoft Played during the main menu.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Complete Soundtrack actually consists of 58 tracks, but "The Last Stand" and "The Titan" from Leviathans are duplicated.
  • The Steam Store page always gives one less track. That's because "For as Long as I Shall Live" was added later for player requests, but the store page was never updated.
  • Synthetic Dawn track "Robo Sapiens" is named "robotics" in the files.
  • Synthetic Dawn track "Synthetic God" was named "Robotic God" in the Complete Soundtrack, while going by the name "Synthetic God" in game. This was fixed a few days after release.
  • Since 2020. January 21. Complete Soundtrack is no longer a DLC but a Soundtrack, a new category in Steam.
  • Humanoids is the only species pack with its own soundtrack.

References[edit | edit source]