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Custom empire designs editing

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This article has been verified for the current PC version (3.0) of the game.

This article details editing custom empire designs to include elements not allowed at empire creation while at the same time not modding the game files.


OS Location
Windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\user_empire_designs.txt
Mac $HOME/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/user_empire_designs.txt
Linux $HOME/.local/share/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/user_empire_designs.txt
Linux (newer versions) $STEAMFOLDER/userdata/$STEAMID/281990/remote/user_empire_designs.txt

Notable attributes[edit]

authority determines the empire's authority. It is notable because picking an authority unavailable for the empire's ethics does not invalidate it.

city_graphical_culture determines the empire's city appearance. It can be changed to the following normally unavailable styles:

  • city_graphical_culture="preindustrial_01" - Primitive Pre-FTL
  • city_graphical_culture="industrial_01" - Industrial Pre-FTL
  • city_graphical_culture="fallen_empire_01" - Spiritualist Fallen Empire
  • city_graphical_culture="fallen_empire_02" - Materialist Fallen Empire
  • city_graphical_culture="fallen_empire_03" - Xenophile Fallen Empire
  • city_graphical_culture="fallen_empire_04" - Xenophobe Fallen Empire
  • city_graphical_culture="fallen_machine_empire_01" - Machine Intelligence Fallen Empire (requires Synthetic Dawn)

room determines the ruler's room. It can be changed to the following normally unavailable styles:

Line Shows capital
room="personality_fallen_empire_blue_room" Yes.png
room="personality_fallen_empire_cyan_room" Yes.png
room="personality_fallen_empire_red_room" Yes.png
room="personality_fallen_empire_teal_room" Yes.png
room="personality_fallen_empire_machine_room" Yes.png
room="ethic_ai_room" Yes.png
room="ship_room" Yes.png
room="caravaneer_home_room" Yes.png
room="ethic_spaceship_room" No.png
room="swarm_room" No.png
room="extradimensional_room" No.png
room="extradimensional_orange_room" No.png
room="extradimensional_green_room" No.png
room="enclave_curator_room" No.png
room="enclave_artist_room" No.png
room="enclave_trader_room" No.png
room="technosphere_room" No.png
room="shroud_room" No.png
room="baol_room" No.png

empire_flag determine's the empire's flag. category determines the flag category. It can be changed to the following normally unavailable categories to browse additional flags in the empire editor:

  • category="special" - Crisis, primitive, shroud, nanite and caravaneer flags
  • category="enclaves" - Enclave flags

ethic determines the empire's ethics. It is notable because it allows conflicting ethics to be picked. Regular ethics should not be added to Gestalt Consciousness empires as it makes them use regular strata instead.

spawn_as_fallen=no setting it to yes allows the empire to spawn as a Fallen Empire

Additional traits, ethics and civics should not be added as the game will not allow empires exceeding their default pick numbers to be spawned or selected for play.

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