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Planetary features


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This article has been verified for the current PC version (2.7) of the game.

Planetary features represent notable areas on planets. They determine the number of Districts the planet can support and can provide various bonuses to planets. Megastructures, Ringworlds and Ecumenopolis, Hive and Machine worlds do not have planetary features, being able to support as many districts as the planet size but not able to mine Strategic Resources or receive bonuses from special features.


Deposit featuresEdit

These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. Gaia planets are more likely to have features that unlock Strategic Resource buildings or grant a higher number of Districts. If a planet is terraformed the deposit features are changed to new ones that allow the same number of Districts to be built.

  Agriculture Districts   Generator Districts   Mining Districts   Crystal Mines   Gas Extraction Wells   Mote Harvesting Traps   Betharian Power Plant   Alien Zoo
  •   Boggy Fens
  •   Bountiful Plains
  •   Fair Tundra
  •   Green Hills
  •   Lichen Fields
  •   Natural Farmland
  •   Nutritious Mudlands
  •   Rugged Woods
  •   Arid Highlands
  •   Buzzing Plains
  •   Hot Springs
  •   Mineral Fields
  •   Mineral Striations
  •   Ore-Veined Cliffs
  •   Crystalline Caverns
  •   Bubbling Swamp
  •   Dust Caverns
  •   Betharian Fields
  •   Isolated Valley
  •   Fertile Lands
  •   Fungal Caves
  •   Great River
  •   Lush Jungle
  •   Frozen Gas Lake
  •   Rushing Waterfall
  •   Searing Desert
  •   Prosperous Mesa
  •   Ore-Rich Caverns
  •   Crystal Forest
  •   Crystal Reef
  •   Fuming Bog
  •   Dust Desert
  •   Black Soil
  •   Fungal Forest
  •   Marvelous Oasis
  •   Teeming Reef
  •   Tropical Island
  •   Geothermal Vents
  •   Tempestous Mountain
  •   Underwater Vents
  •   Rich Mountain
  •   Submerged Ore Veins

Habitat featuresEdit

These planetary features are added on habitats when built orbiting the appropriate resource deposits.

Feature Effects Description
  Exotic Gas Deposit
  •   +1 to +5 Max Gas Extraction Wells
This habitat is built near an exploitable exotic gas deposit.
  Rare Crystal Deposit
  •   +1 to +5 Max Crystal Mines
This habitat is built near an exploitable rare crystal deposit.
  Volatile Mote Deposit
  •   +1 to +5 Max Mote Harvesting Traps
This habitat is built near an exploitable volatile mote deposit.
  Alloy Deposit
  •   +1 to +5 Alloys
This habitat is built near an exploitable source of alloys.
  Zro Deposit
  •   +1 to +3 Zro
This habitat is built near an exploitable zro deposit.
  Dark Matter Deposit
  •   +1 to +3 Dark Matter
This habitat is built near an exploitable dark matter deposit.
  Living Metal Deposit
  •   +1 Living Metal
This habitat is built near an exploitable living metal deposit.
  Nanite Deposit
  •   +1 Nanites
This habitat is built near an exploitable source of nanites.

Anomaly featuresEdit

These planetary features can be added by random anomalies on habitable planets.

Feature Effects Description DLC
  Abandoned Primitive Homesteads
  •   +10% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Max Agriculture Districts
These abandoned homesteads were once inhabited by a society of reptiles. They still populate the planet, but have since lost all capacity for sapient thought.
  Ancient Mining Site
  •   +5 Max Mining Districts
The site of an ancient mining operation. Despite its age, much of the equipment can still be operated.
  Ancient One
  •   +4 Society Research
An ancient being, living deep beneath the waves, is the dominating life force on this planet.
  Harvester Fields
  •   +6 Max Agriculture Districts
Vast fields of dense, edible vegetation where ancient solar-powered harvesters assist in gathering crops.
  Hyperfertile Valley
  •   +5 Max Agriculture Districts
The soil in this valley is extremely fertile, and it is covered in intense greenery.
  Mutation Vats
  •   +12 Society Research
  •   +1 Exotic Gases
In a painful ceremonial procedure members of this post-nuclear exchange society on this planet would expose themselves to near-lethal doses of chemical mutagens, in the hopes of revealing their 'true selves'. The skeletal remains found at the bottom of many of these vats suggest not all supplicants survived the ordeal.
  Toy Factory Complex
  •   +10% Society from Jobs
  •   +20% Engineering from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
Complex machinery ceaselessly molds complex polymers into small items of varying shapes and inscrutable purposes.
  Wetware Computer
  •   +20% Engineering from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
The oceans on this world are almost completely covered in a fine network of algae that appear to be a primitive wetware computer.
  Flooded Mounds
  •   +20% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
The soil in this valley is extremely fertile, and it is covered in intense greenery.  
  •   +2 Max Mining Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
The sand dunes on this planet are almost entirely composed of countless broken nanites. Their structure is degraded far beyond any chance for reactivation, but they do coat the planet in rare metal granulate.  
  Savage Wildlands
  •   +10% Society from Jobs
  •   +1 Researcher Jobs
These indigenous creatures who inhabit this region appear to operate as a single organism.  
  Zone A
  •   +3 Unity
  •   +10% Physics from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
A thirteen-by-thirteen kilometer stretch of land on this planet is a ruin of unknown origin, littered with many bizarre and unique alien artifacts. Bafflingly, it also produces sensations of deep contentment in its visitors.  

Event featuresEdit

These planetary features are added by certain events.

Feature Event Effects Description DLC
  Migrating Forests Migrating Forests
  •   -1 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   -1 Max Generator Districts
  •   -1 Max Mining Districts
The mobile forests of this world frequently migrate en masse to new regions, disrupting efforts at building roads, power lines and other infrastructure.
  Migrating Forests Reserve Migrating Forests
(Study Migrating Forests Special Project)
  •   +20% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
This entire region has been set aside for the migrating forests that are native to this world. Here they can roam in peace, without causing damage to urban centers.
  Ancient Bombardment Craters What Happened Here (20% chance)
  •   +20% Physics from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
This world was subjected to intense orbital bombardment long ago. Parts of the surface are still pockmarked with impact craters.
  Ancient Battlefield What Happened Here (20% chance)
  •   +20% Engineering from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
The civilization that once inhabited this world was destroyed by an invading force from somewhere beyond their solar system. This ancient battlefield is littered with ancient debris from their desperate last stand.
  Irradiated Ruins What Happened Here (20% chance)
  •   +20% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
Remnants of a massive nuclear war waged by the two global superpowers that once inhabited this world.
  Subterranean Contact Zone Seismic Disturbances
(Establish Communications Special Project)
  •   +2 Max Generator Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
  •   +1 Subterranean Liaison Officer Job per 20 Pops
An area where Subterranean dwellers and Surfacers can work together towards peace and prosperity.
  Subterranean Farming Caverns Seismic Disturbances
(Preemptive Strike Special Project)
  •   +3 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
A network of vast caverns which contain numerous fungal farms, hunting areas, and lakes teeming with edible flora and fauna.
  Subterranean Generator Areas Seismic Disturbances
(Preemptive Strike Special Project)
  •   +3 Max Generator Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
Subterranean rivers and the geothermal energy from the molten core of the planet offer vast potential for energy generation.
  Subterranean Mining Sites Seismic Disturbances
(Preemptive Strike Special Project)
  •   +3 Max Mining Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
Underground tunnels lead to a variety of mineral-rich ore veins inaccessible from the surface.
  Cave Shroom Veins Feral Behavior
(Exterminate the Cave Mushrooms Special Project)
  •   +3 Cave Cleaner Jobs
  •   +1 Cave Cleaner Job per 20 pops
Ridding the caverns of fungus revealed rich mineral veins.
  Spore Vents Feral Behavior
(Utilize the Cave Mushrooms Special Project)
  •   +2 Gas Plant Engineer Jobs
  •   +1 Gas Plant Engineer Job per 20 pops
Shroom spores can be refined for industrial use.
  Lotus Corrie Impossible Corrie   +20% Physics from Jobs An improbable geological feature has emerged. Strange and reflective crystal deposits line its curved walls.
  Blue Lotus Prototype Impossible Corrie   +1 Transmuter Job This highly experimental facility seeks to transmute everyday silicates into useful alloys.
  Blue Lotus Crater Impossible Corrie
  •   +1 Max Mining Districts
  •   +2 Alloys
Site of an accidental, runaway transmutation of rock and other matter into a single, precious alloy.
  Blue Lotus Facility Impossible Corrie
(Blue Lotus Facility Special Project)
  +2 Transmuter Job An industrial-scale facility which transmutes everyday silicates into useful alloys.
  Blue Lotus Ruin Impossible Corrie
(Blue Lotus Facility Special Project)
  +1 Alloys Ruined site of a once-promising experimental facility for transmuting rock and other matter into alloys. Nothing now remains, save for this minor seam.
  Mutant Landfill Abandoned Terraforming Equipment
  •   +20% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
A putrid mass of dead horrors. Their volatile organic matter has twisted together to form a structure of sorts.
  Impact Crater Space Bounty   +3 Max Mining Districts A crater from a large meteor impact. Minerals from the meteor itself can still be found at the site.
  Odd Factory An Odd Factor   +1 Odd Factory Worker Job A well-crafted facility that produces high value resources, left on the planet by a different civilization.
  Ancient Particle Accelerator Ruined Particle Accelerator
  •   +20% Physics from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
This old particle accelerator was built using a novel design, and the surviving terminals within the structure contain a massive amount of research data composed by what much have been a brilliant theoretical scientist.
  Titanic Lifeforms Titanic Life   -1 Max Districts
  +4 Society Research
Numerous Titanic aliens make this area their home, it would be wise to avoid it.
  Underground Vault Underground Vault
  •   +20% Society from Jobs
  •   +2 Researcher Jobs
A massive underground vault, intended as a bomb shelter by this world's original inhabitants. The vault's occupants turned on each other when their food ran out.
  Portal Research Area The Doorway
  •   +1 Dimensional Portal Researcher Job
  •   +1 Dimensional Portal Researcher Job per 40 pops
A secure complex has been built around the Dimensional Portal to house research staff dedicated to probing its mysteries.
  Party Fever A Cause to Dance?   +15% Pop Growth Speed Something about this planet induces feelings of exhilaration and the irresistible urge to dance, as well as certain aphrodisiac urges. This has made the world a prime destination for partygoers young and old who seek to shed their inhibitions and experience the thrill of the planet's perpetual dancing festivals with abandon.
  Loop-Plowed Farm The Waiting World   +4 Max Agriculture Districts The food crops lean into the wind, somehow.
  Spiral-Hewn Mine The Waiting World   +4 Max Mining Districts Narrow shafts twist around spiraling minerals veins.
  Dragonslayer Monument Dragonslayer   +15 Unity A monument commemorating the defeat of the Ether Drake.  
  Stellar Devourer Trophy Stellar Devourer
  •   +6 Unity
  •   +10% Happiness
A trophy made out of the remains of the Stellar Devourer, reminding our great nation of its victory over the gargantuan entity.  
  Cryonic Clones Monument Clones in Cryostasis   +6 Society Research Hundreds on alien clones were left sealed in cryostasis chambers when this Ring World was still a ruin. Now fully restored, the clones have been preserved in this monument.  
  Processing Pens Wild Eukaryotes   +14 Food The fungoids native to this planet were genetically engineered to be docile...and delicious. In these vast processing pens, the fungoids are nourished and then harvested.  
  Numa's Breath Numistic Order caravan deal
  •   +3 Max Generator Districts
  •   +2 Max Districts
This stable bent reaching into the planet's crust was created by The Numistic Order.  
  Sentinels The Sentinels archaeological site   +2 Living Metal The broken remains of nine monumental automatons made from an unusual metal alloy offer an ample supply of Living Metal.  
  Federation Monument Hegemony event chain   +0.5 Monthly Influence This spaceborne monument stands witness to the unity, strength and splendor of the interstellar federation that constructed it.  

Unique featuresEdit

A number of unique planets in the galaxy contain special planetary features that cannot be found elsewhere.

Feature Planets Effects Description DLC
  Abandoned Mining Tunnels   Relic Worlds   +6 Max Mining Districts Many of the ruins on the planet's surface were built by minerals extracted from these tunnels. Although most have been mined to depletion, there are still several with rich yields.
  Ancient Reactor Pits   Relic Worlds   +6 Max Generator Districts These deep pits near the planet's equator once housed its primary energy generators. Much of the surprisingly sturdy infrastructure has survived, and new reactors can be slotted into it.
  Central Spire   Relic Worlds
  •   +15% Research from Jobs
  •   +8 Researcher Jobs
This towering structure appears to have served as the administrative center of the planet. Its central location and mostly intact interior provides an unmatched opportunity to research this world.
  Dense Ruins   Relic Worlds
  •   +15% Research from Jobs
  •   -6 Max Districts
The study of the dense ruins that cover this Relic World are a boon to science, but their presence also limits the amount of livable space.
  Immense Solar Array   Relic Worlds   +3 Max Generator Districts This solar array is nearly the size of a small continent. Most of it has been smashed beyond repair, but the underlying power infrastructure has survived, making it a good side for energy production.
  Industrial Sector   Relic Worlds
  •   +2 Max Crystal Mines
  •   +2 Max Gas Extraction Wells
  •   +2 Max Mote Harvesting Traps
This entire region once served as as the industrial heartland of the planet. The factories and refineries that are operated here have long stopped working, but hast amounts of scattered resources ca still be found in the area.
  Metal Boneyards   Relic Worlds
  Driven Assimilator homeworlds
  Determined Exterminator homeworlds
  •   +4 Max Mining Districts
  •   +10% Society Research from Jobs
The hollowed-out metal skeletons of fallen infrastructure seem almost to groan as the wind whistles through them.
  Former Relic World   Terraformed Relic Worlds
  •   +10% Research from Jobs
This ecumenopolis was once an abandoned Relic World. Most of the old ruins were repurposed or cleared away when the planet-wide city was rebuilt, but there are still many sites that are of scientific value.
  Valley of Zanaam   Zanaam   +30% Research from Jobs This Valley is home to a mysterious obelisk that is covered in letters from a dead alien language. It hums with power and those in its proximity suffer headaches.
  Tree of Life Sapling   Tree of Life origin colonies
  •   +5 Housing
  •   +10% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Society Research from Jobs
  •   +2 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   2 Food Upkeep
An offshot of the Great Tree, transplanted here by the Hive. It will take millennia for it to fully mature.  
  Organic Slurry   Machine worlds that had biological species   +15 Food An ocean of organic slurry, the processed remains of the former biomass of a planet.  
  Junk Canals   Junk Rattlings planets   +3 Max Agriculture Districts These narrow canals shake around the junk piles, and some adjacent soil is surprisingly fertile.  
  Junk Hollows   Junk Rattlings planets   +3 Max Generator Districts These hollows deep beneath the surface junk would serve well as isolated reactor chambers.  
  Junk Wastes   Junk Rattlings planets   +3 Max Mining Districts The wastes stretch as far as one can see, with occasional pieces of larger junk jutting up out of the ground.  
  Irradiated Valley   Superflares system tomb world   +3 Max Generator Districts The solarflare has washed this isolated valley with heavy radiation.  
  Project Cornucopia   Project Cornucopia decision
  •   +4 Max Mining Districts
  •   +5% Minerals from Jobs
  •   -20% Habitability

Homeworld featuresEdit

Homeworld features are unique features that are generated on the homeworld of an empire if certain conditions are met.

Feature Effects Homeworld requirements Description
  Delhi Sprawl   +2 Max Generator Districts   Earth Lakshmi Commerce Tower was the tallest building on Earth for the better part of the 22nd century, and its unique shape remains an iconic feature of the Delhi skyline.
  BosWash Metropolitan Axis   +3 Max Generator Districts   Earth The BosWash Riots traumatized an entire generation and led to sweeping legal reforms. Never Forget!
  Pearl River Agglomerate   +3 Max Generator Districts   Earth The first region on Earth to be officially designated a megacity. Several other developing urban regions would eventually adopt their own versions of the Golden Delta's successful anti-pollution policies.
  Mauritanian Security Zone   +1 Max Mining Districts   Earth Unexploded munitions are still occasionally found near the compound where Colonel Tetchu and the remnants of his brigade made their famous last stand.
  Mesopotamian Urban Corridor   +3 Max Mining Districts   Earth The megalopolis that stretches along most of the Fertile Crescent is in itself a monument to this ancient birthplace of civilization.
  Great Albertan Crater   +3 Max Mining Districts   Earth When 711494 Satis approached Earth and triggered the Great Panic of '72, everyone thought this was it - the Big One had finally arrived. Fortunately, it wasn't big enough to cause an extinction event. Unfortunately, it wiped out much of Alberta.
  Scandinavian Reclamation Sector   +1 Max Agriculture Districts   Earth Reclamation efforts in the late 22nd century eliminated all but the most stubborn pockets of radiation, and mutation levels are now at an all-time low since the Containment Breach.
  Saharan Irrigation Project   +4 Max Agriculture Districts   Earth Few today remember the vicious ridicule that Operation Green Sahara faced when it was first proposed by Professor Izquierdo.
  Pacific Algae Tracts   +3 Max Agriculture Districts   Earth Invisible until you plunge beneath the waves, the algae tracts seem to stretch into infinity.
  Tree of Life
  •   +10 Housing
  •   +15% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +10% Society Research from Jobs
  •   +4 Max Agriculture Districts
  •   4 Food Upkeep
  Tree of Life origin The Great Tree has sheltered and supported the Hive for untold generations.
  Massive Crater
  •   +25% Pop Growth Speed
  •   +6 Max Districts
  •   +6 Max Mining Districts
  •   -4 Max Agriculture Districts
  Calamitous Birth origin The impact site of the meteorite which brought Lithoids to this planet.
  Consolidated Resources   +25 Minerals   Resource Consolidation origin The refined minerals wealth of an entire Solar System is gathered here in continent-sized piles.
  Organic Landfills
  •   +4 Max Generator Districts
  •   +10% Society Research from Jobs
  Determined Exterminator civic Toxic biohazard waste rots and fumes in vast heaps under the sun.
  Arcane Replicator
  •   +12 Alloys
  •   +4 Consumer Goods
  Void Dwellers origin This ancient machine is nestled deep within the habitat's interior, built into its main reactor from where it also draws its power. A relic of whomever originally built this habitat, its matter replication technology is utterly incomprehensible to us.
  Arcane Generator
  •   +5 Amenities
  •   +10 Energy for each Segment
  •   +2 Volatile Motes if section has an Agricultural Segment
  •   +2 Exotic Gases if section has a Research Segment
  •   +2 Rare Crystals if section has a Commercial or Generator Segment
  Shattered Ring origin This ancient machine seems to respond to our needs by producing the resources needed to upkeep some of our segments.


Blockers are obstacles that block planetary features. Until a Blocker is cleared the obstructed Planetary Feature cannot be exploited. Each Blocker also reduces the maximum number of Districts on the planet by 1 or more, so they are worth clearing even if the extra possible districts are never built. Blockers can be cleared for a cost in energy and time, if the player has researched the required technology. There are 9 such technologies, one for every normal blocker type, and they are all relatively easy to research.

Blocker Spawn chance Removal cost Removal time Required removal tech Description
  Active Volcano
  • x0.5 if   Alpine
  • x0.5 if   Planet Size < 15
  • x0 if world is a moon
  1000   270     Deep Crust Engineering There is an active volcano in this region, spewing forth lava and volcanic gases.
  Dangerous Wildlife
  • x2 if   Hostile Fauna modifier
  • x10 if   Titanic Life modifier
  • x0.5 if   Planet Size < 15
  • x0 if world is a moon
  500   270     Dangerous Wildlife Removal The wildlife in this region is particularly lethal, with many dangerous predators and poisonous plants.
  Deep Sinkhole
  • x2 if   Arid
  • x2 if   Savannah
  500   180     Subterranean Colonization A colossal sinkhole covers most of this region.
  Dense Jungle
  • x2 if   Tropical
  • x2 if   Continental
  500   180     Selective Defoliants This entire region is completely overgrown with thick, impassable jungle.
  Massive Glacier
  • x2 if   Alpine
  • x2 if   Arctic
  500   180     Climate Control Network An immense body of dense ice covers this region.
  Mountain Range
  • x2 if   Alpine
  • x0.5 if   Planet Size < 15
  • x0 if world is a moon
  1000   270     Planetary Resurfacing A vast range of tall and impassable mountains stretches across this region.
  Noxious Swamp
  • x2 if   Tundra
  500   180     Xeno-Hydraulic Mastery Treacherous swamplands and bogs surrounded by putrid gases.
  Quicksand Basin
  • x2 if   Desert
  500   180     Soil Remediation A vast body of quicksand covers this region, making construction impossible.
  Toxic Kelp
  • x2 if   Ocean
  500   180     Ocean Ecology Management A thick forest of kelp that is toxic to most forms of life covers the ocean in this region.
  Bomb Crater   Tomb World only   800   270 This massive crater was created by the detonation of a particularly devastating hydrogen bomb.
  City Ruins   Tomb World only   1200   360 Once a great city, now just a metal boneyard stretching as far as the eye can see.
  Radioactive Wasteland   Tomb World only   800   270 Few organisms can survive in this desolate, irradiated wasteland.

Relic world blockersEdit

All relic worlds have unique blockers that block predetermined planetary features. They do not require any technology to be removed but their removal is very expensive.

Blocker Unlocks Removal cost Removal time Description
  Collapsed Spire   Central Spire Planetary Feature   2000   480 An immense residential spire has collapsed under its own weight in this region, blocking access. While it was still standing, this towering structure must have been among the tallest on the planet.
  Crumbling Mining Tunnels   Abandoned Mining Tunnels Planetary Feature   1000   270 A network of deep tunnels beneath the planet's surface seem to have been its primary source of minerals. Millennia of cave-ins and rockfalls have left only a fraction of the tunnels traversable.
  Flooded Reactor Pits   Ancient Reactor Pits Planetary Feature   1000   270 These deep pits appear to have once housed the planet's main energy production facilities. Over the eons, rain and flooding have filled the pits with murky water.
  Massive Crevice   Industrial Sector Planetary Feature   1000   270 This region is divided by a vast crevice that cuts through what was once a dense urban zone. The ground here is extremely unstable, with frequent earthquakes and landslides.
  Shattered Solar Array   Immense Solar Array Planetary Feature   1000   270 The shattered remains of some kind of colossal solar array. When it was still functional, it must have provided power to a significant portion of this planet.
  Ruined Arcology   1-5 Minor Artifacts if   Ancient Relics is installed   750
  365 The Arcologies which cover this City-Planet lie in ruins. While the foundations are still solid, much of the decaying structure will need to be cleared before we can rebuild.

Unique blockersEdit

A number of events can create unique blockers. These blockers do not require any technology to be removed.

Blocker Source Removal cost Removal time Description
  Impact Crater Asteroid Sighted event   300   100 Something collided with the surface of this world at some point, creating this massive impact crater.
  Subterranean Entrance Subterranean Civilization event chain   500   100 A large hole in the ground that leads into the extensive cave network stretching beneath the surface of this world.
  Rifts Voidspawn hatching   500   120 Seismological phenomena are causing the planet crust to crack, spewing out sulfuric gases and toxic slime.
  Fungoid Extermination Residue Paradise Lost event chain   300   120 This toxic goo is all that remains of the exterminated Fungoids.
  Lithoid Devastation   Consume World decision   1000   360 A lithoid devouring swarm has despoiled this region. With great effort it may be possible to undo the damage.

Also causes -10%   Habitability and cannot be removed by empires with the   Terravore civic

Homeworld blockersEdit

Two or three of each of these blockers are automatically generated on every empire's homeworld. They don't require technology to be removed and all cost 300   Energy and take 120 days to remove.

Blocker Clear rewards Source Description
  Sprawling Slums   1 Pop
  • Biological empire
  • Can appear on other worlds from the Lost to Bureaucracy event
This region is covered by vast shanty towns and slums filled with the poor and the outcast. It contributes nothing to society.
  Industrial Wasteland Random +2 Planetary Feature
  • Biological empire
  • Can appear on other worlds from the Lost to Bureaucracy event
This region is covered by ruined industrial complexes and toxic soil; detritus from a past age of progress.
  Lithoid Monoliths   1 Pop
  •   Lithoid main species
  •    Calamitous Birth Origin
Incredibly rich outcroppings of minerals that seem to be comprised of petrified lithoids.
  Buried Lithoids   1 Pop
  •   Calamitous Birth Origin
  • Also appears on all worlds colonized by a Meteorite Colony Ship
These lithoids were driven deep into the ground when they fell from orbit.
  Collapsed Burrows   1 Pop   Hive Mind authority This site once housed extensive underground tunnel systems inhabited by the Hive, but was abandoned due to overexploitation of local resources and wildlife.
  Abandoned Strip Mine Random +2 Planetary Feature   Machine Intelligence authority This area was heavily strip mined in the past, by older and more primitive machine models that unfortunately were not programmed to take future development of the region into account.
  Long-Abandoned City   Metal Boneyards Planetary Feature   Machine Intelligence authority The crumbling remains of what must once have been a major population center on the planet. No traces of its past inhabitants remain.
  Unsupervised Settlement   1 Pop   Rogue Servitor civic A pocket of organic society on this world still exists outside of machine supervision. Violence, disease and starvation runs rampant inside the settlement's walls, whose inhabitants have regressed technologically by several centuries.
  Silent Ruins   Organic Landfills Planetary Feature   Driven Assimilator civic This once major settlement is now a crumbling ruin, occupied only by the decaying bodies of those organics that chose self-termination rather than be assimilated.
  Former Organic City   Metal Boneyards Planetary Feature   Determined Exterminator civic The charred and irradiated ruins of what was once a major organic population center. Those buildings that still remain standing contain nothing but ashes now.
  Battlefield Remains   Organic Landfills Planetary Feature   Determined Exterminator civic Tens of thousands of burnt warmachines and the twisted skeletal remains of organic soldiers litter the ground at this former battlefield. Residual pockets of radiation interfere with most electronics.
  Settled Ruins   1 Pop   Post-Apocalyptic origin A scattered population of scavengers are eking out a desperate existence in the ruins of this once major city.
  Radiation Zone Random +3 Planetary Feature   Post-Apocalyptic origin A region that was the target of numerous nuclear warheads. Though the radiation in this area has gone down since the initial impact, it is still unfit for habitation barring a major clean-up effort.
  Decrepit Tunnels
  •   400 Minerals
  •     100 Exotic Gases, Rare Crystals or Volatile Motes
  Shattered Ring origin These ancient and decrepit tunnels have never been fully explored or cleared.
  Ancient Rubble
  •   Shattered Ring origin
  •   Driven Assimilator or   Rogue Servitor civic
Broken down machinery and other debris obstructs workers from utilizing the entire segment.
  Great Pacific Garbage Patch   Pacific Algae Tracts Planetary Feature   Earth A swirling miasma of plastic refuse covers a good portion of Earth's largest ocean.

Removal cost and time reductionEdit

Both the cost and the time to remove blockers can be reduced by the following leader traits:

Source Bonus
  World Shaper -15%
  Environmental Engineer -25%
  Bulldozer -25%
  Nanite Entity -40%