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This article has been verified for the current console version (1.7) of the game.

Federations are groups of empires that band together for mutual benefit and feature a unified leadership. A federation has a single Empire as Federation president. The presidency rotates between the member empires every 10 years, with the founder of the federation being its first president. While the President controls the Federation Fleet, he has no special say in Federation External Policy. Members of a federation do not suffer from the negative border friction opinion modifier to each other and build trust to a cap of 100. A Federation's name is randomized but the president is always allowed to change the name.

A Federation can only be created by an empire which adopts the Federation tradition from the Diplomacy tree. Federation members can win a game together via the Federation Victory (own 60% of all colonizable planets)

Joining a Federation[edit]

An Empire joining will lose:

  • The option declare War without inviting all Federation Members (and needing them to agree to the wargoals)
  • The option to sign Non-Aggression Pacts and Defense Pacts.
  • 20% of its Naval capacity, which is contributed to the Federation Fleet.
  • 2 Influence per month.

An Empire joining will gain:

  • A permanent defense pact with all Members of the Federation
  • A say in Diplomatic Status changes for the Federation (voting yes or no on issues such as declaring war)
  • Very good diplomatic relations with all Federation Members, easily enough for specific trade agreements.
  • A Large combined Fleet that is commanded by the current president of the Federation, with per-Empire Fleets being still so small they are unlikely to trigger Fleetpower based mechanics (like Fallen Empire Awakening)

As a rule of thumb, several fairly equally matched empires might want to form a Federation, especially in the face of aggressive, significantly larger neighbors, but it might not be the best idea for empires who are dominant in their own right. This is because as a federation member such an empire is unable to declare wars freely to further expand.

Factors in joining a federation:

  • +30 Already federation associate
  • +30 Long time ally
  • +50 Fanatical Befrienders
  • +20 Federation Builders, Migratory Flock
  • +10 Spiritual Seekers, Peaceful Traders, Democratic Crusaders
  • +10 Shared rival
  • -10 Honorbound Warriors, Ruthless Capitalists, Slaving Despots
  • -20 Hegemonic Imperialists, Evangelizing Zealots, Harmonious Hierarchy
  • -30 Decadent Hierarchy
  • -50 Xenophobic Isolationists, Hive Mind
  • -50 Different warfare policy
  • Fanatical Purifiers and "Metalheads" will never join a federation

When the sum of the modifiers are lower than base modifier -50, the invited empire would have an additional -1000 dislike modifier. This also checks for all existing members of the federation to prevent an empire to join a federation with members it is likely to disagree with in the future.

Federation Fleets[edit]

Federations feature a special joint space navy in addition to the forces of the separate member empires, under control of the current federation president. The President designs these ships using any technology available to any member empire, and the President's empire is responsible for building and commanding the Federation Fleet. Federation Fleets cost no maintenance and use the Federation Fleet capacity, to which every member contributes with 20% of their naval capacity. The Fleet can not exceed this cap. The Entente Coordination tradition doubles the federation naval capacity contribution of the members that adopt it while not reducing their own further.

Federation fleet uses special ship designer separates from the normal one.

If you are the federation president, note that:

1. Federation fleets can't use normal ship designs, even though you have all technologies your other members have, so you will have at least 8 different designs, but you may not desiring this much ship designs for all the time.
2. Any AI federation member's researching of a component-unlocking technology will trigger an auto-update of the federation designs, and if you created your own designs replacing the automatic spawned designs, your federation member will "add" new designs of their own, and the new designs are considered "newer" than yours. If you update your federation fleet at this time, your fleet will become their design which can be undesirable.
3. Federation fleets can't be merged with normal ones, and if your rally point is being orbited by a large fleet, the federation ships will still try to merge with it, but they can't, so they try it again and again and many many 1-ship-fleets will stack over your rally point.
4. What's the good new overall, a federation president can use the fleet for its own benefits alone as long as it does not involve a war, such as defeating a guardian or securing the Sanctuary system. Since your AI members can't judge whether your behavior is selfish or not.

If a federation is disbanded so is the federation fleet.

Federation Diplomacy[edit]

A federation acts as a single entity for diplomatic purposes. Federation members cannot form non-aggression or defensive pacts, cannot guarantee or support independence of empires and subjects and declarations of war require unanimous vote by all Federation Members.

Federation Associates[edit]

Instead of non-aggression pacts, federations can offer and can be asked for an associate status. Federation associates benefit from increased Trust and a +10 opinion bonus with all the federation members. This can be used as a step before joining to build trust with all members.

Federation Warfare[edit]

Federation Members can not declare personal wars but can always propose one to the Federation at any time. Every federation member must accept for the war to be declared, requiring mutually beneficial war goals unless the targeted empire is hated by everyone. Of particular note, player and AI pacifist empires can agree to the war, circumventing their no unrestricted wars policies.

Throw out of Federation/Cancel Association Status[edit]

If all members except the one being targeted agree, a federation member can be excluded from the Federation. However, due to trust gained, this is unlikely to work with AI Empires unless severe transgressions (like Purges) have taken place. Association Status can be canceled in the same way.

Federation members or empires with Association Status can exit said Federations at any time, without any need to vote. No matter how the relationship ends, an automatic 10 Year Truce will be enforced, and trust will decay per the usual rate.


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