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This article is considered accurate for the current version (2.2) of the game.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Crime is a new mechanic added with 2.2, taking over the UI spot for Unrest, which itself is still around.

Source of Crime[edit]

Job criminal.png Crime is primarily produced by Pops with low Mod pop happiness.png happiness. Every Pop can produce up to 2 Crime, based on how low their happiness is. While 1 Crime/Pop is to be expected, Happiness above 50% will reduce it and happiness below 50% will increase it. While happiness will only affect the planet's Stability weighted based on how much political power a given pop has, Crime will always sum up fully.

Events are another source of Crime. In particular, Crime events themselves tend to apply lasting modifiers to the amount of crime, making it even harder to dislodge it later.

Empires whose population enjoys high Living Standards and does not practice Slavery will typically only produce token amounts of crime, often way below what the automatic Enforcers - that come with each level of the Capital Building - or Governor will suppress. However, they may still get temporary crime after conquests, from Governor Traits or Events.

Meanwhile, an Empire whose population has low Living Standards and/or practices lots of Slavery might require additional Enforcers to deal with the additional Crime. A particularly aggressive Slaver empire that conquers planets from other Empires and then enslaves them could potentially have issues even filling the Enforcer slots on conquered planets, making them doubly vulnerable to crime.

The 10-year -40% happiness penalty during occupation and after conquest can cause relevant crime. Unlike Unrest, crime events are not blocked by occupation.

Planetary Crime Rating[edit]

Every colonized planet has a Planetary Crime Rating which represents the sum of all Crime "Production" of all Pops on it. This is calculated by first adding up all crime affecting the planet, then applying the crime suppression values of all applicable sources to the equation. The final result is then displayed as a percentage.

A planet can have a Crime Rating of anywhere between 0% and 100%. A planet with at least 50% Crime or higher is considered a planet with "high crime".

A second figure to keep in mind is the amount of Job criminal.png Criminal "Jobs" the planet has.

Dealing with Crime[edit]

There are a few basic ways to deal with Crime:

  • Ensuring that no pop is unemployed as that reduces happiness
  • Increasing Living Standards to reduce criminal activity of Pops
  • Adding additional Crime Suppression jobs like Job enforcer.png Enforcer, buffed with the Anti-Crime Campaign Planetary Decision
  • Making a deal with the Crime Lords. While this drastically increases crime (+100% Crime), it will also block any of the more severe Crime events from firing. Reverting this decision will add a -10% stability penalty for 3600 days.

Effects of Crime[edit]

Job criminal.png Crime has no direct penalty on the Production of resources on the planet, but it triggers several events that can be highly deleterious to Stability and, by extension, Resource Production, while simultaneously making it harder to suppress Crime further and get the situation under control.

Some of the events that can trigger due to high crime add modifiers which cause special Job criminal.png Criminal Jobs to spawn in a unique "Criminal" Stratum. These jobs are occupied with a high priority by unhappy and/or unemployed pops, and do not produce anything but instead remove resources and/or cause penalties to Trade Value. The jobs in this Stratum also have no modifiers to Upkeep Goods or Political Power, resulting in potential Housing, Amenity and even Stability issues.

Event Chains[edit]

Criminal Underworld[edit]

The Criminal Underworld is a modifier with the following effects:

  • +15% Crime
  • +1 Job criminal.png Criminal job
  • +1 Job criminal.png Criminal job per 33% Crime
  • Unlocks the bulk of the follow up events

Unemployment can cause the Criminal Underworld to spawn:

Requirements: Either:

  • There are more than 3 unemployed Pops on the planet that are not living under high Living Standards (e.g. Social Welfare and/or Utopian Abundance)
  • There are more than 10 unemployed Pops on the planet (regardless of Living Standards)
  • Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
  • None of the event related Modifiers are already present
  • Planet does not have the Gang War, Mob Rule or Center of Drug Trade Modifiers
  • The planet has Pops on it


  • 180 Months
  • x0.5 each at >5, >7, >9 and >11 unemployed Pops

Effect: Choice between:

  • A counter Campaign for 3600 days that increases the Consumer Goods upkeep of all unemployed Pops by +2
  • Criminal Underworld Modifier appears

High Crime can also cause it to spawn:


  • The planet has more than 30% Crime
  • The planet has none of the event related Modifiers
  • Neither the Gang War, Mob Rule or Center of Drug Trade Modifiers are present
  • The planet has Pops on it


  • 180 Months
  • x0.5 each >= 50%, >=70% and >=90% Crime

Effect: The Criminal Underworld Modifier is applied to the planet automatically

The Modifier will disappear after a while if crime is low:


  • At least 3600 days have passed since the Underworld modifier appeared
  • Planetary Crime is at 10% or lower
  • Any of the Underworld, Gang War, Mob Rule or Center of Drug Trade Modifiers are present
  • The planet has Pops on it


  • 180 months
  • x0.5 each if Number of Enforcer and Coordinator Jobs > 2, >3, >3


  • Criminal Underworld Modifier is removed and can not re-appear for 3600 days
  • Any other Crime related Modifier (if present) is removed as well

Criminal Main events[edit]

The Crime Gatekeeper Event is an event that fires annually and can cause a wide variety of crime-related things to happen on a planet if the circumstances allow it.

Every time when the Gatekeeper event fires it will check every single colonized planet for whether or not they are eligible for crime-related events to fire. In order for a planet to be eligible it must have either have the Criminal Underworld, Gang Wars, Drug Trade or Mob Rule modifiers. Planets with Crime Lord Deal Modifier or ones that have already experienced a Crime event in the last 3600 days will be ignored. For every empire present, the Gatekeeper Event will pick one eligible planet and a dice roll with the following weights is made for the planet:

  • 300 - nothing happens
  • 10 for each of the 10 Criminal Underworld followups
  • 10 for each of the 4 Gang War followups
  • 10 for each of the 4 Drug Trade followups
  • 10 for each of the 4 Mob Rule followups

Criminal Underworld Followups[edit]

  • Bribed Officials Modifier (-20% Stability) for 3600 days
  • Substance Abuse Modifier (-20% all Jobs) for 3600 days
  • Gangs Clash, dealing 15 Devastation.png Devastation to the planet
  • Smuggler Activity Modifier (-20% Trade Value) for 3600 days
  • Crime Wave Modifier (+30% Crime) for 3600 days
  • Contraband is seized, giving alloys, consumer goods or strategic resources at random/based on empire technology
  • Crime Boss Arrested Modifier (-30% Crime) for 3600 days

If Crime is above 50%, the following things can also happen:

  • Gang Wars break out
  • Center of Drug Trade Appears
  • Mob Rule is in effect

Each of them have their own modifier that replaces Criminal Underworld, adds +30% Crime, spawns +3 Criminal Jobs and enable the respective followups to trigger with the next Gatekeeper Event firing. Only the event that deals with removing the Criminal Underworld itself can remove them.

Gang Wars Followups[edit]

  • Gangs Ambush Enforcers, killing a Pop working the respective job
  • Gang Warfare spreads into space, spawning a Pirate (only once per Empire every 3600 days and only after Birth of Space Piracy)
  • A pitched battle kills 3 Random Pops and causes 15 devastation to the planet
  • Travel Warning Modifier (-20% Trade Value) for 3600 days

Center of Drug Trade Followups[edit]

  • 4 Pops die drug related deaths (only if there are more than 4 Pops on the planet)
  • Cartel War Modifier (-20% Stability) for 3600 days
  • Drug Smugglers crash, killing 3 Pops and causing 15 devastation to the planet
  • Drug dealers steal 10 Exotic Gasses (only if the Empire has more than 10 units of Exotic Gasses in Storage)

Mob Rule[edit]

  • Protection Racket Modifier (-20% job Production) is added for 3600 days
  • Corrupt Administration Modifier (-20% Stability) is added for 3600 days
  • Mobsters kill the Sector Governor
  • Trade Pilfered Modifier (-20% Trade Value) is added for 3600 days

DLC Empires and Crime[edit]

The Civic criminal heritage.png Criminal Heritage version of Auth corporate.png Corporate Authority will both Produce and Benefit from Crime on planets they place Branch Offices on, while being able to freely place them in nearly every empire they have contact with, without any need for permission. Conversely, low crime reduces the income from a Branch Office and also increases the chances of it being randomly shut down. Corporate Empires are still subject to crime on their own planets as normal, like any Empire.

Rather than Crime, Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness have Job criminal.png Deviancy. As they have a simulated Happiness of 50%, all Drones will produce exactly 1 Deviancy. If any organic, non-gestalt Pops are present, they will also produce deviancy as normal for their happiness.

Rather than a Criminal Underworld, they get the Deviant/Corrupt Drones Modifiers which have the same effect. They can not make a deal with the Crime Lords (as there are none). They use a unique Gatekeeper Event that with the same algorithm and the following weights: 200 for nothing, 10 for each of the negative events and 5 for the positive events.

Hive Mind Followups[edit]

  • Deviant Drones stampede, causing 15 devastation to the planet
  • Deviant Interference modifier (-30% Stability) added for 3600 days
  • Ringleader Killed Modifier (-30% Deviancy) added for 3600 days

Machine Intelligence Followups[edit]

  • Corrupt Drones Rampage dealing 15 devastation to the Planet
  • Signal Interference Modifier (-30% Stability) added for 3600 days
  • Deviant Network Terminated (-30% Deviancy) added for 3600 days

Megacorp Followup[edit]

Only Criminal Branch offices are affected by this mechanic.

As their offices interact with Crime, they can be closed by combating crime in addition to Warfare. On a monthly pulse, the Branch office Closure Gatekeeper Event is fired. On a 1/20 chance it can close a Random Criminal Branch office in the Galaxy. Planetary Crime must be below 1 and the same Empire can not have a Criminal Branch office closed more than once every 3600 days. If a branch office is closed this way, no new Criminal Branch Office can be established on the planet for the next 3600 days.


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