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BIG TIME DIFFERENCES (from vanilla)[edit | edit source]

  1. going over admin cap is a suicide.
  2. you have 400 admin cap points at start, but every planet costs 100.
  3. no border gore: your empire should always be connected, or you lose the outpost station!
  4. lot of your research will come from orbiting stations once you research the tech that increases their efficiency.
  5. every planet has big bonus/malus modifiers. choose wisely before colonizing.
  6. you'll have 4 planets max in early game and circa 6 in late game. very different from vanilla!
  7. ethics/perks/civics are now balanced. no need to be a technocratic coward anymore.
  8. (btw: technocracies have been nerfed - so look again at point 7...)
  9. federations: now 8 types available, one for each ethic. lot of penalties for being in the same fed with opposing ethics.
  10. better and reworked traditions. now diplomacy set the diplo influence cost to zero for most treaties.
  11. new perks: go soviet or american! become space swizterland! open trade branches everywhere!
  12. senate laws are passed faster: 1 every 2 years (more or less)

OPENING MOVES[edit | edit source]

  1. build up to 3 science ships and set them to explore and reap the rewards of the galaxy.
  2. consider changing the war policy to “defensive wars” if you are not a militarist: +5 stability on each planet isn’t bad at all…
  3. your first building could be a temple/monument to get unity fast...

FIGHT CLUB[edit | edit source]

  1. naval attrition can hit hard: try researching regenerative tissues or go "no retreat", if you want to push forward.
  2. starbases are tougher now! beware of any fleet behind a starbase...
  3. ...but a good fleet with point defenses will render all those pesky fighters useless!
  4. destroyers will be the backbone of your fleet.
  5. consider building at least a barracks on every planet - getting lots of naval capacity is difficult without soldiers...
  6. don't go to war with disarmament or minimal army. move that slider down a bit!
  7. don't build your starbases just next-door from your neighbor. once captured, they can repair their ships...

ARTS AND DESIGN[edit | edit source]

  1. remember to select an economic policy that benefits you.
  2. if you are in dire straits, consider even non-uniform federations with lots of people + diplo economic policy, and get free stuff!
  3. if you have huge fleets, consider supremacist economic policy, and save on maintenance...
  4. you can even design empty ships and keep them around your starport... upgrade them when you need them!

RESEARCH CAMPUS[edit | edit source]

  1. always research those physics tech that gives +100% res station output. stronk!
  2. green techs are super useful - and those two +1 civics are really a game changer
  3. you should have at least 400 res points/month by the end of 2220; 1000 or more by 2230.

TRADITIONAL VALUES[edit | edit source]

  1. if you open with discovery, go for the left column first, as you get explo speed and then +50% station output!
  2. it is very important to have courier network from exploration tree if you plan on having more than 3-4 planets.
  3. unyelding is a very good defensive tradition

CIVICS/PERKS[edit | edit source]

  1. everything that gets you more admin cap is very stronk. consider taking them (efficient bureaucracy/imperial prerogative/ etc...)

DIPLO[edit | edit source]

  1. make some friends.
  2. don't ignore fleet, army and defences or people like me will come and teach your a sad lesson.
  3. gang up versus strongest players.
  4. try to form a uniform federation. non-uniformity is poorly rewarded by the game.
  5. use the senate to your advantage. if you are behind in research points, vote AGAINST that technocratic law. this is not single player!
  6. no, seriously, stop voting for things that make the strongest players even more stronk. nobody cares if you say "but i am a materialiiiist" and you have 200 res points after 3 sessions...

HUMAN EATING THINGS[edit | edit source]

  1. in this game there could be stronk players with the very bad habit of eating up whole species (like killer-bots, nazis or even devouring wasps).
  2. in the case you find one next door:
    • there is no talking your way out of the situation. they will come for you.
    • start getting alloys and corvettes and crank up your capital base.
    • find asap another "non-homicidal" player and ask him to join against the common foe.
    • gang up with as many others you can and send those monsters to space-hell where they belong.

FINAL WORD[edit | edit source]

  1. this guide is the BARE minimum. if you can't read and understand these very short lines, the joke is on you.
  2. read them all again, just to be safe.
  3. for any question, dm me (preferably on discord, or send a message through steam) - almost always available!
  4. remember that playing games is for FUN. find a friendly community and be decent to others!
  5. losing a game usually makes you stronger in the next one
  6. try different things/strategies. and if you lose, see the previous point!