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Patch 3.2.X are all patches beginning with 3.2.


Main article: Patch 3.2


Patch 3.2.1 was released on 2021-11-22[1] with the checksum de97.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed the game crashing if the script tries to set an Empire hostile to itself.


  • Fixed AI not voting for federation laws.


  • Fixed Starbase modifiers sometimes becoming invalid when removing buildings.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for why an AI wants random succession could display "Poor Cohesion: 20" up to 4 times.


Patch 3.2.2 was released on 2021-11-23[2] with the checksum abcc.

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed the game crashing when interacting with the gender selection interface in Empire Creation, when playing in non-English languages.