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Patch 3.7.X are all patches beginning with 3.7.


Main article: Patch 3.7


Patch 3.7.3 was released on 2023-03-21[1] with the checksum 462f.

Fixes and Changes

  • Every single atomic pre-FTL will no longer nuke themselves if they are not being observed.
  • Fixed Contingency worlds not being properly cracked by devolving beam.
  • The Solarpunk Empire will no longer stay pre-FTL if you decide to steal from them.
  • Admirals should no longer be able to gain both versions of the trickster trait.
  • The Solarpunk empire will no longer gain a new fleet every single month.
  • Fixing custom diplomatic action sounds playing for unrelated empires.
  • Missing localizations are added in English. Proper translations are expected with the following patch.
  • Fallen empire buildings should no longer disappear when you conquer their planets.
  • The Ministry of Culture should no longer disappear after you finish building it.
  • The Artist Enclave should no longer offer to sell you a Ministry of Culture if you already bought one.
  • Non-Xenophobe empires can once again enable displacement purging.
  • The Accepted Plea for Protection opinion modifier is now granted to the subject towards the overlord instead of to the overlord towards the subject.
  • Randomly generated machine empires now have a chance to use the toxoid machine options if you own the corresponding DLC
  • Removed a TODO Opinion Modifier String.
  • Fixed Broken Shackles offering Payback information about the MSI even if they got already destroyed
  • Fixed a bug when cloaked ship cannot progress special project inside closed borders
  • Admiral doesn't get killed anymore when you upgrade the MSI flagship
  • Torpedo and Frigate technology now requires you to have researched Corvettes.
  • The Separatist Planet will no longer nuke themselves if you lose your capital to space fauna.
  • Broken Shackles empires with the Parliamentary System civic will instead have Unshackled Politics fire one month after game start instead of one year after game start.
  • You can no longer select the Fear of the Dark version of the Sol system without the Fear of the Dark origin.
  • Fixed Liberation wars not showing up for Payback empires.
  • Fixed events related to the Out of Warranty event chain not firing.
  • Fix being able to build an observation post over Haven using the fleet order button
  • The Accepted Plea for Protection opinion modifier now grants +150 opinion.
  • The Observation Insight Situation now remembers what approach you had when it last finished.


Patch 3.7.4 was released on 2023-03-30[2] with the checksum fc72.

Balance and Improvements

  • Pre-FTL civilizations now have a chance of having a "close call" when nuclear war threatens to break out.
  • Payback Origin
    • If you defeat the Debt Collectors three times, the MSI will use the Humiliate war goal against you instead of trying to vassalize you
    • The Debt collectors won't bug you anymore if you're currently at war with the MSI
    • Fixed Payback war goals to ensure you can't vassalize or impose ideology on homicidal empires
    • Slightly increased surrender acceptance of Payback war goals
    • Payback origin: fixed a rare instance where the Debt Collectors event chain could get soft locked if the debt collectors were defeated by another empire
    • Payback empires now get a consolatory prize if the MSI gets destroyed by a Marauder empire
    • Fixed an issue where a Payback empire using the End Threat (Payback) war goal against the MSI could end with a whimper instead of as intended.
  • Increased starbase reactor power by roughly 15%.
  • Hive-Minds with both Cordyceptic Drones and Stargazers now start with 3 reanimated amoebae.
  • Pre-FTL Awareness cannot naturally decay below 10.
  • The Raise Awareness espionage operation now prevents pre-ftl Awareness from naturally decaying for 5 years.
  • The Triumviri ending for Fear of the Dark is now achievable from infiltrating the Fevorian government.
  • Buffed MSI by giving them some bonus naval capacity and starting technologies.

Bug fixes

  • The devolving beam now properly destroys the final contingency world (when boosted with the Archaeo-Engineers Ascension Perk)
  • Fixed Sabotage Starbase operation failing to destroy starbase components
  • Fixing a case where you were blocked from building orbital rings on a Fear of the Dark planet
  • It is no longer possible to acquire multiple Galatrons from reliquaries
  • Hivemind pre-FTLs will no longer be producing consumer goods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Solarpunk society wouldn't reattach itself to the galaxy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Solarpunk society would stay neutral after being attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where Sol X and your Beta homeworld would overlap.
  • Fixed the Dark Forest achievement not triggering in some cases due to interactions with marauders.
  • Construction ship and science ships gained from picking a specialization as part of the Imperial Fiefdom origin now correctly start with hyper drives for empires with the Eager Explorer civics.
  • Fix AI Empires building hundreds of observation stations if you don't own First Contact
  • Empire naming adjectives should now be seen for German, Simplified Chinese, and Russian.
  • Removing an unnecessary progress bar in the clear blocker view.
  • Removed happiness penalties from unemployment from living standards, these are now solely applied from job strata.
  • AI with Clone Army Origin now creates clone vats to keep their colonies alive.
  • Starbases should now correctly reflect their new sensor range on the monthly tick.
  • Ancient Saturator Artillery tech now unlocks the Spinal Mount Bow section for battleships.
  • Fixed decloaking in a system with pre-ftls not correctly firing the event to increase awareness.
  • Broken Shackles empires with robots outlawed now correctly purge machine and mechanical pops.
  • Terraforming a planet now also has a chance of triggering an awareness increase.
  • Fix crash when a species doesn't have a valid archetype
  • Removed ability to use the "reveal yourself" diplomatic action while you're already revealing yourself
  • Pre-FTL agreements like "give technology" now get correctly removed once a pre-FTL civilization becomes spacefaring
  • Blocked "Salacious Affair" envoy event from firing on pre-FTL worlds
  • Removing the option of upgrading at neutral starbases
  • Fixed the Fear of the Dark Separatist country being localized incorrectly in German, Polish and Spanish.
  • Added correct icon for Negative Media Coverage modifier.
  • If a pre-FTL society has more than one planet then none will keep being available for observation once the society becomes fully aware.
  • Dig sites should no longer generate minor artifacts for users that do not own Ancient Relics DLC
  • Corrected icon for Declining Healthcare modifier.
  • Class-4 Singularity can now be constructed when rewarded by event.
  • Made it so you can't get an option in an espionage event that requires an interference policy that doesn't allow for espionage.
  • Genocidal empires can now use assimilation species rights targeting their species. This should fix Fanatic Purifiers not being able to cybernetically or psionically assimilate lost colonies, splinter planets or the like.
  • Adding missing cloaking stat on ship design view.
  • Blocking the possibility of terraforming while the planet is under colonization.
  • Fixed a crash when loading old savegames
  • Fixed tooltip bug with fleets from defensive pacts in a war.