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Patch 3.1.X are all patches beginning with 3.1.


Main article: Patch 3.1


Patch 3.1.2 was released on 2021-09-29[1] with the checksum 6df7.

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed a crash where releasing a vassal as a Clone Army could cause an invalid species.


  • Fixed the Clone Army origin tooltip not having a matching ship upkeep reduction with their admirals. Also changed the bonus to scale in a cleaner way, the upkeep is now 5/10/20% based on the Army's decisions.
  • The Genetic Crossroads special project will now abort if a species completes Synthetic Evolution before finishing it.
  • Fixed habitability of planets that clone armies have abandoned through lack of clone vats being locked at 0% for them.
  • Ancient Clone Vats can now only assemble Clone Soldier pops.
  • Going into a food deficit when using the Catalytic Processing civic will now give a -50% production penalty to alloy production. This penalty is in line with the penalty non-catalytic empires suffer from a mineral deficit
  • Fixed players being able to move their Science Ship to blow up systems using the “Elder One” event.
  • Fixed exploit where AI acceptance from Eminent Diplomats tradition also applied to trade deals.