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Patch 3.3.X are all patches beginning with 3.3.


Main article: Patch 3.3


Patch 3.3.2 was released on 2022-02-24[1] with the checksum 87f3.


  • Fixed localization issues affecting articles in French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when attempting to apply a species template to a species with a different amount of traits than what is in the template.
  • Fixed species template application trait add/remove checks being inverted.


Patch 3.3.3 was released on 2022-03-15[2] with the checksum e135.


  • Planetary Ascension Tier costs have been adjusted. The effect the number of Ascensions has on the cost has been dramatically reduced, but the effect Empire Size has on the costs has been increased.
  • Colonists now only produce 3 amenities to be more in line with other amenity producing jobs. Reassembled Ship Shelter produces 7 to make up for it.
  • Embracing a Faction now costs Unity rather than Influence.
  • Promoting and Suppressing Factions intentionally remains free, other than causing the factions distress.
  • Edicts no longer increase empire size from systems or pops.
  • Sacrificial edicts now increase the unity output of death priests by +3 Unity while the edict is in effect.
  • Galactic Memorial now provides 3 Unity per Ascension Perk instead of 2.


  • Fixed starbase modifiers not updating when ruler dies, picking ascension perk and researching new technologies.
  • Fixed an issue where edicts would get disabled if the player had a deficit of any resource.
  • Fixed timed edicts expiring one day after being enabled.
  • Death Chroniclers and Chronicle Drones now correctly provide both Amenities and Stability.


  • Fixed an issue where AI empires would not upgrade their mineral purification plant building.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would get stuck in a loop building and destroying the food processing plant for void dweller empires.
  • Fixed an issue where AI empires would put too many planets on the factory world designation.


Patch 3.3.4 was released on 2022-03-17[3] with the checksum 67b9.

  • Fix to address performance impact on mid- to late-game saves.