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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 2.1.

Main Menu[edit]

N New Game
M Multiplayer
L Load Game
C Credits
S Settings
E Exit
ESC Close active menu

Interface Menu[edit]

F1 Contacts
F2 Situation Log
F3 Market
F4 Planet and Sectors
F5 Expansion Planner
F6 Policies
F7 Edicts
F8 Traditions
F9 Ship Designer
F10 Fleet Manager
Z 1st tab in active menu
X 2nd tab in active menu
C 3rd tab in active menu
V 4th tab in active menu
ESC Close active menu
Open main menu

Government Menu - F1[edit]

Z Government
X Budget
C Demographics
ESC Close Government menu

Map Modes Menu[edit]

^Ctrl + Z Empire Map Mode
^Ctrl + X Diplomatic Map Mode
^Ctrl + C Opinion Map Mode
^Ctrl + V AI Attitude Map Mode

Situation Log Menu - F3[edit]

Z Situation Log
X Anomalies
C Victory
ESC Close Situation Log menu

Technology Menu - F4[edit]

Z Physics
X Society
C Engineering
V Researched Technologies
ESC Close Technology menu

Planet Menu[edit]

Z Planet Summary
X Surface
C Armies
V Spaceport
B Build
Q Go to
ESC Close Planet menu

Ship Menu[edit]

G Merge
H Stop
B Return
C Move
X Attack target
T Fleet stance
V Split fleet
Q Go to
ESC Close Ship menu
Delete Disband ship
⇧Shift Add an action to fleet's action queue
^Ctrl + ⇧Shift Add an action to the top of a fleet's action queue


⇆Tab cycles through your star-systems
⇧Shift + ⇆Tab cycles backwards through your star-systems
Q Camera Focus
Go To selected
Open/Close Galaxy Map
Alt Details Mapmode
🏠 Home
Go to home system
F System search
L Multiplayer Chat
O Outliner Open/Close
RMB Dismiss notification
Unassign leader
Go To outliner object
CTRL + ALT + Left click "Ping" a location in multiplayer
1, 2, 3... Select control group
^Ctrl + 1, 2, 3... Create control group (a quick way to select a world or fleet)
⇧Shift + LMB Add fleet to selection
LMB Double-Click Focus on double-clicked object


MMB + drag
Pan camera
RMB + drag Rotate camera (system/galaxy)

Free rotation around Focused object

R Reset camera rotation
^Ctrl + F9 Hide user interface

Game speed[edit]

Numpad or Keyboard + Increase game speed
Numpad or Keyboard - Decrease game speed
␣ Space Pause

Take screenshot[edit]

F11 Screenshot PNG (lossless)
Stored in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/screenshots
F12 Steam overlay screenshot JPG (lossy)
To access files: go to Steam Library, right-click Stellaris, select "View screeenshots"


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