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This article has been verified for the current console version (2.6) of the game.

Relics are very powerful artifacts and trophies that an empire can collect if they defeat a crisis or own the required DLC. Every Relic has a passive effect as well as a powerful Triumph effect that requires resources. All Relics have a Triumph cooldown during which no other relic can be activated. Relics have a cooldown of 10 years.

If an empire conquers the capital of another empire there is a 10% chance to steal one of the owned Relics. The chance is increased to 15% if the empire has the Civic barbaric despoilers.png Barbaric Despoilers civic.

Relics give large amounts of score, which can tip the balance in games with victory enabled. The Relics Collected score for empires in the victory tab can be used to deduce which empire has relics.

Relic list[edit]

Relic Passive effect Triumph effect Triumph cost Source Score DLC
R unbidden warlock.png Extradimensional Warlock Mod ship speed mult.png +15% Sublight Speed Mod ship speed mult.png +100% Jump Drive Range for 10 years Influence.png 150 Destroying the last Extradimensional Invaders portal 5000
R contingency core.png Isolated Contingency Core Mod pop robot build speed mult.png +100% Pop Assembly Speed Mod megastructure build speed.png +300% Megastructure Build Speed for 10 years Influence.png 150 Destroying the Contingency secret lair 5000
R prethoryn queen.png Prethoryn Brood-Queen Society Research +30 Society Research Menu icon fleet manager.png Controllable Prethoryn fleet (6 Warriors and 16 Swarmlings) Food.png 10000 Capturing the Prethoryn Queen 5000
R dragon trophy.png Ether Drake Trophy Unity.png +10% Monthly Unity Mod pop happiness.png +10% Happiness for 10 years Influence.png 150 Defeating the Ether Drake 1000 Leviathans.png Leviathans
R khans throne.png Khan's Throne Influence.png −20% Claim Influence Cost Mod ship weapon damage.png +20% Ship weapons damage for 10 years
Militarist.png +25% Militarist Ethic Attraction for 10 years
Influence.png 150 Defeating the Great Khan's fleet a second time 3000 Apocalypse.png Apocalypse
R galatron.png The Galatron Influence.png +3 Influence
Diplomatic weight.png +100% Diplomatic Weight
Random resources:
  • Energy Credits.png 8000 Energy
  • Minerals.png 8000 Minerals
  • Food.png 8000 Food
  • Alloys.png 5000 Alloys
  • Consumer goods.png 5000 Consumer Goods
  • Exotic gases.png 500 Exotic Gases
  • Rare crystals.png 500 Rare Crystals
  • Volatile motes.png 500 Volatile Motes
Influence.png 150 Reliquary reward (0.5% chance)
Can be captured with the Take Galatron Wargoal
20000 MegaCorp.png MegaCorp