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Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. At least some were last verified for version 2.5.

This article is for the PC version of Stellaris only.

Mechanics are aspects of the game which require detailed discussion. Herein is a brief about each mechanic and a link to a more detailed page.


Mechanic Ver. Notes
Fungoid massive 12.png Species 2.8 Planet-based intelligent life, divided into species class groups and defined by their traits.
Fanatic Spiritualist.png Ethics 2.8 Ethics represent an empire's official view on different subjects, like other species, science and religion, war and personal freedom. Each pop has its own attraction to each ethic representing its own values.
Traits 2.8 A species' traits define their qualities and modify their resource output, housing and amenity needs and empire sprawl per pop.
Trait Point Population modification 2.8 The act of modifying a species' traits in order to make them more (or sometimes less) beneficial to an empire.
Trait ruler explorer.png Exploration 2.8 A core component of the game, every empire needs to engage in it. Usually done by science ships.
FTL 2.8 Faster than light travel. The main method of closing distances between stars. Includes: hyperlane travel, tactical jumps, experimental subspace navigation, wormholes and gateways.
Anomaly 2.8 An irregularity winch occurs while surveying a planet. It can be researched by a scientist in a science ship and often leads to events.
PM Chthonian Planet.png Celestial body 2.8 Stars, planets moons and asteroids, from which resources can often be exploited. Planets and moons can also often be colonized or terraformed.
Alien Pets.png Spaceborne aliens 2.8 AI-controlled nations or fleets, without any colonized planets.
Alien extradimensional 01.png Crisis 2.8 Crises are difficult end-game event chains with enough strength to either unite or destroy the galaxy.
Leader trait scroll.png Events 2.8 Events occur throughout the game. They can be both positive or negative.
Fallen Empires 2.8 Age-old empires fallen from grace. They can influence galactic politics in mostly minor ways, or awaken to try and reclaim their long lost glory.
Trait indolent.png Pre-FTL species 2.8 Can be primitives or pre-sapients. Primitives are civilizations, which started ascending the steps of the technological ladder, but not yet mastered FTL travel. Pre-sapients are species with limited sapience. They can be uplifted by more advanced civilizations.
Colonization 2.8 Empires can colonize planets in order to bring them under their control, exploiting its resources.
Terraforming 2.8 Empires can terraform planets to make them more (or less) habitable for certain species.


Mechanic Ver. Notes
Empire 2.8 A group of planets and star systems that are ruled by the same government and controlled by a single acting entity
Direct Democracy.png Government 2.8 Government types fall into one of three broad categories: autocracies, oligarchies and democracies.
Menu icon policies and edicts.png Policies 2.8 Empire-wide laws of behaviour that outline the empire's governing precepts
Menu icon policies and edicts.png Edicts 2.8 Instant or temporary modifiers which can be applied to either a single planet or an entire empire
Trait ruler military pioneer.png Leader 2.8 Characters that are significant in an empire. Leaders have traits associated with them and belong to one of these categories: Rulers, Governors, Scientists, Admirals or Generals
Army rebel.png Factions 2.8 Powerful political groups within the empire based on the population's ethics
Population 2.8 The empire species, divided into units called pops
Energy Credits.png Economy 2.8 Production, use and transformation of resources
Building modern 2.png Buildings 2.8 Planetary structures that provide jobs for pops or have some other planetary effect
Technology 2.8
Traditions 2.8 Bonus and abilities unlocked with Unity


Mechanic Ver. Notes
Diplomacy alliance.png Diplomacy 2.8 Available diplomatic actions, attitude and opinion modifiers
Diplomacy isvassal.png Subject empire 2.8 Empires which fall under other empires' control or jurisdiction
Diplomacy federation.png Federations 2.8 A group of empires in a semi-autonomous union with a rotating leadership
Diplomatic trade icon.png Trade 2.8 Trade options between two empires
Army xenomorph.png AI personalities 2.8 AI behaviour patterns as dictated by their randomly assigned personality types
Intel.png Intel 3.0 Information about other empires Espionage


Mechanic Ver. Notes
Army assault.png Warfare 2.8
Damage vs country type.png Space warfare 2.8 Spaceships organized in fleets for engaging in space battles and conquering star systems
Diplomacy war.png Land warfare 2.8 Ground forces for invading and defending planets as well as handling out of control rebellions
Menu icon ship designer.png Ship designer 2.8 A tool for creating and customizing of new or existing ship and station templates
Ship 2.8
Starbase 2.8 A large space station that serves as a planets' orbital construction facility which can also be used for defense purposes


Mechanic Ver. Notes
Modding 2.5
Patches ~
Downloadable content 2.8
Achievements 2.8
Unknown.png User interface 2.7