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This article has been verified for the current PC version (3.8) of the game.
Employed leaders

A leader is a named character that leads a significant part of the Empire, as a Governor, Scientist, Admiral or General. The name of a leader can be changed at any time by clicking on it.

Leaders can also be appointed to the council in addition to and concurrent with their regular assignments. Each leader on the council provides empire-wide effects as well as +10% ethics attraction, towards each councilor's ethics. Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness empires use nodes rather than council leaders.

Leader classes[edit | edit source]

Leaders are divided into 4 classes that determine their background, possible assignments, council positions, bonuses, experience sources and available traits.

If the Galactic Paragons.png Galactic Paragons DLC is enabled, each class can be further specialized into one of three veteran classes. Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness empires cannot use the third veteran class, which is focused on the council.

A Governor.png Governor assigned to a sector capital, including the empire capital, applies their level bonuses – but not their traits – to all planets in that sector which do not have an assigned governor.

Class Bonus per level Experience gain Assignment Galactic Paragons.png Veteran class Galactic Paragons.png Veteran class effect Description
Admiral.png Admiral Mod ship fire rate mult.png +3% Ship Fire Rate
Mod ship disengagement.png +0.2 Disengagement Opportunity
Mod navy size add.png +2 Naval Capacity with Tradition aptitude champions of the empire.png Champions of the Empire
0.05 per day when suppressing piracy
5 per space battle
+0.5 per destroyed ship on either side
+0.25 per disengaged ship on either side
Fleets Subclass aggressor large.png Aggressor
  • Mod ship weapon damage.png +7.5% Ship Weapons Damage
  • Mod ship fire rate mult.png +5% Ship Fire Rate
The stoic presence of a decisive Admiral steels the nerves of the crew as they engage the enemy.
Subclass tactician large.png Tactician
  • Time −10% Time spent Missing In Action
  • Mod ship hull mult.png +5% Ship Hull Points
  • Mod ship disengagement.png +10% Combat Disengagement Chance
Subclass council large.png Strategist
  • Mod starbase shipyard build cost mult.png −5% Military Ships Build Cost if Councilor
  • Mod ship build speed mult.png +10% Military Ships Build Speed if Councilor
General.png General Mod army damage mult.png +5% Army Damage
Mod navy size add.png +2 Naval Capacity with Tradition aptitude champions of the empire.png Champions of the Empire
100 per ground battle
+0.25 per destroyed army on either side
Armies Subclass invader large.png Invader
  • Mod army damage mult.png +5% Army Damage
  • Mod army morale.png +10% Assault Army Morale
The frenzy and chaos of ground combat requires the calculating command of a competent General.
Subclass protector large.png Protector
  • Mod army health.png +15% Army Health
  • Mod army damage mult.png +20% Defense Army Damage
  • Unknown.png −2 Combat Width
Subclass council large.png Marshal Mod planet army build cost mult.png −10% Army Cost if Councilor
Governor.png Governor Mod pop resource output.png +2% Resources from Jobs
Empire sprawl.png −2% Empire Size from Pops
Job criminal.png −3 Crime
Stability.png +1 Stability if governing the Home Planet
Unity.png +1 with Civic feudal realm.png Feudal Society
Empire sprawl.png −2 Empire Size with Tradition aptitude champions of the empire.png Champions of the Empire
5 per month when governing Planets Subclass economist large.png Industrialist
  • Mod pop resource output.png +5% Resources from Jobs
  • Amenities.png −10% Pop Amenities Usage
The charismatic speeches of a persuasive Governor promote colonial pride and prosperity.
Subclass pioneer large.png Pioneer
  • Mod leader species exp gain.png +50% Leader Experience Gain
  • Mod pop growth speed.png +5% Pop Growth Speed if not Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
  • Mod pop assembly speed.png +5% Pop Assembly Speed if Machine unit.png Machine
  • Pop assembly organic.png +0.2 Monthly Organic Pop Assembly if Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
Subclass council large.png Visionary
  • Upkeep −5% Pop Upkeep if Councilor
  • Trade value.png +5% Trade Value if Councilor
Scientist.png Scientist Mod ship anomaly research speed.png Determines Anomaly Research speed
Mod ship science survey speed.png +10% Survey Speed
Mod ship anomaly research speed.png +1 Archaeology Skill
Research.png +2% Assist Research Output
Cloaking detection.png +0.5 Assist Cloaking Detection Strength
Mod leader species exp gain.png +0.5% Leader Experience Gain with Tradition aptitude champions of the empire.png Champions of the Empire
0.1 per day when assisting research
0.1 per day when assisting cloaking detection
10 per celestial object surveyed
50 per researched anomaly
100 per completed special project
75 per archaeology site chapter
Science ships Subclass analyst large.png Analyst Research.png +50% Assist Research Efficiency The mysteries and paradoxes of the universe beckons the inquiring mind of a brilliant Scientist.
Subclass explorer large.png Explorer
  • Mod leader species exp gain.png +50% Leader Experience Gain
  • Mod ship science survey speed.png +10% Survey Speed
  • Mod ship anomaly research speed.png +10% Anomaly Research Speed
  • Unity.png +5 Unity per Survey
Subclass council large.png Researcher Mod country all tech research speed.png +7% Research Speed

Leader pool[edit | edit source]

New leaders are generally gained by recruiting them from the leader pool, which is replenished every 5 years. The leader pool starts with 3 leaders from each class, and the amount is affected by the following modifiers:

Source Leader pool size
Civic machine delegated functions.png Delegated Functions civic +1
Civic ruthless competition.png Ruthless Competition civic +1
Menu icon edicts.png Master's Teachings: Philosophical Mindset edict +1
Polytechnic Education Polytechnic Education tradition +1
Menu icon traditions.png Aptitude finisher effect +1
Transcendent Learning Transcendent Learning ascension perk +1
Unknown.png Settled Differences empire modifier +1
Fanatic Egalitarian.png Fanatic Egalitarian ethic +1
Fanatic Authoritarian.png Fanatic Authoritarian ethic −1
Origins fear of the dark.png Fear of the Dark origin −1

A leader can be recruited from the pool for a cost of Unity.png 97 unity unity at level one, increased by 40% per level. The underlying formula appears to be Unity.png unity, resulting in the following recruitment costs:

Leader skill levels.png Level I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X
Recruitment Cost 97 137 192 268 376 527 737 1033 1446 2024

Leaders cost a monthly upkeep of 2 Unity.png Unity per level. Leader upkeep is modified by the following:

Source Leader upkeep
Civic feudal realm.png Feudal Society civic (leader assigned) None
Leader trait eager.png Eager leader trait −50%
Leader trait eager.png Newboot leader trait −50%
Civic machine delegated functions.png Delegated Functions civic −25%
Kinship Kinship tradition −20%
Synchronized Agents Synchronized Agents tradition −20%
Tech collective self.png The Collective Self technology −10%
Tech collective self.png Embodied Dynamism technology −10%
Minor artifacts.png Minor Artifacts Peaceful Application −10%
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 5 +50%

Leaders can only be of species with Species right citizenship.png Full Citizenship rights. The chance of getting a leader of a particular species is equal to the proportion of that species in the empire's eligible population.

Once recruited, leaders can be freely and instantly assigned to different posts with no cooldown (for example, moving a governor from one planet to another sector).

Leaders may be dismissed at any time, unless they are the empire ruler. Dismissal is irreversible.

Leader Capacity[edit | edit source]

Each empire can support a limited number of leaders, starting at 6. Exceeding leader capacity decreases the experience gain of all leaders by 13% and increases their upkeep and recruitment costs by 16%.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Each leader has an age in years and has a base guaranteed Mod leader age.png lifespan of 80 years, which can be improved by certain species traits, leader traits, and technologies. Leaders appear in the leader pool with ages between 28 - 50 years (27 - 38 years for Trait lithoid.png Lithoids; 5 - 20 years if Clone Army Clone Army origin for biological pop leaders). Hovering over a leader's age will show the leader's guaranteed lifespan and current chance to die each month.

  • Gestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness Rulers and Council Nodes are true immortals and never die under any circumstances.

After passing their guaranteed lifespan, leaders have a chance of dying every month. The probability is 0.2% per year that has passed since their guaranteed lifespan. After 20 years past their guaranteed lifespan, this increases to 2% per month. The mean lifespan with no modifiers is 87 years.

Leaders can also be killed the following ways:

  • Governor.png Governors can be killed by events if a planet in their sector has the Pm crime.pngPm frame 3.png Mob Rule planet modifier
  • Scientist.png Scientists can be killed by bad outcomes of Archaeology map icon.png Archaeology Sites (~2.9% % chance, depends on the site)
  • Admiral.png Admirals have a 10% chance to die when a ship of the largest size in the fleet is destroyed
  • General.png Generals have a 2% divided by number of units chance to die each time they lose an army[1]

The following modifiers affect Leader Lifespan:

Source Leader lifespan (empire)
Trait psionic species.png Chosen of the Composer ruler trait +50
Menu icon edicts.png Zro Additives edict +30
Healthcare Program Healthcare Program tradition +20
Tradition harmony mind and body.png Cloned Organs tradition +20
R pox sample.png Javorian Pox Sample relic +20
Menu icon policies.png Capacity Boosters Leader Enhancement policy +20
Unknown.png Composer of Strands covenant (50 favor) +20
Mind and Body Mind and Body tradition +10
Unknown.png Ageless empire modifier +10
Menu icon policies.png Selected Lineages Leader Enhancement policy +10
Tech vitality boosters.png Vitality Boosters technology +10
Unknown.png Inoculated Population empire modifier +10
Unknown.png Composer of Strands covenant +10
Source Leader lifespan (species)
Trait necrophage.png Necrophage trait +80
Trait lithoid.png Lithoid trait +50
Trait exotic metabolism.png Exotic Metabolism trait +50
Robust.png Robust trait +50
Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic trait +40
Trait presapient irradiated.png Irradiated trait +30
Trait survivor.png Survivor trait +10
Limited Regeneration.png Limited Regeneration trait +10
Trait notofthisworld.png Not of this World trait −10
Trait artificial intelligence.png Augmented Intelligence trait −10
Trait crafted smiles.png Crafted Smiles trait −10
Trait crack miner.png Dedicated Miner trait −10
Trait expressed tradition.png Expressed Tradition trait −10
Trait farm hands.png Farm Appendages trait −10
Trait gene mentorship.png Gene Mentorship trait −10
Trait juiced power.png Juiced Power trait −10
Trait low maintenance.png Low Maintenance trait −10
Trait spliced adaptability.png Spliced Adaptability trait −10
Trait technical skill.png Technical Talent trait −10
Trait elevated synapses.png Elevated Synapses trait −30
Trait preplanned growth.png Pre-Planned Growth trait −30
Trait excessive endurance.png Excessive Endurance trait −30
Trait clone soldier.png Clone Soldier trait −40

Death by accident[edit | edit source]

While Trait mechanical.png Mechanical and Machine unit.png Machine leaders are immortal, they can still die by accident, regardless of their age. Every 10 years, there is the following chance of a single leader suffering a fatal accident:[2]

  • 94%: nothing happens
  • 2%: Scientist commanding a survey ship dies
  • 2%: Admiral commanding a fleet dies
  • 2%: Governor governing a planet dies

Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence empires can adopt the Self-Preservation Self-Preservation Protocols tradition to reduce the weight of accidents by half, reducing the chance for an accident to occur for each roll to 1.06% (3.18% total), for a mean active lifespan of 900 years.

Funeral[edit | edit source]

When the empire ruler or a leader that has been present for at least 2 years and reached at least level 4 dies, there is a chance to have a funeral which gives the empire a modifier for 5 years. The chance increases with the leader's accomplishments and is guaranteed for the empire ruler. Empires have the following funeral options:

Funeral Modifier Energy.png Cost Requirements
A private procession will suffice.
  • Unity.png +5% Monthly Unity
  • Mod pop happiness.png −2.5% Happiness
0 No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
Let the masses mourn.
  • Unity.png +10% Monthly Unity
  • Mod pop happiness.png +5% Happiness
400-8000 No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
They deserve nothing of the sort.
  • Unity.png +15% Faction Unity Gain
  • Mod pop happiness.png +5% Happiness
  • Yes.png 3 negative traits
  • No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
Their story does not have to end here...
  • Mod country terraform speed mult.png +15% Terraforming Speed
  • Mod pop growth speed.png +10% Pop Growth Speed
  • Unknown.png Fungoid or Plantoid species
  • No.pngGestalt consciousness.png Gestalt Consciousness
A small commemoration will suffice.
  • Unity.png +15% Monthly Unity
  • Mod planet stability add.png +5 Stability
0 Egalitarian.pngFanatic Egalitarian.png Egalitarian
Chant for their soul.
  • Unity.png +15% Monthly Unity
  • Consumer goods.png −15% Consumer Goods Upkeep
0 Spiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png Spiritualist
Donate the body to science.
  • Job researcher.png +5% Researcher Output
  • Physics Research +15% Monthly Physics Research
0 Materialist.pngFanatic Materialist.png Materialist
Erect an appropriate memorial.
  • Unity.png +5% Monthly Unity
  • Pop cat worker.png +5% Worker Pop Resource Output
200-4000 Authoritarian.pngFanatic Authoritarian.png Authoritarian
Keep it traditional.
  • Unity.png +15% Monthly Unity
  • Mod planet stability add.png +5 Stability
100-2000 Xenophobe.pngFanatic Xenophobe.png Xenophobe
Launch the deceased into space.
  • Society research +10% Monthly Society Research
  • Mod ship science survey speed.png +20% Survey Speed
100-2000 Xenophile.pngFanatic Xenophile.png Xenophile
Plan a grand parade. Now.
  • Unity.png +5% Monthly Unity
  • Mod ship build speed mult.png +15% Military Ship Build Speed
200-4000 Militarist.pngFanatic Militarist.png Militarist
Set up a foundation in their name.
  • Society research +10% Monthly Society Research
  • Pacifist.png +10% Pacifist Ethics Attraction
200-4000 Pacifist.pngFanatic Pacifist.png Pacifist
Name a landmark in their honor.
  • Mod resource energy mult.png +5% Energy Credits from Jobs
  • Trade value.png +15% Trade Value
200-4000 Auth corporate.png Corporate
We will endure.
  • Mod country leader pool size.png +1 Leader Pool Size
  • Mod leader species exp gain.png +25% Leader Experience Gain
0 Auth hive mind.png Hive Mind
Death is no longer an obstacle.
  • Intel encryption.png +1 Encryption
  • Mod ship fire rate mult.png +10% Ship Fire Rate
  • Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence
  • No.pngTrait cybernetic.png Cybernetic
What do we do now?! Mod pop happiness.png −15% Citizen Pop Happiness 0 Leader trait legendary leader.png Luminary leader

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Thus with 50 units, it is 2%/50 chance that the general dies, dev comment
  2. Note that this is rolled per empire, not per leader. For a roll with exactly one leader, this represents a mean active lifespan of 500 years. An exploit to negate the chance for accidental death entirely exists: unassign each leader before the decade begins, then reassign the leaders after a month passes.
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