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ST: New Horizons is a mod built on the Stellaris game, but all content, such as jobs, planet classes, and ship classes, have been rewritten to fit the Star Trek canon and lore. Comprehensive lists of the different components are below:

Governance[edit | edit source]

ST: New Horizons adds several new unique government mechanics and civics, to more accurately represent nations from the show.

Empire[edit | edit source]

The player can control one of 80+ prescripted empires, which have unique mechanics and homeworlds. The details of every specific empire can be found on their respective species page, and mechanics that affect every empire can be found on this page: Races

Ethics[edit | edit source]

Ethics remain the same, for the most part, with their base-game counterparts, however, a few new ethics have been added, which are described below:

Ethic Name Effects Description Empires That Have It
Merged Awareness Governing Ethics Attraction: +25% We no longer try to explain to outsiders the majesty of our link. A merging of form and thought, the sharing of idea and sensation. In the face of this kind of unity, old divisions and rivalries are forgotten.
  • Dominion (Major)
Cybernetic Imperative Governing Ethics Attraction: +25% From the chaos, order. From the madness, unity. From the mindless horde, many voices, many voices, shouting clearly, each one a bright start. We can now truly be one, by embracing each one of us.
  • Borg Collective (Major)
Cybernetic Consensus Governing Ethics Attraction: +25% Every voice heard, every opinion valid. Our pairs come to a mutually beneficial consensus for the greater good.
  • Bynar Domains (Minor)

Colonization[edit | edit source]

ST: New Horizons adds hundreds of new buildings, and with it, many new jobs. Due to the vast differences between races and empires, some empires will have access to jobs others will not.

Citizen Jobs[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive list can be found on this page: Citizen Jobs

Colony Specialization[edit | edit source]

As of Patch 2.2 Le Guin, different planets can have different specializations depending on the districts, buildings, and location of the colony. These specializations cannot be selected by the player, and are instead generated by the game based on the above criteria. The specialization gives bonuses to certain aspects of the colony's industry, such as resource production. A list is below:

Empire Colony Type Effects Description Requirement

Resources and Economy[edit | edit source]

ST: New Horizons overhauls the economic system, which is described in the following two pages (Merge pending): Economy, Strategic Resources