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Game modification: ST NewHorizons
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ST New Horizons is an award-winning total conversion mod for Stellaris offering players the ability to select from a large number of civilizations in the Star Trek universe. Lore appropriate Starships, species, events and more are provided to offer a complete Star Trek experience. It is developed by Paradoxical Development Group and published on Steam Workshop.

Status of the mod

The current release version is "NHV 2203 Scorpio Expansion - (e023f0)" and is compatible with Stellaris 3.3.4 More information and the latest patch notes can be found on the Paradox forums and on the Steam Workshop Page.

Author(s): Grinsel, Shaggo, Harel, Kodiak, Russ, Feniks, Kharak, Baahb, UEDCommander, Cutter Slade, Walshicus, Osito, Zoom and many contributors.

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