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Patch 3.5.X are all patches beginning with 3.5.


Main article: Patch 3.5


Patch 3.5.2 was released on 2022-09-22[1] with the checksum 27ef.


  • The Toxic Entity will no longer bless those unworthy. (You cannot select a Toxic God solar system initializer without the Knights of the Toxic God origin)
  • Crisis will now destroy the starbases of the systems it invades, fixing an issue where the AI would sometimes not land their armies on colonies properly.
  • You can no longer put the Toxic God's strike craft on your ships if you defeat the Prethoryn


Patch 3.5.3 was released on 2022-10-11[2] with the checksum c1ba.


  • You will no longer get alerts about envoys dying.
  • AI will now research debris.


  • Shared Burden now doubles the unity gained from the egalitarian faction.
  • Ensured consistency in the Toxic God starting resources: the home system will now always contain a +3 alloys deposit. A nearby one will contain another +2 and a further +6 energy.
  • Federation subjects that cannot vote can no longer persuade federation members that someone should not be invited into a federation
  • Capped Noxious happiness bonus at 40%.
  • Vassals that leave an overlord's war by a change in the agreement will now get a truce with every opponent.

Planet Automation

  • Removed out dated sector automation logic which was activated for planets when sector automation was enabled but planet automation was deactivated
  • Clarified the tooltip explaining when planetary automation will create new jobs
  • Planet Automation Crime module will now forbid enforcer jobs if you have 0 crime and allow enforcer jobs if you have more than 27 crime
  • Added a Planet Automation setting which allows for construction even during resource deficits
  • Changed how Planet Automation is presented in the Planet View to more clearly show that there are settings that the player can use


  • Fixed Toxoid presapients having Aquatic portraits.
  • Fixed gateway tags not showing up in the solar system map.
  • Fixed megastructure outliner right click not focusing on the megastructure (as is standard for other outliner objects).
  • Fixed one of the outcomes of the Ancient Robot World arc site featuring visual bugs (placeholder model due to not having a correct graphical culture set).
  • Updated tooltip for Mutagenic Spa to match values given by Bath Attendant jobs.
  • All resolutions in the Galactic Market category now require the market to be formed in order to be proposed.
  • Fixed farm appendages bonus from “Damn the Consequences” edict.
  • Fixed low maintenance to be an actual bonus.
  • Added the actual effect of Damn the Consequences to its effect tooltip.
  • Fixed Situation modifiers not updating in some circumstances when you changed Approach or Stage.
  • The Debris Field anomaly will now reliably fire an event when you research it.
  • Fixed copy paste error in Toxoids 3 name list (male regnal names).
  • Fixed the Toxic God branch office building not reliably boosting quest progress, depending on your chosen civics.
  • Fixed radiotrophic simple drones for lithoid hive minds having their mineral upkeep increased instead of decreased.
  • You can now only consecrate one habitat per activation of the Toxic Maw.
  • Updated the tooltip for requiring additional activations of the Toxic Maw.
  • The Prethoryn Brood Queen relic now correctly sets the relic activation cooldown timer.
  • Machine Intelligence pops are now correctly purged again when conquered by an organic empire.
  • Fixed Heritage Sites and Hypercomms Forums not converting to Pillar of Quietuses and Galactic Memorials respectively.
  • Fixed an ungrammatical pronoun being used in one of the early Toxic Knights quests.
  • The primitive habitats in Federation's End system are no longer in danger of being turned into barren worlds by asteroids.
  • Fixed a stray “?” in the event where the Shroudwalker enclave is destroyed.
  • Corrupt Survey Data event can no longer happen on planets with moons, as it would leave the moon orbiting nothing, and due to cost cuts we can assume that the holographic projection couldn't also cover the moon.
  • Fixed the Toxic Knights end bugging out if you *SPOILERS* using a mercenary fleet.
  • Clarified the negative happiness impacts of the Noxious trait in a pop's happiness breakdown.
  • Fixed misleading tooltip for why an AI will say no to your request to join their federation (it suggested they did not want to be a federation partner with a current member, but actually it meant that that member did not want to be a federation partner with you).
  • Fixed Luminous Blades modifier stating it was a bit more effective than it actually was.
  • Fixed megashipyards not benefitting from certain country-wide ship cost and build speed modifiers.
  • Fixed cases where if a hive forced a regular empire to release a vassal with a status quo peace deal, the resulting empire would be a hive empire without hive pops. (Also fixed it for machines, and for the opposite case of regular empires attacking or machines).
  • Added missing effect to the tooltip of the Psionic Archive relic.
  • You can now once again apply species templates that would remove beneficial traits, so long as you were able to make the template a valid combination in the first place.
  • Leader and envoy portraits now switch correctly after undergoing synthetic ascension.
  • Science ship modifiers are no longer doubled in the tooltip.
  • You should no longer be able to have multiple monuments on a single planet (again).
  • Fixed issue where invalid research alternatives may be left in TechStatus after adding pre-learned technologies at start of game.
  • Spiritualist Empires now care about Relentless Industrialism on their holy worlds.
  • Chemical Bliss no longer states that it causes unemployed pops to produce unity.
  • Fixed various crashes.


  • Increased the monthly random chance that an AI will decide to start preparing for war.
  • AI empires will now bring their assault armies towards the enemy during war preparation phase.
  • Reduced the maximum AI war preparation period from 60 months to 30 months.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would use their "prepare for war" gather logic even during an ongoing war.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would try and gather their fleets for an upcoming war in a system which they could not access.
  • Fixed AI sometimes not hiring enough scientists to keep researching.
  • Fixed some cases where AI would inexplicably spam admirals.
  • AI hive-mind will no longer destroy hive warrens.
  • Fixed AI not allocating at least the desired_min to its budgets. Double-allocating resources is less risky than having it not be respected, as with the Influence budget there's a fair chance that the desired minimum may never be hit
  • Improved AI's early game alloy expenditure (it wanted to put a lot into buildings even though most of the time none of the buildings cost alloys)
  • Xenophile empires are now more likely to build trading hub type starbases, changed from materialists.
  • Fixed issues with starbase module logic which made AI forbidden from building anything on certain starbases.
  • Fixed an issue where AI fleets would get stuck in a loop of resetting their move orders during hyperlane windup time.
  • Fixed an issue where AI empires were not allowed to downgrade shipyard type starbases if they had an ongoing construction of ships which made AI empires have much more shipyards than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where bombarding AI fleets would get stuck in a loop of flying between the starbase in the system and orbiting the bombardment target when they were waiting for assault armies to invade their bombardment target planet.
  • Added additional logic for AI to merge fleets which are close to each other during wars to reduce the amount of small AI fleets.
  • Fixed an issue where AI empires would incorrectly try and merge their assault armies together by using FTL reinforcement mechanic, causing their ground troops to be indefinitely stuck in MIA mode.
  • Fixed several issues with AI regrouping logic where fleets would suicide one by one instead of grouping up together before attacking.
  • AI empires who do not use food will no longer build hydroponics on starbases.


  • Added show_in_outliner (default: yes) to determine whether a megastructure type should be shown in the outliner
  • Specifying a "key" in a triggered modifier will now at least some of the time make the modifier have that key as its "name"
  • Fixed the script profiler (previous results using it should be disregarded)
  • Added ability for planet automation to forbid and allow jobs
  • Added upgrade_trigger block for planet automation which allows for individual logic of when buildings should be allowed to be upgraded