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This article has been verified for the current console version (2.6) of the game.
A Federation fleet from every species class.

Federations are groups of empires that band together for mutual benefit. A Federation is a more in-depth version of a Defense Pact with its own set of laws, rules and perks. Diplomatic relations inside of a federation become more favorable: members do not generate border friction amongst themselves, build trust with each other to a cap of +100 and share 10% of their victory score with each other. Players can set a name for their federation at creation or leave it random; the name can be changed at any time. In the default map view, all federation members share the same color.

A federation can only be created by one of three ways. An empire that adopts the Tradition diplomacy the federation.png Federation tradition from the Diplomacy tree may create a Federation with another empire, an empire that has an origin that gives them a federation, or during the late game "War in Heaven," the strongest empire in the galaxy will get an event to create a League of Non Aligned powers, even if that strongest empire doesn't have the Tradition diplomacy the federation.png Federation tradition. Empires with the Civic barbaric despoilers.png Barbaric Despoilers civic can create only a Martial Alliance or Hegemony federation. An invited empire must have a positive acceptance score with an existing federation member for said member to vote for their addition. Hovering over the diplomatic choice will show which empires agree and disagree.

Members of a Federation have their Energy Credits.png Energy Output reduced by -15%. This tax doesn't apply to Energy Credits.png Energy generated from trade.

When a member leaves or is kicked from a Federation it gains a Diplomacy truce.png Truce with the Federation.

Leaving a Federation will grant a temporary -200 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion with all Federation members.

Federation level[edit]

Level 1 perks Level 2 perks Level 3 perks Level 4 perks Level 5 perks
-50% Cohesion loss from Ethics President Modifiers:
  • +1 Available Envoys
  • Member Modifiers:
  • +25% Naval Contribution Effect
  • -50% Cohesion loss from new members
President Modifiers:
  • +1 Federation Influence Gain
  • Member Modifiers:
  • +1 Unity per Federation Envoy
  • +10% Ship Speed in Federation Space
President Modifiers:
  • +10% Diplomatic Weight
  • Member Modifiers:
  • -50% Cohesion loss from failed votes
  • +25% Damage to Crisis Ships
President Modifiers:
  • +10% Monthly Unity
  • Member Modifiers:
  • +1 Unity per Federation Envoy
  • +25% Damage to Crisis Ships

Federation Cohesion[edit]

Cohesion Federation cohesion.png is a measure of how unified a Federation is and ranges from +100 to -100. It has the following effects:

  • Each 10 points of Cohesion above 0 adds +1 XP per month to a Federation, up to +10 at +100 Cohesion Federation cohesion.png.
  • Each 10 points of Cohesion below 0 adds -1 XP per month to a Federation, up to -10 at -100 Cohesion Federation cohesion.png.
  • Each 4 points of Cohesion above 0 adds +1 Acceptance for changing Federation Laws.
  • Each 4 points of Cohesion below 0 adds -1 Acceptance for changing Federation Laws.
  • Cohesion below 90 reduces the Acceptance for increasing the Centralization Law by -50.

The following incur immediate Cohesion Federation cohesion.png changes:

  • -100 whenever a member joins or leaves the Federation.
  • -50 whenever Federation Type changes
  • -10 whenever Federation Centralization Law changes
  • -5 whenever any other Federation Law changes
  • -10 whenever a failed vote occurs

The following incur monthly Cohesion Federation cohesion.png changes:

  • +1 for each envoy assigned to the Federation
  • -0.25 for each member of the Federation
  • -0.15 multiplied by the number of different ethics, minus 3 (moderate and fanatic ethics of the same type will count as different ethics)
  • -0.5 for each opposed ethics (Two opposing fanatics, or any combination with only a single fanatic will only count for one set of opposed ethics. Normal and fanatic on one side, and fanatic or normal and fanatic on the other will count for two.)

If a Federation loses the experience required for a level and fails to raise it above the required limit within 90 days, the Federation level will downgrade and remove all perks from the previously held level. Each level requires the following amount of experience:

Level 2 3 4 5
XP 1200 3600 8400 18000

A Federation's experience is capped at 18000, meaning that at level 5 any negative Cohesion will downgrade the Federation level.

Federation Fleet[edit]

Federations that have their Fleet Contribution law set to anything other than None feature a joint fleet in addition to the forces of the separate member empires, controlled by the current federation president. Federation fleets cost no maintenance and use the federation fleet capacity, to which every member contributes based on the Fleet Contribution law, up to 600. The fleets cannot exceed this cap. The Entente Coordination tradition doubles the naval capacity contribution of the members that adopt it while not reducing their own further. Federation fleets do not have a command limit.

The president designs the federation fleet ships via a special ship designer available in the federation menu and may use any technology available to any member empire. Regular ship designs cannot be used to build federation ships. The president's empire is responsible for commanding the federation fleets. Federation law determines whether any member of the federation or the president's empire alone can build ships for the federation fleet. Any AI federation member's research of a component-unlocking technology will auto-update the default federation designs, but not any player-created ones, adding theirs to the list instead. Since their designs are considered newer if you update your federation fleets at this time your fleet will become their design, which can be undesirable.

If a federation is disbanded, so is the federation fleet.

The federation fleet has its own Titan limit, which does not affect the number of Titans its members can construct individually.

Federation laws[edit]

Federation laws dictate how the federation operates and customize certain aspects of a federation. Any federation member can propose a law change. Hovering over any law will list the federation members that will oppose it. A failed vote will add −10 Federation cohesion.png Cohesion.

Federation Centralization[edit]

Federation Centralization determines what Federation laws are available and is limited by the current federation level. Raising centralization will incur increasingly higher cost to cohesion.

Type Federation cohesion.png Monthly cohesion Required level Description
Minimal 0 1 The Federation's influence over its members is kept at a minimum.
Low −1 2 The level of Federation influence over member states are kept very low.
Medium −2 3 The Federation has a good deal of influence over its members, while still allowing some independent governing.
High −3 4 The Federation's influence over its member states is almost absolute.
Very High −4 5 The Federation has sovereign control over how member states are being governed.

Fleet Contribution[edit]

The Fleet Contribution law determines how much Mod fleet size add.png naval capacity is transferred from federation members to the federation fleet. The availability of laws is heavily affected by the federation type.

Type Federation cohesion.png Monthly cohesion Mod fleet size add.png Transferred naval capacity Max Fleet Size Required centralization Desctiption
None 0 0 0 Minimal This federation has no collaborative military effort.
Low −0.25 10% 200 Low This federation has a minor collaborative military effort.
Medium −0.5 20% 400 Medium This federation has a moderate collaborative military effort.
High −0.75 30% 600 High This federation has a extensive collaborative military effort.

Federation Fleet Construction[edit]

The Federation Fleet Construction law determines who can build ships for the federation fleet.

Type Effects Required Centralization
Everyone All members can build ships for the federation fleet Minimal
Only Leader Only the federation president can build ships for the federation fleet Low

Succession Type[edit]

The Succession Type law determines how the next federation president is chosen once their term is up.

Type Federation cohesion.png Monthly cohesion Effects Required centralization
Rotation -0.5 Leadership is rotated among each Federation member Minimal
Strongest −1 The empire with the highest succession power becomes the next president Minimal if Hegemony
High if Other

Succession Power[edit]

If the Succession Type law is set to Strongest then this law will define what criteria is used to determine which empire is "the strongest".

  • Economy chooses the president based on economic power
  • Diplomatic Weight chooses the president based on diplomatic weight
  • Technology chooses the president based on technology level
  • Fleets chooses the president based on fleet power

Succession Term[edit]

The Succession Term law determines the length of the federation president's term and thus how often the president changes.

Type Effects
10 Years Succession happens every 10 years
20 Years Succession happens every 20 years
30 Years Succession happens every 30 years
40 Years Succession happens every 40 years
Status Change Succession happens when a member surpasses the president by 25%

Federation project[edit]

Once 60 years pass, if a Federation reached at least level 2 and is at peace its president may be offered the choice to start a joint project with the other Federation members to study a space aurora. The joint project lasts 10 years and requires each member to individually complete a special project above its capital starbase that requires a science ship with a level 2 or higher scientist and 200 Physics Research Physics Research. Completing the special projects brings a choice but its effects are purely visual. The project is complete after 3 years or when every member finishes the special project.

  • If all members participated the Federation will gain +30 Federation cohesion.png Cohesion and each member will gain +10% Physics Research Physics and +5% Society Research Society Research Research for 10 years
  • If not all members participated each member that participated will gain +10% Physics Research Physics Research for 6 years
  • If no member participated the Federation will gain -50 Federation cohesion.png Cohesion


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