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Patch 2.1, aka “Niven”, was released on 2018-05-22[1] with the checksum 01a9. The patch was released alongside the Distant Stars story pack.

Story Pack Features

  • Added many new Anomalies, increasing the total amount by almost 50%
  • Added new Leviathan: Voidspawn
  • Added new Leviathan: Tiyanki Matriarch
  • Added new Leviathan: Scavenger Bot
  • Curator Enclaves will now also spawn for Distant Stars owners, to help with the new Leviathans
  • Added new unique systems to explore
  • Added L-Gates and the mysterious L-Cluster outside the known galaxy, which you will have to investigate and research to access

Free Features

New Features

  • Galaxy generation has been reworked for more interesting hyperlane terrain: stars are now grouped in highly connected 'constellations' separated by thin 'highways', making for more strategic placement of natural chokepoints
  • All hyperlanes are no longer immediately visible when starting a new game, but will be revealed through exploration. Hyperlane visibility extends roughly twice as far as your sensor range
  • Added binary star systems
  • Added trinary star systems
  • Added new star classes
  • Added new Tomb World tileset and city backdrop art
  • Anomaly levels have been reworked to span levels 1-10 instead of 1-5
  • Anomalies can no longer fail, but instead the time to research an anomaly will depend on the difference between scientist level and anomaly level, with high level anomalies potentially taking a very long time to research for a low skill scientist
  • Some older Anomalies have been reworked and fixed to function properly
  • Strategic Resources have been reworked so that similar materials have the same types of effects - crystals for ship damage, ores for ship defenses, gas for empire effects, etc.
  • All Strategic Resources are now always visible, but most require specific Technologies to be mined
  • Strategic Resource deposits are no longer distributed according to galaxy clusters
  • Added new Aldar Crystals Strategic Resource
  • Added Aldar Crystals tech
  • Added Experimental Subspace Nagivation which allows science ships to go missing-in-action and travel to a selected system. This will allow them to bypass (but not enter) closed borders
  • Added a new Alert for when establishing communications reveals a new Strategic Resource within another Empire's borders
  • Establishing communications with another Empire that has a Bypass (Gateway, Wormhole, L-Gate) within its borders now counts as discovering that Bypass Type
  • Added a new Mammalian portrait


  • Survey speed increase per Scientist level increased from 5% per level to 10% per level
  • Most scientist level requirements for Special Projects have been removed, as they tend to be gated by anomalies anyway
  • Decreased outer boundary distance for Fallen Empires (was preventing more Fallen Empires from spawning in large galaxies)
  • Zro Distillation is now a Tier 3 tech (down from 4)
  • Rebalanced Strategic Resource tech tiers to better fit their effects


  • Situation Log has been reworked and will now also list anomalies
  • Science ships now have a "Research Anomalies in System" right-click command on systems
  • Renamed tile science modifiers from e.g. "Physics Output" to "Tile Physics Output" to better reflect what the modifiers actually do
  • Scientist level is now shown in the outliner


  • AI will retreat its Colossus if it is alone in combat, as even a planet destroying giant laser is cold comfort in the lonely depths of space
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would incorrectly allocate too much budget to navies when it could not support any more ships, resulting in underdeveloped empires


  • Scripted variables rework: centralized all @values in \common\scripted_variables folder
  • Scripted variables rework: centralized @values can be overridden by @values defined in individual files
  • Anomaly rework: combined _anomaly_categories and _anomalies files into one file
  • Anomaly rework: added "anomaly_event" effect with expected scopes for use in anomaly categories
  • Anomaly rework: added a number of new features and updated syntax
  • Added "exclusive_trigger" functionality to event descriptions
  • Added "last_changed_species_rights_type" trigger
  • Added "fleet_action_research_special_project" effect
  • Added "remove_orbital_deposit" effect that removes the orbital deposit on planet
  • Added picture parameter for set_planet_entity effect
  • Added support for multiple asteroid belt types
  • Added "create_saved_leader" effect
  • Hyperlane Discovery Range is now separate from Sensor Range, and can be modded for ships, planets, megastructure, etc.
  • Added "is_bottleneck_system" trigger
  • Added scriptable bypass connections
  • Added "delete_megastructure" effect
  • Added HIDE_HYPERLANES_OUTSIDE_TERRA_INCOGNITA define to hide hyperlanes outside TI
  • Added "add_tradition" effect
  • Added support for sealed_wormholes as a bypass type for wormholes
  • Added the ability to specify colonizer pop species when spawning a colony ship via create_ship
  • Added a batch optimization effect for spawn_system


  • Fixed issues with the pulsar Marauder system initializer
  • Fixed edge case where Marauders would sometimes demand more tribute than they should
  • Fixed a number of minor syntax issues (shoutouts to Dayshine)
  • Pop production modifier no longer affect strategic resources
  • Fixed more potential out-of-sync issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed stability issue when a selected situation log entry is removed
  • Fixed aborted special projects not disappearing from the situation log and blocking others from completion
  • Fixing game text descriptions for planet classes
  • Fixed the OOS when you ctrl-shift-click an enemy fleet
  • Fixing the set location effect having a wrong angle for fleet position
  • Withdrawal symptoms are no longer reset when changing species rights
  • Bugfix for when deleted bypasses were not removed
  • Fixed issue where the Strategic Resource tutorial mission could trigger for resources located inside other empires, because envy is the darkest emotion
  • Fixed an effect attempting to link up already-linked wormholes (which would crash the game)
  • Fixed issue where tutorial missions could sometimes trigger for Gestalt Consciousness empires, who really should know all this instinctively already
  • Fixed issue where Remove Orbital Debris special project did not require a Science Ship
  • Fixed Occupation tooltip always displaying 0 planets being occupied
  • Planet picture override should now apply correctly
  • Fixing the issue when context effect used in hidden effect caused assert
  • Fixed more potential text overflows in Federation view
  • Habitats no longer double dip on orbital deposits
  • First Contact tutorial mission will no longer trigger when encountering primitives
  • Fixed anomaly tooltips sometimes displaying incorrect value types
  • Fixed issue where gateways were sometimes weirdly initialized, causing first gate activation to not activate a second gate
  • Made it impossible to start building pops that cannot grow and will be removed next monthly tick anyway
  • Starbase occupation now counted even if there are no occupiable planets in the system
  • Fixed OOS on hot join due to fleet auto-moving
  • Fixed CTD for survey console command in case of player is invalid
  • Fixed erroneous tooltip in "Leviathan Down" anomaly
  • Disabled the upgrade button of starbase defense stations when you can't afford to upgrade them
  • Defense armies are no longer so morally affronted by cybernetic enhancements that they mass disband upon completing Synthetic Ascension
  • Fallen empires will now avoid spawning at the edges of the galaxy
  • In case a starbase is lost in a save game it will be restored
  • Fixed the bug when jump drive didn't call the notification for entering the system
  • Blocked the ability to pick a non-mergeable fleet for deploying newly built ships to prevent an exploit with fleets lacking a size limit
  • Fixing the bug when it was possible to load save game in an ironman game, and the attendant confusion
  • Planet having sapient pops during colonization no longer messes up interface and other things
  • Fixed ironman UI being broken in setup GUI
  • Made debris try to pick earlier tech available for research rather than having latest one
  • Event ships can now be removed from fleet designs when they have been destroyed