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This article has been verified for the current console version (1.7) of the game.
A Fallen Empire on the galactic map.

Fallen Empires are large, ancient, and extremely powerful empires that became stagnant over the ages.[1] Unlike normal empires, a Fallen Empire is fully developed at the start of the game, but will not expand further (under normal circumstances), trade, or make any agreements with other empires. In the player's Contact list, they are listed under their own section ("Fallen Empires").

Due to their large and powerful fleets, Fallen Empires should not be provoked until your fleet strength and technology is comparable. At normal difficulty, their approximate fleet power is 34k but can be as large as 68k, depending on the size of their empire and the size and type of the galaxy. Fallen Empires use a unique ship and station art style which is exclusive to them, which distinguishes them from ships of ordinary empires; there are four visual variants of this style and four different weapon and gear selections, but the general number of slots is about equal.

It is impossible to vassalize a Fallen Empire, and they are rarely interested in peace offers short of total surrender to all demands once a war has begun. When engaging in a conflict with them, it is essential that an empire be fully prepared to deal with the consequences and be prepared to carry through on any demands made. A Fallen Empire's planets can be annexed (via the Cede option) or cleansed, but cannot be liberated. However everyone - even a Pacifist empire - can force a Fallen Empire to cede planets in a war.

A Fallen Empire's species is randomly generated, but can also be picked from any of the premade species that were not already spawned on the map. For example, it is possible for a human Fallen Empire to be generated.


Fallen Empires can fall into a few basic behavior classes: Sleeping or one of the 3 Cases of being Awakened (Upstart Awakening, Guardian Awakening, and War In Heaven Awakening). By default, there can be only one non-Sleeping Empire, with the exception of the War In Heaven.


All Fallen Empires begin the game in Sleeping status.

Despite their size and power, the Fallen Empire will remain passive, staying in their borders unless provoked. They have the Lethargic Leadership and Empire In Decline civics, which restrict them from colonizing and conquering worlds, as well as building new ships. However they may still get Fleet from the reinforcement Event. In this case the Event requires them being very low in Fleet Power, at Peace, has a lockout of 1 year, a MTTH of 1 month and is 8 Battlecruisers (FE Battleships) and 10 Escorts (FE Destroyers). Unlike other AI empires - which require the completion of a special research project before communication is established - Fallen Empires will instantly contact players who unwittingly enter their space, presumably being aware of the Empire since it left its home System or even before that.

Once revealed, the Fallen Empire is typically Dismissive towards normal empires, and will not accept trades or agreements of any kind. They always start with their borders closed, but some Fallen Empires (Enigmatic Observers and Keepers of Knowledge) will open them if relations improve sufficiently.

Fallen Empires can both give Tasks and make Demands depending on their Personality and other Empires actions. They will however not declare war except to force their Demands (especially if they were rejected). If the Empire has poor enough Relations -90, is Rivaling them or refused demands before the demand phase will be skipped instantly.

On the other hand, certain Fallen Empires with good relations with a younger empire may bestow gifts, such as resources, access to technology databanks, rare technologies, or even occasionally a fairly powerful ship. The higher the patronizing empire's opinion is of the younger empire, the more likely it is for this to happen.

See below for Details on Tasks, Demands and Gifts.

Awakened Effects[edit]

Awakened Empires stop being passive and make a bid to conquer the galaxy or defend it from a Crisis (based on the form of Awakening). Unlike Fallen Empires, an Awakened Empire can build new ships, colonize planets, and conquer worlds via war. Awakened Empires have considerable technological and starting resource advantages even compared to mid- or late-game empires, and thus their awakening can have drastic consequences for a game in progress but also make them one of the best guardian Forces in the galaxy.

Effects on the Fallen Empire and Galaxy:

  • Their Country Type is changed to Awakened Fallen Empire, to avoid mixing it up with still Sleeping ones.
  • Their Government Type is changed to Awakened Ascendancy
  • Their Civics will be set to Revanchist Fervor and Ancient Caches of Technology. Due to the loss of their previous Civics, they now can conquer and build ships fully.
  • They receive 20000 Minerals, 5000 Energy and 1000 Influence as their storages are emptied by the Country type change.
  • They receive Fleet once via the normal Reinforcement Event
    • If a default empire has more than 50k Fleet Power, the event will trigger a 2nd time
    • The reinforcement Event available for Sleepers can no longer trigger for them, however.
  • Communication is established with all Default and still sleeping Fallen Empires

Upon awakening, a Fallen Empire's entry in the Contacts list is updated with a new name and is placed in the "Others" section instead of "Fallen Empires". As the Awakened Empire is a new empire replacing the Fallen Empire, a new first contact will occur.

A Fallen Empire's awakening is not considered an Endgame Crisis, which can still trigger before, after, or even during an awakening - or even be the cause of one (Guardian Awakening).

Guardians of the Galaxy[edit]

Join us. Only together can we prevail against that which threatens us all - Benevolent Interventionist guardians

When an Endgame Crisis occurs, the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge can awaken with the declared goal of ending said crisis. If one of them has already awakened before the crisis, they will become guardians as soon as the crisis starts. On normal difficulty, it is likely that they will be able to stop the crisis single-handedly, especially if they awakened before the crisis occurred.

Guardians have protecting the galaxy as their sole goal. If the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge were awakened before the crisis they will stop their vassalization plans and attempt to rally the galaxy instead. This attitude persists even after the crisis is resolved.

The chance of a Fallen Empire awakening as a Guardian is rolled as part of the crisis itself and varies based on the crisis. If both the Enigmatic Observers and the Keepers of Knowledge were spawned on the map, it is more likely than not that one of them will become guardians.

Only the Enigmatic Observers or the Keepers of Knowledge can become Guardians. The Holy Guardians or the Militant Isolationists will never awaken as guardians and should they have awakened before the crisis, they will continue with their domination plan instead. They also still have to meet these requirements:

  • A Galactic Crisis must have happened
  • They were picked as the Guardians during the Crisis initialization
  • No other Guardian Awakening happened before
  • The Fallen Empire has at least 40k fleet power
  • MTTH is 5 years
    • x0.01 if they lack the second timed Guardians Country Flag.

Once they awaken, all Player Empires will be notified. All Default Empires will get a random Opinion Modifiers from the Following list (equal chances):

  • Crisis Fighter
  • Crisis Fighter Small
  • No buff

All other Effects of a Normal Awakening will apply, including Civics, Communications, Reinforcements, Fleet building ability - but not War in Heaven.

Upstart Awakening[edit]

Giants in the playground... - player response to the first Awakening Empire

This kind of awakening can happen if a default Empire becomes too strong or started conquering Fallen Empire worlds. They are reacting to an "Upstart Empire" becoming too powerful.

The requirements are as following:

  • At least 100 years must have passed, they are not at war, and their fleet power is above 40,000[2].
  • A default empire is getting too strong (above 50k Fleet power[2]) or has conquered a Fallen Empire world.
  • There has been no other Awakening and no Guardian of the Galaxy thus far.
  • The event has a 50% chance of occurring every 50 years, modified as following:
    • If there is more than one Fallen Empire in the game, the time is multiplied by the number of Fallen Empires (it is unclear if that includes no longer existing ones). This offsets the increased chance for one of them to awaken.
    • If an empire has 75k Fleet power[2], the time is halved.
    • If a Fallen Empire planet was taken by a default empire, the time is reduced by 90%.
    • If the Global Flag "high_awaken_chance" is set, the time is reduced by 99%. (There is no event that set that flag, so it is likely for debugging purposes)

If the host has the Leviathan DLC, an Ancient Rival may be chosen to start a War in Heaven.

War in Heaven[edit]

War in Heaven is a special state where two Fallen Empires awaken and launch a Great War against one another, with the normal empires as pawns in their game.

  • The normal awakening must have happened and the event must have picked this Empire as the "Old Rival". See Upstart Awakening for details.
  • They are still sleeping, not at war, and their fleet power is above 40k.
  • No other rival has awakened.
  • 50% chance to occur every 5 years.

The odds of a War in Heaven depend on the number of fallen empires in the galaxy:

2 Fallen Empires

  • 18%: War against the other Fallen Empire.
  • 82%: No war.

3 Fallen Empires

  • 26%: War against the Fallen Empire of the opposing Ethic.
  • 5%: War against a random Fallen Empire.
  • 69%: No war.

4 Fallen Empires

  • 40%: War against the Fallen Empire of the opposing Ethic.
  • 5%: War against a random Fallen Empire.
  • 55%: No war.

If a Rival is picked, it will awaken after 10 years. It receives all the bonuses of an Awakened Empire, and both empires gain the "No War" flag for 10 years.

Start of the War in Heaven


  • 2 years elapsed since the Rival's awakening.
  • The Rival is not at war, and their fleet power is above 40k.
  • 50% chance every 5 years for the first 10 years.
  • 50% chance every 18 days after 10 years.


  • Both Participants have the No War Flag removed, even if it is not time yet normally.
  • Both participants receive another reinforcement event.
    • The reinforcement is triggered a 2nd time again if any default Empire is above 50k.
  • The war is declared, with the mutual goal of "Total Defeat" (75 points).
  • All non-Vassal default Empires receive the Choice event.

The Choice:

Each Empire is presented with the Choice to join either side or stay Neutral. Even the AI Empires are forced to choose. There are 4 options:

  • Join the First Awakened Sleeper
  • Join the Second Awakened Sleeper
  • Pick neither side
  • Vassals of 3rd parties will always follow their Overlord

Choices and AI Weighting:

  • All options have a base weight of 100.
  • AI Empires have their Weighting to pick sides based on their and the respective Awakened Empires Ethics
  • Fanatic Purifiers and Metalhead AI Types will never pick a side
  • Empires that are Subjects, at War, Non-Default empires can never pick a side
  • Empires already subject to either Awakened Empire, will be forced to side with that Empire during this war.
  • The AI weight for Staying Neutral is drastically affected by Fleet Power (higher under 10k, lower over 20k-50k), being in a Federation and being in a Federation with a player.


  • Everyone that decides to join a side, will receive the "Picked Side" Country Flag.
  • Joinees will receive a free Guarantee of Independence from their Patron lasting 10 years
  • Joinees will be made subjects of the respective Fallen Empire, including the respective type of Subject
  • Joinees will be added to the war on the respective side

One is defeated:

  • Neutral Observers are informed
  • Vassals of the winning side will receive planets of losing side vassals, by an unknown distribution
  • The League of Non-Aligned Systems will be informed and still has to fight the remaining Fallen Empire. The War in Heaven is still considered ongoing.

Leader of the League of Non-Aligned Empires

This event will iterate over all applicable empires to find the Leader for the Non-Aligned Empires. Monthly a random Non-Vassal Default empire at peace that has not declined this round before will be offered the Presidency until all have declined or a leader is found. The event groups Empires based on fleet power: > 100k Fleet power, >90k (going down to >10k in 10k steps), and finally everyone that is left. The AI only has a 1/100 weight to pick up the leadership position, leaving it highly likely for the player.

After the leader has been picked, all non-Vassal default Empires (including those that declined Leadership before) are offered one chance to join the "League of Non-Aligned Powers" Alliance (this is not a Federation). Afterwards joining requires the normal Alliance Diplomacy approaches.

Fanatic Purifier and Metalheads AI's will never choose becoming leader, joining the League, or joining

If Both Fallen Empires are defeated, a player Leader of the league acquires the respective Achievement.

Fallen Empire Types[edit]

There are four types of fallen empire and only one of each can exist at any given time.

Holy Guardians[edit]

A Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist Fallen Empire existing in a self-imposed exile, they keep their borders closed and prefer to have no interaction with the lesser species. Their only concern is the preservation of their holy sites, Gaia planets with the "Holy World" modifier, which will have special names and are located near the Holy Guardians' territory. The Fallen Empire will not colonize any of these planets, but reacts harshly to any violation of them by normal empires. Colonizing a Holy World will incur a -200 opinion with this Fallen Empire. These penalties are not cumulative for each colony and are only registered once as long as a single such colony exists.

If their opinion falls below -90, Holy Guardians will demand that your empire abandon all Holy Worlds. Accepting their request will instantly destroy any such colony and humiliate your empire. Denying their request will result in a war to cleanse all holy sites themselves.

Holy Guardians have a cyan motif on their ships, stations and cities.

Doctrinal Enforcers[edit]

Holy Guardians can awaken as the Doctrinal Enforcers. They will seek to convert the whole galaxy to their faith. Any normal empire can accept to become a dominion, a subject that pays 25% of their Mineral and Energy income to the Doctrinal Enforcers. A dominion's ethos are also changed to Fanatic Spiritualist.png Fanatic Spiritualist and Authoritarian.png Authoritarian while their authority and civics are randomly switched to suit the new ethos. Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind empires do not change ethos however.

Synthetic ascension conflict[edit]

The Holy Guardians have an extremely low view on species seeking the synthetic ascension path. Upgrading a species to cyborgs will make them angry and likely having them try to humiliate said empire through a demand. Should their demand be refused, they will declare war shortly afterwards. Uploading a species' consciousness into synthetic bodies will make them even more angry and leave a cryptic message from them.

That yours was a depraved species was not unknown to us, but your latest act of insanity has surpassed even our darkest fears. Making imperfect copies of your brains and plugging them into mobile synthetic containers is not the same as transferring your essence into a new body, for such a thing cannot be done.
Your souls are lost forever. Do you even realize the enormity of your mistake? Destroying the bodies you were gifted with at birth was nothing less than the collective suicide of your entire species. There is truly no hope for you now...

Keepers of Knowledge[edit]

A Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist empire that is the most truly Fallen Empire, it is one of the only two advanced enough to have built ringworlds. However, their ringworlds are in a state of disrepair, either broken or filled mostly with ancient ruins. This empire dedicates itself to the hoarding of technologies that it believes should be kept out the hands of young and irresponsible races. They interact more often with the lesser races through tasks and are among the hardest Fallen Empires to anger. The only thing they fear is artificial intelligence though their fears are not unfounded. Empires employing artificial intelligence will get a small opinion penalty, but not serious enough to provoke a war on its own.

Keepers of Knowledge may offer a task to force an empire to outlaw artificial intelligence or a request for a high level scientist from your empire. They can also offer gifts to empires they patronize.

If their opinion falls below -90, Keepers of Knowledge will demand that your empire will outlaw artificial intelligence. Denying their request will incur a war to force that policy upon you.

Keepers of Knowledge have a black and green color motif for their ships, stations and cities.

Watchful Regulators[edit]

Keepers of Knowledge can awaken as the Watchful Regulators. They will seek to force all other empires to accept their technological primacy. Any normal empire can accept their demand to become a satellite, a subject that pays 25% of their research production to the Watchful Regulators and are banned from using artificial intelligence. (Ironically, this is least painful to Spiritualist empires, who cannot use robots anyway.)

Militant Isolationists[edit]

A Fanatic Xenophobe.png Fanatic Xenophobe isolationist Fallen Empire, this empire actively dislikes the lesser species more than any other Fallen Empire, and their only desire is to remain within their borders without any contact. They will never offer any task to normal empires, nor will they ever open their borders. Unlike other Fallen Empires they are extremely sensitive to border friction and placing colonies or frontier posts near their space will instantly reduce their opinion by -200.

If their opinion falls below -90, Militant Isolationists will demand that your empire will abandon the colonies close to their space. Accepting their request will instantly destroy any such colony and frontier outpost and humiliate your empire. Denying their request will incur a war to purge the offending systems of your presence.

Militant Isolationists have a sinister black and red motif for their ships, stations, and cities.

Jingoistic Reclaimers[edit]

Militant Isolationists can awaken as the Jingoistic Reclaimers. They will seek to conquer or vassalize the entire galaxy. Any normal empire can accept their demand to become a thrall, a subject that cannot colonize worlds outside their own territory and must pay 25% of their Mineral and Energy income to the Jingoistic Reclaimers. However, thralls can declare war and conquer worlds from each other.

Enigmatic Observers[edit]

A Fanatic Xenophile.png Fanatic Xenophile empire, Enigmatic Observers are the most benevolent of the Fallen Empires and are the hardest ones to anger. While they strive to avoid interfering in the development of the younger empires through direct intervention, they offer tasks far more often than any other Fallen Empire type. The only thing that angers them is threatening the diversity of the galaxy - wars do not concern them, but slavery and purging will incur their wrath.

Enigmatic Observers may offer a task to force a normal empire to prohibit purges, or a request for a pop from their empire. Pops taken are placed on a special planet in the Fallen Empire's territory, which can include species that do not have an empire anywhere else in the game. Accepting an Enigmatic Observer's requests will raise their opinion, and the elders may offer gifts to those they have favored.

If their opinion falls below -90, the Enigmatic Observers will demand that your empire will outlaw slavery and purging. Denying their request will have them start a war to force those policies upon you.

Enigmatic Observers have a bronze and blue motif for their ships, stations and cities.

Benevolent Interventionists[edit]

Enigmatic Observers can awaken as the Benevolent Interventionists. They will seek to force all the other empires into becoming a signatory to a galactic peace treaty. Any lesser empire can accept their demand to become a signatory, a subject that is forced to ban slavery and purging permanently. However, signatories are free to colonize new planets. Unlike other Fallen Empires, the Benevolent Interventionists will come to their defense should any of their subjects be attacked.


If it is our technology you are after, we would be all too happy to arrange a demonstration. - Angry Fallen Empires

Fallen Empires start with all standard, rare and dangerous technology including all technologies limited by ethos, as well as with five levels in every repeatable technology. They do not, however, have any of the special technologies such as Enigmatic Deflectors that are only available through reverse engineering or special events.

Fallen Empires have no labs on any of their planets and do not research further repeatable techs. After becoming Awakened Ascendancies, they may build labs, but will still not set any research.


Fallen Empires own highly valuable systems. The planets of their home system in particular contain multiple complexes built using ancient technology that produce exceptionally high amounts of the basic resources, and are otherwise unavailable - even an Awakened Empire cannot build more of these special buildings. Depending on galaxy shape and empire placement, Fallen Empires will often control several other minor systems which are partially built up using regular buildings, and are of the Fallen Empire's primary race's preferred habitat (Ocean, Continental, Tundra etc.). However, should a Fallen Empire end up spawning at the tail end of a spiral arm where star systems are fewer, or if the game options set few habitable worlds, they may only have their home system and one other. All Fallen Empire systems with inhabited planets are also fortified with advanced military stations, especially Fallen Empire homeworlds.

  • The Keepers of Knowledge own two ring worlds. Their home system, called the Beacon of Infinity, contains an intact ring world with sections Palatial District, Trade District, Industrial District, and Agrarian District, although its surface contains mostly Ancient Ruin tile blockers. Their other ring world lies in a system called the Beacon of Stability and is largely broken, but contains a single intact habitat segment, called Eternal Bastion. Nearby these two systems is a third ring world system called the Beacon of Perpetuity, which is entirely ruined.
  • The Holy Guardians home system contains two fully developed Gaia worlds: The Celestial Throne, a maximum size world which is their homeworld with a fractured moon called The Mistake, and Sky Temple, and smaller Gaia world. There will also always be four Holy Worlds spawned near the Holy Guardians called Walled Garden, Emerald Mausoleum, Pristine Jewel, and Prophet's Retreat, which are Gaia worlds of varying sizes.
  • The Militant Isolationists home system also contains two fully developed Gaia worlds: their home planet, a world of maximum size called The Core, and its smaller fully developed moon, called Boundary. There are also 3 Shielded worlds that can be found inside the Militant Isolationist's borders, which are generally the only Shielded Worlds that can be found in the game.
  • The Enigmatic Observers home system contains a gas giant known as Sky Father, orbited by multiple fully developed Gaia moons: the Fallen Empire homeworld Cradle, two smaller colonized moons named Mother and Brother, and a destroyed moon called Sister. A nearby system will contain The Preserve, a large Gaia world containing xeno preserves and at least three random alien species. This planet may end up preserving pops of other species in the galaxy through the requests of the Enigmatic Observers.


Fallen Empire ships.

Fallen Empires do not use the standard ship types that are used by normal empires. Instead, they have Escorts, Battlecruisers and Titans. Escorts are the same size as Destroyers and Battlecruisers are the same size as Battleships. The Titans are extra large and use 20 fleet capacity. These ships look different to any normal empire ships and have preset designs that cannot be changed in the ship designer even if the Fallen Empire awakens.

While their ships are very powerful, sleeping Fallen Empires do not build new ones even to replace ones that have been destroyed (see above). As such, any ship lost is a permanent reduction to their strength. However, if a Fallen Empire awakens, they can replenish their fleets at a frightening pace. Escorts have a build time of 30 days while their counterparts the Destroyers take 120 days to build. A Battlecruiser's build time is 100 days compared to the 480 days it takes to build a Battleship. Titans take 700 days to build.

While each type of Fallen Empire have their own ship designs, they all share some commonalities across the board. All ships use Zero Point Reactors, Neutronium Armor, Hyper Shields (with multiple Shield Capacitors), Impulse Drives and Tachyon Sensors, and all weapon modules used are of the highest tier. The Battlecruisers and Titans make heavy use of Advanced Strike Craft. All Fallen Empires also use Jump Drives and Sentient Combat Computers. In addition the Titans of every Fallen Empire use the same special Titan Laser, capable of obliterating a battleship in one shot.

The exact military power, hull points, armor and shields may vary somewhat due to different weapon systems and access to Strategic Resources. However the military power of Titans is usually somewhat below 10k, the military power of Battlecruisers around 2.2k or higher, and the military power of Escorts somewhat above 300.

There is a sort of "baseline" design for every ship class, with the weapons, computers, and sometimes additional modules dependent on which empire one is facing:

  • Titans: 1 Titan Laser, 2 Bombers, 2 Fighters, 2 groups of 4 large Weapons, 4 medium weapons, 0 Point defense.
  • Battlecruiser: 1 XL Weapon, 1 Bomber, 1 Fighter, 2 Large and 4 Medium Weapons, 0 Point defense.
  • Escorts: 1 Large, 4 Small, 2 Point Defense weapons.
  • Large Stations: 2 Groups of 5 Large Weapons, 2 Groups of 5 Medium Weapons, 4 Point Defense
  • Small Stations: 5 Large Weapons, 5 Medium Weapons, 2 Point Defense.

It is noticeable that they generally have very good anti-Capital Weapons, but very poor medium and especially small weapon complements. That suggests that they would be vulnerable to high Evasion targets, Torpedoes and Bomber, especially after their Escorts have been destroyed. However, the weapon selection can drastically affect these considerations.

Keepers of Knowledge[edit]

  • Alpha-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Bomber and 2 Fighter Hangars
    • 4 Large Lasers
    • 4 Large Disruptors
    • 4 Medium Laser
    • 8 Large Reactors
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Beta-class Battlecruisers
    • 2 Bomber and 2 Fighter Hangars
    • 1 Tachyon Lance
    • 2 Large Disruptors
    • 4 Medium Lasers
    • 4 Large Reactors
    • 3 Large Armor, 3 Large Shield
    • 2 Shield Rechargers, Destroyer Computer
  • Gamma-class Escorts
    • 1 Large Disruptor
    • 4 Small Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 4 Medium Reactors
    • 3 Medium Armor, 3 Medium Shield
    • 1 Shield Recharger, Destroyer Computer
  • Omega Class Stations
    • 5 Large Disruptors
    • 5 Large Lasers
    • 5 Medium Disruptors
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Reactors
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Shield Recharger
  • Sigma Class Stations
    • 5 Large Disruptors
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Reactors
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeble Properties:

  • Double Fighter/Bomber capacity on Battlecruisers
  • Strong Anti-Shield and Anti-Armor ability, with relevant focus on Anti-Shield

Holy Guardians[edit]

  • Eternal-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Fighters and 2 Bomber Hangars
    • 8 Large Missiles
    • 4 Medium Plasma
    • 8 Large Reactors
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Precog Computer
  • Avatar-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Bomber, 1 Fighter Hangar
    • 1 Arc Emitter
    • 2 Large Plasma
    • 4 Medium Swarmer Missiles
    • 4 Large Reactors
    • 3 Large Armor, 3 Large Shields
    • 2 Rechargers, Generic Precog Computer [3]
  • Zealot-class Escorts
    • 1 Energy Torpedo
    • 4 Small Plasma
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 4 Medium Reactors
    • 3 Medium Shields, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Shield Recharger, Generic Precog Computer [3]
  • Bulwark-class stations
    • 5 Large Missiles
    • 5 Large Plasma
    • 5 Medium Swarmer Missiles
    • 5 Medium Plasma
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Reactors
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Shield Rechargers
  • Faith-class Stations
    • 5 Large Plasma
    • 5 Medium Swarmers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Reactors
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeable Properties:

  • Very high amount of tracking, making Evasion unfeasible.
  • Limited Anti-Shield ability. High Missile Reliance.
  • Precog Computers and Psi Jumpdrives for all ships, but no other Psionic technology (Psionic Shields and the like).

Militant Isolationists[edit]

  • Imperium-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Fighter and 2 Bomber Hangar
    • 8 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Flak Batteries
    • 8 Large Reactors
    • 6 Large Armor, 5 Large Shields
    • 1 Afterburner, 3 Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Supremacy-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Bomber and 1 Fighter Hangar
    • 1 Mega cannon
    • 2 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Flak Battery
    • 4 Large Reactors
    • 4 Large Armor, 2 Large Shields
    • 1 Afterbuner, 1 Recharger, Cruiser Computer
  • Glory-class Escorts
    • 1 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Small Autocannons
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 4 Medium Reactors
    • 3 Medium Shields, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Afterburner, Cruiser Computer
  • Reaper-class Stations
    • 10 Kinetic Artillery
    • 10 Flak Point Defense
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Reactors
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Shield Rechargers
  • Devastator-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Flak Point Defense
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Reactors
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Shield Rechargers

Noticeable properties:

  • They replaced 1 Shield Recharger with an Afterburner, even on ships not intended for melee
  • All Medium Slot weapons are Flak Artillery. While giving superior Point Defense, this makes them weaker vs small ships.
  • Afterburners and Cruiser Combat computers means they will get into close range quickly.
  • Their Shield/Armor ratio is skewed towards Armor.

Enigmatic Observers[edit]

  • Keeper-class Titans
    • 1 Titan Laser
    • 2 Bombers, 2 Fighters
    • 8 Kinetic Artillery
    • 4 Medium Lasers
    • 8 Large Reactors
    • 6 Large Armor, 6 Large Shields
    • 3 Shield Rechargers, Battleship Computer
  • Custodian-class Battlecruisers
    • 1 Fighter, 1 Bomber
    • 1 Tachyon Lance
    • 2 Large Lasers
    • 4 Medium Mass drivers
    • 4 Large Reactors
    • 3 Large Armor, 3 Large Shields
    • 2 Rechargers, Destroyer Computer
  • Warder-class Escorts
    • 1 Kinetic Artillery
    • 2 Small Mass drivers
    • 2 Small Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 4 Medium Reactors
    • 3 Medium Shield, 3 Medium Armor
    • 1 Recharger, Destroyer Computer
  • Sentinel-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Large Lasers
    • 5 Medium Mass drivers
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 4 Point Defense
    • 10 Large Reactors
    • 10 Large Shields, 10 Large Armor
    • 4 Rechargers
  • Watcher-class Stations
    • 5 Kinetic Artillery
    • 5 Medium Lasers
    • 2 Point Defense
    • 5 Large Reactors
    • 5 Large Shields, 5 Large Armor
    • 2 Rechargers

Noticeable Properties:

  • All Ships are equipped with defensive Computer and a very long range weapon. Staying on this distance as well will avoid a large part of their firepower.
  • They are weaker vs armor, but stronger vs shields.

The Sanctuary[edit]

Sanctuary is a randomly encountered system containing an abandoned ring world of previous Enigmatic Observers. Originally created to act as a nature preserve and house primitive life, the system was abandoned but left guarded by multiple defense platforms of approximately 20000 total strength. Upon discovering the system an empire is contacted by the automated defense facility, which explains the history and purpose of the facility. Every message ends in "Do not approach this facility under any circumstances" and indeed the defenses will fire upon any ship that approaches it.

The ring world is almost completely intact and each habitable segment houses a randomized pre-FTL species, none of them advanced beyond the Steam Age. Any empire that manages to defeat the platforms can lay claim to the extremely valuable system and decide the fate of the inhabiting species.

Getting a FE to pick on AI empires[edit]

The following text is to be considered outdated. This tactic no longer works - but it was fun while it did :-)

A planet encroaching the borders of the Militant Isolationists or a world that is holy to the Holy Guardians can be colonized and then immediately traded for something with an empire that doesn't hold a negative attitude or given as a gift to an empire that does. The Fallen Empire will become angry towards them and demand the colony cleansed. If they accept the colony will be cleansed and the AI empire will become humiliated for 10 years. If they refuse the Fallen Empire will declare war shortly afterwards. Gifts cannot be given to empires you're at war with however.

Tips for fighting Fallen Empires[edit]

For all their ancient technological might, the arrogance and inflexibility of these ancient giants proved their undoing, and now they are gone, reduced to no more than another set of broken ruins of the past. - Game narration

With 1.3, Fallen Empires Warfare was drastically reworked and the 3 cases for Awakening have been added, meaning one must now differentiate between fighting a still sleeping and an awakened Fallen Empire. General rules:

  • Fallen Empire Battleships have "2 additional" Extra Large Slots as of 1.3. Which means they will field 2 Tachyon Lance Level weapons on top of a full complement of Strike Craft. These heavy weapons should be the biggest concern as they can pick any fleet trying to stay on long range apart. However they are not slouches in short range weapons either so even after negating the main defenses, they will be a tough battle.
  • Each empire prefers a specific set of weapons that might be tied to the Ethos they have. Kinetic and Energy Weapons have been observed, as well as swarm missiles and bomber/fighters. Ships should be tailored to an empires Specific loadout, to maximise effectiveness. While an awakened Fallen Empire can build new ships, it can not redesign them. So once the weapons are known, ships can be designed around them.
  • They start with 5 levels of every repeatable technology, but do not seem to research more - even when awakened. Do not try to out-tech them unless you are really far ahead.
  • Fallen Empire fleets are far more powerful than the diplomacy menu or fleet power counter might suggest. Their fleets will easily destroy enemies twice more powerful. Before declaring war on Fallen Empires, consider the possibility of losing most, or even all, of your assault fleets. Because of that, other players in multiplayer or powerful AIs will most likely declare war on you during your war with a Fallen Empire, so either leave some of your fleets behind or build up significant defensive emplacements.
  • Their land armies most likely will be a lot more powerful than yours, capable of easily annihilating your troops in land battles and even taking planets with full Fortifications. Try to intercept and destroy any of their transport ships you see. However, as the AI will let transports ships follow the main fleet, this will not be easy.
  • Try stalling an Awakened Fallen Empire's fleet by repeatedly constructing a spaceport on the system they are in. This works best if the planet is close to the edge of the system as the fleet will be forced to cancel its jump to destroy the spaceport. Giving you precious time to capture their worlds with minimal resistance.
  • Be warned that taking any Fallen Empire planets increases the chance of one FE awakening massively (to a near certainty), if that did not already happen.

Sleeping Empire[edit]

The still-sleeping empire does not build ships, which makes them vulnerable to a war of attrition or multiple declarations of war in succession. Corvette swarms equipped with Anti-shield and Anti-Armor weaponry and maxed out evasion should prove quite effective against them and their medium to extra-large guns, but do not fare that well against the Fighter Strike Craft or the Materialist Arc Emitters. Their fleets will be at least two 40k blobs, possibly more depending on difficulty. The main goal in the first war should be to acquire their technology via salvage, as this can drastically improve the chances in a second war. Their troop transports should be defeated while in space as they can capture even a fully fortified planet with a normal stack. Do not try to acquire any planets. Doing so will undoubtedly trigger an awakening.

Awakened Empire[edit]

If that happens or not, your long-term goal has to be to acquire as much territory as possible, in particular that of the still sleeping Fallen Empires to acquire their massive resource income and their technology. Once you do have comparable base technology and income, you actually stand a chance in an open war. Be advised that any planet they capture means an additional Spaceport they might build.

If an Endgame Crisis occurs, the Benevolent Interventionists or the Watchful Regulators may become guardians of the galaxy. They will stop trying to reduce empires to Signatories or Satellites and form a federation instead. Sufficiently desperate players may use this to their advantage - i.e., deliberately research dangerous technologies in the hopes of causing the crisis.

War in Heaven[edit]

Siding with one of the two Awakened Empires is the best choice available. Not only does it offer the best chance of survival, but should you make a significant contribution to the war and win, your overlord will bestow most of their conquered territory, likely a very large portion of the galaxy, to the subjects that contributed enough. The fewer worthy subjects, the more each of them gains.

Joining the "League of Non-Aligned Systems" is a very dangerous option due to the fact that few empires will do the same, leaving your small group to fight most of the galaxy. However, an already potent Federation may find its numbers and members swelling when such a war begins, and the War In Heaven can become a three-way battle royale.

Remaining entirely independent, however, is advisable for only the most powerful or most pathetic of normal empires.

Empire titles[edit]

Fallen and Awakened Empires typically use empire names different than that of regular empires, usually ones hinting that they once were much more powerful and widespread than they currently are.

Fallen Empires[edit]

Holy Guardians[edit]

  • Watchers
  • Protectors
  • Guardians

Keepers of Knowledge[edit]

  • Chroniclers
  • Conservers
  • Archivists

Militant Isolationists[edit]

  • Vestige
  • Shard
  • Remnant

Enigmatic Observers[edit]

  • Forerunners
  • Progenitors
  • Ancients

Awakened Empires[edit]

Doctrinal Enforcers[edit]

  • Crusaders
  • Fanatics
  • Zealots

Watchful Regulators[edit]

  • Regulators
  • Enforcers
  • Directors

Jingoistic Reclaimers[edit]

  • Reclaimers
  • Reconquerors
  • Restorers

Benevolent Interventionalists[edit]

  • Peacekeepers
  • Mediators
  • Arbitrators


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