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This article has been verified for the current console version (1.7) of the game.

Trade is one of the main diplomatic functions available to every empire. To open a trade deal, open communications with your target and select Offer Trade Deal.

The trading menu shows what both sides can offer in an accordion style menu - you click on one selection and it expands if there are variations to offer. Possible items of trade are:

Energy Credits.png Energy Credits Minerals.png Minerals and Food.png Food 
Can be traded as a yearly payment or as a single sum. Credits lose almost all their value early towards established empires but minerals will be valued until later into the game.
Alien Pets.png Strategic Resources 
Excess strategic resources can be traded away for the duration of the trade deal. Valued dozens of times more than basic resources.
Transfer System 
You can offer to cede one of your inhabited systems to your trading partner, usually non-preferred planets have no value. It is not possible to buy systems.
Wormhole Station Access 
Allows the construction of wormhole stations within the other empire's borders.
Trade star charts that map out what systems have been explored or grant active sensor links for a set duration.
Research Agreement 
Applies a 25% bonus to researching technologies discovered by the other party. Hovering over the option will show the number of applicable technologies from all fields.

Trade deals, by default, run for 10 years. You can, however, increase the length of the deal to up to 30 years.

Trading requires a neutral or positive attitude to your empire. Empires holding a negative attitude will always refuse to trade. Fallen empires will only trade if they're patronizing towards your empire.

Trade acceptance[edit]

The trade acceptance number show how much does the other empire favor a deal. A trade acceptance lower than 1 means that the other empire sees the deal as disadvantageous for them and will always refuse it. A trade acceptance of 1 means that the other empire sees the deal as fair and will always accept it. A trade acceptance higher than 1 means that the other empire sees the deal as advantageous for them and will give a temporary bonus to their opinion.

Trade willingness[edit]

Mod country trade attractiveness.png Trade Willingness shows how much an empire is open to trading with other empires and is dependant entirely on their AI personality. The lower the trade willingness, the more favorable a trade deal has to be for them to see it as fair.

AI personality Trade Willingness
Honorbound Warriors 70%
Evangelizing Zealots 75%
Erudite Explorers 90%
Spiritual Seekers 90%
Ruthless Capitalists 100%
Peaceful Traders 100%
Hegemonic Imperialists 80%
Slaving Despots 80%
Decadent Hierarchy 90%
Democratic Crusaders 90%
Harmonious Hierarchy 90%
Federation Builders 95%
Xenophobic Isolationists 50%
Migratory Flock 110%
Fanatical Befrienders 100%
Hive Mind 70%
Holy Guardians 50%
Keepers of Knowledge 75%
Enigmatic Observers 100%

Fanatical Purifiers, Metalheads and Militant Isolationists do not trade.


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