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Next Planned Update[edit | edit source]

No updates scheduled for now.

PHI 1.6a has been released on Sunday 30th January 2022.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

v1.6 (marIA)[edit | edit source]

version 1.6b: 17th February 2022

version 1.6a: 30th January 2022

version 1.6: 16th January 2022

  • marIA (tm) - artificial intelligence
  • subterfuge econ policy now requires people to actually spy on targets to award bonuses
  • plunder now gives also some unity (as much as alloys)
  • pimped up society tech bonuses (+25% society output / +5% empire society research)
  • reworked grasp the void and interstellar dominion ap
  • habitable worlds survey now requires just 4 planets to explore
  • slight improvements to senate laws (ecology & trade)
  • traits venerable and conformist improved
  • expropriation planetary decision
  • branch office buildings now give corresponding jobs (instead of clerks)
  • machine empires outposts' cost is now 100 as everyone else
  • agrarian idyll: farmers give +1 unity / +1 building slots per farming district
  • minor changes to xenophile fed perks
  • minor changes to pacifist faction
  • marIA: scorched earth tactics!
  • better phi_ai.6 (check for bbeg vs weak empires)
  • solved bug: when in a defensive war, a country should always have humiliation cb available!
  • gaia, machine and hiveworld terraforming projects now take the same amount of time
  • survive cannot be used as wg if the attacker is using humiliation
  • duelists now give +6 unity and +10 naval cap (up from 3u, 2nc)
  • robots' simulation centers give +25% unity output on planet (cumulative!)
  • subjects don't have bbeg modifiers vs overlord
  • capital productivity tech now only gives bonuses (no more increased maintenance)
  • ancient artifact reverse engineering tech now add +0.10 minor artifacts per month
  • doomsday start comes with a size 6 gaia world in the capital system

v1.5 (noblesse oblige)[edit | edit source]

  • noble estates now offer 4 housing and +3 soldier jobs
  • gaia and oceanic origins come with some extra maluses
  • reworked diplomatic stance bonuses
  • tomb world origin starts with 4 additional bomb crater blockers, only removable with terraforming tech
  • increased materialists' bonus to robot upkeep
  • mechanist origin pimped up
  • free haven civic completely reworked
  • new political planetary decisions: sacrifice stability and influence for powerful bonuses!
  • buffed up the crew quarters (starbase building)
  • nerfed anchorage (starbase module)
  • new "Punish the Offender" edict to set conquest war goal against attackers
  • gestalt empires now can burn artifacts to get influence
  • machine worlds now give +2 replicator jobs instead of +1
  • no retreat fleet policy now reduces the amount of attrition suffered by ships
  • implemented some checks for joining defensive wars and punishing the offenders
  • biffed up Galactic Doorstep origin with megastructures cost -50%
  • probably solved a bug linked to sublimation (unexpected random crashes)
  • tradition expansion finisher now gives -50% to void dwellers' habitat building cost
  • emergency election costs reduced to 100 influence (oligarchies and megacorps affected)
  • megacorp government form now gives +10% trade value (instead of admin cap and over maluses)
  • added edict "War in Heaven Ongoing": +1000 admin cap as long as the war in heaven is active
  • ringworld restoration now costs 10000 minerals (instead of alloys) and gives also an arcane generator
  • colossus now takes "only" 5 yrs to build
  • colossus AP removed - everybody can build colossi via tech juggernaut
  • vassals/subsidiaries/tributaries now pay also a rare resources tribute (5% or 10% depending on type)
  • galactic ambition (under "expansion" tradition) now gives also -20% planet structures upkeep
  • reworked max health for menacing ships
  • ap become the crisis now enables no retreat stance
  • homicidal empires with subterfuge economic policy don't need the envoy to get the bonus
  • most unity bonuses are now +50% (instead of +100%/+10%/etc...)
  • pimped devouring swarm bonus to +3 hull / +6 armor daily regen
  • machine terminators now get also +100% pop assembly speed
  • wenkwort's modifiers have been made consistent
  • removed arcane generator from void dwellers' home habitat
  • planetary prospecting now also adds a phi's planetary modifier
  • capital planets starts just with pollution modifier

v1.4 (third law of robotics)[edit | edit source]

  • slightly rebalanced the species traits
  • new "Supranational Authority" bill to create an authoritarian fed from vassals
  • major update on buildings: research labs are now substituted by engineering/physics labs
  • maintenance drones now produce +2 society research
  • added Subterfuge Focus policy
  • added Adaptability and Versatility Focus policies
  • "contact" bonus to society research: +5/month per relations
  • max starbases no more influenced by nb of systems but by nb of pops (+1 starbase/50 pops)
  • centralizing federations now give juicy bonuses to every member
  • reworked feds centralization laws - they now come with bonuses to all members!
  • edict: "blood tribute" available to xenophobe fed leader
  • rebalanced aristocratic and merchant guilds
  • pimped up adaptability and synchronicity traditions
  • machine worlds ap now is now balanced vs gaia/hive perks

v1.3 (sneaky)[edit | edit source]

  • each missile tech now gives +5% explosive weapons fire rate
  • missiles repeatable techs now give +10% fire rate/damage
  • reworked subterfuge tradition: now it is not too bad!
  • automatic research/automatic exploration are available at game start
  • added new edict to run for federation presidency
  • nerfed a little tradition:discovery bonus to station output (now +50%)
  • federation allies' space is now considered as connected to your own space for rules' contiguity compliance
  • now it is possible to build outposts in the L-cluster (connection rules still apply)
  • mastery of nature perk revamped!
  • removed the autospawn of rebels when pops are unhappy
  • nerfed a little the modding bonus, but added +100% megastructures contruction speed
  • missiles weapons now add to ship speed based on their level
  • removed limits to private research centers / public relations firms a megacorp can build on branch offices
  • naval attrition: -10% entering enemy systems / capped @50%
  • enigmatic engineering perk now also adds +20% engineering research speed
  • world shaper perk now also adds 3 max district to non-artificial planets
  • galactic doorstep now has +100% megastructures build speed
  • an overlord/fed leader can now build proxy meta-signal emitter/transmitters
  • remnant origins now starts with anti-grav engineering tech option unlocked
  • shattered ring origin now starts with mega-engineering tech option unlocked
  • reworked lost colony: motherland can be played (just enter the multi after 2 days have passed from start and select the empire)
  • in order to escape the galaxy with the project, one must not be either a vassal nor at war
  • war in heaven now requires everybody to choose sides - no more waiting on the lines!

v1.2 (hello there, general kenobi)[edit | edit source]

  • clone army origin requires to be somewhat militarist
  • clone army has 50% increased empire sprawl malus for "normal" reproducing people; the malus is removed (and more) if clone fertility project is completed
  • max number of clone vats = 2, but the special project removes this limit
  • reworked/balanced the traditions
  • soc tech that gave naval cap +30 are now replaced with naval cap +5%
  • pimped up catalytic processing (+15% alloys production)
  • pimped up agrarian idyll (farmers output +1, every 3 agricolture distric give +1 building - slot)
  • removed the point defense sections for corvettes
  • clones cannot be megacorps
  • space critters weapons are now better (no alloys costs)
  • reworked versatility tradition
  • reworked voidborn origin and traits

v1.1 (alea iacta est)[edit | edit source]

  • solved issues with "random list" not being really random
  • removed the "trade victory" condition as it seemed redundant with the galactic custodianship
  • minor fixes and QoL

v1.0 (alone in the dark)[edit | edit source]

  • standalone mod
  • compatibility with 3.0
  • major rebalancing of internal politics
  • gestalt robots and synthetics cost extra 0.25 alloy/month in maintenance
  • planet modifiers and terraformation
  • balanced civics
  • reworked economic policies
  • reworked traits
  • focus on leader exp gains: now it is worth it!

v0.9 (the phantom minaccia)[edit | edit source]

  • sublimate reality! learn how to mod! become a real minaccia(tm)!
  • QoL: no more unemployed ppl / no more uplink nodes for robots at start
  • Necroids + fanatic purifiers are no longer allowed simultaneously

v0.8 (the emperor new clothes)[edit | edit source]

  • now "independence war" frees the subject immediately, but the overlord gets claims and conquest wg
  • trade empire victory path expanded - now one can embrace vassalage or fight till the bitter end
  • resort world now gives +75 admin points, but has pop growth -100%
  • experimental subspace navigation now gives: windup -10%, emergency ftl away time -25%, disengage chance +10%
  • megacorp cannot reform into/out of other government types

v0.7 (fish and ships)[edit | edit source]

  • minor fixes
  • removed any references to NSC2, now disabled
  • devouring swarm now have +1 hull regen and +2 armor regen daily (instead of 0.5% daily)
  • "engineer" admiral now have +1 hull regen and +2 armor regen daily (instead of 0.5% daily)
  • all ships have 3x hull points with respect to vanilla game
  • AI empires now select output improving techs more often; AI is also granted +1000 admin capacity via edict/cheat
  • science ships now come equipped with a point defence system
  • starbases now only have hangar modules instead of the useless missile/laser/gun turrets
  • modules available: titan cannon (when you have the titan tech), pd defence grid - all other modules are now unavailable
  • fleet academy: now costs 1000 alloys and 100 influence, gives +1000 starting xp to ships built there
  • black hole obs: now costs 1000 alloys and 100 influence, gives +100 physics research
  • curator think tank: now costs 1000 alloys and 100 influence, gives +50 of each research type
  • art college: now costs 1000 alloys and 100 influence, gives +100 unity
  • cruisers and battleships can no longer carry hangar bays
  • introduced the carrier-class ship, which have limited cannons but lots of hangars
  • introduced the carrier tech - requires battleships and it is needed for the juggernaut
  • you can now build 1 titan and 1 carrier per 100 naval capacity, 1 battleship per 50 naval capacity, 1 cruiser per 25 naval capacity
  • changed eng techs for hull improvements: now give +33% of hull instead of fixed amount hp bonus
  • now gestalt empires have drone policies based on traditions unlocked, too
  • occupied planets get 5 devastation / month during war
  • occupied planets add monthly war exhaustion during war
  • hyperdrives II gives +5% speed, hyper III gives +10%
  • jump drives are now limited to battleships, carriers, titans, juggernauts and colossi

v0.6 (war and peace)[edit | edit source]

  • "humiliated" modifier now gives -33% influence, alloys, unity, diplo weight and naval cap for 15 years
  • "humiliation" cb now doesn't cede claimed systems. you fight only for honor! (and to safeguard your production...)
  • losing a "liberation war" now gives the loser a "humiliated" modifier. begone are those easy cheesy changes of ethics!
  • trade victory is now possible: have 1000+ income from trade and build the Galactic Capital to rule a Galactic Trade Empire
  • naval attrition introduced: when a fleet enter enemy-owned territory, it gets 12.5% hull damage (if before damege hull > 51%)
  • total wars are now available only for neighboring empires
  • you can only make claims connected to other claimed or owned systems
  • "breaking" news: you can break truce (via edict)
  • truce breakers get -20 stability, +20 crime, +100% war exhaustion and -50% diplo weight for 10 years
  • if you break another truce while under international scrutiny, you'll reach infamous levels of bastardy: another -20 stability, +20 crime, +100% war exhaustion and -50% diplo weight for 20 years
  • void dwellers origin nerfed to +50 admin cap from +100
  • diplo policies now affects alloys production, too: full pacifist gives -20% alloys while full militarized gives +20%
  • tora!tora!tora! makes one unable to change diplo stance when a war is declared (last 1 year)
  • solved most of the big mess NSC2 introduced on exploration cruisers...
  • leviathans don't destroy starbases anymore
  • reworked economic policies: now unlocked based on the tradition trees available
  • pimped "foreign markets arbitrage" to +20 consumer goods
  • passing through a wormhole now damages all ships by 12.5% (if before damege hull > 15%)
  • game-rule implemented: your systems have to be connected continuously and "safely" to one of your inhabited planets or their outpost will be disbanded
  • above rule takes into account gateways connection as "safe". doesn't consider "safe" L-gates or wormholes (with exception for the "sealed system")

v0.5 (federations)[edit | edit source]

  • federations reworked: now based on ethics!
  • being in a federation now gives -10% diplo weight per level to non-presiding members
  • each centralization level now adds 20% of other members' diplo weight to president ("transfer of powers")
  • now a failed federation vote gives zero cohesion loss to prevent abuses
  • changed the Hegemon and Common Ground origins! Now super exciting!
  • increased cohesion punishment for having too diverse federations
  • Discovery tradition "Database Uplinks" now gives +100% research stations output
  • ap "Universal Translators" now gives -75% influence cost for trading posts
  • megacorp tradition "Trading Posts" now gives +100% research stations output
  • reworked factions (xenophobe): being President of a federation now doesn't give malus
  • nerfed gpm's archaeologist jobs to make them equivalent to researchers
  • government change cooldown set to 5 years
  • policy change cooldowns set to 1 year
  • diplomatic policy total rework: now it represents your empire war-mobilization status
  • fixed black/blue skies policies from nsc2
  • now you get "Trade League" trade policy when you finish both Prosperity and Diplomacy tradition trees

v0.4 (tech from outer space)[edit | edit source]

  • bureaucrats now produce 5 admin cap for 5 consumer goods. "Bureaucratic Center" colony designation add +2 amenities each
  • coordinator drones now produce 5 admin cap for 5 energy and 5 minerals
  • synapse drones now produce 5 admin cap for 5 food/minerals and 1 energy
  • added 1 replicator job to machine replicator building for machine gestalt empires
  • hive minds' civic "Subsumed Will" now gives -30% colonies sprawl instead of -30% pops sprawl
  • reworked the "space technology": now it gives +100% to research stations output
  • removed relative power checks from "Demand Vassalization/Subsidiary/Tributary" diplomatic action
  • nerfed guilli's "Archeotech Machine Assembly": now available to all empires and gives +15% pop assembly speed
  • added "Foreign Markets Arbitrage" civic for xenophile empires: +10 consumer goods per research agreement they sign
  • mercantiles don't pay anymore diplo upkeep for closing borders to homicidal empires
  • policy "isolationist" now gives -75% trade instead of +100% diplo costs

v0.3 (cold war)[edit | edit source]

  • added "The Great Wall" ap: makes inward perfectionist hard-rock solid at the expense of naval capacity
  • added "Operations: Blue/Red Star" ap: militarists can now go full amerikans/soviets with their fleets
  • fixed Fallen Empires to have -90% sprawl from colonies
  • added Gnam Gnam Gnam flavour for gestalt empires
  • void dwellers have a bonus 100 admin cap (reduced from previous 150)
  • changed Galactic Community waiting times to make things happen faster
  • "Rebirth" origin now does not allow lithoids
  • reworked "Diplomacy" tradition: finisher gives +1 envoys; starter giver -100% diplo maintenance; switched "more trade protection" with 1 clerk / 20 pops
  • reworked Vassals: no integration / they pay taxes (10% of alloys, consumer goods and research) / they can expand / they cost 1 influence per month in maintenance
  • reworked Tributaries: no integration / they pay taxes (10% of energy and minerals) / they can expand / they aren't protected by overlord
  • reworked Subsidiaries: no integration / they pay taxes (5% of everything) / they can expand / they cost 1 influence per month in maintenance / they don't join overlord in wars
  • reworked Protectorates: no integration / they generates +1 influence and +200 society research for overlord / they can expand
  • added "Total Noob" edict: now empire sprawl is no more a problem, but you do zero science and zero alloys while it is active

v0.2 (democracy is king)[edit | edit source]

  • nerfed guilli's singularity matrix to add just 1 science for each type vs 4 energy credit cost/month
  • added "Gears of War" edict: gives +200 admin cap and -75% resettlement costs for 2 yrs
  • democratic government form now gives +1 leader pool size and +1 faction influence gain
  • edict "fortify the borders" now makes starbases upgrade 100% faster and add +10% to their hulls

v0.1 (a new hope)[edit | edit source]

  • planet sprawl = 100
  • voidborn start with 150 more admin capacity