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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

Main Menu[edit | edit source]

N New Game
M Multiplayer
L Load Game
C Credits
S Settings
E Exit
ESC Close active menu

Multiplayer Menu[edit | edit source]

S Scan Servers
D Direct Join
N Host New Game
H Host Save Game
J Join Game
ESC Close active menu

Interface Menu[edit | edit source]

F1 Contacts
F2 Situation Log
F3 Market
F4 Planet and Sectors
F5 Expansion Planner
F6 Policies
F7 Edicts
F8 Traditions
F9 Ship Designer
F10 Fleet Manager
ESC Close active menu
Open main menu

Government Menu[edit | edit source]

Z Government
C Demographics
V Advisor
ESC Close Government menu

Map Modes Menu[edit | edit source]

^Ctrl + Z Empire Map Mode
^Ctrl + X Diplomatic Map Mode
^Ctrl + C Opinion Map Mode
^Ctrl + V AI Attitude Map Mode
^Ctrl + B Neighbor Map mode

Situation Log Menu - F2[edit | edit source]

Z Situation Log
X Anomalies
C Victory
ESC Close Situation Log menu

Market Menu - F3[edit | edit source]

Z Market
X Slave Market
ESC Close Market menu

Technology Menu[edit | edit source]

Z Physics
X Society
C Engineering
V Researched Technologies
ESC Close Technology menu

Planet Menu[edit | edit source]

Z Planet Summary
X Population
C Armies
V Corporate
N Decisions
I Resettle
K Show Planetary Features
T Terraform
B Build Selected District
P Replace Selected Building/District
Delete Downgrade/Demolish Selected Building/District
G Assign/Change Governor/General
J Restore Jobs
G Forced Growth Tab
B Forced Assembly Tab
B Recruit Army
Q Go to
ESC Close Planet menu

Ship Menu[edit | edit source]

G Merge
H Stop
B Return
C Move
J Initiate Jump
P Patrol
X Attack target
T Fleet stance
V Split fleet
Q Go to
ESC Close Ship menu
Delete Disband ship/fleet
⇧Shift Add an action to fleet's action queue
^Ctrl + ⇧Shift Add an action to the top of a fleet's action queue

Starbase Menu[edit | edit source]

Z Starbase
X Defenses
C Shipyard
K Details
Delete Downgrade/Dismantle Starbase
T Trade Routes
U Upgrades Starbase (while in starbase menu)
U Upgrades Defensive Platforms (while in defense menu)
B Build Defensive Platforms (while in defense menu)
B Build Ships (while in shipyard menu)
Q Go to
ESC Close Starbase menu

General[edit | edit source]

⇆Tab cycles through your star-systems
⇧Shift + ⇆Tab cycles backwards through your star-systems
Q Camera Focus
Go To selected
Open/Close Galaxy Map
Alt Details Mapmode
🏠 Home
Go to home system
F System search
L Multiplayer Chat
Alt + B Help
O Outliner Open/Close
RMB Dismiss notification
Unassign leader
Go To outliner object
CTRL + ALT + Left click "Ping" a location in multiplayer
1, 2, 3... Select control group
^Ctrl + 1, 2, 3... Create control group (a quick way to select a world or fleet)
⇧Shift + LMB Add/remove fleet to/from selection
LMB Double-Click Focus on double-clicked object

Camera[edit | edit source]

MMB + drag
Pan camera
RMB + drag Rotate camera (system/galaxy)

Free rotation around Focused object

XButton2 Camera scale
R Reset camera rotation
^Ctrl + F9 Hide user interface

Game speed[edit | edit source]

Numpad or Keyboard + Increase game speed
Numpad or Keyboard - Decrease game speed
␣ Space Pause

Take screenshot[edit | edit source]

F11 Screenshot PNG (lossless)
Stored in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/screenshots
F12 Steam overlay screenshot JPG (lossy)
To access files: go to Steam Library, right-click Stellaris, select "View screeenshots"

References[edit | edit source]