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This article has been verified for the current PC version (3.2) of the game.
Mammalian Fleet

A ship is a spaceborne vessel controlled by an empire. They are the primary way of interacting with objects and entities in the galaxy via specific ship orders. Ships are classified into civilian and military vessels, the former being controlled individually while the latter form fleets. All ships must be constructed and repaired at Starbases where there is a Shipyard module. Each Shipyard module can construct one ship at a time.

Civilian ships[edit | edit source]

Civilian ships represent all unarmed vessels of an empire and are controlled individually. They are equipped with shields, armor and core components automatically once the next tier component tech is unlocked at a free cost and do not have to return to a Starbase to receive component upgrades. Each civilian ship, excluding transports and construction ships, has a monthly maintenance cost of 1 Energy.png Energy, and each construction ship has a maintenance cost of 0.75 Energy.png Energy. Construction and Science ships cost 100 Alloys.png Alloys.

Civilian ships have the evasive fleet stance by default, meaning that they will attempt to escape the system whenever a hostile fleet enters it.

Construction ship[edit | edit source]

Construction ships are used to build every space structure. They are not used up during construction meaning that they can go on to do other tasks after they have finished their building project. Fleet Orders allow the construction ship to build the following:

Build order Cost Maintenance Description
Fleet task build outpost action.png Outpost Alloys.png 100 normally, 150 for Machine unit.png
Influence.png 75 per hyperlane from closest owned system
Energy.png 1 Energy The Starbase is a space station used to claim star systems and expand your borders. It can only be built in orbit around a star. The full cost is dependent on which star system is being claimed.
Fleet task build mining station action.png Mining Station Minerals.png 100 Minerals Energy.png 1 Energy Mining Stations are used to collect Minerals, Energy Credits and Strategic Resources from uninhabited planets, stars and asteroids. Mining Stations that collect Energy do not cost any upkeep.
Fleet task build research station action.png Research Station Minerals.png 100 Minerals Energy.png 1 Energy Research Stations are used to collect Physics, Society and Engineering research data from uninhabited planets, stars and asteroids.
Fleet task build observation station action.png Observation Post Minerals.png 100 Minerals Energy.png 1 Energy Observation Posts can be built in orbit around planets inhabited by primitive civilizations to study their society.
Fleet order button build megastructure.png Megastructure Site Alloys.png depends on Megastructure
Influence.png depends on Megastructure
Energy.png 5 Energy Megastructures are truly massive construction projects only possible in the zero-g environment of space.

Science ship[edit | edit source]

See also: Surveying

Science Ships are the primary method of exploring the galaxy and the stars and systems within it. They require a scientist to operate.

Once crewed, the Science ship can conduct a survey of individual objects within a system. During these surveys, it can discover resources present on a celestial body (i.e.: planets, stars, asteroids, etc.). A survey may also result in the discovery of an anomaly. Furthermore, an object needs to be surveyed only once and any future hidden resources (such as strategic resources) will be automatically revealed once the requisite technology is researched. The Science ship can also survey debris left after a space battle which may yield research points or possibly even unlock unique technology options.

Science ships can also assist the research of a planet. Upon activation, the science ship will orbit the planet and boost its research output depending on the skill level of the scientist on board.

Colony ship[edit | edit source]

See also: Colonization

The large colony ships allow an empire to settle habitable planets. When ordering the construction of a colony ship, the player is given the option of choosing the species of the pop that is to be sent to the new colony, inheriting all of its traits and ethics. Pops are not consumed nor transported in this process. Once finished, the colony ship may be sent to any habitable world within range to start a colony. Colony ships take one year to build and their upkeep cost is maintained throughout the whole colonization process. Alternatively, colony ships can also be built through the interface of the planet to be colonized.

The cost of a colony ship in an organic empire depends on the government and the empire's dominant species class.

Primary species Auth democratic.pngAuth oligarchic.pngAuth dictatorial.pngImperialAuth corporate.png Auth hive mind.png Origins tree of life.png
  • Alloys.png 200 Alloys
  • Food.png 200 Food
  • Consumer goods.png 200 Consumer Goods
  • Alloys.png 200 Alloys
  • Food.png 500 Food
  • Alloys.png 50 Alloys
  • Food.png 1000 Food
Trait lithoid.png Lithoid
  • Alloys.png 200 Alloys
  • Minerals.png 200 Minerals
  • Consumer goods.png 200 Consumer Goods
  • Alloys.png 200 Alloys
  • Minerals.png 500 Minerals
  • Alloys.png 50 Alloys
  • Minerals.png 500 Minerals
  • Food.png 500 Food
Trait mechanical.png Mechanical Alloys.png 400 Alloys No.png No.png

The colony ships of an Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Intelligence empire cost 400 Alloys.png Alloys.

Empires with the Civic corporate dominion.png Corporate Dominion or Civic private prospectors.png Private Prospectors civics can also construct Private Colony Ships, which cost 500 Energy.png Energy instead.

Empires with the Origins lithoid.png Calamitous Birth origin can also construct Lithoid Meteorites, which cost 500 Minerals.png Minerals instead.

Transport ship[edit | edit source]

See also: Land warfare

Transport ships are where assault armies are kept. After an army has been recruited it is automatically embarked in a transport ship which will be orbiting the planet where they were created. Therefore, they cannot be built manually. While armies have an upkeep cost, transport ships cost no additional Energy.png energy to maintain. After a battle, transport ships will heal the embarked armies.

During war transport ships must be carefully escorted by a military fleet since they are unarmed. Their only purpose is to carry assault armies into enemy planets so that they can occupy them. Additionally, some special projects require a transport ship to be completed.

Military ships[edit | edit source]

See also: Space warfare

Military ships represent all armed vessels of an empire and unlike civilian ships they can be grouped together into fleets and led by an Admiral.png Admiral. Military ships require both Energy.png Energy and Alloys.png Alloys as monthly maintenance. They are designed via the ship designer.

Military ships are classified by their hull size, which influences their combat stats, cost, available sections and components and Command Point cost. Each ship takes twice as much time to be built compared to the previous one in the category. There are four hull sizes available: Corvette, Destroyer, Cruiser, and Battleship, plus the Titan and Colossus with the Apocalypse.png Apocalypse expansion, and the Juggernaut with the Federations Federations expansion. Each ship size has two technologies that increase its hull points and (up to battleships) one technology that decreases its build cost and increases its build speed.

Upgrading ships[edit | edit source]

Military ships must be upgraded manually when an upgraded design is created. The cost for upgrading each ship is simply the difference in construction cost between the new design and the old one. Each ship upgrades individually, with multiple ships being upgraded simultaneously if the starbase contains multiple shipyards.

When upgrading a ship, the system will attempt to use the most recent version of the same class name. If no design of the same class name is available, then the upgrade process will retrofit them to the most-recently saved design of the same size instead.

If a ship obtained via an event contains components not yet researched the ship should not be allowed to upgrade. Upgrading it will replace the components with the latest researched ones, even if those are inferior.

Naval capacity[edit | edit source]

Naval capacity represents the number of military ships that an empire can manage. Going beyond this limit will increase ship maintenance costs by a percentage equal to the overcame value. For example, if an empire exceeded its naval capacity by 50% it will increase the maintenance cost of each ship by 50%. Each empire can build a Titan for each 200 Naval Capacity, up to a maximum of 20 Titans at 3800 naval capacity. An empire's base naval capacity is 20, and is modified by:

  • Ap galactic force projection.png Galactic Force Projection ascension perk adds +80
  • Job soldier.png Each Soldier Job adds +4 or +6 with Tech defense army.png Ground Defense Planning tech
  • Job soldier.png Each Warrior Drone Job adds +4 or +6 with Tech defense army.png Ground Defense Planning tech
  • Job duelist.png Each Duelist Job adds +2
  • Sb anchorage.png Each Starbase Anchorage module adds +4, or +6 with the Naval Logistics Office building
  • Each naval doctrine technology adds +30 (Total: +120)
  • Tech repeatable naval cap.png Each Fleet Management Procedures repeatable technology adds +20 (can only be researched 5 times)
  • Each Pirate Free Haven corporate building adds +10
  • Each Mercenary Liaison Office corporate building adds +10
  • Each Strategic Coordination Center level adds +50 (Total: +150)
  • Diplomatic stance belligerent.png Diplomatic Stance Belligerent increases Naval Capacity by +10%
  • Civic citizen service.png Citizen Service civic increases Naval Capacity by +15%
  • Civic subspace ephapse.png Subspace Ephapse civic increases Naval Capacity by +15%
  • Civic naval contractors.png Naval Contractors civic increases Naval Capacity by +15%
  • Civic fanatic purifiers.pngCivic devouring swarm.pngCivic machine terminator.png Genocidal civics increase Naval Capacity by +33%
  • Tradition prosperity fleet logistical corps.png Fleet Logistics Corps / Automated Underway Replenishment supremacy tradition increases Naval Capacity by +20%
  • Menu icon policies and edicts.png Master's Teachings: Warring States edict increases Naval Capacity by +10%
  • Menu icon policies and edicts.png Grand Fleet unity ambition increases Naval Capacity by +20%
  • Leader trait fleet organizer.png Fleet Organizer ruler trait increases Naval Capacity by +15%
  • Trait brainslugged.png Brain Slug Host ruler trait increases Naval Capacity by +10%
  • Mod shroud unavailable.png Covenant: End of the Cycle increases Naval Capacity by +100%
  • Diplomacy federation.png Federation member empires can have reduced Naval Capacity by -10%/-20%/-30% to be set aside for use by the Federation fleet, depending on Fleet Contribution law.
  • Diplomacy issatrapy.png Satrapy empires have reduced Naval Capacity by -30%

Maximum Naval Capacity may never exceed 9999. This is not a hard cap on the number of ships an empire can support; it is fully possible to exceed this limit as long as an empire can afford the increased maintenance fees for all of its ships. In fact, the AI will frequently build over its naval capacity if it has the resources to maintain its fleets. Because of this, it may likewise be necessary for a player to build over naval capacity, especially when preparing to go to war against an AI with equivalent or better fleet power.

Command Limit[edit | edit source]

Command Limit is a limit on how large any one individual fleet in an empire can be. An empire's base command limit is 20, increased by the following (the hardcoded maximum is 500 but cannot be reached without mods):

  • +10 per hull type technology (Total: +40; +30 without Apocalypse.png Apocalypse DLC)
  • +20 per fleet doctrine technology (Total: +100)
  • +10 per Admiralty Support Staff technology (repeatable, but only 5 times)
  • +10 Civic distinguished admiralty.png Distinguished Admiralty civic
  • +20 Tradition supremacy war games.png War Games \ Three-Dimensional Awareness \ Combat Variable Mitigation supremacy tradition
  • +20 Ap galactic force projection.png Galactic Force Projection ascension perk

Maximum attainable Command Limit without mods: 260 (250 without Apocalypse.png Apocalypse DLC)

Outliner format: <current command usage>/<fleet command limit> (<template's planned usage>)

Ship Rank[edit | edit source]

As ships partake in battle they will increase their rank. Ships, when built, start off with zero experience. Ships get +1 experience every day they are in combat and +0.1 experience every day they are suppressing piracy.

Ranks are classified as follows:

Rank Exp Points Mod ship weapon damage.png Damage Health Hull Points Evasion Evasion
Regular 0-99 0 0 0
Experienced 100-999 +10% 0 0
Veteran 1000-9999 +20% +5% +5%
Elite 10000 +40% +10% +10%

Ship starting experience can be increased by the following factors.

Factor Effect
Menu icon policies and edicts.png Fleet Supremacy edict +100
Federation military.png Martial Alliance federation +100
Fleet Academy.png Built from a Starbase with a Fleet Academy building +100
Federations Built from a Mega Shipyard +100

Colossal ships[edit | edit source]

Colossal ships are the largest ships that can be built. There are three classes of colossal ships, the Colossus, the Juggernaut and the Star-Eater. Each require the starbase to have the Sb colossus assembly yard.png Colossal Assembly Yards building before they can be constructed, and aside from the Star-Eater, each can only be constructed once. They can be reconstructed when they are destroyed. Colossal ships cannot be merged with regular fleets.

Juggernaut[edit | edit source]

Real scale of a humanoid Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a colossal ship which can construct, repair and upgrade ships the same way a Starbase can. It has 10 times the hull points of a Titan and feature six Hangar Hangar slots and two turreted Slot XL.png Extra Large slots. It also has its own set of aura components, which are significantly more powerful than the Titan's own.

Juggernauts have two shipyards and can build, repair or upgrade up to two ships at a time. It cannot build Titans or Colossi but it can upgrade or repair them. The Juggernaut can also upgrade itself and will automatically start repairing itself after a battle. It cannot be repaired or upgraded at a starbase. Juggernauts can retreat and go Missing in Action to reappear at the nearest friendly starbase like all regular fleets. Fleets can set a Juggernaut as their homebase.

Fallen Empires cannot build Juggernauts.

Federations, Galactic Defense Force and Imperial Armada can all have a juggernaut as well.

Colossus[edit | edit source]

Humanoid empire using a World Cracker

The Colossus is a colossal ship that has a single weapon slot which can be equipped with a weapon of mass destruction capable of affecting an entire planet or habitable megastructure. The technology required to build them can be accessed by taking the Ap colossus project.png Colossus Project ascension perk. Each Fallen Empire has a 10% chance to start the game with a Colossus and are able to build more if they have awakened into an Awakened Empire.

Colossi are unable to attack enemy fleets, as they lack the weaponry to do so. During space battles a Colossus will follow direct orders and will maneuver straight to its designated target. This means that the Colossus will do things such as going straight through an ongoing space battle to fire upon an enemy planet, unless its stance is set to Evasive.

An Empire that owns a Colossus gains the ability to declare Total Wars on other Empires. Similarly, any Empire can declare Total Wars on the Colossus owner. During a Total War, any systems captured by either side will be immediately annexed and the war can only end in the total destruction of either side or a status quo.

  • If a Colossus is destroyed during a Total War, nothing happens. The war is still a Total War.
  • If a Colossus is built during a regular war, nothing happens and the Colossus can be used as normal. If one side is totally destroyed by the Colossus, the war ends and the war goal is not enforced. The same is true if an Empire that owns a Colossus is dragged into a regular war, usually because of Diplomacy federation.png Federation or Diplomacy defensive pact.png Defensive Pact.

Using a Colossus causes large amounts of War Exhaustion on the targeted empire, and gives it +50% Ethics Attraction towards Militarist.png Militarist and Xenophobe.png Xenophobe, which can cause the diplomatic and political climate in the region to grow even more hostile over time.

The Ap colossus project.png Colossus Project ascension perk does not directly unlock the Colossus hull or its weapons; rather, the perk grants access to an associated special project which, once finished, will unlock both the ship and its weapon. After the special project is halfway completed the empire will be prompted to choose a starting Colossus weapon. The empire can later research other types of Colossus weapons and retrofit it into their Colossus via the ship designer.

A Colossus can carry the following weapons, which can only target planets, ringworlds and habitats:

Weapon Effects Opinion when used Requirements for research Notes
Ship part global pacifier.png Global Pacifier
  • The celestial body is irreversibly turned into a Shielded variant
  • It gains a deposit of 10 Society research Society Research
  • −200 Victim
  • −20 Victim's Federation
If used on a Holy World the Holy Guardians will awaken and declare a Total War on the perpetrator
Ship part world cracker.png World Cracker
  • The celestial body is irreversibly destroyed.
  • If it was a habitable planet, it gains a deposit of 4–16 Minerals.png Minerals.
  • −1000 Victim
  • −100 Victim's Federation
No.pngPacifist.pngFanatic Pacifist.png Pacifist
  • Civic fanatic purifiers.pngCivic machine terminator.png empires gain 600–3000 Unity.png Unity on first use
  • If used on a Holy World the Holy Guardians will awaken and declare a Total War on the perpetrator
  • If Earth is shattered there is a 50% chance of creating a wormhole with another system
  • Can be test fired on uninhabited planets
Ship part neutron sweep.png Neutron Sweep
  • All Pops on the planet are killed.
  • The planet gets −30% Mod habitability.png Habitability for 10 years.
  • −800 Victim
  • −80 Victim's Federation
  • No.pngSpiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png Spiritualist
  • No.pngPacifist.pngFanatic Pacifist.png Pacifist
  • Civic fanatic purifiers.pngCivic machine terminator.png empires gain 600–3000 Unity.png Unity on first use
  • Infested worlds can be targeted and turned into barren worlds
Ship part divine enforcer.png Divine Enforcer
  • All Pops on the planet become Spiritualist.png Spiritualist
  • Trait mechanical.png Mechanical, Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Unit and Hive-minded.png Hive-Minded Pops are killed instead
  • The planet gets +999% Spiritualist.png Spiritualist ethic attraction for 10 years
  • Owned planets can be targeted but will also gain −20% Mod pop happiness.png Happiness for 10 years
  • −400 Victim
  • −40 Victim's Federation
  • Spiritualist.pngFanatic Spiritualist.png Spiritualist
  • Tech telepathy.png Telepathy
AI worlds can be targeted and turned into broken worlds
Ship part nanobot diffuser.png Nanobot Diffuser
  • All biological Pops on the planet are assimilated and gain the Trait cybernetic.png Cybernetic trait
  • Trait mechanical.png Mechanical, Auth machine intelligence.png Machine Unit and Hive-minded.png Hive-Minded Pops are killed instead
  • Owned planets can be targeted if there is any Pop that can be assimilated
  • Perpetrator gains ownership of the planet if not already owned
  • −600 Victim
  • −60 Victim's Federation
Civic machine assimilator.png Driven Assimilator Can be used on pre-FTL worlds but will give -40 Diplomacy opinion.png Opinion with every empire
Ship part deluge.png Deluge Machine
  • All pops without the Trait aquatic.png Aquatic trait are killed
  • Planet is terraformed into an Ocean World
  • Owned planet can be targeted
  • Perpetrator gains ownership of the planet if not already owned
  • −600 Victim
  • −60 Victim's Federation
Ap hydrocentric.png Hydrocentric ascension perk Ringworlds, Habitats and Ocean Worlds cannot be targeted

Star-Eater[edit | edit source]

Real scale of a Star-Eater

The Star-Eater is a colossal ship equipped with a Star Cracker, a weapon that can destroy stars. Constructing Star-Eaters requires the Ap become the crisis.png Become the Crisis ascension perk as well as reaching the final crisis level. When the Star-Eater finishes firing the star will become a black hole and all planets and megastructures are permanently destroyed. All fleets present except the Star-Eater will go MIA. When the star is destroyed the empire owning the Star-Eater will gain the following amounts of Dark Matter.png dark matter based on galaxy size:

Galaxy size Dark Matter.png Dark matter
Tiny 3000
Small 2500
Medium 2000
Large 1500
Huge 1000