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This article has been verified for the current PC version (3.5) of the game.


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IDs refer to the internal names used by all assets within the game files. They can be referenced when executing console commands, editing savegames or creating custom events or starting systems.

Celestial bodies[edit | edit source]

Celestial body (habitable) ID
Planet alpine.png Alpine pc_alpine
Planet arctic.png Arctic pc_arctic
Planet arid.png Arid pc_arid
Planet continental.png Continental pc_continental
Planet desert.png Desert pc_desert
Planet ocean.png Ocean pc_ocean
Planet savannah.png Savannah pc_savannah
Planet tropical.png Tropical pc_tropical
Planet tundra.png Tundra pc_tundra
Planet nuked.png Tomb pc_nuked
Planet gaia.png Gaia pc_gaia
Planet nuked.png Relic pc_relic
Planet city.png Ecumenopolis (always arthropoid appearance) pc_city
Planet infested.png Hive pc_hive
Planet ai.png Machine pc_machine
Planet habitat.png Orbital Habitat (no textures unless upgraded) pc_habitat
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld pc_ringworld_habitable
Planet ringworld.png Shattered Ringworld pc_shattered_ring_habitable
Celestial body (uninhabitable) ID
Planet ai.png AI pc_ai
Planet asteroid.png Asteroid pc_asteroid
Planet asteroid.png Crystalline Asteroid pc_rare_crystal_asteroid
Planet asteroid.png Ice Asteroid pc_ice_asteroid
Planet barren.png Barren pc_barren
Planet barren cold.png Barren (Cold) pc_barren_cold
Planet barren.png Broken pc_broken
Planet barren.png Cracked pc_egg_cracked
Planet frozen.png Frozen pc_frozen
Planet gas giant.png Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Planet molten.png Molten pc_molten
Planet toxic.png Nanite pc_gray_goo
Planet barren.png Shattered (also plays cracking animation) pc_shattered
Planet arid.png Shielded pc_shielded
Planet shroud.png Shrouded pc_shrouded
Planet toxic.png Toxic pc_toxic
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Habitable Damaged) pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Seam) pc_ringworld_seam
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Seam Damaged) pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Tech) pc_ringworld_tech
Planet ringworld.png Ringworld (Tech Damaged) pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
Celestial body (stars) ID
B Star.png Class B Star pc_b_star
A Star.png Class A Star pc_a_star
F Star.png Class F Star pc_f_star
G Star.png Class G Star pc_g_star
K Star.png Class K Star pc_k_star
M Star.png Class M Star pc_m_star
M Red Giant Star.png Class M Red Giant pc_m_giant_star
T Star.png Class T Brown Dwarf pc_t_star
Black Hole.png Black Hole pc_black_hole
Neutron Star.png Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Pulsar.png Pulsar pc_pulsar

Districts[edit | edit source]

District (planet) ID
District city.png City District district_city
District hive.png Hive District district_hive
District nexus.png Nexus District district_nexus
District industrial.png Industrial District district_industrial
District generator.png Generator District district_generator
District generator.png Generator District (Hive or Machine World) district_generator_uncapped
District mining.png Mining District district_mining
District mining.png Mining District (Hive or Machine World) district_mining_uncapped
District farming.png Agriculture District district_farming
District farming.png Agriculture District (Hive world) district_farming_uncapped
District arcology housing.png Residential Arcology district_arcology_housing
District arcology arms industry.png Foundry Arcology district_arcology_arms_industry
District arcology civilian industry.png Industrial Arcology district_arcology_civilian_industry
District arcology leisure.png Leisure Arcology district_arcology_leisure
District arcology leisure.png Sanctuary Arcology district_arcology_organic_housing
District (megastructure) ID
District city.png City Segment district_rw_city
District hive.png Hive Segment district_rw_hive
District nexus.png Nexus Segment district_rw_nexus
District industrial.png Industrial Segment district_rw_industrial
District hab energy.png Generator Segment district_rw_generator
District hab commercial.png Commercial Segment district_rw_commercial
District hab science.png Research Segment district_rw_science
District farming.png Agricultural Segment district_rw_farming
District hab housing.png Habitation District district_hab_housing
District arcology civilian industry.png Industrial District district_hab_industrial
District hab commercial.png Trade District district_hab_commercial
District hab cultural.png Leisure District district_hab_cultural
District hab energy.png Reactor District district_hab_energy
District hab science.png Research District district_hab_science
District mining.png Astro-Mining Bay district_hab_mining
District orders demesne.png Order's Demesne district_orders_demesne

Orbital deposits[edit | edit source]

Orbital deposit Type ID Deposit range
Energy.png Energy mining deposit d_energy_1 Between 1 and 10
Minerals.png Minerals mining deposit d_minerals_1 Between 1 and 10
Food.png Food mining deposit d_food_1 Between 1 and 10
Trade value.png Trade Value mining deposit d_trade_value_1 Between 1 and 10
Alloys.png Alloys mining deposit d_alloys_1 Between 1 and 10
Exotic gases.png Exotic Gases mining deposit d_exotic_gases_1 Between 1 and 5
Rare crystals.png Rare Crystals mining deposit d_rare_crystals_1 Between 1 and 5
Volatile motes.png Volatile motes mining deposit d_volatile_motes_1 Between 1 and 5
Zro.png Zro mining deposit d_zro_deposit_1 Between 1 and 5
Living Metal.png Living Metal mining deposit d_living_metal_deposit none
Nanites.png Nanites mining deposit d_nanites_deposit none
Engineering research Engineering research deposit d_engineering_1 Between 1 and 10
Physics Research Physics research deposit d_physics_1 Between 1 and 10
Society research Society research deposit d_society_1 Between 1 and 10
Dark Matter.png Dark Matter research deposit d_dark_matter_deposit_1 1, 2, 3 or 10
Unity.png Unity research deposit d_vast_unity_deposit none

Planetary features[edit | edit source]

Can be added with the effect add_deposit = command combination to add modifiers to planets. Example: effect add_deposit = d_black_soil

Can be removed with the effect remove_deposit = command to remove modifiers from planets. Example: effect remove_deposit = d_black_soil

Planetary feature (common) ID
D mining tunnels.png Abandoned Mining Tunnels d_abandoned_mining_tunnels
D reactor.png Ancient Reactor Pits d_ancient_reactor_pits
D arid highlands.png Arid Highlands d_arid_highlands
D betharian deposit.png Betharian Fields d_betharian_deposit
D black soil.png Black Soil d_black_soil
D boggy fens.png Boggy Fens d_boggy_fens
D bountiful plains.png Bountiful Plains d_bountiful_plains
D bubbling swamp.png Bubbling Swamp d_bubbling_swamp
D fertile lands.png Buzzing Plains d_buzzing_plains
D central spire.png Central Spire d_central_spire
D crystal forest.png Crystal Forest d_crystal_forest
D crystal reef.png Crystal Reef d_crystal_reef
D crystalline caverns.png Crystalline Caverns d_crystalline_caverns
D ruins large.png Dense Ruins d_relic_dense_ruins
D dust caverns.png Dust Caverns d_dust_caverns
D dust desert.png Dust Desert d_dust_desert
D forgiving tundra.png Fair Tundra d_forgiving_tundra
D fertile lands.png Fertile Lands d_fertile_lands
D frozen gas lake.png Frozen Gas Lake d_frozen_gas_lake
D fuming bog.png Fuming Bog d_fuming_bog
D fungal caves.png Fungal Caves d_fungal_caves
D fungal forest.png Fungal Forest d_fungal_forest
D geothermal vent.png Geothermal Vents d_geothermal_vent
D great river.png Great River d_great_river
D green hills.png Green Hills d_green_hills
D hot springs.png Hot Springs d_hot_springs
D solar array.png Immense Solar Array d_immense_solar_array
D ruins medium.png Industrial Sector d_industrial_sector
D alien pets deposit.png Isolated Valley d_alien_pets_deposit
D lichen fields.png Lichen Fields d_lichen_fields
D lush jungle.png Lush Jungle d_lush_jungle
D marvelous oasis.png Marvelous Oasis d_marvelous_oasis
D metal boneyard.png Metal Boneyards d_metal_boneyard
D mineral fields.png Mineral Fields d_mineral_fields
D prosperous mesa.png Mineral Striations d_mineral_striations
D bountiful plains.png Natural Farmland d_natural_farmland
D nutritious mudland.png Nutritious Mudlands d_nutritious_mudland
D ore rich caverns.png Ore-Rich Caverns d_ore_rich_caverns
D veiny cliffs.png Ore-Veined Cliffs d_veiny_cliffs
D organic landfill.png Organic Landfills d_organic_landfill
D prosperous mesa.png Prosperous Mesa d_prosperous_mesa
D rich mountain.png Rich Mountain d_rich_mountain
D rugged woods.png Rugged Woods d_rugged_woods
D rushing waterfalls.png Rushing Waterfall d_rushing_waterfalls
D searing desert.png Searing Desert d_searing_desert
D submerged ore veins.png Submerged Ore Veins d_submerged_ore_veins
D teeming reef.png Teeming Reef d_teeming_reef
D tempestous mountain.png Tempestuous Mountain d_tempestous_mountain
D tropical island.png Tropical Island d_tropical_island
D underwater vent.png Underwater Vents d_underwater_vent
Planetary feature (unique) ID
D tainted snowcaps blocker.png A Blight Upon the Land d_toxic_god_blight_upon_the_land_upgraded
D tribal settlement.png Abandoned Primitive Homesteads d_abandoned_primitive_homesteads
D organic landfill.png Ancient Battlefield d_ancient_battlefield
D crater.png Ancient Bombardment Craters d_ancient_bombardment_craters
D building complex.png Ancient Mining Site d_ancient_mining_site
D fungal forest.png Ancient One d_ancient_one
D building.png Ancient Particle Accelerator d_ancient_particle_accelerator
D station reactor.png Arcane Replicator d_arcane_replicator
D crater.png Blue Lotus Crater d_crater_bluelotus
D bunker door.png Blue Lotus Facility d_bluelotus2
D bunker door.png Blue Lotus Prototype d_bluelotus
D ruins medium.png Blue Lotus Ruin d_ruin_bluelotus
D fungal caves.png Cave Shroom Veins d_cave_shroom_veins
D veiny cliffs.png Consolidated Resources d_machine_minerals
D mineral fields.png Crashed Cargo Ship d_admirals_bickering_crashed_cargo_ship
D monument.png Cryonic Clones Monument d_cryonic_clones
D crystalline caverns.png Crystalline Remains d_crystal_kraken_body
D solar array.png Dayside Solar Farm d_dayside_farm
D station reactor.png Dimensional Manipulation Device d_dimensional_manipulation_device
D building.png Enigmatic Robot d_hab_lonely_bot_deposit
30px Envenomed Seas d_toxic_god_envenomed_seas_upgraded
D monument in space.png Federation Monument d_federation_hegemony_monument_2
D landed dragon.png Feeding Dragon d_landed_dragon
D teeming reef.png Flooded Mounds d_flooded_mounds
D central spire.png Former Relic World d_former_relic_world
D fertile lands.png Harvester Fields d_harvester_fields
D alien pets deposit.png Hyperfertile Valley d_hyperfertile_valley
D crater.png Impact Crater d_impact_crater
D metal boneyard.png Irradiated Ruins d_irradiated_ruins
D tropical island.png Juvenile Nemma d_house_turtle
D space walk.png Living Metal Deposit d_hab_living_metal_1
D fertile lands.png Loop-Plowed Farm d_worm_farm
D veiny cliffs.png Lotus Corrie d_impossiblecorrie
D building.png Machine Interface Center d_machine_care_home
D city ruins.png Manufactorium Scrapyard d_ancient_manufactorium_scrapyard
D crater.png Massive Crater d_lithoid_crater
D huge tree.png Migrating Forests Reserve d_migrating_forest_reserve
D metal boneyard.png Mutation Vats d_mutation_vats
D organic landfill.png Mutant Landfill d_mutant_landfill
D space walk.png Nanite Deposit d_hab_nanites_1
D nanite corpses.png Nanite Swarm Remains d_nano_corpses
D dust desert.png Nanosands d_nanosands
D crystalline caverns.png Nemma Mining Operation d_turtle_miner
D geothermal vent.png Numa's Breath d_numas_breath
D building.png Odd Factory d_odd_factory
D city ruins.png Operational Manufactorium d_ancient_manufactorium_working
D bubbling swamp.png Organic Slurry d_organic_slurry
D central spire.png Party Fever d_disco_planet
D unpleasant atmosphere blocker.png Pestilential Wasteland d_toxic_god_pestilential_wasteland_upgraded
D crystalline caverns.png Portal Research Area d_portal_research_zone
D rotten soil blocker.png Pools Most Venomous d_toxic_god_pools_most_venemous_upgraded
D quarantine zone.png Processing Pens d_processing_pens
D mining tunnels.png Project Cornucopia d_project_cornucopia
D progenitor.png Projenitor Nest d_progenitor
D prospectorium strip mine.png Prospectorium Strip Mine d_prospectorium_strip_mine
D bunker door.png Radiotrophic Preserve d_radiotrophic_preserve
D dangerous wildlife blocker.png Savage Wildlands d_savage_wildlands
D mineral fields.png Sentinels d_sentinels_metal
D crystalline caverns.png Shattered Crystalline Remains d_crystal_kraken_body_bombed
D crystalline caverns.png Spiral-Hewn Mine d_worm_mine
D surreal visions.png Space-Time Anomaly d_space_time_anomaly
D gaseous eruption.png Spore Vents d_spore_vents
D quarantine zone.png Subterranean Contact Zone d_underground_contact_zone
D fungal caves.png Subterranean Farming Caverns d_underground_farm
D underwater vent.png Subterranean Generator Areas d_underground_generator
D crystalline caverns.png Subterranean Mining Sites d_underground_mine
D venomous insects blocker.png Swarms of the Deity d_toxic_god_deitys_swarms_upgraded
D huge tree.png Tree of Life d_tree_of_life_home
D huge tree.png Tree of Life Sapling d_tree_of_life_colony
D building complex.png Toy Factory Complex d_toy_factory_complex
D bunker door.png Underground Vault d_underground_vault
D toxic kelp.png Wetware Computer d_wetware_computer
D levitating rocks.png Zone A d_the_zone
Planetary feature (special planets) ID
D city.png BosWash Metropolitan Axis d_boswash_metropolitan_axis
D city.png Delhi Sprawl d_delhi_sprawl
D crater.png Great Albertan Crater d_great_albertan_crater
D quarantine zone.png Mauritanian Security Zone d_mauritanian_security_zone
D marvelous oasis.png Mesopotamian Urban Corridor d_mesopotamian_urban_corridor
D toxic kelp.png Pacific Algae Tracts d_pacific_algae_tracts
D building complex.png Pearl River Agglomerate d_pearl_river_agglomerate
D green hills.png Saharan Irrigation Project d_saharan_irrigation_project
D radioactive wasteland.png Scandinavian Reclamation Sector d_scandinavian_reclamation_sector
D alien pets deposit.png Valley of Zanaam d_valley_of_zanaam
D radioactive wasteland.png Irradiated Valley d_irradiated_valley
D station junk.png Ancient Sunken City d_polaris_city
D organic landfill.png Junk Canals d_junk_canals
D organic landfill.png Junk Hollows d_junk_hollows
D organic landfill.png Junk Wastes d_junk_wastes

Relics[edit | edit source]

Relic ID
R ancient sword.png Blade of the Huntress r_ancient_sword
R war forge.png Cybrex War Forge r_war_forge
R dragon trophy.png Ether Drake Trophy r_dragon_trophy
R unbidden warlock.png Extradimensional Warlock r_unbidden_warlock
R severed head.png Head of Zarqlan r_severed_head
R contingency core.png Isolated Contingency Core r_contingency_core
R pox sample.png Javorian Pox Sample r_pox_sample
R khans throne.png Khan's Throne r_khans_throne
R toxic god.png Maw of the Toxic Entity r_toxic_god
R galaxy.png Miniature Galaxy r_galaxy
R prethoryn queen.png Prethoryn Brood-Queen r_prethoryn_queen
Relic ID
R zro crystal.png Psionic Archive r_zro_crystal
R worm scales.png Scales of the Worm r_worm_scales
R mechano calibrator.png The Defragmentor r_the_defragmentor
R galatron.png The Galatron r_galatron
R baol.png The Last Baol r_the_last_baol
R omnicodex.png The Omnicodex r_omnicodex
R rubricator.png The Rubricator r_rubricator
R surveyor.png The Surveyor r_surveyor
R orb insight.png Vultaum Reality Perforator r_reality_perforator
R cryo core.png Yuht Cryo Core r_cryo_core

Civics[edit | edit source]

Civic (regular) ID
Civic agrarian idyll.png Agrarian Idyll civic_agrarian_idyll
Civic anglers.png Anglers civic_anglers
Civic aristocratic elite.png Aristocratic Elite civic_aristocratic_elite
Civic barbaric despoilers.png Barbaric Despoilers civic_barbaric_despoilers
Civic beacon of liberty.png Beacon of Liberty civic_beacon_of_liberty
Civic byzantine bureaucracy.png Byzantine Bureaucracy civic_byzantine_bureaucracy
Civic catalytic processing.png Catalytic Processing civic_catalytic_processing
Civic citizen service.png Citizen Service civic_citizen_service
Civic corporate dominion.png Corporate Dominion civic_corporate_dominion
Civic corvee system.png Corvee System civic_corvee_system
Civic cutthroat politics.png Cutthroat Politics civic_cutthroat_politics
Civic death cult.png Death Cult civic_death_cult
Civic diplomatic corps.png Diplomatic Corps civic_diplomatic_corps
Civic distinguished admiralty.png Distinguished Admiralty civic_distinguished_admiralty
Civic efficient bureaucracy.png Efficient Bureaucracy civic_efficient_bureaucracy
Civic environmentalist.png Environmentalist civic_environmentalist
Civic exalted priesthood.png Exalted Priesthood civic_exalted_priesthood
Civic fanatic purifiers.png Fanatic Purifiers civic_fanatic_purifiers
Civic feudal realm.png Feudal Society civic_feudal_realm
Civic free haven.png Free Haven civic_free_haven
Civic functional architecture.png Functional Architecture civic_functional_architecture
Civic idealistic foundation.png Idealistic Foundation civic_idealistic_foundation
Civic idyllic bloom.png Idyllic Bloom civic_idyllic_bloom
Civic imperial cult.png Imperial Cult civic_imperial_cult
Civic inwards perfection.png Inwards Perfection civic_inwards_perfection
Civic crafters.png Masterful Crafters civic_crafters
Civic memorialist.png Memorialists civic_memorialist
Civic merchant guilds.png Merchant Guilds civic_merchant_guilds
Civic meritocracy.png Meritocracy civic_meritocracy
Civic mining guilds.png Mining Guilds civic_mining_guilds
Civic toxic baths.png Mutagenic Spas civic_toxic_baths
Civic nationalistic zeal.png Nationalistic Zeal civic_nationalistic_zeal
Civic parliamentary system.png Parliamentary System civic_parliamentary_system
Civic philosopher king.png Philosopher King civic_philosopher_king
Civic pleasure seekers.png Pleasure Seekers civic_pleasure_seekers
Civic police state.png Police State civic_police_state
Civic pompous purists.png Pompous Purists civic_pompous_purists
Civic reanimated armies.png Reanimators civic_reanimated_armies
Civic relentless industrialists.png Relentless Industrialists civic_relentless_industrialists
Civic scavengers.png Scavengers civic_scavengers
Civic shadow council.png Shadow Council civic_shadow_council
Civic shared burdens.png Shared Burdens civic_shared_burden
Civic slaver guilds.png Slaver Guilds civic_slaver_guilds
Civic technocracy.png Technocracy civic_technocracy
Civic warrior culture.png Warrior Culture civic_warrior_culture
Civic galactic sovereign.png Galactic Sovereign civic_galactic_sovereign
Civic psionic sovereign.png Divine Sovereign civic_psionic_sovereign
Civic (gestalt) ID
Civic ascetic.png Ascetic civic_hive_ascetic
Civic devouring swarm.png Devouring Swarm civic_hive_devouring_swarm
Civic divided attention.png Divided Attention civic_hive_divided_attention
Civic empath.png Empath civic_hive_empath
Civic hive idyllic bloom.png Idyllic Bloom civic_hive_idyllic_bloom
Civic hive memorialist.png Memorialist civic_hive_memorialist
Civic natural neural network.png Natural Neural Network civic_hive_natural_neural_network
Civic one mind.png One Mind civic_hive_one_mind
Civic hive catalytic processing.png Organic Reprocessing civic_hive_catalytic_processing
Civic hive toxic baths.png Permutation Pools civic_hive_toxic_baths
Civic pooled knowledge.png Pooled Knowledge civic_hive_pooled_knowledge
Civic strength of legions.png Strength of Legions civic_hive_strength_of_legions
Civic subspace ephapse.png Subspace Ephapse civic_hive_subspace_ephapse
Civic subsumed will.png Subsumed Will civic_hive_subsumed_will
Civic machine builder.png Constructobot civic_machine_builder
Civic machine delegated functions.png Delegated Functions civic_machine_delegated_functions
Civic machine terminator.png Determined Exterminator civic_machine_terminator
Civic machine assimilator.png Driven Assimilator civic_machine_assimilator
Civic machine factory overclock.png Factory Overclocking civic_machine_factory_overclock
Civic machine toxic baths.png Hyper Lubrication Basin civic_machine_toxic_baths
Civic machine maintenance protocols.png Maintenance Protocols civic_machine_maintenance_protocols
Civic machine memorialist.png Memorialist civic_machine_memorialist
Civic machine introspective.png Introspective civic_machine_introspective
Civic machine catalytic processing.png Organic Reprocessing civic_machine_catalytic_processing
Civic machine ota updates.png OTA Updates civic_machine_ota_updates
Civic machine predictive analysis.png Static Research Analysis civic_machine_predictive_analysis
Civic machine replication.png Rapid Replicator civic_machine_replication
Civic machine rockbreakers.png Rockbreakers civic_machine_rockbreakers
Civic machine servitor.png Rogue Servitor civic_machine_servitor
Civic machine unitary cohesion.png Unitary Cohesion civic_machine_unitary_cohesion
Civic machine warbots.png Warbots civic_machine_warbots
Civic machine zero-waste protocols.png Zero-Waste Protocols civic_machine_zero_waste_protocols
Civic (corporate) ID
Civic corporate anglers.png Anglers civic_corporate_anglers
Civic brand loyalty.png Brand Loyalty civic_brand_loyalty
Civic corporate catalytic processing.png Catalytic Recyclers civic_corporate_catalytic_processing
Civic death cult corporate.png Corporate Death Cult civic_death_cult_corporate
Civic corporate hedonism.png Corporate Hedonism civic_corporate_hedonism
Civic criminal heritage.png Criminal Heritage civic_criminal_heritage
Civic franchising.png Franchising civic_franchising
Civic free traders.png Free Traders civic_free_traders
Civic gospel of the masses.png Gospel of the Masses civic_gospel_of_the_masses
Civic indentured assets.png Indentured Assets civic_indentured_assets
Civic corporate crafters.png Mastercraft Inc. civic_corporate_crafters
Civic media conglomerate.png Media Conglomerate civic_media_conglomerate
Civic corporate toxic baths.png Mutagenic Spas civic_corporate_toxic_baths
Civic naval contractors.png Naval Contractors civic_naval_contractors
Civic permanent employment.png Permanent Employment civic_permanent_employment
Civic private military companies.png Private Military Companies civic_private_military_companies
Civic private prospectors.png Private Prospectors civic_private_prospectors
Civic public relations specialists.png Public Relations Specialists civic_public_relations_specialists
Civic corporate relentless industrialists.png Relentless Industrialists relentless_industrialists
Civic ruthless competition.png Ruthless Competition civic_ruthless_competition
Civic trading posts.png Trading Posts civic_trading_posts
Civic galactic sovereign.png Corporate Sovereign civic_galactic_sovereign_megacorp

Resolutions[edit | edit source]

Can be passed with the effect = { pass_resolution = resolution ID} command combination

Example: effect = { pass_resolution = resolution_commerce_buzzword_standardization }

Resolution (tiered) ID
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 1 resolution_commerce_buzzword_standardization
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 2 resolution_commerce_leveraged_privateering
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 3 resolution_commerce_underdeveloped_system_utilization
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 4 resolution_commerce_holistic_asset_coordination
Resolution galactic commerce.png Galactic Commerce resolution 5 resolution_commerce_profit_maximization_engines
Resolution industrial development.png Industrial Development resolution 1 resolution_industry_regulatory_facilitation
Resolution industrial development.png Industrial Development resolution 2 resolution_industry_collective_waste_management
Resolution industrial development.png Industrial Development resolution 3 resolution_industry_building_a_better_tomorrow
Resolution industrial development.png Industrial Development resolution 4 resolution_industry_environmental_ordinance_waivers
Resolution industrial development.png Industrial Development resolution 5 resolution_industry_project_cornucopia
Resolution galactic market.png Slave Trade resolution 1 resolution_galactic_market_ban_sentient_organic_slave_trade
Resolution galactic market.png Slave Trade resolution 2 resolution_galactic_market_ban_sentient_slave_trade
Resolution economic sanctions.png Sanctions: Commerce and Industry resolution 1 resolution_sanctions_economic_1
Resolution economic sanctions.png Sanctions: Commerce and Industry resolution 2 resolution_sanctions_economic_2
Resolution economic sanctions.png Sanctions: Commerce and Industry resolution 3 resolution_sanctions_economic_3
Resolution greater good.png The Greater Good resolution 1 resolution_greatergood_workers_rights
Resolution greater good.png The Greater Good resolution 2 resolution_greatergood_five_year_plans
Resolution greater good.png The Greater Good resolution 3 resolution_greatergood_greater_than_ourselves
Resolution greater good.png The Greater Good resolution 4 resolution_greatergood_balance_in_the_middle
Resolution greater good.png The Greater Good resolution 5 resolution_greatergood_universal_prosperity_mandate
Resolution diplomatic sanctions.png Sanctions: Politics and Culture resolution 1 resolution_sanctions_administrative_1
Resolution diplomatic sanctions.png Sanctions: Politics and Culture resolution 2 resolution_sanctions_administrative_2
Resolution diplomatic sanctions.png Sanctions: Politics and Culture resolution 3 resolution_sanctions_administrative_3
Resolution ecological protection.png Ecological Protection resolution 1 resolution_ecology_recycling_initiatives
Resolution ecological protection.png Ecological Protection resolution 2 resolution_ecology_natural_sanctuaries
Resolution ecological protection.png Ecological Protection resolution 3 resolution_ecology_integrated_gardens
Resolution ecological protection.png Ecological Protection resolution 4 resolution_ecology_environmental_control_board
Resolution ecological protection.png Ecological Protection resolution 5 resolution_ecology_paradise_initiative
Resolution galactic studies.png Unchained Knowledge resolution 1 resolution_galacticstudies_cooperative_research_channels
Resolution galactic studies.png Unchained Knowledge resolution 2 resolution_galacticstudies_astral_studies_network
Resolution galactic studies.png Unchained Knowledge resolution 3 resolution_galacticstudies_advanced_xenostudies
Resolution galactic studies.png Unchained Knowledge resolution 4 resolution_galacticstudies_ethical_guideline_refactoring
Resolution galactic studies.png Unchained Knowledge resolution 5 resolution_galacticstudies_extradimensional_experimentation
Resolution robots bad.png Divinity of Life resolution 1 resolution_divinity_comfort_the_fallen
Resolution robots bad.png Divinity of Life resolution 2 resolution_divinity_tithe_on_the_soulless
Resolution robots bad.png Divinity of Life resolution 3 resolution_divinity_right_to_work
Resolution robots bad.png Divinity of Life resolution 4 resolution_divinity_silence_the_soulless
Resolution robots bad.png Divinity of Life resolution 5 resolution_divinity_a_defined_purpose
Resolution technological sanctions.png Sanctions: Environment and Technology resolution 1 resolution_sanctions_tech_1
Resolution technological sanctions.png Sanctions: Environment and Technology resolution 2 resolution_sanctions_tech_2
Resolution technological sanctions.png Sanctions: Environment and Technology resolution 3 resolution_sanctions_tech_3
Resolution mutual defense.png Mutual Defense resolution 1 resolution_mutualdefense_the_readied_shield
Resolution mutual defense.png Mutual Defense resolution 2 resolution_mutualdefense_military_readiness_act
Resolution mutual defense.png Mutual Defense resolution 3 resolution_mutualdefense_enemy_of_my_enemy
Resolution mutual defense.png Mutual Defense resolution 4 resolution_mutualdefense_castigation_proclamation
Resolution mutual defense.png Mutual Defense resolution 5 resolution_mutualdefense_renegade_containment
Resolution rules of war.png Rules of War resolution 1 resolution_rulesofwar_guardian_angels
Resolution rules of war.png Rules of War resolution 2 resolution_rulesofwar_reverence_for_life
Resolution rules of war.png Rules of War resolution 3 resolution_rulesofwar_independent_tribunals
Resolution rules of war.png Rules of War resolution 4 resolution_rulesofwar_last_resort_doctrine
Resolution rules of war.png Rules of War resolution 5 resolution_rulesofwar_demobilization_initiative
Resolution military sanctions.png Sanctions: Defense and War resolution 1 resolution_sanctions_military_1
Resolution military sanctions.png Sanctions: Defense and War resolution 2 resolution_sanctions_military_2
Resolution military sanctions.png Sanctions: Defense and War resolution 3 resolution_sanctions_military_3
Resolution defence privatization.png Defense Privatization resolution 1 resolution_defenseprivatization_defense_contracts
Resolution defence privatization.png Defense Privatization resolution 2 resolution_defenseprivatization_private_support_troops
Resolution defence privatization.png Defense Privatization resolution 3 resolution_defenseprivatization_condottieri
Resolution defence privatization.png Defense Privatization resolution 4 resolution_defenseprivatization_security_business
Resolution defence privatization.png Defense Privatization resolution 5 resolution_defenseprivatization_corporate_warlords
Resolution intergalactic directives.png Intergalactic Directives resolution 1 resolution_intergalacticdirective_regulated_growth
Resolution intergalactic directives.png Intergalactic Directives resolution 2 resolution_intergalacticdirective_ensured_sovereignty
Resolution intergalactic directives.png Intergalactic Directives resolution 3 resolution_intergalacticdirective_a_voice_for_all
Resolution bureaucratic surveillance.png Bureaucratic Surveillance resolution 1 resolution_bureaucraticsurveillance_administrative_insight
Resolution bureaucratic surveillance.png Bureaucratic Surveillance resolution 2 resolution_bureaucraticsurveillance_borderless_authority
Resolution bureaucratic surveillance.png Bureaucratic Surveillance resolution 3 resolution_bureaucraticsurveillance_personal_oversight
Resolution ID
Resolution tiyanki.png Tiyanki Pest Control resolution_tiyanki_pest_control
Resolution tiyanki.png Tiyanki Conservation Act resolution_tiyanki_conservation_act
Resolution tiyanki.png Space Amoeba Protection Act resolution_amoeba_conservation_act
Resolution community reform.png Focus: Form the Galactic Market resolution_galactic_market_form
Resolution community reform.png Focus: The Contingency resolution_galactic_focus_crisis_contingency
Resolution community reform.png Focus: The Prethoryn Scourge resolution_galactic_focus_crisis_prethoryn
Resolution community reform.png Focus: The Unbidden resolution_galactic_focus_crisis_unbidden
Resolution community reform.png Focus: The Great Khan resolution_galactic_focus_crisis_greatkhan
Resolution community reform.png Focus: The Gray Tempest resolution_galactic_focus_crisis_nanites
Resolution community reform.png Focus: Denounce Both Awakened Empires resolution_galactic_focus_war_in_heaven_denounce_both
Resolution create council.png Form Galactic Council resolution_galacticreforms_form_council
Resolution create council.png Abolish Galactic Council resolution_galacticreforms_abolish_council
Resolution create council.png Change Council Size: 1 resolution_galacticreforms_council_size_1
Resolution create council.png Change Council Size: 2 resolution_galacticreforms_council_size_2
Resolution create council.png Change Council Size: 3 resolution_galacticreforms_council_size_3
Resolution create council.png Change Council Size: 4 resolution_galacticreforms_council_size_4
Resolution create council.png Change Council Size: 5 resolution_galacticreforms_council_size_5
Resolution create council.png Enable Council Denouncement Power resolution_galacticreforms_enable_council_denouncement
Resolution create council.png Enable Council Veto Power resolution_galacticreforms_enable_council_veto
Resolution create council.png Remove Council Denouncement Power resolution_galacticreforms_disable_council_denouncement
Resolution create council.png Remove Council Veto Power resolution_galacticreforms_disable_council_veto
Resolution create council.png By Election resolution_emperor_by_election
Resolution create council.png By Appointment resolution_emperor_by_appointment
Resolution create council.png By Trial of Advancement resolution_emperor_trial_of_advancement
Resolution term limits.png Extend Custodianship resolution_custodian_extend_custodianship
Resolution term limits.png Remove Custodianship Term Limit resolution_custodian_perpetual_custodianship
Resolution term limits.png End Custodianship resolution_custodian_end_custodianship
Resolution custodian reforms.png Galactic Mobilization resolution_custodian_galactic_mobilization
Resolution custodian reforms.png Introduce Galactic Standard resolution_custodian_galactic_standard
Resolution custodian reforms.png Anti-Piracy Initiative resolution_custodian_anti_piracy
Resolution custodian reforms.png A United Front resolution_custodian_united_front
Resolution custodian reforms.png Proclaim the Galactic Imperium resolution_custodian_form_empire
Resolution galactic institutions.png Galactic Defense Force resolution_custodian_gdf
Resolution galactic institutions.png GDF Expansion resolution_custodian_expand_gdf
Resolution galactic institutions.png Disband the GDF resolution_custodian_disband_gdf
Resolution galactic institutions.png Interstellar Navigation Agency resolution_custodian_ina
Resolution galactic institutions.png Disband the Interstellar Navigation Agency resolution_custodian_disband_ina
Resolution galactic institutions.png Galactic Trade Organization resolution_custodian_gto
Resolution galactic institutions.png Disband the Galactic Trade Organization resolution_custodian_disband_gto
Resolution galactic institutions.png GALPOL resolution_custodian_galpol
Resolution galactic institutions.png Disband the GALPOL resolution_custodian_disband_galpol
Resolution imperial institutions.png Imperial Legions resolution_emperor_imperial_legions
Resolution imperial institutions.png Imperial Security Directorate resolution_emperor_isd
Resolution imperial reforms.png Pax Galactica resolution_emperor_pax_galactica
Resolution imperial reforms.png Repeal Pax Galactica resolution_emperor_repeal_pax_galactica

Species traits[edit | edit source]

Trait (regular) ID
Adaptive.png Adaptive trait_adaptive
Agrarian.png Agrarian trait_agrarian
Charismatic.png Charismatic trait_charismatic
Communal.png Communal trait_communal
Conformists.png Conformists trait_conformists
Conservationist.png Conservationist trait_conservational
Trait docile.png Docile trait_docile
Enduring.png Enduring trait_enduring
Industrious.png Industrious trait_industrious
Ingenious.png Ingenious trait_ingenious
Intelligent.png Intelligent trait_intelligent
Natural Engineers.png Natural Engineers trait_natural_engineers
Natural Physicists.png Natural Physicists trait_natural_physicists
Natural Sociologists.png Natural Sociologists trait_natural_sociologists
Nomadic.png Nomadic trait_nomadic
Quick Learners.png Quick Learners trait_quick_learners
Rapid Breeders.png Rapid Breeders trait_rapid_breeders
Resilient.png Resilient trait_resilient
Strong.png Strong trait_strong
Talented.png Talented trait_talented
Thrifty.png Thrifty trait_thrifty
Trait traditional.png Traditional trait_traditional
Trait mechanical.png Mechanical trait_mechanical
Trait primitive.png Serviles trait_syncretic_proles
Trait primitive.png Conservative trait_presapient_conservative
Trait primitive.png Earthbound trait_presapient_earthbound
Trait primitive.png Irradiated trait_presapient_irradiated
Trait primitive.png Natural Intellectuals trait_presapient_natural_intellectuals
Trait primitive.png Proles trait_presapient_proles
Trait primitive.png Starborn trait_presapient_starborn
Trait primitive.png Docile Livestock trait_presapient_docile_livestock
Trait aquatic.png Aquatic trait_aquatic
Bioadaptability.png Bioadaptability trait_bioadaptability
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host trait_brainslug
Trait plantoid budding.png Budding trait_plantoid_budding
Cave Dweller Cave Dweller trait_cave_dweller
Trait clone soldier.png Clone Soldier trait_clone_soldier_infertile
Trait clone soldier ascendant.png Clone Soldier Ascendant trait_clone_soldier_infertile_full_potential
Trait clone soldier descendant.png Clone Soldier Descendant trait_clone_soldier_fertile
Trait lithoid budding.png Crystallization trait_lithoid_budding
Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic trait_cybernetic
Trait exotic metabolism.png Exotic Metabolism trait_exotic_metabolism
Trait lithoid gaseous byproducts.png Gaseous Byproducts trait_lithoid_gaseous_byproducts
Hive-minded.png Hive-Minded trait_hive_mind
Trait incubator.png Incubators trait_incubator
Trait inorganic breath.png Inorganic Beath trait_inorganic_breath
Limited Regeneration.png Limited Regeneration trait_limited_regeneration
Trait lithoid.png Lithoid trait_lithoid
Trait necrophage.png Necrophage trait_necrophage
Resilient Nivlac trait_nivlac
Trait noxious.png Noxious trait_noxious
Leader trait nuumismatic administration.png Numistic Administration trait_nuumismatic_administration
Trait plantoid phototrophic.png Phototrophic trait_plantoid_phototrophic
Trait plantoid radiotrophic.png Radiotrophic trait_plantoid_radiotrophic
Trait lithoid scintillating.png Scintillating Skin trait_lithoid_scintillating
Social Pheromones.png Social Pheromones trait_social_pheromones
Trait uplifted.png Somewhat Uplifted trait_enigmatic_intelligence_poor
Trait survivor.png Survivor trait_survivor
Trait uplifted.png Uplifted trait_enigmatic_intelligence
Trait void dweller positive.png Void Dweller trait_void_dweller_1
Trait lithoid volatile excretions.png Volatile Excretions trait_lithoid_volatile_excretions
Trait (negative) ID
Decadent.png Decadent trait_decadent
Deviants.png Deviants trait_deviants
Fleeting.png Fleeting trait_fleeting
Nonadaptive.png Nonadaptive trait_nonadaptive
Trait quarrelsome.png Quarrelsome trait_quarrelsome
Repugnant.png Repugnant trait_repugnant
Slow Breeders.png Slow Breeders trait_slow_breeders
Slow Learners.png Slow Learners trait_slow_learners
Sedentary.png Sedentary trait_sedentary
Solitary.png Solitary trait_solitary
Trait unruly.png Unruly trait_unruly
Wasteful.png Wasteful trait_wasteful
Weak.png Weak trait_weak
Bulky.png Bulky trait_robot_bulky
Custom made.png Custom-Made trait_robot_custom_made
High bandwidth.png High Bandwidth trait_robot_high_bandwidth
High maintenance.png High Maintenance trait_robot_high_maintenance
Luxurious.png Luxurious trait_robot_luxurious
Repurposed hardware.png Repurposed Hardware trait_robot_repurposed_hardware
Uncanny.png Uncanny trait_robot_uncanny
Trait (advanced & robot) ID
Delicious.png Delicious trait_delicious
Erudite.png Erudite trait_erudite
Extremely Adaptive.png Extremely Adaptive trait_extremely_adaptive
Fertile.png Fertile trait_fertile
Nerve Stapled.png Nerve Stapled trait_nerve_stapled
Robust.png Robust trait_robust
Venerable.png Venerable trait_venerable
Very Strong.png Very Strong trait_very_strong
Machine unit.png Machine trait_machine_unit
Domestic protocols.png Domestic Protocols trait_robot_domestic_protocols
Double jointed.png Double Jointed trait_robot_double_jointed
Durable.png Durable trait_robot_durable
Efficient processors.png Efficient Processors trait_robot_efficient_processors
Emotion emulators.png Emotion Emulators trait_robot_emotion_emulators
Enhanced memory.png Enhanced Memory trait_robot_enhanced_memory
Harvesters.png Harvesters trait_robot_harvesters
Learning algorithms.png Learning Algorithms trait_robot_learning_algorithms
Logic engines.png Logic Engines trait_robot_logic_engines
Loyalty circuits.png Loyalty Circuits trait_robot_loyalty_circuits
Mass produced.png Mass-Produced trait_robot_mass_produced
Power drills.png Power Drills trait_robot_power_drills
Propaganda machines.png Propaganda Machines trait_robot_propaganda_machines
Recycled.png Recycled trait_robot_recycled
Streamlined protocols.png Streamlined Protocols trait_robot_streamlined_protocols
Superconductive.png Superconductive trait_robot_superconductive
Trait (special) ID
Trait psionic species.png Latent Psionic trait_latent_psionic
Trait psionic species.png Psionic trait_psionic
Trait pc arid preference.png Arid trait_pc_arid_preference
Trait pc desert preference.png Desert trait_pc_desert_preference
Trait pc savannah preference.png Savannah trait_pc_savannah_preference
Trait pc continental preference.png Continental trait_pc_continental_preference
Trait pc ocean preference.png Ocean trait_pc_ocean_preference
Trait pc tropical preference.png Tropical trait_pc_tropical_preference
Trait pc alpine preference.png Alpine trait_pc_alpine_preference
Trait pc arctic preference.png Arctic trait_pc_arctic_preference
Trait pc tundra preference.png Tundra trait_pc_tundra_preference
Trait pc gaia preference.png Gaia trait_pc_gaia_preference
Trait pc ring preference.png Ringworld trait_pc_ringworld_habitable_preference
Trait pc nuked preference.png Tomb trait_pc_nuked_preference
Trait artificial intelligence.png Augmented Intelligence trait_artificial_intelligence
Trait crafted smiles.png Crafted Smiles trait_crafted_smiles
Trait crack miner.png Dedicated Miner trait_crack_miner
Trait elevated synapses.png Elevated Synapses trait_elevated_synapses
Trait excessive endurance.png Excessive Endurance trait_excessive_endurance
Trait expressed tradition.png Expressed Tradition trait_expressed_tradition
Trait farm hands.png Farm Appendages trait_farm_hands
Trait gene mentorship.png Gene Mentorship trait_gene_mentorship
Trait juiced power.png Juiced Power trait_juiced_power
Trait low maintenance.png Low Maintenance trait_low_maintenance
Trait preplanned growth.png Pre-Planned Growth trait_preplanned_growth
Trait spliced adaptability.png Spliced Adaptability trait_spliced_adaptability
Trait technical skill.png Technical Talent trait_technical_skill

Leader traits[edit | edit source]

Trait (ruler) ID No.
Trait ruler corvette focus.png Corvette Focus trait_ruler_corvette_focus 64
Trait ruler destroyer focus.png Destroyer Focus trait_ruler_destroyer_focus 65
Trait ruler cruiser focus.png Cruiser Focus trait_ruler_cruiser_focus 66
Trait ruler battleship focus.png Battleship Focus trait_ruler_battleship_focus 67
Trait ruler recruiter.png Recruiter trait_ruler_recruiter 68
Trait ruler from the ranks.png From the Ranks trait_ruler_from_the_ranks 69
Trait ruler fortifier.png Fortifier trait_ruler_fortifier 70
Trait ruler logistic understanding.png Logistic Understanding trait_ruler_logistic_understanding 71
Trait ruler military pioneer.png Military Pioneer trait_ruler_military_pioneer 72
Leader trait aggressive.png Warlike trait_ruler_warlike 73
Trait ruler architectural sense.png Architectural Sense trait_ruler_architectural_sense 74
Trait ruler frontier spirit.png Frontier Spirit trait_ruler_frontier_spirit 75
World shaper World Shaper trait_ruler_world_shaper 76
Trait ruler home in the sky.png Home in the Sky trait_ruler_home_in_the_sky 77
Trait ruler industrialist.png Industrialist trait_ruler_industrialist 78
Trait ruler eye for talent.png Eye for Talent trait_ruler_eye_for_talent 79
Trait ruler deep connections.png Deep Connections trait_ruler_deep_connections 80
Charismatic Charismatic trait_ruler_charismatic 81
Trait ruler champion of the people.png Champion of the People trait_ruler_champion_of_the_people 82
Trait ruler expansionist.png Expansionist trait_ruler_expansionist 83
Trait ruler fertility preacher.png Fertility Preacher trait_ruler_fertility_preacher 84
Trait ruler investor.png Investor trait_ruler_investor 85
Trait ruler space miner.png Space Miner trait_ruler_space_miner 86
Trait ruler explorer.png Explorer trait_ruler_explorer 87
Leader trait fleet organizer.png Fleet Organizer leader_trait_fleet_organizer 88
Trait ruler reformer.png Reformer leader_trait_reformer 89
Erudite.png Erudite leader_trait_ruler_erudite 90
Leader trait cyborg.png Cyborg leader_trait_ruler_cyborg 91
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic leader_trait_ruler_synthetic 92
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic leader_trait_ruler_psionic 93
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One leader_trait_ruler_chosen 94
Hive-minded.png Hive Mind leader_trait_ruler_hive_mind 95
Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence leader_trait_ruler_machine_intelligence 126
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host leader_trait_ruler_brainslug 260
Trait (scientist) ID No.
Leader trait meticulous.png Meticulous leader_trait_meticulous 97
Leader trait lightbulb on.png Spark of Genius leader_trait_spark_of_genius 98
Leader trait carefree.png Carefree leader_trait_carefree 99
Leader trait roamer.png Roamer leader_trait_roamer 100
Leader trait archaeologist.png Archaeologist leader_trait_archaeologist 101
Leader trait archaeologist.png Archaeologist (Ancient Relics version) leader_trait_archaeologist_ancrel 102
Leader trait paranoid.png Paranoid leader_trait_paranoid 103
Leader trait maniacal.png Maniacal leader_trait_maniacal 104
Leader trait custom AI assistant.png Custom AI Assistant leader_trait_custom_AI_assistant 105
Leader trait sentient AI assistant.png Sapient AI Assistant leader_trait_sapient_AI_assistant 106
Materials.png Expertise: Materials leader_trait_expertise_materials 107
Propulsion.png Expertise: Propulsion leader_trait_expertise_propulsion 108
Voidcraft.png Expertise: Voidcraft leader_trait_expertise_voidcraft 109
Industry.png Expertise: Industry leader_trait_expertise_industry 110
Field Manipulation.png Expertise: Field Manipulation leader_trait_expertise_field_manipulation 111
Particles.png Expertise: Particles leader_trait_expertise_particles 112
Computing.png Expertise: Computing leader_trait_expertise_computing 113
Psionics.png Expertise: Psionics leader_trait_expertise_psionics 114
New Worlds.png Expertise: New Worlds leader_trait_expertise_new_worlds 115
Statecraft.png Expertise: Statecraft leader_trait_expertise_statecraft 116
Biology.png Expertise: Biology leader_trait_expertise_biology 117
Military Theory.png Expertise: Military Theory leader_trait_expertise_military_theory 118
Leader trait curator.png Curator leader_trait_curator 119
Erudite.png Erudite leader_trait_scientist_erudite 120
Leader trait cyborg.png Cyborg leader_trait_scientist_cyborg 121
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic leader_trait_scientist_synthetic 122
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic leader_trait_scientist_psionic 123
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One leader_trait_scientist_chosen 124
Leader trait scroll.png Towel-bearer leader_trait_towel 125
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host leader_trait_scientist_brainslug 254
Leader trait maimed.png Maimed leader_trait_maimed 270
Leader trait scholarium investigator.png Scholarium Investigator leader_trait_scholarium_investigator ???
Leader trait scholarium explorer.png Scholarium Explorer leader_trait_scholarium_explorer ???
Leader trait scholarium observer.png Scholarium Observer leader_trait_scholarium_observer ???
Trait (admiral) ID No.
Leader trait trickster.png Trickster leader_trait_trickster 0
Leader trait fleet logistician.png Fleet Logistician leader_trait_fleet_logistician 1
Leader trait engineer.png Engineer leader_trait_engineer 2
Leader trait aggressive.png Aggressive leader_trait_aggressive 3
Leader trait cautious.png Cautious leader_trait_cautious 4
Leader trait scout.png Scout leader_trait_scout 5
Leader trait unyielding.png Unyielding leader_trait_unyielding 6
Leader trait nervous.png Nervous leader_trait_nervous 7
Leader trait gale speed.png Gale Speed leader_trait_gale_speed 8
Leader trait lethargic.png Lethargic leader_trait_lethargic 9
Leader trait sentinel.png Sentinel Training leader_trait_sentinel 10
Leader trait aggressive.png Hive Affinity leader_trait_hive_affinity 11
Leader trait ship.png Void Hunter leader_trait_void_swimmer 12
Leader trait ship.png Ethereal leader_trait_ethereal 13
Leader trait ship.png Dimensional Stutter leader_trait_dimensional_stutter 14
Leader trait glory seeker.png Dragonslayer leader_trait_dragonslayer 15
Erudite.png Erudite leader_trait_admiral_erudite 16
Leader trait cyborg.png Cyborg leader_trait_admiral_cyborg 17
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic leader_trait_admiral_synthetic 18
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic leader_trait_admiral_psionic 19
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One leader_trait_admiral_chosen 20
Leader trait mercenary warrior.png Mercenary Warrior leader_trait_mercenary_warrior 22
Leader trait great khan.png The Great Khan leader_trait_great_khan 23
Trait clone soldier.png Clone Army Admiral leader_trait_clone_army_admiral 24
Trait clone soldier descendant.png Descendant Clone Army Admiral leader_trait_clone_army_fertile_admiral 25
Trait clone soldier ascendant.png Ascendant Clone Army Admiral leader_trait_clone_army_full_admiral 26
Leader trait ship.png Foredoomed to a Rendezvous leader_trait_foredoomed_to_a_rendezvous 61
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host leader_trait_admiral_brainslug 256
Leader trait hells heart.png Hell's Heart leader_trait_admiral_hells_heart 257
Leader trait enclave trader.png Caravan Counter leader_trait_caravan_counter 263
Leader trait bulwark watcher.png Bulwark Watcher leader_trait_bulwark_watcher ???
Leader trait bulwark retaliator.png Bulwark Retaliator leader_trait_bulwark_retaliator ???
Leader trait bulwark sentinel.png Bulwark Sentinel leader_trait_bulwark_sentinel ???
Trait (governor) ID No.
Leader trait iron fist.png Iron Fist leader_trait_iron_fist 44
Leader trait army veteran.png Army Veteran leader_trait_army_veteran 45
Leader trait retired fleet officer.png Retired Fleet Officer leader_trait_retired_fleet_officer 46
Leader trait architectural interest.png Architectural Interest leader_trait_architectural_interest 47
Leader trait agrarian upbringing.png Agrarian Upbringing leader_trait_agrarian_upbringing 48
Leader trait intellectual.png Intellectual leader_trait_intellectual 49
Leader trait environmental engineer.png Environmental Engineer leader_trait_environmental_engineer 50
Leader trait bureaucrat.png Unifier leader_trait_bureaucrat 51
Erudite.png Erudite leader_trait_governor_erudite 52
Leader trait cyborg.png Cyborg leader_trait_governor_cyborg 53
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic leader_trait_governor_synthetic 54
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic leader_trait_governor_psionic 55
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One leader_trait_governor_chosen 56
Leader trait righteous.png Righteous leader_trait_righteous 57
Leader trait corrupt.png Corrupt leader_trait_corrupt 58
Leader trait bureaucrat.png Mindfulness leader_trait_mindfulness 59
Leader trait bureaucrat.png Amplifier leader_trait_amplifier 60
Leader trait intellectual.png Analytical leader_trait_analytical ??
Leader trait hammer.png Warbot Tinkerer leader_trait_warbot_tinkerer 130
Leader trait ai aided design.png Ai-Aided Design leader_trait_ai_aided_design 129
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host leader_trait_governor_brainslug 258
Leader trait enclave trader.png Enclave Trader leader_trait_enclave_trader 267
Leader trait waste management specialist.png Waste management Specialist leader_trait_waste_management_specialist 270
Leader trait nuumismatic priest.png Merchant of Numa leader_trait_nuumismatic_priest 268
Leader trait oracle.png Oracle leader_trait_governor_oracle 274
Leader trait prospectorium extractor.png Prospectorium Extractor leader_trait_prospectorium_extractor ???
Leader trait prospectorium optimizer.png Prospectorium Optimizer leader_trait_prospectorium_optimizer ???
Leader trait prospectorium refiner.png Prospectorium Refiner leader_trait_prospectorium_refiner ???
Trait (general) ID No.
Leader trait restrained.png Restrained leader_trait_restrained 24
Charismatic Charismatic leader_trait_charismatic 25
Leader trait butcher.png Butcher leader_trait_butcher 26
Leader trait glory seeker.png Glory Seeker leader_trait_glory_seeker 27
Leader trait armchair commander.png Armchair Commander leader_trait_armchair_commander 28
Leader trait army logistician.png Army Logistician leader_trait_army_logistician 29
Erudite.png Erudite leader_trait_general_erudite 30
Leader trait cyborg.png Cyborg leader_trait_general_cyborg 31
Trait robotic 3.png Synthetic leader_trait_general_synthetic 32
Leader trait psionic leader.png Psychic leader_trait_general_psionic 33
Leader trait psionic chosen one.png Chosen One leader_trait_general_chosen 34
Leader trait mercenary warrior.png Mercenary Warrior leader_trait_general_mercenary_warrior 35
Leader trait parts cannibalizer.png Parts Cannibalizer leader_trait_parts_cannibalizer 134
Leader trait demoralizer.png Demoralizer leader_trait_demoralizer 135
Leader trait erratic morality core.png Erratic Morality Core leader_trait_erratic_morality_core 136
Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host leader_trait_general_brainslug 255
Trait (all classes) ID No.
Leader trait adaptable.png Adaptable leader_trait_adaptable 36
Leader trait stubborn.png Stubborn leader_trait_stubborn 37
Resilient Resilient leader_trait_resilient 38
Leader trait substance abuser.png Substance Abuser leader_trait_substance_abuser 39
Leader trait eager.png Eager leader_trait_eager 40
Leader trait arrested development.png Arrested Development leader_trait_arrested_development 41
Resilient Increased Lifespan leader_trait_shroud_age 42

Anomalies[edit | edit source]

Anomaly (regular) ID
A Curious Signal strange_signal_category
Abandoned Station station_asteroid_category
Aerostat Structures aerostat_gasgiant_category
Alien Machine disco_alien_machine_cat
Ancient Shipyard shipyard_uninhabitable_category
Asteroid Collision collision_asteroid_category
Asteroid in Orbit asteroid_uninhabitable_category
Atmospheric Object object_gasgiant_category
Atmospheric Storms storms_gasgiant_category
Cargo Pod cargo_gasgiant_category
Covered in Debris debris_asteroid_category
Crashed Ship crashed_ship_asteroid_category
Docking Hatch hatch_asteroid_category
Energy Emissions emissions_asteroid_category
Gas Giant Ship ship_gasgiant_category
Gas Giant Signal signal_gasgiant_category
Impossible Organism disco_impossible_organism_cat
Light Phenomenon disco_breathing_rift_cat
Massive Impact impact_uninhabitable_category
Orbital Speed Demon disco_speed_demon_cat
Peculiar Crater living_metal_category
Possible Inhabitants disco_molluscoid_miners_cat
Promising Moon moon_gasgiant_category
Signs of Battle battle_uninhabitable_category
Signs of Former Habitation inhabited_toxic_category
Solar Sailer solar_uninhabitable_category
Space Debris debris_gasgiant_category
Space Station station_uninhabitable_category
Spacecraft Remains disco_stranded_scientist_cat
Strange Mountain Formation mountain_uninhabitable_category
Surface Beacon beacon_uninhabitable_category
Surface Writing writing_uninhabitable_category
Terminal Orbit terminal_gasgiant_category
Unknown Insides disco_trojan_asteroid_cat
Unknown Origin origin_asteroid_category
Unidentified Object object_uninhabitable_category
Unusual Energy Readings energy_uninhabitable_category
Weak Signal signal_uninhabitable_category
Ancient Signs of Life terraforming_candidate_category
Nuclear Wasteland sol_wasteland_category
Anomaly (precursor) ID
Signs of Precursor Activity (Cybrex)
  • cybrex_1_cat
  • cybrex_2_cat
  • cybrex_3_cat
  • cybrex_4_cat
  • cybrex_5_cat
  • cybrex_6_cat
  • cybrex_7_cat
  • cybrex_8_cat
  • cybrex_9_cat
  • cybrex_10_cat
Signs of Precursor Activity (First League)
  • league_1_cat
  • league_2_cat
  • league_3_cat
  • league_4_cat
  • league_5_cat
  • league_6_cat
  • league_7_cat
  • league_8_cat
  • league_9_cat
  • league_10_cat
Signs of Precursor Activity (Irassian)
  • irassian_1_cat
  • irassian_2_cat
  • irassian_3_cat
  • irassian_4_cat
  • irassian_5_cat
  • irassian_6_cat
  • irassian_7_cat
  • irassian_8_cat
  • irassian_9_cat
  • irassian_10_cat
Signs of Precursor Activity (Vultaum)
  • vultaum_1_cat
  • vultaum_2_cat
  • vultaum_3_cat
  • vultaum_4_cat
  • vultaum_5_cat
  • vultaum_6_cat
  • vultaum_7_cat
  • vultaum_8_cat
  • vultaum_9_cat
Signs of Precursor Activity (Yuht)
  • yuht_1_cat
  • yuht_2_cat
  • yuht_3_cat
  • yuht_4_cat
  • yuht_5_cat
  • yuht_6_cat
  • yuht_7_cat
  • yuht_8_cat
  • yuht_9_cat
Anomaly (Distant Stars) ID
Alien Activity gaia_planet_cat
Alien Life alien_life_cat
Armed Vessel stolen_ship_cat
Corrupt Survey Data corrupt_data_cat
Encrypted Transmission transmitter_cat
Irregular Energy Emissions irregular_energy_cat
Unusual Moon moon_cat
Surface Signature disco_gray_cat

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Overlord holdings will not function if added.

Building (repeatable) ID
Stronghold building_stronghold
Fortress building_fortress
Luxury Residences building_luxury_residence
Paradise Dome building_paradise_dome
Communal Housing building_communal_housing
Utopian Communal Housing building_communal_housing_large
Hive Warren building_hive_warren
Expanded Warren building_expanded_warren
Drone Storage building_drone_storage
Upgraded Drone Storage building_drone_megastorage
Slave Huts building_slave_huts
Overseer Residences building_overseer_homes
Organic Sanctuary building_organic_sanctuary
Organic Paradise building_organic_paradise
Temple building_temple
Holotemple building_holotemple
Sacred Nexus building_sacred_nexus
Sanctuary of Repose building_galactic_memorial_1
Pillar of Quietus building_galactic_memorial_2
Galactic Memorial building_galactic_memorial_3
Sacrificial Temple building_sacrificial_temple_1
Grim Holotemple building_sacrificial_temple_2
Temple of Grand Sacrifice building_sacrificial_temple_3
Synaptic Nodes building_hive_node
Synaptic Clusters building_hive_cluster
Confluence of Thought building_hive_confluence
Research Labs building_research_lab_1
Research Complexes building_research_lab_2
Advanced Research Complexes building_research_lab_3
Administrative Offices building_bureaucratic_1
Administrative Park building_bureaucratic_2
Administrative Complex building_bureaucratic_3
Uplink Node building_uplink_node
Network Junction building_network_junction
System Conflux building_system_conflux
Precinct House building_precinct_house
Hall of Judgement building_hall_judgment
Sentinel Posts building_sentinel_posts
Commercial Zones building_commercial_zone
Commerce Megaplexes building_commercial_megaplex
Holo-Theatres building_holo_theatres
Hyper-Entertainment Forums building_hyper_entertainment_forum
Chemical Plants building_chemical_plant
Exotic Gas Refineries building_refinery
Synthetic Crystal Plants building_crystal_plant
Kha'lanka Crystal Plants building_crystal_plant_2
Hydroponics Farms building_hydroponics_farm
Resource Silos building_resource_silo
Bio-Reactor building_bio_reactor
Nanite Transmuter building_nanite_transmuter
Crystal Mines building_crystal_mines
Gas Extraction Wells building_gas_extractors
Mote Harvesting Traps building_mote_harvesters
Ancient Clone Vat building_clone_army_clone_vat
Betharian Power Plant building_betharian_power_plant
Alien Zoo building_xeno_zoo
Affluence Center building_affluence_center
Auto-Forge building_nano_forge
Class-4 Singularity building_class_4_singularity
Dimensional Fabricator building_dimensional_fabricator
Nourishment Center building_nourishment_center
Sky Dome building_fe_dome
Master Archive building_master_archive
Ancient Cryo-Chamber building_ancient_cryo_chamber
Building (planet unique) ID
Planetary Shield Generator building_planetary_shield_generator
Military Academy building_military_academy
Dread Encampment building_dread_encampment
Autochthon Monument building_autochthon_monument
Heritage Site building_heritage_site
Hypercomms Forum building_hypercomms_forum
Corporate Culture Site building_corporate_monument
Business Management Nexus building_corporate_site
Synergy Forum building_corporate_forum
Sensorium Site building_sensorium_1
Sensorium Center building_sensorium_2
Sensorium Complex building_sensorium_3
Simulation Site building_simulation_1
Simulation Center building_simulation_2
Simulation Complex building_simulation_3
Alloy Foundries building_foundry_1
Alloy Mega-Forges building_foundry_2
Alloy Nano-Plants building_foundry_3
Civilian Industries building_factory_1
Civilian Fabricators building_factory_2
Civilian Repli-Complexes building_factory_3
Energy Grid building_energy_grid
Energy Nexus building_energy_nexus
Mineral Purification Plants building_mineral_purification_plant
Mineral Purification Hubs building_mineral_purification_hub
Food Processing Facilities building_food_processing_facility
Food Processing Centers building_food_processing_center
Ministry of Production building_ministry_production
Resource Processing Center building_production_center
Research Institute building_institute
Planetary Supercomputer building_supercomputer
Gene Clinic building_clinic
Cyto-Revitalization Center building_hospital
Robot Assembly Plants building_robot_assembly_plant
Machine Assembly Plants building_machine_assembly_plant
Machine Assembly Complex building_machine_assembly_complex
Auto-Curating Vault building_autocurating_vault
Citadel of Faith building_citadel_of_faith
Vault of Acquisitions building_corporate_vault
Alpha Hub building_alpha_hub
Galactic Stock Exchanges building_galactic_stock_exchange
Spawning Pools building_spawning_pool
Offspring Nest building_offspring_nest
Slave Processing Facility building_slave_processing
Noble Estates building_noble_estates
Ranger Lodge building_ranger_lodge
Clone Vats building_clone_vats
Psi Corps building_psi_corps
Chamber of Elevation building_necrophage_elevation_chamber
House of Apotheosis building_necrophage_house_of_apotheosis
Posthumous Employment Center building_posthumous_employment_center
Mutagenic Spa building_toxic_bath
Mutagenic Permutation Pool building_toxic_bath_hive
Hyper Lubrication Basin building_toxic_bath_machine
Coordinated Fulfillment Center building_coordinated_fulfillment_center_1
Universal Productivity Alignment Facility building_coordinated_fulfillment_center_2
Gaia Seeders - Phase 1 building_gaiaseeders_1
Gaia Seeders - Phase 2 building_gaiaseeders_2
Gaia Seeders - Phase 3 building_gaiaseeders_3
Embassy Complex building_embassy
Grand Embassy Complex building_grand_embassy
Omega Alignment building_akx_worm_3
Ministry of Culture building_artist_patron
Numistic Shrine building_nuumismatic_shrine
Waste Reprocessing Center building_waste_reprocessing_center
Order's Keep building_order_keep
Order's Castle building_order_castle
Great Pyramid building_great_pyramid
Building (other) ID Type
Reassembled Ship Shelter building_colony_shelter capital
Planetary Administration building_capital capital
Planetary Capital building_major_capital capital
System Capital-Complex building_system_capital capital
Imperial Palace building_imperial_capital capital
Deployment Post building_deployment_post capital
Administrative Array building_machine_capital capital
Planetary Processor building_machine_major_capital capital
Primary Nexus building_machine_system_capital capital
Imperial Center building_imperial_machine_capital capital
Hive Core building_hive_capital capital
Hive Nexus building_hive_major_capital capital
Imperial Complex building_imperial_hive_capital capital
Habitat Administration building_hab_capital capital
Habitat Central Control building_hab_major_capital capital
Resort Administration building_resort_capital capital
Resort Capital-Complex building_resort_major_capital capital
Governor's Palace building_slave_capital capital
Governor's Estates building_slave_major_capital capital
Amusement Megaplex building_amusement_megaplex branch office
Commercial Forum building_commercial_forum branch office
Corporate Embassy building_corporate_embassy branch office
Executive Retreat building_executive_retreat branch office
Fast Food Chain building_food_conglomerate branch office
Mercenary Liaison Office building_military_contractors branch office
Private Military Industries building_private_shipyards branch office
Private Mining Consortium building_private_mining_consortium branch office
Private Research Enterprises building_private_research_initiative branch office
Public Relations Firm building_public_relations_office branch office
Virtual Entertainment Studios building_virtual_entertainment_studios branch office
Xeno-Outreach Agency building_xeno_tourism_agency branch office
Bio-Reprocessing Plants building_bio_reprocessing_facilities branch office
Concealed Drug Labs building_underground_chemists branch office
Disinformation Center building_disinformation_center branch office
Illicit Research Labs building_illicit_research_labs branch office
Pirate Free Haven building_pirate_haven branch office
Smuggler's Port building_smuggling_rings branch office
Syndicate Front Corporations building_syndicate_outreach_office branch office
Underground Clubs building_underground_clubs branch office
Wildcat Mining Operations building_wildcat_miners branch office
Wrecking Yards building_wrecking_yards branch office
Temple of Prosperity building_temple_of_prosperity branch office
Subversive Shrine building_subversive_shrine branch office
Imperial Concession Port building_imperial_concession_port branch office

Ships[edit | edit source]

Fallen empire, other crisis and other guardian ships spawn as a box due to their appearance being tied to their graphical culture. Colony ships can be spawned with the console but will not work due to not having a species inside. Colossus ships can be spawned but their weapons cannot be used without the Apocalypse DLC.

Ship ID (base) Ship
NAME_Constructor Construction Ship
NAME_Prototype Science Ship
NAME_Dagger Corvette
NAME_Ravager Destroyer
NAME_Derelict Cruiser
NAME_Spearhead Battleship
NAME_Seeker Alien corvette
NAME_Starfang Alien destroyer
NAME_Sword Alien cruiser
NAME_Divine_Glory Alien battleship
NAME_Corsair Pirate destroyer
NAME_Black_Earl Pirate cruiser
NAME_Pirate_Galleon Pirate battleship
NAME_Ancient_Mining_Drone Ancient Mining Drone miner
NAME_Ancient_Combat_Drone Ancient Mining Drone corvette
NAME_Ancient_Destroyer Ancient Mining Drone destroyer
NAME_Cracked_Crystalline_Shard Crystalline entity
NAME_Wraith Unbidden destroyer
NAME_Phantom Unbidden cruiser
NAME_Revenant Unbidden battleship
NAME_Predator Aberrant destroyer
NAME_Assassin Aberrant cruiser
NAME_Huntress Aberrant battleship
NAME_Obliterator Vehement destroyer
NAME_Annihilator Vehement cruiser
NAME_Eradicator Vehement battleship
NAME_Protector Nomad destroyer
NAME_Nomad_Cruiser Nomad cruiser
NAME_Cloud_Entity Void Cloud
NAME_Small_Space_Organism_Zebra Space Amoeba
NAME_Great_Space_Organism Space Amoeba Mother
NAME_Tiyanki_Bull Red Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Cow Blue Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Calf Calf Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_Tiyanki_Hatchling Hatchling_Tiyanki Space Whale
NAME_DS47 Space Probe
Ship ID (DLC) Ship
NAME_Cleanser Neutron Sweep colossus
NAME_Enforcer Global Pacifier colossus
NAME_Reaper World Cracker colossus
NAME_Dimensional_Horror Dimensional Horror
NAME_Grand_Dragon Ether Drake
NAME_Stellarite Stellar Devourer
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_450THz Red Spectral Wraith
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_520THz Yellow Spectral Wraith
NAME_Spectral_Wraith_650THz Blue Spectral Wraith
NAME_Shroud_Avatar Blue Shroud Avatar
NAME_Corrupted_Avatar Red Shroud Avatar
NAME_Adopted_Amoeba_Centenarian Space Amoeba Centenarian
NAME_Persistent Vol ship
NAME_AH4B Battleship AH4B
NAME_Progenitor Tiyanki Matriarch
NAME_Reclaimer Scavenger Bot
NAME_Voidspawn Voidspawn
NAME_Nanite_Dragon L-Drake
NAME_Nanite_Interdictor Nanite cruiser
NAME_Nanite_Mothership Nanite titan
NAME_Yojimbo Caravaneer destroyer
NAME_Gunslinger Caravaneer cruiser
NAME_Lessenger Alien corvette
NAME_Herald Titan
NAME_Shard_Dragon Shard
NAME_Crisis_Star_Eater Star-Eater
NAME_Sky_Dragon Sky Dragon
NAME_Bulwark_Battlewright Battlewright construction ship
NAME_Scholarium_Arctrellis Arctrellis science ship
NAME_Venomous_Deity Toxic God
Station ID Ship
NAME_Crystal_Nidus Crystal Nidus
NAME_Drone_Home_Base Home Base Ore Grinder
NAME_Sentry Sentinel station
NAME_Artist_Enclave_Station Artisan enclave station
NAME_Curator_Enclave_Station Curator enclave station
NAME_Trader_Enclave_Station Trader enclave station
NAME_Hive_Asteroid Asteroid Hive
NAME_Void_Dwelling Marauder Void Dwelling
NAME_Nanite_Factory Nanite starbase
NAME_Tradestation_Tungle Caravaneer Citadel
NAME_Mercenary_Enclave_Station Mercenary enclave station
NAME_Salvager_Enclave_Station Salvager enclave station
NAME_Shroudwalker_Enclave_Station Shroud-Touched Coven enclave station

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Can be added with the effect add_modifier = { modifier = example days = -1 } command combination to add modifiers to planets. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier = eat_the_titans days = -1 }, if used without a target planet the entire empire will have the modifier

Can be removed with the effect remove_modifier = command to remove modifiers from planets. Example: effect remove_modifier = eat_the_titans

If a planet is selected the modifier is added as a planet modifier. Otherwise it is added as an empire modifier. Empire modifiers can be added as planet modifiers and vice versa.

Planet modifier (starting) ID
Pm atmospheric aphrodisiac.pngPm frame 1.png Atmospheric Aphrodisiac atmospheric_aphrodisiac
Pm asteroid belt.pngPm frame 1.png Asteroid Belt asteroid_belt
Pm carbon world.pngPm frame 1.png Carbon World carbon_world
Pm ultra rich.pngPm frame 1.png Exceptional Quality Minerals ultra_rich
Pm extensive moon system.pngPm frame 1.png Extensive Moon System extensive_moon_system
Pm mineral rich.pngPm frame 1.png High Quality Minerals mineral_rich
Pm lush.pngPm frame 1.png Lush lush_planet
Pm natural beauty.pngPm frame 1.png Natural Beauty natural_beauty
Pm strong magnetic field.pngPm frame 1.png Strong Magnetic Field strong_magnetic_field
Pm titanic life.pngPm frame 1.png Titanic Life titanic_life
Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png Terraforming Candidate terraforming_candidate
Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png Frozen Terraforming Candidate frozen_terraforming_candidate
Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png Toxic Terraforming Candidate toxic_terraforming_candidate
Pm natural beauty.pngPm frame 1.png Wenkwort Gardens pm_wenkwort_gardens
Pm natural beauty.pngPm frame 1.png Paridayda paradise_planet
Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png Colonial Spirit colonial_spirit_mod
Pm ocean paradise.pngPm frame 1.png Ocean Paradise ocean_paradise
Pm planet from space.pngPm frame 1.png Prosperous Unification prosp_uni_mod
Pm asteroid impacts.pngPm frame 2.png Asteroid Impacts asteroid_impacts
Pm atmospheric hallucinogen.pngPm frame 2.png Atmospheric Hallucinogen atmospheric_hallucinogen
Pm hazardous weather.pngPm frame 2.png Hazardous Weather hazardous_weather
Pm dangerous wildlife.pngPm frame 2.png Hostile Fauna dangerous_wildlife
Pm high gravity.pngPm frame 2.png High Gravity high_gravity
Pm low gravity.pngPm frame 2.png Low Gravity low_gravity
Pm wild storms.pngPm frame 2.png Wild Storms wild_storms
Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 2.png Sea of Consciousness living_sea
Pm bleak.pngPm frame 3.png Bleak bleak_planet
Pm irradiated.pngPm frame 3.png Irradiated irradiated_planet
Pm mineral poor.pngPm frame 3.png Poor Quality Minerals mineral_poor
Pm tidal locked.pngPm frame 3.png Tidal Locked tidal_locked
Pm unstable tectonics.pngPm frame 3.png Unstable Tectonics unstable_tectonics
Pm weak magnetic field.pngPm frame 3.png Weak Magnetic Field weak_magnetic_field
Pm consecrated worlds.pngPm frame 3.png Holy World holy_planet
Pm asteroid impacts.pngPm frame 3.png Lithoid Crater lithoid_crater
Planet modifier (other) ID
Pm lush.pngPm frame 1.png Ancient Harvesters ancient_harvesters
Pm titanic life.pngPm frame 1.png Delicious Titans eat_the_titans
Pm atmospheric hallucinogen.pngPm frame 1.png Filtered Atmospheric Hallucinogen atmospheric_hallucinogen_good
Flooded Habitat flooded_habitat
Pm strong magnetic field.pngPm frame 1.png Magnetic Miracle magnetic_research_boost
Mastery of Nature mastery_of_nature
Pm assist research.pngPm frame 1.png Research Assistance assist_research
Pm ultra rich.pngPm frame 1.png Resonant Crystals soothing_crystals
Pm resort planet.pngPm frame 1.png Resort World resort_colony
Shroudwalker Teacher pm_shroudwalker_teacher
Pm ultra rich.pngPm frame 1.png Soothing Magnetism good_vibrations
Pm surreal visions.pngPm frame 1.png The Memorex the_memorex
Pm artist monument erected.pngPm frame 1.png The Sentinels sentinels_planet_modifier
Pm wild storms.pngPm frame 1.png Watery Grave watery_grave
Pm dead god.pngPm frame 2.png Dead God dead_god_planet
Pm penal colony.pngPm frame 2.png Penal Colony penal_colony
Pm irradiated.pngPm frame 2.png Uncertain History planet_uncertain_past
Pm unstable tectonics.pngPm frame 3.png Exofungus Infestation exofungus
Pm natural beauty.pngPm frame 3.png Predatory Plants predatory_plants
Extradimensional experimentation pm_extradimensional_experimentation
Racket generator racket_generator_regulator
Artifact relays (machine) planet_artifact_relays_machine
Artifact relays (hivemind) planet_artifact_relays_hivemind
Artifact exhivition planet_museum_exhibits
Suberranean expancion subterranean_expansion
Atmospheric Deodorizer atmospheric_deodorizer_deployed
Bunk Beds Deployed bunkbeds_deployed
Hero at Rest hero_redivivus
Food-Preserving containers tupperware_deployed
Surviving infrastructure wasteland_infrastructure
Colonial remains colonial_remains
Luxuries distributed planet_luxuries_boost
Art monument exhived artist_monument_erected
Alien studies enigmatic_cache_in_orbit
Free al last insurgents_free
Unrest (Materialist) materialist_unrest
unrest (Spiritualist) spiritualist_unrest
Corrupt network terminated corrupt_network_terminated
Ancient terraforming gaia_world
All Seeing Shard all_seeing_shard
Chamber from the Fortress fortress_trophy
Drake's Fang ether_trophy
Dreadnought's Reactor dread_trophy
Eye of the Shard shard_trophy
Horrific Inverse Mass Stabilized horror_stabilized
Matriarch's Flagella tiyanki_trophy
Scavenger Bot's Compactor scavenger_trophy
Sky Dragon's Plume sky_dragon_trophy
Tamed Nanite Swarm tamed_nanite_swarm_modifier
Wraith's Dispenser Sack wraith_trophy
Empire modifier ID
A Life Worthwhile lost_moment_memento
Ageless ageless
Amoeba Hunter amoeba_hunting_buff
Anthem of Aurora anthem_of_aurora
Apex of History proclaim_superiority
Asteroid Encryption asteroid_encryption
Asteroid Relay Stations asteroid_relay_stations
Asteroid Thrusters asteroid_thrusters
Celebrating Diversity celebrate_diversity
Cloud Destroyer cloud_hunting_buff
Contingency Calculation contingency_calculation
Covenant: Composer of Strands covenant_composer_of_strands
Covenant: Eater of Worlds covenant_eater_of_worlds
Covenant: Instrument of Desire covenant_instrument_of_desire
Covenant: Whispers of the Void covenant_whisperers_in_the_void
Crystal Focus crystal_focus
Crystal Hunter crystal_hunting_buff
Debug Subroutine debug_subroutine
Drone Destroyer drone_hunting_buff
Drone Mining Techniques drone_mining_techniques
Enhanced Solar Power solar_harvesting_bacteria
Ether Drake Triumph ether_drake_triumph
Flagellating Movement flagellating_movement
Forced Mindfulness forced_mindfulness
Full Circle full_circle
Glory to the Many glory_to_the_many
Goes Around, Comes Around goes_around_comes_around
Harmonious Crew harmonious_crew
Imperial Charter imperial_charter
Improved Code Standards machine_empire_code_improvements
Infinity Beckons infinity_beckons
Inoculated Population machine_empire_health_boost
Killer Microorganism killer_librarian_organism
Marauder Whetstone marauder_skirmishing
Mask of Transformation mask_of_transformation
Mineral Mapping mineral_mapping
Modern Trench War modern_trench_war
Oracle oracle_administration
Proclaimed Religious Revelation proclaim_religious_finding
Radiation-Hardened Components radiation_hardened_components
Rudari Death Laser rudari_death_laser
Secrets of the Baol artifact_baol_research_completed
Secrets of the Cybrex artifact_cybrex_research_completed
Secrets of the First League artifact_league_research_completed
Secrets of the Irassians artifact_irassian_research_completed
Secrets of the Zroni artifact_zroni_research_completed
Sentinel Data sentinel_data
Shallarian Terraforming Knowledge shallarian_terraforming_knowledge
Spectral Residue Studies spectral_residue_studies
Spurred by the Past spurred_by_the_past
Technology of the Divine technosphere_praising
The Chosen of Zarqlan chosen_of_zarqlan
The Mirror of Knowledge black_hole_pantagruel_research
The Singularity Processor infinity_calculations
Transcended Consciousness gestalt_black_hole_good
Universal Translator universal_translator
Void Loops void_loops
Yuht Cryo Core yuht_cryo_core
Zombie Contract Manipulation zombie_contract_manipulation