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Patch 1.1, AKA "Clarke", was released on 2016-06-01[1], having first been released on 2016-05-26 as a beta patch.[2] It was updated on 2016-05-27[3] and later on 2016-05-31.[4]


  • Strike Craft attack behavior was changed
  • It is no longer necessary to control planets to demand them in war, but controlling planets that are set as wargoals now generates more warscore
  • It is now possible to set a custom ruler/heir title for your custom empires
  • It is now possible to write a biography for your custom empire
  • Added an Influence reward for establishing communications, or conversely being contacted
  • Collection of strategic resources on planet tiles is no longer suppressed by buildings
  • Added settings for AI aggressiveness in the galaxy setup screen
  • "Shipwright" mandate for democractic empires has been reworked
  • Added resource reward to Raid on Smugglers event
  • Individualist empires will no longer generate election candidates with slaver mandates, and Individualist Pops are less likely to vote for candidates with slaver mandates
  • Slaver mandate no longer possible if slavery is outlawed
  • It is now possible to set difficulty in multiplayer
  • Symbols of Domination is now available for everyone
  • Platypus species portrait and Paradox empire flag is now available for everyone



  • Technology costs now increase by +10% per owned planet (up from +0%) and by +1% per Pop (down from +2%)
  • Unlocking Spaceport technologies now makes you more likely to get research options for new reactor techs
  • Spiritualists and Materialists now get tech progress towards Frequency Tuning for researching Space Whales


Fanatic Individualist

  • Pops are now more unhappy in collectivist empires
  • No longer have increased ethics divergence


  • Pops are now more unhappy in collectivist empires
  • No longer have increased ethics divergence

Fanatic Xenophobe

  • Rivalries now provide 50% more Influence


  • Rivalries now provide 25% more Influence

Fanatic Xenophile

  • Alliance Influence cost reduced by 100%
  • Maximum number of embassies increased by 2


  • Alliance Influence cost reduced by 50%
  • Maximum number of embassies increased by 1

Fanatic Militarist

  • No longer gains additional Influence from rivalries
  • No longer have an increased Influence cost for being in an Alliance


  • No longer gains additional Influence from rivalries
  • No longer have an increased Influence cost for being in an Alliance

Fanatic Pacifist

  • Pops are now more unhappy in militarist empires
  • No longer increases Food output, but rather reduces growth needed for a new Pop by 30%


  • Pops are now more unhappy in militarist empires
  • No longer increases Food output, but rather reduces growth needed for a new Pop by 15%


  • Strike Craft engagement range was significantly increased
  • Strike Craft launch time reduced from 5 to 3 days
  • Fighter movement speed increased from ~2 to 3.5
  • Bomber movement speed increased from 1.5 to 3
  • Chemical Thrusters Chance to Evade reduced from +10 to +5
  • Ion Thrusters Chance to Evade reduced from +20 to +10
  • Plasma Thrusters Chance to Evade reduced from +30 to +15
  • Impulse Thrusters Chance to Evade reduced from +40 to +20


  • Research Institute modifier to research speed reduced from +10% to +5%
  • Colony Shelter modifier to ethics divergence reduced from +20% to +10%
  • Empire Capital-Complex can now only be built on a capital world

Government forms

Theocratic Republic

  • Additional Core Planets reduced from +2 to +1

Transcendent Republic

  • Additional Core Planets reduced from +4 to +2


  • Aggressive - fire rate bonus reduced from +20% to +10%
  • Butcher - army damage bonus reduced from +20% to +10%
  • Glory Seeker - army morale damage bonus reduced from +10% to +5%


  • Youthful Elite modifier effect on leader lifespan reduced from +50 to +25 years



  • Computer-controlled Empires will start outlawing AI over time during a certain Crisis
  • Increased negative opinion scaling for relative power of subjects
  • AI will now colonize far away systems if COLONIZE_NON_ADJACENT define is enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would not use planetary edicts due to too small stockpile cap
  • Empires that were previously controlled by a player (for example if said player drops in multiplayer) will now refrain from making any major changes to the country for a period of 10 years
  • Fixed a bug where AI was modifying their species with bad traits, effectively giving them lots of traits
  • Fixed a bug where military focused sectors would not build military stations
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not enslave any Pops


  • AI will no longer accept a white peace when they are winning in warscore
  • AI is now more open to trading access, migration rights and (for some personalities) research treaties
  • Fixed a bug where AI would offer peace deals that gave allies' war goals to the player
  • Fixed AI spamming the player with military access offers
  • AI is now more aggressive against easily defeated targets


  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not disband ships even when running a heavy energy credit deficit


  • Respect Tile Resources setting will now prevent sector from building the wrong type of building for a tile regardless of special circumstances
  • Improved the way sectors determine which resources the country needs when constructing buildings
  • Fixed a bug where sector AI would move Pops back and forth
  • Fixed budget issues that were preventing sectors from properly managing spaceports and construction ships


  • Improved military tactics and handling of units
  • Improved handling of military fleets vs. transport fleets
  • AI now fights Crises
  • Fixed issues where military fleets would not move
  • AI should be better at trying to regain control of occupied planets
  • AI should be better at trying to invade planets taken by ""AI uprisings"

User Interface

  • Diplomatic notifications and pop-ups have been improved
  • End of combat UI has been improved
  • Colony Ships now show which Pop it is carrying
  • Localization of armor/shield penetration updated
  • If a weapon has both shield penetration and a corresponding reduced damage to shields the two effects are replaced by a single line: "Ignores X% Shields"
  • Habitability icons in galaxy map and systems view have been improved
  • (BETA) Added a new experimental option for GUI-scaling in the options menu

User modding

  • Ported system for weights/triggers on songs from HoI4/EU4
  • Fixed so that effect set_name can use localization system
  • Moved Domination victory condition into defines
  • Added NOR operator
  • Species Appearance screen is now moddable
  • Species City Appearance screen is now moddable
  • Ship Appearance screen is now moddable
  • Added num_energy trigger
  • Reading a single on_action entry from multiple files will now append the events to the list entry rather than overwriting it. This should allow more mods to be compatible
  • Prescripted countries can now set the attribute "disallow_editing = yes" to disable the edit button in the Empire selection view before game start
  • Added an alert to tell the player that a research field is missing a Scientist


  • Optimized daily AI calculations
  • Fixed frame rate drop when having one or more fleets selected


  • Lighting for ship preview images has been improved
  • 8 new event images added to the game
  • Textures for Massive Reptilians have been improved
  • Improved textures for space event assets
  • Optimized textures for event assets
  • Increased texture resolution for ancient drone station
  • Optimized textures for pirate ships
  • Updated textures for generic station
  • Increased texture resolution for AI Core
  • Optimized textures for AI ships
  • Improved texture for Arthropoid colony ship
  • Added cover art for Digital OST


  • Military Station maintenance is now correctly discounted by 25% instead of increased by 75%
  • Fixed negative opinion modifiers being applied to owners of planets that the Prethoryn Scourge is purging
  • Extradimensional Invaders should no longer spawn inside Fallen Empire borders
  • Reduced chance of generating the Improbable Orbit anomaly
  • Fixed the Master's Teachings edicts "Philosophical Mindset" and "Warring States" not being applied after event project finished
  • Fixed "Colonial Failure" anomaly event handing out a Colonization tech you already had
  • Fixed an issue with the VO not triggering for the mining station tutorial mission
  • Researched robot Pops are now always listed, but are not buildable if AI policy is set to Outlawed
  • Injured Queen project is now properly cancelled and visual asset removed when another Empire researches it first
  • Species Procurement event chain descriptions now correctly refer to planet names
  • Various localization bugs have been fixed
  • Fixed outdated Avian name list titles in Brazilian Portuguese, French, Polish and Spanish
  • Fixed some faction events not printing planet names properly
  • Loyalist-affiliated candidates now display proper faction names in Election view
  • Fixed observation post events sometimes not printing planet name correctly
  • Changed the way native reservations are placed for colony event related to colonizing planets that have primitive natives
  • Fixed a bug where missiles could appear on the galaxy map
  • Ring World habitability-trait now has proper localization
  • Fixed a bug where Destroyer Assembly Yard didn't require the correct Spaceport level to build
  • Fixed an issue where trait randomization didn't respect opposing traits
  • Fallen Empires are now able to build armies
  • Fixed an exploit where you could reduce the cost of resettlement by moving pops around on the same planet
  • Newly enlightened countries should no longer be despicable neutrals
  • Fixed right click not working to give additional orders while in FTL transit
  • Fixed an issue where embassies and rivalries could remain after an empire was annexed
  • Fixed an issue where you could always enable edicts
  • Fixed Swarm Infestors and Constructors sometimes not reinforcing properly
  • Robot Pops should no longer get shuffled ethics from divergence
  • Heirs now keep the dynasty name of the ruler in monarchies
  • Added missing localization strings for leaders who gained the arrested development trait
  • Fixed Power Overwhelming achievement
  • Fixed Domo Arigato achievement
  • Fixed Elixir of Life anomaly potentially spawning multiple times if not researched
  • Fixed Living Metal deposits not being minable
  • Fixed Sublight Probe event chain sometimes breaking after combat with the Salvage Skippers
  • Fixed being unable to change speed with (-) and (+) on American keyboard
  • Fixed bugs related to Ethics Divergence. Pops should no longer drift to "neutral" ethics. Drift towards empire ethics is slower than drifting away from
  • Fixed a bug where Frontier Outposts in sectors would cost no influence maintenance
  • Fixed a bug where ship_accuracy_add was not being calculated correctly
  • Fixed a bug where assigning ethics to newly generated pops would cause incorrect ethics divergence.
  • Custom ruler and heir titles will now be properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed armies being stuck on planets
  • Planets recaptured from the AI empire will no longer randomly become Tundra worlds
  • Fixed the AI empire having highly self-destructive ideas about AI legality