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This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

These events have a very small chance to happen and are triggered not only by your empire but also by your neighbors.

The Prince[edit]

A derelict capsule may be found in one of the player's controlled systems, prompting a project to recover and investigate it. Upon recovery, the capsule is revealed to contain a rare literary work known as 'The Prince' - a text that is significant to a nearby empire's history. The player may choose to keep the literary work without informing the nearby empire for an Influence.png influence boost, or to contact the nearby empire. The nearby empire will react with elation if they are contacted, explaining that the literary work is one of the last surviving copies of a historic work they believed was lost, and offering a large amount of Energy Credits.png energy credits as a reward for returning the literature. Agreeing to return the work will give the empire a permanent +20 Diplomacy opinion.png opinion modifier of 'Literary Savior' towards the player empire, while refusing to return the work will give the empire a permanent -20 Diplomacy opinion.png opinion modifier of 'Book Burner' towards the player empire. Player empires with the Xenophobe.png Xenophobe ethic gain an additional option to criticize the literary work as 'weak and uninspired' while refusing to return it, though the outcome is the same.

AI Xenophobe Admiral Insults[edit]

An AI admiral from a Xenophobe.png xenophobe or Fanatic Xenophobe.png fanatic xenophobe empire that passes with its fleet through your borders might decide to broadcast a long rant about your species on a planetary radio. You can either demand that its empire will fire it, extradite it if you are Militarist or Xenophobe or just do nothing and lose 50 Influence.png influence. If your demand is accepted you will gain 25 Influence.png influence. Whether they accept or not will have no effect on the diplomatic relationships.

Player Xenophobe Admiral Insults[edit]

Not restricted only to the AI, if you are Xenophobe.png xenophobe or Fanatic Xenophobe.png fanatic xenophobe there is a chance that one of your admirals will do the same thing. The AI empire will call for either its resignation or its extradition. You can either agree with their demands or refuse. Refusing will give an insult Diplomacy opinion.png opinion penalty.

Exotic Woodwind[edit]

An event possible only if you have a migration treaty with an empire, you might discover that their music is extremely pleasant for your species. You have the option of either acknowledging it or starting a special project to study their instruments. Finishing the project will grant a moderate amount of Society Research society research.

Suspect Science Ship[edit]

If your empire is Xenophobe.png xenophobe and either Materialist.png materialist or Spiritualist.png spiritualist the passing of an AI empire science ship through your territory might make your scientists nervous and demand that you close borders. Agreeing to close borders will add a temporary -50 Diplomacy opinion.png opinion penalty in addition to the standard closed borders penalty. Refusing to close borders will cost 50 Influence.png influence. If the other empire researched Tech genome mapping.png Genome Mapping the event will be replaced by the following one.

Mapping Genome Suspicion[edit]

If the other empire researched Tech genome mapping.png Genome Mapping your scientists will fear that this is what the AI science ship is doing and demand that you close borders. However, if your empire also has the same technology you have the option to start a very lengthy special project to map their genome as well at the cost of 20 Influence.png influence. The project requires sending a science ship to their homeworld and completing it will add +5 Mod army damage mult.png army damage for 50 years.

Fleet Maneuvers[edit]

A rare mid-to-late game event that can only take place when you are not at war and have an admiral leading a fleet of over 8000 fleet power, the said leader might have planned for a major fleet maneuvers exercise close to the border of an empire that's neither your subject nor friendly towards you and you will get a warning that the neighboring empire might see it as a provocation. You can either cancel the exercise for stability but also a -5% Mod ship fire rate mult.png fire rate and Unity.png unity reduction for 5 years or proceed with the exercise via a special project at the border. The exercise will be canceled without repercussions if your empire gets involved in a war before finishing it.

The fleet maneuvers exercise can have the following results:

  • minor collisions that will damage a few ships
  • a major collision that will destroy two ships
  • an officer displaying leadership skill and be promoted to admiral
  • public interest in the impressive exercise that will add -20% Mod ship upkeep mult.png ship upkeep and +20% Mod ship build speed mult.png ship build speed for 5 years

Utopia Events[edit]

AI Ring World Construction[edit]

If an AI empire is building a ring world your leading engineers will want you to request the AI empire to send a research team to study the construction site. Refusing will add a temporary -20% Mod pop happiness.png happiness reduction. If they accept the diplomatic relationship will be improved, otherwise it will be worsened. Fanatic Egalitarian.png fanatic egalitarian, Fanatic Materialist.png fanatic materialist, Fanatic Pacifist.png fanatic pacifist and Fanatic Xenophile.png fanatic xenophile empires will also get a moderate amount of Engineering Research engineering research if the request if accepted.

The One-Eyed Wanderer[edit]

Out of all the hundreds of stars you can see with the naked eye it is possible for another empire to build a Dyson Sphere around the most symbolic star from one of your constellations, called The One-Eyed Wanderer. You are given the option to demand a formal apology, a donation of 1000 Energy Credits.png energy or turn a blind eye, giving your empire -10% Unity.png unity for 5 years.

The same thing can happen to another empire as well should you build a Dyson Sphere and they will ask for either an apology or 1000 Energy Credits.png energy. Refusing will add a temporary Diplomacy opinion.png opinion penalty.