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a benzite male

Benzarian Commonwealth[edit]

"Zaldans have webbed fingers... Phh... I wouldn't have passed"- Murdock

The Benzites are a humanoid race native to the planet Benzar located in the Alpha Quadrant. Benzite contact with the Federation was limited prior to the 24th century, but by 2364, contact had widened and Mordock, creator of the Mordock Strategy, became the first Benzite to join Starfleet Academy, edging out several candidates from Federation worlds. Relations and cooperation between the Benzites and the Federation continued to expand during this time, possibly as a prelude toward Benzar joining the Federation. Officer exchange programs were initiated, allowing Starfleet officers to serve on Benzite ships and vice versa, in order to promote better understanding of the different cultures, regulations, and behaviors. Benzites are highly meticulous, a characteristic that is reflected in their regulations, one of which states that no officer on a Benzite ship is to report any unexplained occurrence without providing a full analysis and solution.

Available Eras[edit]

Currently there is only one Era, in the future we will add more eras

Available Combat Ships[edit]

  • Generic

Available Civilian Ships and Stations[edit]

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