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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.5.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.


May happenEdit

These event chains have a very small chance of appearing during a game.

Sublight exploration probesEdit

There is a chance that before developing an FTL drive your empire sent four sublight exploration probes into deep space. Probes that contain information about your species that other empires might use against you. As such, an event chain to recover them will start. The probes will be scattered among 4 of the surrounding systems, always within neutral space and marked on the situation log. It is possible that a neighboring empire will unknowingly destroy one or more probes, which is also an acceptable outcome but does not grant any reward.

Possibilities in each system are finding the probe without any complications which requires a science ship recover it through a research project, finding it in the possession of a salvager alien race allowing one to buy it back or take it back forcefully by destroying them, finding a subspace anomaly drawn to the probe and finding a probe to have been modified and turn aggressive.

Successfully recovering all 4 probes will grant a medium amount of   physics research and   energy.

Radical cultEdit

An extremist cult was present on your homeworld for the past centuries and never stopped with their agenda. They have been constructing a fleet of starships in secret and will attack. Their fleet is almost equal to the starting fleet but the starbase's weapons will make the fight very easy. Their ships will be equipped with space torpedoes and fusion reactors, allowing these technologies to be salvaged. One of the ships will be disabled instead of destroyed, starting a special project to board the ship with your fleet.

After the ship is boarded, three cultist hideouts will be revealed in different systems. Two of their fleets will be as weak as the original one but the third fleet contains a unique but still weak warship. The warship is equipped with deflectors and nanocomposite armor, allowing the technology to be salvaged if not already researched. After the last fleet is destroyed a special project to examine the warship debris will start.

After the debris are examined recovered logs will reveal the location of the main cultist base. Their shipyard is located in a system far from your home system, and is strong enough to repel average attacks due to being equipped with heavy weapons. A large corvette fleet or destroyers are recommended when attacking it. Destroying the station will grant   engineering research points and reveal that the cult leader was not present. A far greater reward is the   Particle Lances tech which can be salvaged from the station. The shipyard can be destroyed by another empire as well, proceeding the event chain but depriving you of the reward.

A few months later the cultist flagship will be found. It can be disabled and boarded with a transport ship. The cultists, their leader included, will commit suicide. The reward is the cultist flagship, which is as strong as an early tech battleship. It is also possible for another empire to destroy the flagship, ending the event chain but also depriving you of the reward.

Due to their collective unity hive mind empires cannot get this event.

Mass extinction through the agesEdit

Due to the fear of another extinction event happening to your homeworld due to any circumstances that your scientists may not be able to foresee a research plan to study planets that have suffered extinction events is put together. You are given the task to analyze the following celestial bodies:

  • an asteroid belt that was once a planet (analysis reveals deliberate destruction by its indigenous species)
  • a molten planet that once supported life (analysis reveals an anomaly moved it too close to the star)
  • a frozen planet that once had multiple biomes (analysis reveals the indigenous species's pollution causing global cooling)
  • a barren planet that with traces of past ecology (analysis reveals it was due to chemical incompatibilities between the natives and the ecosystem)
  • a toxic planet that choked its flora and fauna (analysis reveals an accidental or deliberate mutation within the flora)

Analyzing each planet requires a level two or higher scientist and takes two months. Completing the event chain will grant a reward based on your dialogue option:

  • Asking what else can be learned from the researched planets will instantly survey the system of each planet
  • Saying that this will put your race at ease will give you the option of either declaring that the homeworld is safe giving an empire-wide bonus of +10%   happiness for 10 years and some   unity or take the credit for some   influence
  • Making the data public will grant a moderate amount of   physics and   society research


One of the rarest events in the game, you might be notified that the empire's head of physics research has gone missing along with his experimental science ship. The leader handling the physics research will disappear and a month later the event chain to track down the rogue scientist will start. You will be prompted to search three nearby systems.

Once the rogue scientist will be found he or she will talk about something called the Window. As the former leader departs you will be left with a number of drones that will unintentionally attack you. Defeating them will start a special project to investigate their remains and find out where the scientist left for. The second time the former leader is found its ship will be surrounded by pirates that can be bribed or fought. Asking the scientist for more details afterwards will have him or her tell you that nothing in the universe is real and the Window is the key of everything. The scientist will upload all its unrelated research, granting a small amount of   physics research points.

You will then be pointed to its last destination. There the rogue scientist will reveal that it has found the Window. The Window the scientist was talking about will open and the scientist will simply disappear. The empty science ship is transferred to your control.

This event is particularly noteworthy as completing it significantly increases the likelihood that the Unbidden crisis will occur.

Like with the Radical Cult, hive mind empires cannot get this event due to their collective unity.

Will HappenEdit

These events are guaranteed to happen on every game. They will occur very early. The narration of each event will differ based on ethics and the government type.

The Discovery of Alien lifeEdit

This event occurs after the existence of life outside the empire's homeworld is discovered for the first time. The flavor text differs based on whether the discovery is life that is not sentient, precursor traces, spaceborne aliens, another empire, a primitive civilization or a fallen empire. Discovering alien life for the first time will grant between 60 and 150   society research points. Curiously, discovering an enclave before anything else will prevent the event from triggering.

The First ColonyEdit

When the first colony of an empire is founded, a message describing the founding of the colony is received and the empire will be granted between 60 and 150   engineering research points.

Habitable Worlds SurveyEdit

After a small number of planets are surveyed the opportunity to start the Habitable Worlds Survey event will pop up. Refusing to start it will grant 20   influence instead.

The event requires 8 habitable worlds to be surveyed. The task is completed especially quick on games with a higher percentage of habitable worlds set up. Completing the event will grant a large amount of   energy and   society research.

Alien Specimen ProcurementEdit

Completing the Habitable Worlds Survey will lead to a followup alien specimen procurement event shortly afterwards. It requires collecting specimens from 7 different habitable planets that have been surveyed, one of each type, and will grant a large amount of   society research,   energy,   influence and   unity.

The Birth of Space PiracyEdit

A space pirate base.

This event occurs roughly 10 years after the start of the game. When the event is triggered a pirate base with between 60 and 90 military power will spawn in a random system on your border, along with an associated Space Pirate fleet with 160-200 military power. They will give themselves a name, (usually something like "The Rebellion", "The Blood Clan" or "The Ghost Armada") and every ship in their fleet is given a name as well (usually a profane word or a slang word).

Immediately after spawning, they will move to attack a nearby system. If possible, they will go for one without an upgraded starbase; if not, they will go for the nearest one. Once in the system, they will move to attack the starbase, although if there are mining/research stations in the way, they will destroy those first. After their initial fleet is destroyed they will regenerate a new one periodically until the pirate base is destroyed.

Destroying the station will yield a small amount of resources, generally between 100-300   energy and   minerals. The first pirate station you destroy after discovering an L-Gate (Distant Stars DLC) will also earn you an L-Gate insight.

Comet SightedEdit

Eventually a comet will pass through the horizons of your empire's homeworld.

  • Hive Mind, Pacifist and Xenophile empires will gain between 10 and 40   unity
  • Egalitarian, Militarist and Spiritualist empires will gain +10%   happiness for a year on the homeworld
  • Authoritarian and Xenophobe empires will lose -10%   happiness on the homeworld for 6 months
  • Materialist empires will find it uneventful

Empires with all Egalitarian, Xenophile and Materialist ethics will gain between 10 and 40   unity

Hunt for the Hyacinth (Commonwealth of Man)Edit

This event is unique to the Commonwealth of Man preset empire. A short time after beginning the game, a prompt will appear, elaborating on the Commonwealth of Man's history. Namely, the colony ship Chrysanthemum, which served as the progenitor for the Unity colony, was meant to receive support from the supply ship Hyacinth, which did not arrive and has not been heard from since. The Hyacinth is located in one of three nearby systems that can be tracked from the situation log. Through surveying the ark ship's ion trail will be located, pointing to another nearby uninhabitable system. The Hyacinth can be found there, derelict and empty, but relatively intact. The ship can be boarded and the logs left by the Hyacinth's late captain can be viewed. They will reveal what happened to the ship.

The wormhole generator prototype was a success, and the Hyacinth jumped to the unknown system close to Deneb, however, the energy spike of the FTL travel damaged the reactor beyond repair. With the system uninhabitable, the ship unable to move and a quarter million colonists inside, the ship was doomed to run out of supplies in less than a month. This lead to a massive mutiny aboard the ship with many colonists resorting to cannibalism with the entire ship population eventually starving to death.

At the conclusion of the event chain, the Hyacinth is returned to Unity and converted into a museum. The reward for it is a leveled amount of   society research.

Humanity (United Nations of Earth)Edit

When starting in the Sol system, the planet Mars (a Barren World) will always have the Terraforming Candidate modifier.

There are several anomaly events that involve finding the space probes launched by humanity in real-life as well as discovering the location of the Sol system through a special project initiated by the anomaly if playing as an empire that does not originate from Sol.

The possible anomalies include finding the plaque aboard Pioneer 11 and then Sol and/or finding the golden records aboard Voyager I and Voyager II and finding Sol that way.

Artisan Troupe EventsEdit

The following events can occur while the Artisan Troupe is organizing a festival on your worlds:

  • A huge stampede occurs within the crowds and a pop on one of your worlds in killed in the process. It will cause -20%   happiness and -10%   energy credits in the empire for 2 years unless you can divert the media's attention for a cost of 100   influence.
  • Some artisan pops want to settle on your worlds. Agreeing will grant you two artisan pops but refusing has no repercussions.
  • The Artisan Troupe leaves and steal 500   minerals and   energy credits and you will be unable to contact their enclaves for 10 months.

The following events can occur while you are the patron of the Artisan Troupe:

  • The enclave asks for a donation of 500   minerals, up to 4 times. The first donation will grant you 25   influence and any subsequent one will grant 50   influence. If you refuse they will not ask again.
  • The Artisan Troupe commissions a Ministry of Culture that can be bought for 1000   minerals and   energy credits.
  • The artisans suffer a creative roadblock. You can either acknowledge their support for them or cancel the patronage and demand a refund or 500   minerals and   energy credits.
  • A large equipment malfunction occurs and the Artisans are forced to scrap a lot of their technical equipment and they then decide to give you what's left of it. You can either salvage it for 500   minerals or repair it for 50   influence.