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Distant Origin

Game modification: Distant Origin
Distant Origin
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Updated for 2.7.*

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Distant Origin is a mod that expands on the Lost Colony and Remnant origins, and adds several more as well. Players can play as a race of refugees exiled by an invading alien race, desperate to retake their homeworld at all costs. Or they can play as the homeworld itself in the expanded Remnants origin, searching the universe for their own lost colonies scattered throughout the galaxy. There are a lot of possibilities, and virtually all of them should be compatible with most mods since no significant vanilla files are touched.



At its core, this mod adds Distant Origin traits you can add to your empires, which establish that your current starting planet is not your species' true homeworld. These traits are organized by climate type; they will change your climate preference to match (unless you use Void Dwellers or another, similar origin).

There are several different ways to go from here, depending on how you setup your galaxy:

  • If you have the Lost Colony, Shattered Ring, Void Dwellers, or Calamitous Birth origins (or one of the modded ones listed under Compatibility below), a solar system will be spawned somewhere in the galaxy containing your species' true homeworld. Exactly what you'll find there is a mystery, but locating it and potentially moving back in will yield rewards. This is similar to how Lost Colony already works in vanilla, but with more possibilities in how your homeworld fared after you left.
  • If you have the Interstellar Exiles origin, a backstory is created in which your population was forcibly expelled from your homeworld by an invading force, and eventually re-settled on a distant world. Combining this with the new Vengeful Refugees civic creates an event chain aimed at re-conquering that lost homeworld.
  • If an empire with the Remnants origin exists, and has a starting planet that matches your chosen Distant Origin trait, a backstory is created in which your planet is a lost colony of an ancient and powerful empire of your species, one that suddenly collapsed and severed all ties between the colonies.

Additionally, the Contested Homeworld origin lets you play out the Interstellar Exiles event chain from the other side -- that of the invaders who conquered the homeworld.

Lastly, this mod expands on the Remnants origin itself: you can now seek out ten of your late empire's major colony worlds to see what became of them. There's also an event chain aimed at figuring out just what happened to that once-mighty empire. Gestalt Consciousness empires with Remnants will not get the new functionality; this is temporary.


Origin Effects Description
  Interstellar Exiles
  • Unlocks civic: Vengeful Refugees
  • -100 opinion towards corresponding Contested Homeworld empire
  • +10% Habitability
This species was forcibly expelled from their original homeworld by a hostile force centuries ago, and have settled on a new world in a distant solar system.
Origin Effects Description
  Contested Homeworld
  • -100 opinion from corresponding Interstellar Exiles empire
  • +20% Army Damage
  • +20% Army Morale
This society's current homeworld was disputed long ago by two cultures who fought a global war over the right to rule it. The losers were driven into exile or extinction, and the winners secured total mastery over the planet.


Civic Effects Description & Requirements
  Vengeful Refugees
  • -1000 opinion towards any empire that controls our homeworld
  • +5% Ship Fire Rate
  • +10% Sublight Speed
This species was forcibly expelled from their original homeworld by a hostile force centuries ago, and will stop at nothing until they have reclaimed it.
  •   Interstellar Exiles
  •    Militarist or Fanatic Militarist
  •    Fanatic Xenophile
  •    Corporate
  •    Fanatic Purifiers

AI PersonalitiesEdit

Vengeful RefugeesEdit

"This species was forcibly expelled from their original homeworld by a hostile force centuries ago, and will stop at nothing until they have reclaimed it. They are slow to trust other species, but diplomatic relations are not out of the question."


  •   Vengeful Refugees.
  • Does not control their homeworld's solar system.

Vengeful Refugees are opportunistic and will not hesitate to seize the advantage when possible. They prefer to conquer planets rather than liberate or vassalize them, but will rarely if ever invade primitives (since they know what it’s like to be in that position). Vengeful Refugees have a permanent -1000 opinion modifier with any empire that controls their home world, but usually have little interest in empires who don’t threaten their crusade. Varies by ethics, of course.

Preset EmpiresEdit

In addition to editing the Commonwealth of Man to add the   Earth Distant Origin trait, the mod adds three new preset empires to the roster:

Pasceal Kingdom
  Theocratic Monarchy Evangelizing Zealots
  •   Contested Homeworld
  •   Imperial
  •   Environmentalist
  •   Aristocratic Elite
  •   Spiritualist
  •   Fanatic Xenophobe
  •   Ocean (Xarmir)
  •   Agrarian
  •   Natural Sociologists
  •   Communal
  •   Sedentary
  •   Slow Learners

The Pasceals evolved deep within the oceans of Xarmir, cultivating a vast aquatic civilization unknown to the Xarmiri who lived on the surface. For millennia the theocratic Pasceals were content to live beneath the waves, but when Xarmiri industries began to threaten the health of the oceans, a decision was made to intervene.

Pasceal warriors strode ashore and began a brutal campaign to wipe the surface-dwellers out for good. A few Xarmiri starships managed to escape the ensuing xenocide, but the rest fell to the blades and guns of the Pasceals.

With Xarmir finally tamed, and her Kingdom forever safe from outsiders, Queen Sschlass turned her attention to the stars...

Resurgent Nations of Xarmir
  Citizen Stratocracy Vengeful Refugees
  •   Interstellar Exiles
  •   Oligarchic
  •   Vengeful Refugees
  •   Citizen Service
  •   Militarist
  •   Materialist
  •   Egalitarian
  •   Ocean (New Xarmir)
  •   Nomadic
  •   Charismatic
  •   Conservationist
  •   Slow Breeders
  •   Xarmir Distant Origin

The defining moment of Xarmiri history came two centuries ago when the Pasceal Kingdom, an aquatic civilization that ruled the ocean floor of their shared home planet, invaded the surface in an attempt to prevent Xarmiri industry from damaging their oceans.

The result was a genocidal war that decimated the Xarmiri civilization and forced the survivors to flee in hastily-designed spaceships, leaving the Pasceals in total control of their planet. The refugees eventually settled on a remote world they dubbed "New Xarmir" and slowly rebuilt their species.

Though not aggressive by nature, the loss of their homeworld and the stress of adapting to New Xarmir badly traumatized the Xarmiri. They will go to any length to take back their lost planet.

Martian Ascendancy
  Rational Consensus Erudite Explorers
  •   Remnants
  •   Democratic
  •   Technocracy
  •   Efficient Bureaucracy
  •   Fanatic Materialist
  •   Xenophobe
  •   Continental (Mars)
  •   Adaptive
  •   Nomadic
  •   Wasteful

Following the colonization of Mars in the early 1970s, the best and brightest Humans flocked to the planet to build a new frontier. Within a few generations the red planet had become the cultural capital of humanity, even before terraforming had begun in earnest.

Inevitably, the first hyperdrives were invented and humans traveled to other stars to colonize hundreds of new worlds. However, in a cataclysmic event so destructive its very nature remains unknown, that great empire was brought to its knees and contact between the colonies severed permanently.

While survival on Mars remains difficult, the inhabitants have nevertheless managed to preserve some of their cultural and technological knowledge. Now the journey to reclaim the stars begins in earnest...

Mod LimitationsEdit

General traitsEdit

  • The game selects one homeworld per climate type, so two Distant Origin empires that have the   Arid Distant Origin trait will consider the same planet their lost homeworld even if they're different species. The Xarmiri are an exception to this rule; they have their own flags so you can safely use   Ocean Distant Origin for your own empires.
  • In a similar vein, Earth and the Sol system have their own   Earth Distant Origin trait, so every empire with that trait will consider Earth their homeworld. Feel free to create your own   Continental Distant Origin empires; they will not affect or be affected by Sol.
  • If a Remnants empire is randomly-generated with the same climate preference as a Distant Origin trait, the latter empire will have two "homeworlds". There is an event that warns the player upon game start if this happens so you can re-start the save. I plan to fix this as soon as possible.

Contested HomeworldEdit

  • There can only be one Contested Homeworld empire per climate preference (not counting Sol and Xarmir). Spawning more than one on the map will cause any relevant Distant Origin empires to bug out. The Pasceals are an exception to this rule; they have their own country flag so you can safely use Ocean Worlds for your own empires.
  • You cannot have a Contested Homeworld empire and Remnants empire with the same climate preference (again, excluding Sol and Xarmir).


  • There can only be one Remnants empire on the map, regardless of climate. Spawning more than one on the map will cause any Distant Origin empires to bug out.
  • You cannot have a Contested Homeworld empire and a Remnants empire with the same climate preference (again, excluding Sol and Xarmir).
  • You can create your own lost colonies using the Distant Origin traits, but only up to ten will be counted.


This mod is currently limited to the following climates:


  •   Continental World
  •   Ocean World
  •   Tropical World
  •   Desert World
  •   Arid World
  •   Savannah World
  •   Arctic World
  •   Alpine World
  •   Tundra World

Planetary Diversity:

  • Cascadian World
  • Atoll World
  • Crag World
  • Mangrove World
  • Tepui World
  • Retinal World
  • Forest World
  • Steppe World
  • Dune World
  • Oasis World
  • Mesa World
  • Atacama World
  • Prairie World
  • Mediterranean World
  • Bog World
  • Frigid World
  • Glacial World
  • Boreal World
  • Mycelium World
  • Antarctic World
  • Snow World
  • Geothermal World
  • Superhabitable World
  • Tidally-Locked World
  • Bioluminescent World
  • Karst World
  • Primal World
  • Aquatic World
  • Salt World
  • Ammonia World
  • Methane World
  • Radiotrophic World
  • Ash World

If you use another modded planet class, or a non-standard vanilla one (Ringworld, Ecumenopolis, etc), the special events will not work properly. I do intend to expand this list periodically.


This mod replaces one vanilla file (00_top_countries), and two vanilla events (action.1 and action.100).

New climate types added in mods will not work with the special events, aside from the ones listed above.

A list of origins compatible with the Distant Origin traits:

Planned updates/featuresEdit

In no particular order:

  • More diplomatic dialogue and events for both origins.
  • A better solution to the problem of randomly-generated Remnants empires (see above).