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This article has been verified for the current console version (3.0) of the game.

Spaceborne aliens are spacefaring forms of life which will likely be the first aliens that new spacefarers will encounter. Every difficulty level above Ensign increases the power of Leviathans and Marauder Empires, with the exact raised stats varying for each. Other Spaceborne Aliens are not affected by the difficulty level.

Space creatures[edit source]

Humanoid science ships encountering a pacified Space Amoeba Mother

Space creatures are entities which may not even classify as ships or life in the common meaning of the words. They generally inhabit a certain area of space and are seldom seen away from it. Upon First Contact completion a special project will be added to the situation log, which when completed will allow an empire to deal with them in three ways:

  • Researching unlocks a special project for detailed research that will grant a choice between an empire modifier and possibly a creature technology.
  • Hunting will grant a +33% damage bonus empire modifier towards that type of Space Creature, and resources rewards upon killing them. If the creatures cannot be pacified the option is available to all empires, otherwise it is only available to Fanatic Militarist.pngMilitarist.png Militarist, Fanatic Xenophobe.pngXenophobe.png Xenophobe and Civic fanatic purifiers.pngCivic devouring swarm.pngCivic machine terminator.png Genocidal empires.
  • Pacify will unlock a special project that costs 5000 Physics Research Physics research and allows an empire to turn the space creatures non-hostile and unlock the ability to research all special components the creatures use. Only 2 of the 5 Space Creatures can be pacified. This option is available to Fanatic Pacifist.pngPacifist.png Pacifist or Fanatic Xenophile.pngXenophile.png Xenophile Empires. If the Galactic Community is formed the Space Amoeba pacification modifier can be offered to all members by passing the Space Amoeba Protection Act Resolution.

If killed, space creatures will slowly respawn in their home system.

Space Creatures Research option bonuses Hunting Pacifying Type Home System Tactics
Ancient Mining Drones Cost: 2000 Engineering research Engineering research

Minerals.png +10% Mining Station Minerals
Yes.png No.png Can expand Contains 2 normal mining stations and the Home Base Ore Grinder. Each station is guarded by two fleets, one purely destroyers and one made of drones. Destroying Home Base Ore Grinder grants 4000 Minerals.png Minerals and 500 Alloys.png Alloys. If the Ancient Relics.png Ancient Relics DLC is installed it also grants the R surveyor.png Surveyor Relic. Ancient Mining Drones use regular components. The Cutting Lasers can be salvaged.
Mining Drone Combat Drone Destroyer Base
  • Small 2 Cutting Laser
  • Large 1 Armor T1
  • Medium 1 Armor T1
  • Core Reactor T2
  • Core Thrusters T2
  • Core Sensor T1
  • Medium 1 Cutting Laser
  • Small 2 Cutting Laser
  • Large 1 Armor T1
  • Medium 2 Armor T1
  • Core Reactor T2
  • Core Thrusters T2
  • Core Sensor T1
  • Medium 2 Cutting Laser
  • Small 2 Cutting Laser
  • Large 1 Armor T1
  • Medium 3 Armor T1
  • Core Reactor T2
  • Core Thrusters T2
  • Core Sensor T1
  • Large 2 Laser T5
  • Hangar 3 Strike Craft
  • Large 5 Armor T1
  • Core Reactor T2
  • Core Sensor T1
Crystalline Entities Cost: 2000 Physics Research Physics research

Energy.png +5% Energy from Jobs
Tech crystal armor 1.png Crystal-Infused Plating tech
Militarist.pngFanatic Militarist.png
Xenophobe.pngFanatic Xenophobe.png
Civic devouring swarm.pngCivic machine terminator.png
Yes.png Can expand Contains Crystal Nidus, a large crystalline structure guarded by 4 elite fleets. The system can be safely explored and claimed if the crystalline entities have been pacified. As their home system has a pulsar, shields will be useless when attacking it.
  • Defensively: Armor or shields - their shard weapons deal +50% damage against hull but have no other bonus
  • Offensively: Any weapon, but especially plasma launchers or mining lasers - Crystalline Entities have resilient and regenerating hulls, but no shields or armor
  • Unique salvage: Tech crystal armor 1.png Crystal-Infused Plating from ships, Tech crystal armor 2.png Crystal-Forged Plating from Crystal Nidus, both are the only hull increasing components in the game.
Space Amoeba Cost: 2000 Society research Society research

Mod ship evasion mult.png +5% Evasion
Regenerative Hull Tissue Regenerative Hull Tissue tech
Militarist.pngFanatic Militarist.png
Xenophobe.pngFanatic Xenophobe.png
Civic devouring swarm.pngCivic machine terminator.png
Yes.png Migratory Always called Amor Alveo, its various celestial body deposits produce in total 8 Energy.png Energy, 12 Minerals.png Minerals, 6 Society research Society, 3 Exotic gases.png Exotic Gases, 3 Volatile motes.png Volatile Motes and 2 Rare crystals.png Rare Crystals.
  • Defensively: Shields and point defense - their weapons deal +25% damage against armor and large amoeba launch strike craft
  • Offensively: Energy weapons - Space Amoeba have natural armor and regenerate
  • Unique salvage: Tech amoeba strike craft 1.png Amoeba Flagella, strike craft as strong as tier 3 fighters
Void Clouds Cost: 2000 Physics Research Physics research

Physics Research +10% Physics from Jobs
Yes.png No.png Stationary Always called Great Wound, it is a black hole cluster guarded by 3 Void Cloud fleets. Most black holes have deposits of 4 Physics Research Physics and the central one contains the largest Dark Matter.png Dark Matter deposit in the galaxy. The system should be attacked with a highly superior force due to the effects of black holes on space battles.
  • Defensively: Crystal plated hulls if available - their weapons ignore both shields and armor. Their erratic damage can sometimes destroy Corvettes in one hit.
  • Offensively: Missiles and Autocannons - Void Clouds have equal amounts of natural shields and hull
  • Unique salvage: Tech space cloud weapon 1.png Cloud Lightning, L weapons that ignore both shields and armor
Tiyanki Space Whales Tech space whale weapon 1.png Frequency Tuning tech No.png Passive unless attacked Migratory Always called Tiyana Vek, it contains 4 Gas Giants. Each one has a deposit of 6 Society research Society. The star itself always has a deposit of 6 Physics Research Physics Tiyanki fleets can consist of Cows, Bulls, Calves and Hatchlings. Regenerative Hull Tissue can be salvaged.
Bull and Cow Calf and Hatchling
  • Ship part space whale weapon.png 5 Energy Siphon
  • Ship part auto repair.png 1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
  • Ship part space whale weapon.png 3 Energy Siphon
  • Ship part auto repair.png 1 Regenerative Hull Tissue
Kill rewards
  • Energy.png 500 Energy
  • Exotic gases.png 50 Exotic Gases
  • Energy.png 250 Energy
  • Exotic gases.png 25 Exotic Gases

VLUUR[edit source]

VLUUR is a powerful migrating Void Cloud that has around 32K Fleet Power and is armed with 8 Ship part space cloud weapon.png Cloud Lighting weapons. For as long as VLUUR is in a system it will cause a storm that causes −50% Mod ship speed mult.png Sublight Speed and −15% Mod ship fire rate mult.png Fire Rate on ships.

VLUUR is not hostile but can be attacked. It has powerful shields and high Evasion, but low hull, and can be defeated deceptively easily with missile weapons. Defeating VLUUR grants 100 Dark Matter.png Dark Matter, and will create various deposits of 1-3 Dark Matter.png Dark Matter on up to 4 planets in the system it's defeated in.

Bemat Thalassocracy[edit source]

The Bemat Thalassocracy is a hostile fleet that can appear after the end-game year is reached. It will appear in a system owned by an empire that produces at least 180 Trade value.png Trade Value. The fleet is made up of the following ships:

40 corvettes 35 destroyers 34 cruisers
  • Small 1 Kinetic T3
  • Small 1 Plasma T1
  • Small 1 Disruptor T1
  • Small 2 Shield T2
  • Auxiliary 1 Afterburners T2
  • Auxiliary 1 Shield Capacitor
  • Core Jump Drive
  • Core Thrusters T4
  • Core Sensors T2
  • Core Reactor T5
  • Core Combat Computer T1
  • Medium 1 Plasma T3
  • Small 1 Plasma T3
  • Small 3 Laser T5
  • Small 4 Shield T4
  • Small 2 Armor T3
  • Auxiliary 1 Shield Capacitor
  • Core Jump Drive
  • Core Thrusters T3
  • Core Sensors T2
  • Core Reactor T5
  • Core Combat Computer T2 (Line)
  • Guided 1 Missiles T5
  • Guided 2 Swarmer Missiles T1
  • Small 2 Disruptor T2
  • Small 2 Plasma T3
  • Small 2 Kinetic T3
  • Medium 5 Shield T4
  • Medium 3 Armor T3
  • Auxiliary 1 Auxiliary Fire Control
  • Auxiliary 1 Nanite Repair System
  • Core Jump Drive
  • Core Thrusters T3
  • Core Sensors T2
  • Core Reactor T5
  • Core Combat Computer T2 (Artillery)

Nomads[edit source]

The nomad fleet
Nomads are replaced by Caravaneers if the MegaCorp.png MegaCorp DLC is enabled.

The Nomads, or Namarians as they call themselves, are a passive millennia old intergalactic race with no homeworld, forever traveling the void in their starships. Once they establish communications the nomads will help establish communications between any encountered empires that did not discover each other yet. They travel from system to system and their stay in the galaxy is temporary and will eventually set sail for another one. Events related to them can take place during their stay.

The date when and if the Nomads arrive is rolled at game start, with the following chances:

  • 20% chance to appear after 20 years ± 500 days
  • 25% chance to appear after 40 years ± 500 days
  • 25% chance to appear after 55 years ± 500 days
  • 30% chance to never appear

When their time is due they will spawn in a random Rim System that has no ship in it and that no empire has an intel level better than low. Upon appearing, they will decide the midpoint and endpoint of their journey. On their journey Nomads will perform an action when entering a system. Those actions depends on if the system has an owner and what the relationship with the owner is.

If the system is owned by an empire that has neither contact nor is hostile to them, they will start orbiting a random planet in the system until contact is established. The player is not capable of deciphering their communications but contact will always be established by them after 100 days. After contact is established they will send the owner a request. If they enter another system owned by the same empire they will roll for a request again. Each interaction has the following chances:

  • 30% - Ask to leave some pops on an owned planet within your borders
    • x0 If the system owner does not have a colonized Dry planet within borders or is a Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
    • x0.75 if they already left pops before
    • x1.5 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and not already left pops before
    • x0.3 if Slavery policy is set to Allowed
      • Nomads traits are Trait pc desert preference.png Desert Preference, Nomadic.png Nomadic, Venerable.png Venerable and Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers.
  • 30% - Ask for a planet to settle on, forming a new empire
    • x0 if there is no habitable and uncolonized planet or if the system owner is a Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
    • x0.5 if they already settled one planet
    • x1.75 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and did not already settle a planet
      • Nomads ethics are Egalitarian.png Egalitarian, Spiritualist.png Spiritualist and Xenophile.png Xenophile.
  • 30% - Sell 5 or 15 Cruisers
    • x0 if the system owner already was offered ships
    • x0.25 if system owner is Fanatic Militarist.png Fanatic Militarist or Fanatic Xenophobe.png Fanatic Xenophobe
    • x0.5 if already sold ships to an empire
    • x1.75 if any form of Xenophile, Egalitarian or Spiritualist Empire and not already sold ships to anyone
  • 10% - Move on with no request

If the system has no owner, and neither hostile, mid- or endpoint of their journey, they will perform a peaceful action with the following chances:

  • 10% - Build new Ships
    • x10 if under 3k Fleet Power
    • x5 if under 5k Fleet Power
    • x0 if over 10k or has the have the ship building lockout
  • 80% - Pick a random planet and wait in orbit for 30–50 days. Afterwards, they have a 25% chance to move on and 75% chance to pick another planet in the system to repeat it
    • x0 if less than 1.5k Fleet Power
  • 10% - Move on without doing anything

While the Nomads are inherently peaceful, a fight can be picked in order to get access to their technology. Nomads are easy prey but their technology is just average by midgame, making this rarely useful. The nomad fleet consists of the following:

20 Protectors 3 Ark Ships
  • Large 1 Laser T4
  • Point defense 2 Point-Defense T2
  • Medium 2 Armor T3
  • Medium 1 Shields T3
  • Core Hyperdrive T3
  • Core Thrusters T3
  • Core Sensors T3
  • Core Reactor T4
  • Core Combat Computer T3 (Picket)
  • Core Hyperdrive T3
  • Core Thrusters T3
  • Core Sensors T3
  • Core Reactor T4

Enclaves[edit source]

The Curator enclave is enabled for owners of Distant Stars.png Distant Stars as well.
Enclave station

Enclaves are neutral NPC spawned factions. They do not own any planets, but consist of large enclave stations. They primarily exist to be interacted with via Diplomacy Menu using the "Others" filter. There are 3 types of enclaves: Artisans, Curators, and Traders. Each of them has two or three basic interactions, and one or two restricted interactions that can only be used after an Opinion of at least 50 is reached.

Their maximum Opinion is 100, and an empire builds opinion with them by using their services or having starbases in their systems. +1 opinion is gained each year. This is not cumulative when owning multiple systems with the same enclave. The enclave Opinion is tracked wholly via the trust mechanic, and no other Diplomacy bonuses or penalties apply.

The primary resource for interacting with enclaves is energy. Most actions are repeatable, but some of the actions also have an increasing cost. The price increases as an empire's population goes past certain thresholds:

Pops Energy.png Energy cost
0-60 1000
61-120 2000
121-180 3000
181-240 4000
241+ 5000

During the renewal request after a modifier runs out, the player will be able to renew the deal for a sum of Energy.png energy credits which scales with the number of the empire's population. With Trader enclaves you will be asked how many monthly units (of the respective rare resource sold by the enclave) you want to buy.

Enclave Option Effect Requirements
Enclaves flag curator.png
Research aid
  • Gain the Curator Insight modifier for 10 years (+10% Mod country all tech research speed.png Research Speed)
  • +20 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Energy.png scales with population
Mysteries of the Universe - not known
  • Adds a Leviathan point of interest will be added to the situation log
  • +10 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Energy.png 300
Mysteries of the Universe - how to defeat
  • Adds a permanent +25% Damage Damage modifier against the chosen Guardian
  • +20 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Energy.png 2000 for Hives
Energy.png 600 for Infinity Machine
Energy.png 1000 for other Guardians
  • Gain an L-Gate Insight
  • +20 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Energy.png 5000
Time Once per 10 years
Establish Think Tank Allow the construction of Sb curator think tank.png Curator Think Tanks buildings in enclave system starbases Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Recruit scientist Gain a level 5 Scientist with the Leader trait curator.png Curator trait (can only have one curator scientist at a time) Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Energy.png 1000
Buy Intelligence
  • Gain +20 Intel.png Intel on target empire
  • +10 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Energy.png 1000
Infinity mystery Gain 1000-10000 Engineering research Engineering research (can only be done once, though the modifier is kept) Leviathans.png Mirror of Knowledge modifier
Enclaves flag artist.png
Become patron Gain the Patron of the Arts modifier for 10 years (+10% Unity.png Monthly Unity). Becoming a patron also allows Patron Events to trigger:
  • Newsletter events give the option to convert 500 Energy.png Energy into 50 Influence.png Influence. It can only happen up to 4 times.
  • Equipment malfunction events give the option to get 500 Minerals.png Minerals or 50 Influence.png Influence.
  • The more important one grants access to the Planet Unique Building artist patron.png Ministry of Culture for 500 Energy.png Energy.
Energy.png scales with population
Commission art piece
  • Gain the Exhibit Art Monument Decision
  • +10 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
Energy.png 600
No.png Does not own 5
Found Art College Allow the construction of Sb artist college.png Art College buildings in enclave system starbases Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Organize festival
  • +15 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion
  • Gain the Festival of Worlds modifier for 10 years (+15% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness and +10% Mod pop growth speed.png Pop Growth Speed). There is also a chance for one of the following to happen within the next year:
    • 10% chance: A stampede kills a pop. You can either divert the media's attention for 100 Influence.png Influence or suffer a negative modifier for two years (−20% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness, −10% Energy.png Energy from Jobs). Increased chance for Materialist.png Materialist or Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist empires.
    • 10% chance: Some artisans wish to settle. Accepting will add 2 artisan pops to one of your worlds. The climate preference will always match. Increased chance for Xenophile.png Xenophile, Fanatic Xenophile.png Fanatic Xenophile, Pacifist.png Pacifist, or Fanatic Pacifist.png Fanatic Pacifist empires.
    • 5% chance: The artisans steal 1000 Energy.png, end the festival modifier, and refuse to communicate for 10 years. Increased chance for Xenophobe.png Xenophobe, Fanatic Xenophobe.png Fanatic Xenophobe, Materialist.png Materialist, or Fanatic Materialist.png Fanatic Materialist empires.
Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Energy.png 1000
Enclaves flag trader.png
Strategic Resource deal Provides a unit of a rare resource for 10 years. The resource amount can be scaled up to 5 times. The higher the volume, the faster Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion increases. Resources vary based on which specific trader Enclave is encountered:
  • XuraCorp sells Exotic gases.png Exotic Gases
  • Muutagan Merchant Guild sells Rare crystals.png Rare Crystals
  • Riggan Commerce Exchange sells Volatile motes.png Volatile Motes
Energy.png 500 per unit
Energy.png 10 monthly per unit
Seek expertise Gain an immortal level 5 Governor with the Leader trait enclave trader.png Enclave Trader trait (once per enclave) Diplomacy opinion.png 50
Energy.png 500
Curator strength opinion

Curator enclaves can always be asked how would the player's fleets fare against the leviathans. Depending on the total fleet power they will give the following replies:

  • Below 5k: Poorly. Very poorly. Wait a second, you're not actually thinking of...? My goodness, with the ships you have? It... it would be a slaughter!
  • Between 5k and 15k: I would strongly advise against it. Your attacks would likely be more of an annoyance than a threat.
  • Between 15k and 30k: Hmmm... yes... yes, I suppose you might actually stand a chance. If you combined your entire fleet... it would not be an easy victory, mind you, but one that is at least within the realm of possibility.
  • Over 30k: Yours is a mighty fleet, comparable to some of the greatest armadas recorded in the annals of the Curator Order. Victory is certainly within your reach.

Note that their advice is inaccurate on the highest difficulties which require an even stronger fleet.

Attacking enclaves[edit source]

While enclaves will never become hostile to any empire except in retaliation, they can be attacked like any neutral entity. With around 7k fleet power and highest level weapons they are no easy prey. Various rewards can be salvaged from their remnants, depending on the type of enclave destroyed.

Enclaves flag curator.png Curator station Enclaves flag artist.png Artisan station Enclaves flag trader.png Trader enclave
  • Extra large 1 Lance T2
  • Guided 4 Torpedo T3
  • Large 6 Energy Torpedo T2
  • Medium 6 Disruptor T3
  • Small 6 Disruptor T3
  • Point defense 4 Point-Defense T3
  • Large 10 Armor T5
  • Large 10 Shield T5
  • Auxiliary 2 Shield Capacitor
  • Ship part sensor 4.png Tachyon Sensors
  • Extra large 1 Arc Emitter T2
  • Guided 4 Missile T5
  • Large 6 Laser T5
  • Medium 6 Plasma Cannon T3
  • Small 6 Autocannon T3
  • Point defense 4 Point-Defense T3
  • Large 10 Armor T5
  • Large 10 Shield T5
  • Auxiliary 2 Shield Capacitor
  • Ship part sensor 4.png Tachyon Sensors
  • Extra large 1 Cannon T2
  • Guided 4 Multi-Missiles T2
  • Large 6 Artillery T2
  • Medium 6 Kinetic T5
  • Small 6 Autocannon T3
  • Point defense 4 Flak T2
  • Large 10 Armor T5
  • Large 10 Shield T5
  • Auxiliary 2 Shield Capacitor
  • Ship part sensor 4.png Tachyon Sensors
  • Engineering research 1000 Engineering Research
  • Physics Research 1000 Physics Research
  • Society research 1000 Society Research
  • Energy.png 2000 Energy Credits
  • Minerals.png 2000 Minerals
  • Energy.png 2000 Energy Credits
  • Minerals.png 2000 Minerals
AI Opinion change −15 0 −15

Enclave stations do not drop debris for salvage. Attacking a curator or artisan enclave will make every enclave station of the same type unavailable for trade.

Enigmatic Cache[edit source]

Enigmatic Cache

The Enigmatic Cache, or BALDOR as it calls itself, is a tubular entity that will emerge from any Gateway or L-Gate once the mid-game year is reached and set course for the nearest empire that is not at war. Upon taking damage to its hull it will instantly teleport away to the closest system with a Gateway or L-Gate.

Once the Enigmatic Cache enters an empire's borders it will start orbiting each one of the empire's colonies for a decade. As long as it orbits a colony it gives it a +30% Research.png Research Output modifier but also −10% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness to any pops with the Xenophobe.png Xenophobe ethic. The first time it happens the empire will get the option of issuing a special project to study it or leave it alone for 50 Influence.png Influence. The special project costs 2500 Engineering research Engineering research and finishing it refunds 90-250 Engineering research Engineering research and grants an L-Gate insight. Once all colonies have been scanned the Enigmatic Cache will set course for the nearest empire and repeat the process.

After all colonies in the galaxy have been scanned, the Enigmatic Cache will go to the capital of a biological empire that did not attack it and request to uplift the main species via a special project that takes 2 years. In multiplayer the human player with the lowest Relative Power is chosen, random if tied. In singleplayer the player empire is always chosen.

Around 4 months into the project is started the empire will be notified that the Enigmatic Cache is deteriorating and bring the following options:

  • Abort the uplift, causing the Enigmatic Cache to teleport away and never return.
  • Ignore it. Once the project is complete there is a 75% chance the main species gains the Trait uplifted.png Somewhat Uplifted trait and −20% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness for 10 years and a 25% chance the main species gains the Trait uplifted.png Uplifted trait and −10% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness for 10 years. The Enigmatic Cache will also remain in orbit above the capital and permanently give its Research.png Research Output modifier.
  • Issue a special project to repair the Enigmatic Cache with a construction ship. Once the uplift is complete the main species will gain the Trait uplifted.png Uplifted trait. The Enigmatic Cache will also remain in orbit above the capital and permanently give its Research.png Research Output modifier.

Note: The traits do not give unique bonuses to leaders despite the tooltips saying they do.

References[edit source]

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