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Patch 1.9, aka "Boulle", was released on 2017-12-07[1] with the checksum a2c2. The patch was released alongside the Humanoids Species Pack story pack.

Species Pack Features

Ship Appearance

  • (HUMANOIDS) Added complete new Humanoid ship set.


  • (HUMANOIDS) Added 10 new portraits to the Humanoid species class.

City Appearance

  • (HUMANOIDS) Added Humanoid city graphics.

Prescripted Empires

  • (HUMANOIDS) Added a new prescripted empire: "Voor Technocracy"


  • (HUMANOIDS) Added new 'Soldier' advisor voice set themed on the Commonwealth of Man
  • (HUMANOIDS) Added new 'Diplomat' advisor voice set themed on the United Nations of Earth
  • (HUMANOIDS) Added new 'Technocracy' advisor voice set themed on the Voor Technocracy
  • (HUMANOIDS) Added 3 new song remixes.


  • Hovering over a category in the Traditions screen now works correctly with non-default UI scaling
  • Fixes text overflow in Governor description in Planet View, in low resolutions.
  • Fixed Create Vassal button missing in low resolution.
  • Fixed CTD that can happen during daily war updates.
  • Fixed localisation error when declaring war on Awakened Empire.
  • Fixed factions in Inwards Perfection empires referring to Diplomacy traditions when they mean Adaptability.
  • Fixed minor break in Machine Uprising event chain.
  • Fixed National Purity and Native Privilige agendas being available for fanatic xenophile empires.
  • Fixed blurry egalitarian ethics icons when using low graphics quality.
  • Fixed Machine Integrated species sometimes not respecting their Military Service species rights.
  • Updated metadata for the music in Synthetic Dawn DLC to fix an incorrect track name.


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