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This article has been verified for the current console version (1.7) of the game.

Game Details are the various settings that the player can alter before starting a new single or multiplayer game. These settings can be used to make game sessions shorter or longer, simpler or more complex, as well as to increase the difficulty if desired.


When starting a new game, the player may choose which type of galaxy they are to play in. An empire's expansion is limited to the galactic plane, so the shape of the galaxy will affect play. Which galaxy types are accessible at the start of the game is determined by how many stars the galaxy is to have.

Galaxy Size[edit]

There are 3 different galaxy sizes. Galaxy Size can be Small (150 stars), Medium (400 Stars), or Large (600 Stars). Besides affecting the number of stars, Galaxy Size also determines how many AI Empires and Fallen Empires can be generated at the start of the game.

Size Number of Stars Maximum AI Empires Maximum Fallen Empires
Small 150 5 1
Medium 400 7 2
Large 600 10 3

Galaxy Shape[edit]

There are 3 different types of galaxies available, with 2 variants of the spiral galaxy for a total of 4 possible galaxy shape options.

Type Min Galaxy Size Description
Elliptical.png Elliptical Small (150 Stars) Elliptical galaxies have the stars placed in a ellipsoidal pattern , resulting in an evenly distributed geography. Expansion is mostly unhindered. It is also the Default map.
Spiral 2.png Spiral (2 arms) Medium (400 Stars) Spiral galaxies have the stars placed in arms that extend out in a spiral pattern. A spiral galaxy provides an interesting geography as the galactic arms are sparsely connected to each other.
Spiral 4.png Spiral (4 arms) Large (600 Stars)
Ring Galaxy.png Ring Small (150 Stars) Ring galaxies have the stars placed in a ring shape around the galactic core, making it easier to cut other empires off from the rest of the galaxy than it is with any other shape. Expansion is limited to a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. An inner ring surrounds the galactic core

AI Empires[edit]

These settings determine the number of AI Empires that will spawn at the start of the game, as well as their advantages, placement and abilities for expansion.

  • AI Empires - Ranges from 1 to 10. Determines how many AI Empires will populate the galaxy.
  • Advanced AI starts - Ranges from 0 to all of the AI Empires. Determines how many of the regular AI Empires will start with an initial advantage in resources, technology and population. They do not gain any additional bonuses besides a stronger starting position. This setting does not affect Fallen Empires.
  • Max Fallen Empires - Ranges from 0 to 3. Determines the maximum number of Fallen Empires that are allowed to spawn in the galaxy. Fallen Empires are ancient precursor civilizations that start with advanced technology and powerful fleets, but are not allowed to expand or build new ships.
  • Habitable Worlds - Ranges from 0.25X to 5X. This is a modifier on the chance of a planet in the "goldilocks zone" of a solar system being habitable. The higher this is, the more habitable worlds the galaxy will contain overall.
  • AI Aggressiveness - This controls how likely AI Empires are to declare war on their enemies, and thus the overall number of wars that are started over the course of a campaign. Regardless of the aggressiveness setting, the AI will still only declare war if their attitude towards the target permits it.
  • Empire Placement - Determines whether Empires should spawn in clusters or randomly placed across the galaxy.
  • Advanced Neighbors - Determines whether Advanced AI Starts are permitted to spawn near a player. Having this one may result in less than the specified number of advanced starts being generated.


Contols the game difficulty. On higher difficulties, AI Empires that are not subjects of players get bonuses to their economy and research.

  • Normal - The default difficulty setting.
  • Hard - AI Empires (that are not your vassal) get 50% extra production (including Energy Credits.png energy, Minerals.png minerals, and Physics ResearchSociety ResearchEngineering Researchresearch), build 50% larger fleets. They also receive a -50 modifier to peacefully become vassal to human players.
  • Insane - AI Empires (that are not your vassal) get 100% extra production (including Energy Credits.png energy, Minerals.png minerals, and Physics ResearchSociety ResearchEngineering Researchresearch) and twice as large fleets. They also receive a -100 modifier to peacefully become vassal to human players.

Endgame Crisis[edit]

Controls whether or not Endgame Crisis are allowed to appear in your game.

  • Endgame Crisis - The default option is On. Setting this option to Off will disallow the appearance of Endgame Crisis during your game.

Ironman Mode[edit]

Determines whether Ironman Mode is turned On or Off. Default setting is Off.

  • Ironman Mode - Games are automatically saved regularly to a single file. Games played with this setting cannot be changed during gameplay. In order to earn Playstation or Xbox achievements this setting MUST be enabled (On).