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  • Save game compatibility cannot be guaranteed between patch versions. If you want to experience all new features it is recommended to start a new game.
  • For the most up-to-date patchnotes, please visit the changelog at ST:NH steam workshop page.


NHV 2006 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (e080fc) - Stellaris 2.7.2[edit]

  • Fix - Duplicate Janeway, no more temporal incursions from Captain Janeway... She will now only appear the once via an event.
  • Fix - Issue identified with AI building Branch Offices, they have temporarily disabled to avoid periodic CTD (crash to desktop)
  • Fix - Name Lists updated for Vulcan, Tellar & Andorians to include the canon UFP ship class names should they form the UFP as leaders
  • Fix - Tal'Shiar Trait can now be applied to multiple leader classes, with an appropriate bonus for each
  • Fix - Embassies grant additional envoys as they did previously
  • Fix - Empire Sprawl toned down slightly & increased slightly for Borg/Cravic/Pralor
  • Localisation - Various Localisation Fixes & updates

NHV 2005 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (3984e1) - Stellaris 2.7.1[edit]

Hidden content

  • Species - Ba'ul Species have been added as a new Warp Capable Primitive Race, complete with Kelpian's as their 'prey'
  • Mirror Universe - players can now choose their Heroic leaders careers as Scientists or Admirals
  • Mirror Universe - Terran Empire now have their own unique Origin
  • Event - New anomaly Event - The Brightest Star - rescue a Kelpien who wonders if there is more to life than being prey
  • Event - Participate in the Great Balance between the Kelpiens and the Ba'ul when you observe their home world
  • Event - New Event for fans of the Cheronites - The Last Battlefield (Community Event by Felis)
  • Event - The planet Khitomer is under attack, help defend the planet and former home of Worf or aid the mysterious attackers to in their battle against the Klingons.
  • Heroes - New Heroes for the Romulan, Dominion, Cardassian and Klingon Empire (Qapla'!!)
  • Heroes - New empire appropriate hero recruitment messages
  • Maps - New additions to the smaller maps - tiny alpha & Beta & normal alpha & beta & smaller mirror
  • Features - The Borg ships may now adapt to your attacks for a temporary defensive buff!
  • Features - The Borg may now have a small chance of 'assimilating' one of your ships when in combat and converting it to a new Borg vessel
  • Ships - Introducing the Luna class exploration cruiser - model by metles, adapted for STNH by G-Man
  • Legend Ships - What would Star Trek be without the named ships that help create the legends
  • Balance & Gameplay
  • Envoys - Embassies now give additional envoys at higher levels
  • AI - Empire personalities tuned
  • AI - New AII war time defines, should result in the AI making better priority decisions and splitting their fleets more appropriately
  • AI - Further AI tuning
  • 2.6.3 - Compatibility changes included
  • 2.6.3 - Country Types updates in line with vanilla changes made as part of the 2.6.3 updates
  • 2.6.3 - Localisation changes and updates included
  • Fix - UI game set up and various front-end fixes
  • Fix - UI Select Empire Glossary position fix
  • Fix - UI Ship sizes fix
  • Fix - UI - empire sprawl UI Bug
  • Fix - UI - Top bar now shows envoy count
  • Fix - Various uniform fixes & Missing Discovery Era uniforms for certain species restored
  • Fix - Primitive & Borg Diplomatic Stance fix which was causing some minor slowdowns
  • Fix - War Rescue mission location should now provide a more realistic target
  • Fix - Vassalisation CB should now work as designed
  • Fix - Missing City Districts on game start resulting in pop unhappiness and homelessness
  • Fix - Co-operative missing policy fixed
  • Fix - Borg Edicts should now be only available when appropriate
  • Fix - Bombardment kill pop chance has been fixed for a number of races
  • Fix - Inappropriate Civics have been removed from the Borg
  • Fix - Control Event now spawns during the Discovery Era
  • Fix - No more tiny fleet encounters
  • Fix - Archane Deciphering now correctly reflects in game use
  • Fix - Karstic Planets now modify planets in line with their description
  • Fix - Borg decisions to remove inactive drones has now been fixed
  • Fix - Planet modifiers have been fixed, this will remove duplicate sub world classes & restore missing planet effects
  • Fix - Hero missions are now available to all hero classes (Admirals, Engineers & Scientists)
  • Fix - UFP formation culture - the UFP members will now be able to correctly select the Starfleet culture if formed during the 'Franklin Era'
  • Fix - Terra Prime now has a more appropriate Origin
  • Localisation - 2.7.1 updates and various changes and fixes

NHV 2004 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (f03c2d) - Stellaris 2.6.2[edit]

Hidden content

  • Localisation – 2.6.2 localisation update and various fixes
  • UI – Federation ship designer UI Fix
  • UI update - changed new federation files from green to blue
  • Content - New Federation type for UFP founders and federation builders, which will allow easier management of your fledgling coalition
  • Content - General Nedar, joins the Romulan Empire, but you may know her better as Commodore Oh
  • Event - If UE, Vulcan & Andor work together to defend Earth during the Xindi Crisis adds positive opinion.
  • Performance Tuning – small performance improvements to monthly pulse
  • Balance - Federation formation laws changed to ease issues with species voting against coalitions
  • Balance – AI Trellium-D boost for ship production

  • Fix – Expedition events military ship return home bug
  • Fix - Missing picture from Graviton Crystal anomaly (beta-1208)
  • Fix - Rejecting Andorian assistance during the Xindi crisis gives a more appropriate modifier
  • Fix - Repair Ship button should now send the ship back for repair
  • Fix - Federation UI icon fixes
  • Fix - Borg diplomatic actions restrictions, Borg should no longer be able to perform actions not relevant to their type.
  • Fix - Commercial Pacts now offered at the appropriate time
  • Fix - Numerous diplomatic Actions are now fixed following 2.6.2 update
  • Fix - Admiral Forrest portrait now correctly reflects his appearance
  • Fix - Numerous fixes & balances for envoys

NHV 2003 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (9929a3) - Stellaris 2.6.1[edit]

Hidden content

  • Federations Compat – Compatibility Changes in place ready for Federations / 2.6 changes,
  • Pre-2.6 STNH UFP set up still in place
  • Default Federation replaces coalition from 2.5
  • Basic Origin set up is in place
  • Juggernaut Class disabled temporarily
  • UI – Planet build UI Update
  • UI – 2.6.0 top bar updates
  • UI - Numerous Icon updates for 2.6
  • UI – Diplomatic notification icons have been correctly implemented
  • 2D – Starbase outliner icon update
  • Content - Uniform Refresh, adding ST: Picard era uniforms to the game
  • Content – Heroic Engineers & Security Chiefs added to game as either science or admiral leaders, with appropriate uniform division.
  • Content - New Leader trait for Romulan Leaders – the mysterious Tal'Shiar operative
  • Content - New Leader for FED & TE, welcome Raffi Musiker
  • Content – New Leader for FED & TE, welcome the cigar wielding Chris Rios
  • Content - Jolan Tru to our new Romulan Leaders Zhaban & Laris
  • Content - Name lists updated as of ST:Picard
  • Content - Namelists for many species added, including Risan, Malcorians, Akaali, Akritirans, Ventaxians, Antarans, Antosians, Arbazans, Kressari and Coridans
  • Content - New event for Cardassians & the audacious discovery of a lightship from Bajor
  • New systems - Introducing the Xahean species (Po from ST: DIS) and their home world of Xahea,
  • Pahvo - with a new unique relic to be found explore and uncover the meaning of its strange harmony
  • Nepenthe - with its three moons and excellent Pizza!
  • Kzin complete with the angry Kzinti
  • Kyana Prime - a colony of the Krenim mentioned in VOY: Year of Hell.
  • Content – Bunnicorn
  • Content - Borg Starbases now have six buildings they can build, rather than the four they were stuck with and two empty slots!
  • Map - updated denobulan homeworld location on alpha/beta maps
  • Balance - AlphaBeta Borg Crisis now has a cube roughly 2.5 times as powerful as previous, so should actually be problematic
  • Balance - Self-destruct sequences have been added to some megastructures in the event of Borg assimilation. No more Borg Galactic Forums.
  • Balance - Expedition Missions have been balanced & rewards tuned. Flagship missions reward higher, but appear less frequently.
  • Fix - Warp Capable Primitives no longer cause performance lag & have been re-enabled
  • Fix - Crime & Devastation missions now have options for more playthrough styles
  • Fix - Component fix for Reactive Armour availability on military ships
  • Fix - A number of missing building icons added back in.
  • Fix - AA Guns removed due to performance issues, a more appropriate option will be added in later
  • Fix - Planet defence structures are removed on planet conquest
  • Fix – Leader portrait of Tuvok
  • Fix - Missing Hologram in a Bottle Relic image fixed
  • Fix - Star systems from culled empires at game start will no longer be a mess
  • Fix - Andorians and Vulcans using Fed ship designs should no longer be blocked from key techs
  • Fix - Aggressive Negotiations planet now has the recommended dose of Dilithium deposits
  • Fix - Interphase test site now disappears on completion of quest
  • Fix - Klingon Blas Rika now has proper access to the pulse disruptor branch of weaponry
  • Fix - Expedition Events - removed a bug which caused Hero Admirals and Flagships to become stuck if sent together.
  • Fix - Blank empire names after liberation/rebellion should be fixed.
  • Fix - Voth should start with Voth crew now rather than just Skeleton crew
  • Localisation - Numerous localisation 2.6.1 updates & fixes.

NHV 2002 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (d64e30) - Stellaris 2.5.1[edit]

Hidden content

  • Content - New expedition events for Science ships. Flagships & Hero Leaders, ships are now retained more realistically
  • Content - UI Updates & Fixes
  • Content - The Chase, uncover the secrets of DNA found at a mysterious dig site based on the TNG episode of the same name
  • Content - New heroic admirals for ENT era to balance early gameplay
  • Content - Planet Deneva Prime added by popular demand
  • Content - Decide whether you want Georgiou, Pike, Kirk & Picard to be Heroic Scientists or Heroic Admirals depending on your play style.
  • New Event - Admiral Missions – Your starship admirals can now help tackle high crime on planets that are suffering from high crime rates
  • New Event - Cause & Effect – can you escape the time loop that trapped the USS Bozeman
  • New Event - Planet Devastation Relief Mission – Send a team to aid one of your planets after it has suffered devastation.
  • Events Update - Distress call missions are now available to military ships with the chance of a ‘bonus’ outcome if picked.
  • New Event - The Chase, uncover the secrets of DNA found at a mysterious dig site based on the TNG episode of the same name
  • MU - Defiant Capture event has been reordered to fix a number of issues from testing
  • MU - Automatic enslavement for new species conquered by Terrans
  • MU - New civics which have been custom created for the Terran Empire
  • MU - A number of decals have been fixed, including TOS Fix – A number of decals have been fixed, including TOS Miranda
  • Fix - Sword of Kahless dig sites are now accessible only to the correct empire
  • Fix - Spore Drive no longer causes damages once you have completed the Discovery/Glenn mission
  • Fix - Discovery/Glenn event now has a greater chance of spawning in the correct era
  • Fix - Klingon Augment Virus now triggers more appropriately once the Klingon empire have established contact with humanity
  • Fix - The Grand Fleet edict fix
  • Fix - Component refresh correcting a number of links between ships and components
  • Fix - War events will successfully end when war is ended via Status quo.
  • Fix - Barzan names will now correctly appear in the game.
  • Fix - Klingon Augment Virus – growing pops now reflect state of Augment Virus (Thanks to SNW)
  • Fix - Houses of Gowron & Duras no longer trigger inappropriate vassal demands
  • Fix - Terran culture fix for Satellite defences
  • Fix - Primitives can no longer lay claim to systems (STNH-614/615)
  • Fix - Terraforming penalty for Asteroid strike on Mars during Mars terraform chain (STNH-660)
  • Fix - Metron ships images now display correctly
  • Fix - Dominion fix for galactic research institute
  • Fix - Warp-capable uplifted species now have the correct ship designs
  • Fix - Modi’in Class (infamous Section 31 ship) now flies the correct way!
  • Localisation - Numerous localisation updates and fixes
  • Performance Tuning - The number of mid – game monthly lags have been reduced Game
  • Performance Tuning - Increased Trellium – D spawn chance
  • Start - Starting scenario has been tweaked slightly to improve mid – game performance
  • Tribute - Name list updated to commemorate Star Trek Legends Rene Auberjonois & DC Fontana

NHV 1911 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (edbad0) - Stellaris 2.5.1[edit]

Hidden content

  • Balance - retouched weapon damage and power costs.
  • Balance - starting conditions for Bajor, United Earth and Terran Empire slightly adjusted
  • Content - added unique unity buildings for bajoran and terran empire
  • Content - additional building icons added and implemented
  • Content - Dig site - Find Iconian Gateways throughout the galaxy
  • Content - Dig site - Find Tkonian fortresses throughout the galaxy
  • Fix - Abronath / Ship out of Time archaeological sites should appear when they say they should
  • Fix - Abronath bombardment now kills pops when devastation is over 25% and requires full scale bombardment
  • Fix - Abronath construction site will no longer stick around for ever.
  • Fix - corrected some tech prerequistes
  • Fix - D'Arsay Array now spawns
  • Fix - Federation member worlding of warp capable races now works more consistently
  • Fix - Hero design designs remain available whilst ship is out and about
  • Fix - Kelvin technology now has a Kelvin class icon
  • Fix - Pralor and Cravic now have access to armageddon bombardment
  • Fix - Selecting to play as Terra Prime no longer causes a game over screen
  • Fix - Spore Drive will not fail so often if you have better tech
  • Fix - Voth City Ship is no longer drunk
  • Fix - War declarations on the player now originate from the empire declaring war
  • Fix - War Events will now clear if status quo is reached
  • Performance - Borg Perfection tradition 3 adjusted to just provide complex drone bonuses, rather than shared xp
  • Special - ST:NH Icon for Windows Taskbar

NHV 1910 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (4acc90) - Stellaris 2.5.0[edit]

Hidden content

  • Hotfix - Voth habitability fixed
  • Hotfix - Data Node no longer destroys itself after being constructed for machine races

NHV 1910 Into The Mirror, Darkly - (8f898b) - Stellaris 2.4.1[edit]

Hidden content

  • Hotfix - Flagships will correctly autogenerate designs now.
  • Hotfix - Flagships are now correctly unavailable for construction once the Delphic Expanse expedition is started. Clarification has been added to the event to confirm flagships are not available.
  • Hotfix - AI now correctly uses Gorn shipset.
  • Hotfix - Kobali will correctly use Kobali ships designs for all classes.
  • Hotfix - Federation Kelvin Class had its shrink ray reversed.
  • Hotfix - Hideki has had instead been subject to the shrink ray.
  • Hotfix - Missiles are no longer the size of ships.
  • Hotfix - Demons will no longer stop the federation forming.
  • Hotfix - Voth and Son’a slaves can once again colonise worlds.
  • Hotfix - Various Event Art has been corrected (no more giant monsters on Mars).
  • Hotfix - Federation can once again comission andorian and vulcan phaser research.
  • Hotfix - Orbital Prisons have been temporarily outlawed.
  • Hotfix - Hirogen will now correctly setup nature reserves.
  • Hotfix - Terran Empire will no longer steal experimental shipyards from it's Prime counterpart, and now has access to it's own.
  • Hotfix - Starbase and Ship speed debuffs are now properly mutually exclusive.
  • Hotfix - Charon can now correctly equip the Mycelial Reactor.
  • Hotfix - University planets now correctly revert back to the standard districts.
  • Hotfix - Torpedo Tech Progression Now Flows Correctly.
  • Hotfix - Clarification added to Ship Out of Time event, Reward is Relic.
  • Hotfix - Columbia Refit technology will no longer incorrectly show Excelsior class ships.
  • Hotfix - Excelsior Hero Ship now correctly uses Lakota refit model.
  • Hotfix - Flagships are now correctly mutually exclusive.
  • Hotfix - Terran Empire will once again ensure that its museum and museum ships have the proper paintjobs.
  • Hotfix - Planet Specialisation : Cloning Planet can now be selected correctly.
  • Hotfix - Event rewards involving tech should now properly grant tech.
  • Hotfix - Borg Unicomplex expansion now correctly expansions.
  • Hotfix - Founder contemplation no longer results in massive amounts of mitosis.
  • Hotfix - UI Fixed overlapping tiles in the retrofit fleet designer window
  • Hotfix - It is no longer possible to obtain 2 NX Flagships during the Xindi Event Chain
  • Hotfix - Federation/Klingon/Romulan ships will no longer turn into multi-coloured boxes when integrated into each others empire.
  • Hotfix - Flagships will be properly unlocked if Xindi Projects are not completed on time.
  • Hotfix - Boliax only has one Swampy modifier.
  • Hotfix - Land appropriated in Mirror Universe Coalition of Hope fixed.
  • Hotfix - Ships should really unlock a design every time now in the ship designer.
  • Hotfix - Pirate Ships have been reconstructed to the correct technical specifications.
  • Hotfix - Random maps no longer have static events such as Vulcan P'Jem or Embassy bombing that force empires across the map.
  • Hotfix - Piracy suppression has been adjusted per archetype.
  • Hotfix - Abandoned Terraforming Creatures will no longer seize a world forever and ever.
  • Hotfix - AI will no longer design ships with Trellium Plating when they have no Trellium-D income.
  • Hotfix - Promising Candidate messages will now state which leader type the candidate is.
  • Hotfix - Onboard Activity events will only trigger on ships with Scientists.
  • Hotfix - The Undine in Caretaker now have the correct portraits.
  • Hotfix - Caretaker hero ship now returns from the Delta Quadrant in the correct scenario
  • Hotfix - Galactic Forum now gives one effect at stage 1 as intended, rather than going all in at stage 2
  • Hotfix - Imperial shipyards will be restricted to the Terran Empire correctly, which will no longer attempt to build flagship shipyards without agonizers.
  • Hotfix - UFP Crew and Industrial policies work correctly now
  • Hotfix - The defiant should no longer be able to be rendered captainless
  • Hotfix - Advanced Cruiser Prototype now correctly grants the specified prototype
  • Hotfix - Some tech icons were swapped around to better reflect their technology. (ie, the Nagus will no longer watch the weather channel)
  • Added - Techtrees ingame in Research Window
  • Added - Dilitium and Crew to Topbar

NHV 1910 Into The Mirror, Darkly - Release - Stellaris 2.4.0[edit]

Hidden content

Major Changes

  • The Terran Empire is now a larger force to be reckoned with, with new vessels such as the powerful Charon class Mobile Throne, as well as proper paintjobs for all their ships showcasing Terran might.
  • Flagships added: These unique Federation (and Terran) science vessels have the ability to survey and outfit weapons upon themselves, making them powerful vessels. Only one can be constructed at a time.
  • Planet Diversity added, to stop the spam of modifiers on species habitability traits. Terraforming is now slightly more restrictive.
  • AI Improvements - Old AI budgets torn out, and brand new ones put in in their place. The AI is insanely better now. No more commercial zone spam from them!
  • Galaxy Generation changed - Habitable planets now scale properly with the habitability slider, and are more balanced throughout the galaxy.
  • Ship speed rework - Ships now travel across systems much faster, but decrease in speed whilst in combat to maintain the maneuverability of Trek battles.
  • District and building rework - Planet districts and buildings have been reworked fully. Six districts are available for construction on planets now, including trade, administration and research. Districts no longer provide jobs, but instead provide boosts to current jobs which improve as technology increases. Buildings are the sole source of jobs now, with multiple farms, power plants or mines being available for construction. For example, farm districts now provide stackable increases to farmer jobs, such as increased food or population growth. Whilst one district will only provide a small boost, multiple districts will increase it substantially!
  • 3D: All Terran Empire ships and stations now feature signature decals.
  • 3D: New Gorn Shipset
  • Balance: Changes to occupation armies, hirogen occupation armies now collect trophies (luxuries)
  • Balance: Defense pods and other mobile defensive platforms are now somewhat more potent.
  • Balance: Overhaul colony types, adding many more. Colony types are also more descriptive, accurate to the colony in question and beneficial.
  • Balance: Re-adjusted starting conditions to all species in the game, streamlining minor and major species.
  • Change: Incorporated performance enhancement triggers on all jobs
  • Change: Strategic resources have been adjusted and streamlined - Dilithium is just one resource now, and Duranium replaces neutronium. Luxuries are now available
  • Content: Added a memorial for Aron Eisenberg on Ferenginar
  • Content: Added Imperial Starfleet museum.
  • Content: Added multiple new planet-unique deposits, as well as two new rare deposits - Iconian gateways and Pergium layers.
  • Content: Added new species-specific jobs, including merciless Terran Imperial Marines
  • Content: Added the mighty Charon class, the mobile throne of the Terran Empire.
  • Content: All ships rescaled to reflect in-universe comparative sizes.
  • Content: Capital planets of numerous species now have more unique buildings and deposits
  • Content: Dozens of new building icons, especially for Borg.
  • Content: Dozens of new deposits, with new icons and localization
  • Content: Federation Hero Ships - Special combat capable science vessels, designed to be the forefront of exploration
  • Content: Greatly expanded and re-arranged namelist for numerous species. A lot of work has been put to add more diversity to Starfleet ship names.
  • Content: ground-to-space batteries have been re-introduced, and are now better than ever*!
  • Content: Hundreds of new technology icons
  • Content: Many data modules will now display your ship's length and mass
  • Content: Many new planet specialisations, including commercial worlds, embassy worlds and resort worlds, all available via decision.
  • Content: Mirror Jonathan Archer now enjoys the company of Porthos as well.
  • Content: More fighter based weapons and hangars available on vessels.
  • Content: New planetary UI
  • Content: Numerous new civics
  • Content: Players may now build a hangar bay on their planet, creating a small, yet powerful and expensive contingent of aerial defensive fighters to help ward off enemy invasions.
  • Content: Rework of the Xindi and Defiant event chains
  • Content: Smarter planet generation - Warmer planets closer to the suns, colder planets further out from the star.
  • Content: The federation light cruiser archetyp has been re-balanced, and several ship sizes have been adjusted
  • Content: The Modi'in recon cruiser, Section 31 advanced ship, is now available as a special reward.
  • Content: The nomadic Hirogen may now colonize terrestial planets - and make them into hunting reserves
  • Content: The Vaadwaar and Turei may now construct their very own subspace corridors, zipping across the galaxy in the Underspace.
  • Content: Various new female and male greetings have been added by multiple voice actors, for species such as the nausicaan, trabe, hirogen, garidian, devore, benzite, pralor, cravic, tamarian, gorn, romulan, krenim, vulcan, vidiian, voth, suliban, andorian and tellarite.
  • Content: Xindi Shipset updated, Arboreal and Aquatic ships added. Xindi Weapon and Probe rextured.
  • Content: you now have multiple ways to exploit your slaves - put them in labor camps, slave colonies, subject them to experimentation or extract the truth out of them
  • Event: Dangerous tech can now be actually very dangerous
  • Event: Locate and reconstruct the pieces of the ancient bioweapon known as the Abronath
  • Event: Minor updates to Cardassian, Klingon, Tellarite and Andorian leader events to improve performance, and stop them firing too often.
  • Event: The Alpha/Beta Quadrant Maps now have a midgame single Borg Cube crisis that threatens the quadrant.
  • Event: Undine Crisis - More challenging and new reward
  • Events: 'Demons' should trigger more commonly
  • Events: Added Mirror coup events - Upstarts and possibly known hero leaders will fight your admirals in combat... and if victorious their enthusiasm for coups might endanger your Emperor.
  • Events: Borg Subcomplexes are now destroyed on capture, the same as the Unicomplex.
  • Events: Celebrate 'First Contact Day' in style with the first of our new community written edict events
  • Events: Celebrate the Romulan Farmers Festival of Eitreih'hveinn (Community Edict Event)
  • Events: Expedition Events - 3 year missions to 'deep space' to level up and keep your scientists busy
  • Events: Experiment with the dangers of AI, face the consequences or reap the rewards of this dangerous technology
  • Events: Explore a series of stories surrounding a single ship and its crew lost in the Delta Quadrant, can you bring them home safely or succumb to the perils of this distant space?
  • Events: Find, aid & interact with the mysterious "Tin Man" / Gomtuu
  • Events: Garidians can now suffer discontent among the Plebeian class during their early years (community event)
  • Events: Iconian Probe dig site
  • Events: Kot'Baval - get the bloodwine flowing and celebrate this Klingon specific edict (inspired by our community events team)
  • Events: Mirror Invasion - The Tholians can now invade rather than the Terran or Klingon Cardassian Alliances.
  • Events: More hero leaders can now appear from the Academy, or work their way up ruthlessly in the Terran Empire
  • Events: More hero leaders can now appear from the Academy, or work their way up ruthlessly in the Terran Empire
  • Events: Skorr event outcomes adjusted, should have a higher chance of success
  • Events: The diplomatic conference at 'Babel One' could form the basis of a Federation, or the shattering of any hope of peace.
  • Events: The Terran Empire now has new unique leaders ('Smiley' O'Brien) and a few traits for flavour, as well as portraits for many leaders.
  • Events: War mini event - Capture strategic Outposts & Systems for strategic rewards (ALL)
  • Events: War mini event - Recruit an enemy defector mid war (Fed Hero ship compatible)
  • Events: War mini event - Rescue a crew trapped behind enemy lines (Fed variant)
  • Events: War mini event - Rescue a crew trapped behind enemy lines (non-Fed only)
  • Feature: New observation missions for Federation, Ferengi, Romulans and Cardassians to interact in unique ways with warp-capable primitives, including unique events for observation stations conducting business in orbit
  • Feature: New primitive age, warp-capable, has been added to include races that don't really warrant being a minor empire but were canonically warp capable in the show.
  • Graphics: Beam effects improved with the scrolling beam effect
  • Relics: A new reward for restoring the Dar'say array
  • Relics: Defeating the Mirror Invasion rewards you with a memento of whom you fought against
  • Relics: Echo Papa Drones, Tantalus Device, Stone of Gol, Sacred Chalice of Rixx for Betazed, mold included. Tox Uthat added as late game relic
  • Relics: Key Cardassian literature has been added, make it mandatory reading in the Unions education facilities.
  • Relics: Klingon Relics have been added and can be distributed to houses
  • Relics: Most relics now have an activation ability or charge
  • Relics: Ressikian Flute added
  • Relics: Secrets based on a Season 2 Short Trek and more
  • Relics: Terran Sword of State (Georgiou's Sword), Zefram Cochrane's Shotgun, Harry Mudd's Time Crystal Device added
  • Relics: The Whale Probe's communications sphere is available if you enjoy breaking things
  • Relics: Trophy for destroying Unicomplex
  • Sound: Undine Communication Voiceover

Bug Fixes

List not inclusive as buildings, technologies, ship components, utilities, districts, weapons etc all have been completely revamped.

  • Balance/Fix: Habitability follows vanilla and now affects population output and growth speed
  • Balance: All components and weapons have been adjusted.
  • Balance: Founders will only grow on the Great Link.
  • Balance: Heavy escort ships will now enjoy a bonus to piracy supression.
  • Fix: All ship designs now auto-generate correctly.
  • Fix: Auto-upgrade engineers now correctly recognise improved blueprints for all ship components
  • Fix: better population management from the side of the AI.
  • Fix: Borg will now correctly assimilate other races with correct uniforms and prosthetics
  • Fix: D7 Sections now differ for engineering/ tactical/ support
  • Fix: Embassy Bombing and P’Jem monastery events will no longer disable your ships permanently or redress your leaders to vanilla clothing.
  • Fix: Heavy/Rapid Polaron techs now give correct torpedo
  • Fix: improved AI, with new budgets and priorities.
  • Fix: Primitives should now have portraits more closely matching their canon appearances
  • Fix: The AI Federation will no longer Neutral Zone itself to death
  • Fix: The Mirror Universe Borg once again use Orange Lightbulbs (when used in conjunction with the content submod)
  • Fix: Veridians on Veridian IV no long wait for a saucer to crash into them before learning some traits.
  • UI Fix: Topbar Fleet Size now accounts for four digit numbers.
  • UI: adjusted ship designer cost/upkeep view
  • UI: fixed misaligned ship background (ship designer)
  • UI: fleet manager shiplist and retrofit list expanded
  • UI: shipyards building list expanded


NHV 1903 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (82e7ad)[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 20th

Hidden content

  • fixing versions #

NHV 1903 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (82e7ad)[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 20th

Hidden content

  • 2D: Discovery Terran Empire uniforms added
  • 2D: Wrath of Khan Terran Empire uniforms added
  • Events: Fixes to Maquis events - localisation and ship generation
  • Mechanics: Great Houses will become pirates if the Klingon Empire is destroyed.
  • Mechanics: Fixed Kobali Necrogenesis trait to be functional.
  • Mechanics: Added Kobali jobs and other setup improvements.
  • Mechanics: trade routes, collection range and piracy have been restored.
  • Mechanics: Borg, Pralor, Cravik and Dominion now use crew mechanic.
  • Mechanics: Breen, Sheliak and Tholian may now establish slave colonies on alien planets. Those will protect their rulers - but at a great cost.
  • Mechanics: Borg, Pralor and Cravik now have an option to stop population assembly on their planets.
  • Mechanics: Pralor and Cravik may now convert M-class planets into Machine planets. Organics may terraform Machine planets back into M-class planets.

  • Balance: Starting, upkeep and production values for Dilithium and Crew have been greatly adjusted across the board.
  • Balance: Multiple new techs will now increase the naval capacity from pops.
  • Balance: various adjustments to buildings, techs and jobs weights to facilitate gameplay.
  • Balance: Traffic Control will no longer conflict with other positive support auras.
  • Content: The Galactic Forum is now a new and early-game megastructure for you to purchase. Neutronium will become available earlier in the game.
  • Content: Borg have access to traditions that unlock better matter fabrication buildings.
  • Content: Numerous new and expanded tooltips to faciliate gameplay.
  • Content: Added two new ascension perks for players to choose from.
  • Localisation Update
  • Bug fix: Starbase sensors will now correctly upgrade.
  • Bug fix: Ascension perks will now properly grant the +1 starbase facility bonus
  • Bug fix: Outpost influence costs on the BOTF map have been corrected
  • Bug fix: Yridians are now properly established as a criminal faction if played with the Megacorp DLC, and can establish branch offices without issue.
  • Bug fix: Terraform candidate planet modifier has been incorrectly applied and has been removed.
  • Bug fix: Several startport import decisions have been corrected and now work properly.

We strongly recommend players will start a new game due to the changes to the game economy and AI.

NHV 1903 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (ff809f)-A[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 15th

Hidden content

  • Localisation Update
  • Federation Testbox-Ship issue fix

NHV 1903 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (ff809f)[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 7

Hidden content

  • Megastructure costs
  • Tweak Tradition update
  • AI Tweaks
  • Minor Tweaks
  • Localization Update
  • Buildings progress Fix
  • Outpost costs tweak

(Borg AI currently broken)

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (537ccb) - B[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 6

Hidden content

  • tweaks to ai budget

(savegame compatible)

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (537ccb) - A[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 5

Hidden content

  • shipsize bug fixed

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (537ccb)[edit]

Patchnotes from: March 5

Hidden content

  • Tholian EVA suit
  • Andorians / Aenar to unified clothing
  • Prewarp changes for observation posts.
  • Refresh of starbase facilities and modules, in expectation of restoring the old trade system
  • Borg (short) version of The Hundred + Vulcan Rebellion uniforms
  • Every 5 years tooltip for Chancellor selection
  • Refreshing crime events, reducing instant loss of crime enterprise
  • Loc update
  • Adjusting corporate authority malus
  • Jem'hadar requirement upkeep refinement
  • Removed fertility preacher ruler trait for borg/pralor/cravic
  • Tradition fix
  • Deposit fixes
  • Neutronium, water, dilithium, trader job import fix
  • Trade fixes
  • Starbase & Shuttlecraft fixed
  • Building fixes
  • Job fixes
  • multiple habitat bug fixed
  • Techtree fixes
  • Rom museum fix
  • Coalition fleet tax remove fix
  • NX project tech fix
  • Several minor fixes

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (720029)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb. 27

Hidden content

  • AI Adjustments - AI Fleets should now be built with celerity
  • New Borg Models
  • Great House mechanics adjusted to fix the malus to damage they were suffering
  • Ascension perks adjusted to remove non-useful ones from Borg
  • Fallen Empires should no longer constantly try to humiliate the Borg
  • Borg assimilation now gives stored tech for assimilating a species
  • Buildings that require upkeep (Dilithium Refinery/Pergium etc) should now correctly cease working when resources run out
  • Civics adjusted slightly
  • Aenar are back on Andoria, tied to the blocker
  • Coalition fleet tax removed to tie in with removal of Coalition fleets.
  • Localisation fixes and a few events adjusted to account for new rewards

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (0b204e)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb. 25

Hidden content

  • dilitium refinery fix
  • Xindi debris "show name"
  • Excelsior Model fix

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (a7b493)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb. 25

Hidden content

  • Some ai budget tweaks
  • fix nausicaan shipset
  • Fixed Borg weapons damage value
  • disable coalition design
  • Resource update
  • Building / Job refresh
  • Ketracel assimilated fix
  • added Janus VI to small and random maps
  • Loc update
  • Tech Refresh
  • removed caste demands
  • Tweak to ruler trait - pop growth won't appear for dominion
  • Trait fixes

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (25b180)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb. 24

Hidden content

  • Member world workers now work
  • Federation Embassy now works correctly
  • Dominion Start fixed including JemHadar habitability
  • KDF/ROM museum models fixed
  • KDF/ROM station models fixed
  • Fixed numerous building errors
  • Fixed three tradition modifiers
  • Max Processed Dilithium storage now 5000
  • Adjustments made to slow down AI expansion
  • Suliban and Hirogen habitat cost increased slightly, but now includes a district
  • Improvements to police buildings
  • Starbase AI adjustment, should build more variations onboard
  • Klingon cities graphics readded
  • Ship upkeep costs reduced
  • Ship upgrade costs dramatically reduced
  • Borg can no longer use or become the galactic market
  • Ascension perks adjusted - no more instant integration
  • Localisation updates

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (90b8e6)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb. 23

Hidden content

  • Slavery fix
  • Borg Colony Harvest now allows overpopulation on Unicomplex
  • KDF/ROM museum textures fixed
  • Trait fixes
  • Hero leaders adjusted (No more Saurian Saru)
  • Suliban/Hirogen habitats adjusted
  • UE Civic corrected
  • Generic civic adjustments removing piracy suppression
  • Kazon/Trabe/Hurq start adjustments
  • Banea fix
  • Vulcan civil war tweaks, no longer includes colonies under construction
  • Building fixes when conquered in war
  • Assimilated Pralor/Cravic no longer require CPMs
  • Ascension perk adjustments, removed disused Megacorp perks
  • Tradition Synchronicity fixed
  • Localisation updates
  • Event tweaks

Hotfix (TGMC)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb 22

  • UI fox for low resolution (768p)

Hidden content

The Great Material Continuum (TGMC)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Feb 22, 2019

Hidden content

After six months of intense development, the Paradoxical Modding Group is proud to finally release The Great Material Continuum (TGMC) – the newest update to Star Trek: New Horizons.

The name – The Great Material Continuum – is fittingly drawn from Ferengi mythology. It represents the strong focus this update has on the game’s economy and industry. As part of the update, the entire economy has been overhauled. This refers to every building, technology, component, utility, weapon, station, ship, and section in the game. The Ferengi are also the focus of our latest UI sub-mod, created in all its glory by CutterSlade, and have been elevated to the scale of a true major species in New Horizons: Unlock the Humans, Romulans, Cardassians, Klingons, Dominion and Borg.

The Ferengi are also one of five species capable of using the MegaCorp DLC features if the player has it unlocked. Rid yourself of any scruples and gain Latinum as the Ferengi, sell broadcast rights to Tsunkatse as the Norcadians, ensure that information is your ammunition as the Yridians or just become strong, ethical traders with a fierce reputation as the Karemma. Failing that, use your wealth and power as the Orions to expand your criminal empire. New Horizons now includes over 200 jobs, 400 buildings, and 3000 technologies. Together, they will allow players to manage an intricate economy composed of over 20 resources. Ships will require to be crewed by officers and their warp engines must be supplied with Dilithium. Your planet’s energy grid will require a steady supply of deuterium, while your biggest megastructures will need Neutronium.

The internal and galactic markets that exist in the base game have been enhanced with access to the new resources, as well as a new internal trading system. Your trade income will be converted into Latinum and used by your trading centers to produce a wide range of resources. Specialize your planets to gain galactic wide bonuses – declare a planet a religious retreat or a weapon testing ground, recreate the famed Memory Alpha or build centers of agriculture and industry.

TGMC also allows a level of customization and flavor never before seen in any Star Trek game in history. Many planets across the galaxy will now have unique deposits, indicating rare flora and luxury goods, or unique locals. Many species have unique jobs, buildings, and resources, adding uniqueness to each of the 80+ species in the game. All seven major factions in the game also have their own unique leaders and traditions and have a way to increase their admin cap to new heights. The update also includes a major overhaul to the Klingon and Romulans. Similar to the ‘Starfleet ship overhaul’ update, both of those species will now have access to dozens of unique ship classes, each with their own modifiers, weapons, components, strengths, and weaknesses. Other species also have their own mechanics. The Hirogen, Borg, and Suliban can now finetune the development of their space habitats. The Federation gains access to much more powerful policies, jobs, technologies and resources as it gains more members. The Ferengi have new investment opportunities and mechanics.

As always, every new update to New Horizons also includes new events and story content – and TGMC is no exception. You can now meet the ‘Edo’, and their protective guardian. Your Klingon houses will have their own fleets and lands, as well as demands. If you try hard enough, the intelligent Horta, dwelling deep in the bowels of Janus VI, may be willing to join your empire.

There are also new uniforms, species, portraits, planet visuals, and even a new music track, inspired by the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. This is just a taste of everything that is hidden in this update. We hope you enjoy it!

Official ST: New Horizons Patchnotes for NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (171351f9)


  • A greatly expanded federation member mechanic - with jobs, policies and technologies available to a Federation player that chooses the peaceful path
  • A new 'crew' component will let you decide how to staff your ships. Will you want to include a MACO team, or maybe a group from the Vulcan Expeditionary team?
  • About 20 unique resources to manage, including species-specific such as Borg Nanites and Ketracel White for the Dominion and the migthy Jem'Hadar
  • Almost 3000 technologies, including many exciting decision paths for players of all species
  • Along with the hero leader mechanic, dozens of new leader traits. Is your admiral a wiz kid, a musician or a miracle worker?
  • An enhanced planetary specialization system. Turn your planets into weapon testing grounds or religious retreats.
  • An entirely new economic model. Manage your Dilithium and Crew carefully as you construct your fleets! Engage in battles over the control of Dilithium - every single deposit is key!
  • Choose how to expand and upgrade your space structures as the Borg, Suliban or Hirogen
  • Dozens of unique utilities will allow your ships to generate key resources. Turn your science ships into real science power houses, or stuff your ships with casinos, prisons and prospecting bays!
  • Even more loading screens to tickle your fancy
  • Expand your Hirogen Asteroid Habitats with new asteroids, or add more extensions to your Suliban habitats via decisions.
  • Hero Leaders: Exceptional academy graduates and leaders may make themself known and available for recruitment by your empire as the game progresses. Over 200 are currently in game ranging from Annorax to Zek
  • Hundred of new deposits will enrich your planets with lore-accurate locations. Explore the strange flora, fauna and luxury goods the wide galaxy has to offer.
  • Klingons and Romulans now have their own, unique, collection of dozens of ship classes, as well as their own museum structure that allows them to retire old designs - or re-commission them
  • MegaCorp: Rid yourself of scruples and gain latinum as the Ferengi, sell broadcast rights to Tsunkatse as the Norcadians, ensure that information is your ammunition as the Yridians or just become strong, ethical traders with a fierce reputation as the Karemma. Failing that, use your wealth and power as the Orions to expand your criminal empire.
  • Numerous unique planetary-based resources and modifiers will make every planet stand out - and worthy of fighting over
  • Occupation armies now give unique bonuses to certain species. The Klingons will gain unity in victory, while the Cardassians will strip the planets for minerals
  • Over 250 jobs, including many species-specific ones such as a Bajoran Vedek or a Federation Ambassador
  • Over 400 buildings to choose from, including unique capital buildings, naval headquarters, centers of intelligence and much more!
  • Supply your empire with limitless materials using the Particle Fountain megastructure, or improve your naval powers by constructing the new MIDAS Array megastructure!
  • Well over a thousand weapons, including new weapon effects inspired by Discovery


  • "Q-Less" event chain
  • Added Edo Guardian interactions.
  • Charismatic Fathers of Profit and Loss
  • Eye of the Needle Distress Call
  • Ferengi female rights chain
  • Romulan Exodus Chain
  • Janus VI exploitation decisions


  • All major species now have unique jobs and traditions that will allow them a way to increase their admin cap. Expand your navy as the Cardassian, unite the houses as the Klingons or recruit more members to your Federation to unlock those rare and powerful bonuses
  • Ferengi Commerce Authority tweaks - added investment opportunities, removed resource exchange
  • Klingon Grea

NHV 1808 Birth of a Federation - Beta (998807)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Nov 14, 2018

Hidden content

  • ferengi-fed event fix
  • Loc update
  • fed museum fix
  • clean up saurian map flag
  • sheliak gfx culture fix
  • Karemma Ship Fix
  • doomsday weapon effect fix
  • romulan VO quality fix
  • hur'q start-tech fix
  • Terra Prime event fix
  • Cardassian namelist
  • Jem'hadar station and ship update
  • Borg armies & initialisers fix
  • Undine event ship fix
  • Event ship-weapons fix
  • tamarian language event update
  • pralor and cravic ship fix
  • Pjem quest fix
  • Klingons and Kazon subspecies change
  • removing nausicaan 'klingon' vo


Patchnotes from: Oct 24, 2018

Hidden content

  • Versions nr Corrections

NHV 1810 Birth of a Federation - Beta (9dacdd)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Oct 24, 2018

Hidden content

  • Localisation
  • Several name list updates
  • Several minor event fixes
  • VO debugs
  • GUI systemname fix
  • Map fixes (Alpha/Beta)
  • Portrait fixes
  • Federation mechanic fix
  • Demon & Surak War events fix
  • MU species rights fix
  • Hero ship fix

NHV 1810 Birth of a Federation - Beta (4f768a)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Oct 10, 2018

Hidden content

  • Fed Ship Fix
  • Localisation
  • Namelists Update
  • VO updates
  • Beam Weapon Effect

NHV 1810 Birth of a Federation - Beta (4ea179)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Oct 4, 2018

Hidden content

  • Localisation improvements
  • Several GFX optimisations

NHV 1808 Birth of a Federation - Beta (501ef1)[edit]

patchnotes from: Sep 13, 2018

Hidden content

  • Various Potrait fixes
  • Localisation update

NHV 1809 Birth of a Federation - Beta (9cc0a2)-A[edit]

patchnotes from: Sep 10, 2018

Hidden content

  • Localisation Patch

NHV 1809 Birth of a Federation - Beta (9cc0a2)[edit]

patchnotes from: Sep 10, 2018

Hidden content

  • Localisation Patch

NHV 1809 Birth of a Federation - Beta (9cc0a2)[edit]

Patchnotes from: Sep 8, 2018

Hidden content

  • 2.1.3 compatibility fixes
  • Enforce ideology war goal fixed
  • Fixed Borg utility components and defense stations
  • Fixed several component issues -> e.g. EPS conduits
  • Fixed an issue with Terra prime event chain triggering from wrong conditions
  • Fixed a lot of missing texts and descriptions
  • Localisation update

NHV 1808 Birth of a Federation - Beta (9610ac)[edit]

Patchnotes from: 26. August 2018

Hidden content


  • Fixed mod warning event to only fire once and detect compatible mods
  • Rescaled several Federation ships
  • Fixed several Q tutorial events
  • Fixed Nimitz class model for federation
  • Fixed Miranda class variants, now using correct models
  • Fixed Saladin class model
  • Fixed several voice over and notification sounds
  • Fixed several portrait bugs
  • Fixed an issue that allowed non Federation countries to build the naval museum
  • Fixed Terran empire spawn
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from progressing ship techs when playing Voth or Hur'q
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players who switched to Federation shipset to progress further
  • Fixed an issue where the player was able to integrate species via the Federation council when being at war
  • Fixed an issue in several events that didnt reduce ship HP correctly
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Andorians and Vulcans to revoke their rivalry if the confederation of surak succeeds
  • Fixed multiple issues with incorrect buildings being shown, and some buildings being unable to be built
  • Removed the "grace" period for Federation ships due to player feedback
  • Moved empire modifiers from Federation spec techs to the techs themselves
  • Several localisation fixes
  • Planets captured by Federation member worlds will now transfer to the Federation


  • AI boost for Dominion and Borg on higher difficulties
  • Ruins of Xindus events added for Xindi players
  • Discovery uniform improvements
  • Rebalanced Starfleet museum cost
  • Added Breen notification sounds

NHV 1808 Birth of a Federation - Beta[edit]

Patchnotes from: 12. August 2018

Hidden content


  • colAndor Crisis for Tellarites / Andorians
  • P'Jem Observatory Crisis for Vulcans / Andorians / Humans
  • Syrrannite Crisis for Vulcans / Humans
  • Revamped Inner Light anomaly
  • Added Kobali and Romulan unique "Captain" titles for events
  • Starfleet crew activities
  • Distress call events added * periodically generate random distress call events
  • Kolinahr events for Vulcans
  • Changeling Obelisk anomaly


  • Federation ship roster has been overhauled, Federation players can now enjoy over 40+ different ship classes.
  • Overhauled the Starfleet Museum mechanic. The museum automatically retires obsolete ship classes, which can now be recommissioned in a limited number.
  • Introducing the new mechanic of Tech Level, restricting certain ships to only use weapons, components and utilities of a maximum tech level. For now, this mechanic only applies to Federation players.
  • Some species now have unique techs and civics to boost their ability to produce and trade certain luxury trade goods.
  • All weapons and sections, as well as most components, have been re-balanced.
  • Overhauled the passive era bonus system. Previously, ships from later eras received passive buffs. Now, those buffs are replaced with unique modifiers to each ship class. This mechanic only applies to Federation ships.
  • Overhauled the balance of bombardment and anti-bombardment buildings, making bombardment more potent and making anti-bombardment buildings cheaper and easier to maintain
  • Tweaked the war score system to be more intuitive
  • "Interstellar Union" (alternative Federation) option for Andorian players meeting required criteria
  • The return of the jump drive. Starfleet Advanced Cruisers can now equip a range of advanced FTL solutions * but all of those come with a risk. Be warned.
  • Various diseases added, including Yarim Fel Syndrome, Bendii Syndrome, Dorek Syndrome
  • Xindi Council mechanic added. Every few years players can choose which species is dominant, granting bonuses and maluses.


  • New Federation ship-class specifics components, weapons and utilities
  • A new range of unique ship class techs for the federation
  • A new component type in Federation class ships will give you the low-down on your ships
  • Hundreds of new weapons, overhauling the current system of energy weapons being divided between beam and cannon. Instead, energy weapons will again be divided between sizes.
  • Numerous new civics, traits and governments
  • Unique buildings for multiple major empires, such as new embassies as well as HQ's for the Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order
  • Even more luxury goods
  • A few more easter eggs hiding for you to find


  • Saurian species added
  • Improved Jem'Hadar Variety
  • Added more variety to black male Human portraits

Ships / graphics

  • Numerous new weapon effects
  • Improved a lot of federation ships
  • Added more than 20 new federation ships to the roster



  • Various fixes to align solar system view to galaxy map view for binary systems
  • Improved Alpha Centauri system
  • Various improved star systems

New textures for planets

  • Class A received 5 new textures (only available with submod)
  • Class B received 5 new textures (only available with submod)
  • Class C received 5 new textures (only available with submod)
  • Class D received 5 new textures (only available with submod)
  • Class E received 5 new textures (only available with submod)
  • Class F received 5 new textures (1 in main mod, 4 more in submod)
  • Class G received 5 new textures (1 in main mod, 4 more in submod)
  • Class K received 5 new textures (1 in main mod, 4 more in submod)
  • Class K transjovian received 4 new textures (1 in main mod, 3 more in submod)
  • Class N received 4 new textures (1 in main mod, 3 more in submod)
  • Class O received 5 new textures (only available with submod)

Sol system revamp: (sub mod only)

  • Mercury: new texture using data from messenger
  • Venus: new texture using data from magellan
  • Earth: new texture using Blue Marble project by NASA
  • Luna: new texture using Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera data
  • Mars: new texture using data from Mars Orbiter & Viking
  • Jupiter: new texture using data from Juno & Cassini
  • Io: new texture using data from Voyager & Galileo
  • Europa: new texture using data from Voyager & Galileo
  • Ganymede: new texture using data from Voyager & Galileo
  • Callisto: new texture using data from Voyager & Galileo
  • Saturn: new texture using data from Cassini
  • Titan: new texture (custom made)
  • Iapetus: new texture using data from Voyager & Cassini
  • Uranus: new texture (custom made)
  • Neptune: new texture (custom made)
  • Pluto: new texture using data from New Horizons
  • Charon: new texture using data from New Horizons

New bombardment textures

  • Any planet where a primitive civilization nuked themselves will have a special texture.
  • Any planet transformed into tomb world by either armageddon/biological/thalaron bombardment will receive a special texture.


  • Fixed Tamarian translation project from firing multiple times
  • Valerian capital fixed
  • Rakhari name fixes
  • Minor fixes to Klingon-Cardassian Alliance invasion Crisis
  • Minor fixes to Strange New World Anomaly
  • Fix for a faulty PDX cubemap resulting in bad reflection visible mostly on oceans and black holes. (submod only)
  • Barnard star now correctly shows as binary M/M star system.
  • EZ Aquarii now correctly shows as trinary M/M/M star system, system orbits corrected.
  • Struve 2398 now is a M/M binary star system, instead of M/G.

NHV 1805 The Neutral Zone (7186a2)[edit]

Patchnotes from: 22. May 2018

Hidden content


  • Maquis story chain
  • Orb of Prophecy story chain
  • Omicron Theta story chain
  • Bajoran Resistance events
  • Anbo-Jytsu events
  • Improved Mirror Universe events
  • Klingon Literature events
  • Bajoran Literature events
  • Romulan Literature events
  • Trill Literature events
  • Talaxian Literature events
  • Ferengi Literature events
  • Vulcan Literature events

New Species

  • Lissepian Parliaments
  • Lurian Principality
  • Tzenkethi Coalition
  • Valerian Freeholds
  • Xepolite Guilds
  • Yridian League


  • Neutral Zone feature in Federation Council
  • Supress Dissent feature in Obsidian Order / Tal Shiar
  • Klingon / Kazon Civil War improvements
  • Minor to major mechanics


  • Properly implemented multistar systems
  • Improved "Warp" travel -> better setup script
  • Re-enabled random maps
  • Improved loading time for random maps
  • Andorian gas giant improvements

Misc. Improvements

  • Reworked and improved Cardassian ships
  • Dozens of new unique building icons
  • New traits, civics and governments
  • Improved Cardassian female hair
  • Starfleet Uniform improvements

NVH 1802 - Arsenal of Freedom (b7a73a)[edit]

Patchnotes from: 22. Feb. 2018

Hidden content

Major New Mechanics

  • Space combat has been re-worked. Every ship has a small chance to survive catastrophic damage and disengage from the fight. New backup consoles can increase your chance. Certain empires that have specialty in backup technologies will also boost that chance.
  • Stellaris 2.0 FTL system has been reworked extensively as to offer a viable warp simulation.
  • Deep Space Stations have been entirely removed from the game. Many of their unique advantages and buildings have been moved to the new Starbase facilities system.
  • Federation starbases will now have registry naming * just like our ship’s NCC-registry mechanic.
  • Starbases can now build dozens of unique facilities and modules. All have their own original icons.
  • Military stations can no longer be built independently and are now ‘slaved’ to starbases. Starbases may now build a very limited amount of military stations, but those tend to be very powerful. Stations include – minefield (Damage aura), dry dock (healing aura), listening post (sensor range) and two sizes of defense platforms.
  • New living standards allow players to choose the type of paradise you want to build to your people. Prosperity resource have been made more abundant, and a new ‘resort’ building, built on planets of exceptional beauty, can generate a lot more prosperity.
  • Dozens of new types of assault armies have been added, that offer deep and meaningful choice to how you want to engage with ground combat – as well as seven new bombardment policies and options! Unique armies have also been refactored, and work better than before.
  • Dozens of new edicts, including some that require energy or even unity.
  • Several new war goals, including supporting civil war between factions, as well as assimilation raids by the Borg.


  • Extensive work has been done on camera definition and engine setting, to improve visual fidelity and proper sense of scale.
  • A new UI for loading screens, that will now display rotating text messages. Over 110 ‘tips’ have been added so far.
  • Numerous new space atmosphere effects and unique solar systems, thanks to Annatar of the Real Space 3.0 mod
  • New type of stars and deep space anomalies, alongside visuals and icons for them * such as M-type anomalies and ‘Interstellar Space’


  • The Federation runabout is a new and unique ship class.
  • The Borg has been enhanced with two new ship classes * the fast Scout and the Pyramid, capable of providing space-superiority.
  • The Voth City Ship now a proper separate ship class
  • The Vulcan T’Pau added.
  • Imperial construction modifiers have been re-worked, to include advantages to armor as well as backup systems.


  • The Wormhole from Bajor to the Idran system in the Gamma Quadrant will now appear. Who knows what sort of chaos it will unleash on the galaxy…
  • Borg may now build transwarp conduits that allow for near instantons travel between any point on the map
  • Numerous planets now have more resources and unique structures, as to fit trek lore and canon more.
  • New range of planetary modifiers and deposits throughout the Galaxy.
  • You may now explore the origins of the Vorta and the Jem’Hadar – proto-Vorta can be found on Kurill prime, while the proto-Jem’Hadar hail from their mysterious homeworld: Gar’Sitra.
  • Several iconic systems, such as Bajor, Idran, Ross 973, the Founders planet and Murasaki 312 systems have been reworked
  • Numerous new systems have been added


  • The Haakonian Order has been added to the Delta Quadrant.
  • Skagarran species portraits.
  • Kelpiens are now delicious.
  • Nathan Samuels has a new hairdo.
  • General improvements to Jem’Hadar portraits.
  • The Sheliak, Tamarian and Tellarite now have new flags * the later based on the new official design shown in Discovery
  • Ferengi now have a few new clothing options
  • What came before the Borg? What comes after? New governments, species, portraits and clothes will explore the original Borg species as well as ex-drones.
  • Pops may now be partially assimilated, with their own looks and clothes.

Components and weapons

  • All required components re-arranged into a system of 15 sizes, from type-1 components that fit Runabouts all the way to Type-20 carried by city-ships.
  • Numerous new icons for components, weapons, consoles and more.
  • New sensor settings, with upgradeable options
  • Weapons have been entirely re-balanced from scratch, with weapons that focus on armor and hull damage
  • Component progression is now more even and equal across all species, including having more stages for shields, thrusters and warp engines.
  • Players may now specialize in specific categories of weapons, weapon sizes and types of damage
  • All weapon specialization paths have been reworked – none of them are ‘useless’ anymore
  • Point Defense weapons can now be slotted into a new type of slot, and they can target fighters.
  • Weapons may now be restricted to certain ship sizes and types. Starbases and military stations will now use a new and exceptionally powerful variant of heavy beam weapons.
  • Science ships no longer have a ‘lab’ module. The relevant technologies have been reworked to include modifiers to the ships.
  • Cloaking generators no longer give a bonus to evasion – instead, they give a significant boost to damage at the start of every engagement.
  • AUX (science) utilities will no longer be responsible to off-combat bonuses but will now focus mostly on several types of damage repair. Shield generators have been moved to the AUX slot.

Tech, tradition, perks and buildings

  • The entire tech tree has been rebuilt yet again to offer better progression
  • Dozens of new species-specific technologies, including unique techs for the Cardassian, Terran Empire, Zakdorn, Bynars, Kelpien and many others. A lot more unique and species-specific buildings, leading to some very diverse and powerful starting positions
  • The Federation Council tech exchange is now cheaper to use. In addition, more species will offer their unique technologies via the exchange.
  • The Federation Council framework has been improved extensively, including a rework of the ascension process. Players may also now ‘mediate disputes’ between warring allies.
  • Ascension perks are now available to all players without the need of a DLC, as well as a technology to grant players one additional perk.
  • Genetic and psionic tech branches have been significantly improved both in use, and in gating.
  • Factions have been updated to 2.0, including many improvements and bug fixes.
  • Dozens of new buildings, including the Tower of Commerce and a Kelpien Breeding Ground.


  • The mirror universe Terran Empire event chain has been re-worked and improved.
  • The Terran Empire invasion crisis event has been re-worked.
  • The Mars terraforming event chain has been re-worked and improved.
  • The Xindi event chain has been expanded. Expect cowboys.
  • The Altamid Swarm mini-criss has been expanded and improved upon.
  • A new event chain will let you explore the Denorios belt. Who knows what you may find there.

NVH 1712[edit]

Hidden content

Victory is Life:

  • Dominion Overhaul

The new "Dominion Member State" mechanic will replace Vassals for the dominion, allowing players to further exploit their subjects, demanding tributes, ships and even planets!

The Great Link mechanic, allowing players the ability to dispatch Changeling Infiltrators to neighboring empires.

"The Hundred" event chain.

Dominion-appropriate replacement of the vanilla Pirate events.

Dynamic anomaly based on the DS9 episode "The Ship".

Visual updates for most Dominion ships, including a new Dreadnought Supercarrier, as well as several new station models.

Dominion now start with Polaron Torpedoes as a starting weapon

New Dominion-centric Tradition and Tech branch.

New Dominion-style custom UI sub-mod, developed by Cutter Slade, is available to download

New Dominion-unique megastructures, including the Super Carrier ship yard and the Asteroid Prison

Vorta and Jem'Hadar can now be genetically engineered and improved with a individual lists of unique traits

  • Major New Features:

Civilian Modules: A total overhaul to Science and Colony ships, that will now be able to unlock unique modules that will give them special abilities never before seen in New Horizons or Vanilla. Make your Colony Ships carry prefabricated structures and have your Science Ship become a floating Gambling Den!

New Federation Council mechanics – gain access to unique technologies by federation members, establish embassies, adopt new ship construction techniques and dictate federation-wide policies. There have also been significant improvements to the accession mechanic.

New Federation megastructure: The Argus Array

Many faction uniue technologies and buildings, including the Monastery of Boreth and the Rure Penthe penal colony for the Klingon and the City Ship for the Voth

A new 'performance' variant of our official New Horizon Main Galaxy map is out, which should provide players with improved game performance and more strategic challenges!

The restored BOTF map is back, for your enjoyment!

"The Great Monetary Collapse" Events for the Ferengi

  • Ships and species:

New Ship sets - Voth, Kobali and the First Federation

Improved ship models and additional stations for Vulcan and a new Generic race ship set and stations.

A number of new Unaffected Races will join the galaxy, including the First Federation, the Metron Consortium and the Cytherians.

Voth and Hur'q are set to be Unaffected Races (Fallen Empires) when not played by a human.

Oschean Hunters, their Tosk prey and Skrreean races are added and now playable.

Banean species added to the Delta Quadrant.

  • Events:

The NX Project, a new event chain for United Earth, will tie the story of the first Human Hero Ship - Enterprise - better into the game universe.

Improved terraform Mars mechanics with unique new building icons and mechanics - and a fresh new "Blue Mars" texture. Special thanks to Annantar and Lex Peregrine!

Borgified vanilla events, which will make your borg experience even more immersive!

  • Balance and Components:

Unique military consoles, capable of sending slavers, marines and even humanitarian aid corps to enemy planets during engagements, are now available to most large military ships

An overhaul to starting conditions of all species, rebalancing empires across the board with a more standartized number of populations, resources and tile blockers. Klingons, Voth, Romulans, Xindi and Hurq starting conditions have been dramatically re-balanced.

Overhaul to combat sensors. They should perform a lot more intuitively now and offer more player choice

Re-balanced most utilities and components, including tactical components, computers and warp engines

Re-balanced starbases, military stations and passive defenses - making them a lot more potent and meaningful

Re-balance to all weapons, streamlining ranges and adding new torpedoes and starting weapons to factions such as the Vidiians and Krenim

  • General Improvements:

Three new music tracks, courtesy of the London Digital Symphony and the composer Travis Grubissi

Added hundreds of species-specific diplomatic lines, further increasing immersion.

A total overhaul to the faction system, updating it with New Horizons relevant demands and policies, and giving most species a list of lore-friendly and appropriate names

Incremental NCC ship registries for Starfleet vessels.

Event to allow important leaders to have ships named after them on their deaths.

Re-factored assimilation mechanics to remove edge cases that prevented species from being assimilated by the Borg.

Option to switch to Borg Cooperative or Unimatrix Zero if the rebellions occur.

Assimilated planets are turned to their original planet class when not being owned for a few years

Unique fighter components and weapons for all five major factions - Federation, Cardassian, Romulan, Dominion and Klingon

Many more original and lore-appropiate civics, governments and traits.

Players will be happy to know the decadent trait has been removed entirely

Unique traditions for a wide range of factions, including the Klingons, Ferengi, Bajorans and Voth, recognizing their unique philosophies, governments and religions.

Many more Q-bit tutorials and voice overs, as well as expanded tooltips and text icons, meant to make New Horizons as user friendly as possible

Improved Namelists for many empires.

War names revamp - many unique lore-appropiate war names

A total re-balance for strategic resources drop rates

Streamlining living standards and prosperity costs

  • Graphics and UI:

Updated all species leader portraits with the assimilated appearance.

Added a glossary to the empire selection screen, which will indicate where each empire is located on the map, how important it is and whether it has an unique shipset.

A whole range of new buildings icons, including distinct visual styles to each of the lab buildings

Brand new Nightscape texture, courtesy of Dwaine

Unique rooms for certain key empires

NVH 1710[edit]

Hidden content

Implemented the Sheliak shipset

Minor Sheliak fixes

Suliban name list fix

AI tech improvements

Starting ship fixes

Tamarian event fix

Random Map fixes

Some minor fixes

Tweaks to Borg rulers: no more alien rulers + borg king in mirror universe

NVH 1709[edit]

Hidden content

  • Megaprojects:

Colony Deconstruction project for Borg

Subcomplex construction project for Borg

  • Setup:

Hur'q Stagnancy now starts with Klingon slaves

Jem'Hadar and Vorta starting rights corrected

  • Species:


Pralor APU machine empire - requires Synthetic Dawn

Cravic APU machine empire - requires Synthetic Dawn

Updated Garidian clothing

Updated Vulcan clothing

Updated Discovery era uniforms, added Doctor outfit for scientists with Doctor or Biologist trait

Additional Borg prosthesis

  • Systems:

Dilithium overhaul Rebalancing to defense stations and hangar bays

Changes to starting borders and growth rates

Adjusted growth rates and hospitals

New living conditions including an idealogical choice for the future of your people

General improvements to hirogen and suliban, including a new tradition tree focusing on megastructures

Added "Improved assimilation" techs

Reduced borg pop growth penalty to -90%

Granted maturation chambers on initial unicomplex

Added maturation chambers as start tech (savegame compatible)

New Xindi Probe model

Vorta are now constructed rather than growing naturally

Tributary war goal disabled awaiting PDX fix

  • Events:

Improvements to Terra Prime event

Improvements to Mirror Universe event

  • Ships:

Orion ship set

  • Traditions:

Borg specific tradition trees

Various additional tradition tree swaps

  • Sound and VO:

Borg Advisor pack

More q-tutorial voice overs

NHV 1708[edit]

Hidden content

STNH 60K Subscriber patch v.0.9.8a:

  • Major Features:

Playable Borg, with unique assimilation mechanic and giant unimatrix megastructures.

Mirror universe maps, with dozens of new mirror factions and events.

Delta quadrant map.

More random map sizes.

Birth of the Federation inspired map.

  • Species:

Vidiians with Phage and non-Phage portraits.

Playable Borg + various "borgified" options.

Kobali Species.

  • Systems:

Completely remapped tech tree, with over 1100 unique technologies and original Borg path, with new expanded descriptions and iconography.

Completely remapped and rebalanced weapon list, with 6 new starting weapons and over 400 different weapons.

Completely remapped tradition tree, with new Trek-themed traditions and options. Ethics gating completely removed.

Expanded Deep Space Station megastructure system, with a variety of buildings to construct and the option to specialize in stations and expand them.

Prosperity mechanic enhancement to vanilla ‘living standards’ system.

Education and health-care policies.

New Bombardment options.

The Dominion will now have the option to move the Great Link via a Megaproject.

Newly revised ship classes and roles, with unique tasks and components given to Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers and Heavy Escorts.

More civics, traits and governments.

  • Events:

Mirror universe rebellion mechanic and event chains.

New Children of Tama translator mechanic.

Various Borg specific events.

Vidiian Phage cure events.

Interstellar Medical Exchange events for federation founders.

  • GFX:

Hundreds of new weapons, with new effects.

Completely new UI, with support for alternative UI sub-mods. First option will be the Borg UI.

Hundreds of new icons for techs, weapons, civics and much more.

New Front-end animation and graphics.

  • Ships:

Full Borg ship set.

Vidiian ship set.

Hangars, with Federation shuttles as first model.

Added K’t’inga model for TMP klingons.

New Klingon civilian ship.

Improved ENT era Bird of Prey.

New Tholian ships and improved textures.

New Breen ships and improved textures.

New generic starbase.

New and improved Generic ships.

New Kazon ships and improved textures.

  • Music and sound effects:

New Computer and Borg narrator voice packs.

Remastering of existing tracks.

New Klingon voice overs.

  • Localisation:

Over 400k words of text in multiple languages.

New in-universe stats system, detailing every major component and weapon in the game in loving trek technobabble.

  • Minor fixes:

Minor fix to Terra Nova event.

Minor fix to Space Seed events.


Patchnotes 0.9.8a:[edit]

Hidden content

STNH 60K Subscriber patch v.0.9.8a:

  • Events:

Altamid mini-crisis

Samaritan snare anomaly

Terratin Incident anomaly

  • Maps:

New 2000 star random galaxy

  • Species:




  • Systems:

Federation accession now shows exact % progress

Progress now scales better based on number of planets

New Option to shift integration targets ethics towards the Federation

New traits, governments and civics

Lobi consortium enclave (requires Leviathans DLC)

  • GFX:

Naval museum now showcases old ships

  • Music:

Searching the beyond by London Digital Orchestra

DS9 theme by London Digital Orchestra

  • Localisation:

General improvements and more descriptions

  • Fixes:

Fixed naval museum being a valid integration candidate

Several minor fixes

Patchnotes 0.9.7a:[edit]

Hidden content

STNH v.0.9.7a:

  • Species:

Anticans added

Selay added

Betazed now playable

Hirogen now playable

Xindi now playable

Trill now playable

Denobula now playable

Kraylor now playable

Rigellian Consortium now playable

  • Map:

Gamma Quadrant map added

Outdated maps removed

Benzites now "minor" species unless played by a Human

Bolians now "minor" species unless played by a Human

Nausicaans now "minor" species unless played by a Human

Random Galaxy (500 stars)

  • Ships:

Klingon TOS Bird of Prey

Klingon TOS D6 Cruiser

Klingon TOS D7 Cruiser

Ferengi Starbase

Klingon Ty'Gokor Starbase

Xindi Arboreal Cruiser

Updated TOS Constitution

  • Systems:

Technology specialisation - players now able to choose which tech specialisation path to progress down

Starfleet Naval Museum - megastructure allowing players to re-activate older ship designs

An assortment of new custom traits, civics and governments added to major and minor species

New system will dynamically adjust playable factions at the start of every game, to ensure only valid species are spawned on the map, according to stellar locations.

Preview ships on section

Updated Xindi-Event-Chain

NX-Refit Event

Patchnotes 0.9.6a:[edit]

Hidden content

STNH v.0.9.6a:

  • Species:




Improved Voth clothes

  • Ships:

Intrepid type (Enterprise era ship) Destroyer

Improved Neptune class Patrol Frigate

Improved NX class Destroyer

NX-Refit Cruiser

Kaskara class Romulan Assault Cruiser

Declaration class "Light" Science Ship

Daedalus TOS science ship

  • Events and Anomalies:

De Declaratem

  • Icons:

Suliban space building icons

  • Systems:

Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order remember previous target, always offer at least one neighbour country

Ferengi Commerce Authority now shows loan income / outcomes, other balance fixes

Extended in-universe statistics weapon description

  • Trade Goods:

Root Beer - Humans

Meridor - Gorn

Balso Tonic - Trill

Bolian Tonic Water - Bolian

Plomeek Soup - Vulcan

Kava Nut - Vorta

Gallia Nectar - Talaxian

Uttaberries - Betazoid

Poma - Brunali

Tulabberry Wine - Dosi and Karemma

Pearl of Hus - Husnock

  • Diplomacy:

Vulcan species-specific dialogue - WIP

Added Klingon species-specific dialogue - WIP

  • Other Fixes:

Human name list updated

Suliban Helix starting buildings fixed

Warscore gain tweaked

Emergency FTL nerfed

Failsave event for minor races

Patchnotes 0.9.5a:[edit]

Hidden content

ST:NH 0.9.5a:

  • Assault Cruisers:

The Assault Cruiser, the most advanced ship of the line in any empire arsenal, is joining the fight. Similar to the Heavy Escort it is highly maneuverable and carries potent weapons,
but this cruiser also has significant shields and hull to protect itself.

  • The Mirror Universe:

Our latest and most dangerous end-game crisis to date. Could you face… yourself? An invasion of the Terran Empire could topple the entire galaxy if not stopped quickly enough,
but it also offers you a chance to embrace your dark side. The crisis comes complete with ship decals for the Terran Empire ships.

  • More Federation Ships:

In addition to the Assault Cruiser, represented by the Sovereign-class for the Federation, comes a number of new advanced ships for the Federation. The Prometheus, Intrepid and three variants of Nebula classes.
Vulcans see the addition of the Surok class, a new starbase and new colony, transport and construction civilian ships.

  • Deep Space Stations:

Our second unique megastructure is launched, and this time it offers unique gameplay mechanics – the option to build deep space starbases, completely separate from existing colonies.
While you are limited by how many starbases you may have, they offer valuable protection and capabilities and even come with their own unique building set.

  • Q-Tips:

Introducing our new professional voice actor, [B]Richard Griffiths[/B], who will be the voice of Q and narrate all our Q-tips. More tutorials have been added to various parts of the mod.

  • Easy Mode:

Q will also now offer you ‘easy mode’, intended for new players that want to learn the mod in peace. The player will receive a lot of advantages and several difficult events will no longer happen if you do so
(such as the Xindi and Demons crisis, or the pirate event).
To select easy mode, pick ‘normal’ difficulty and follow the instructions in the initial tutorial event.
Be aware, in time, the difficulty level of ‘normal’ and higher difficulty levels will increase to compensate for the new easy difficulty. We believe STNH needs to be challenging, and keep the players on their toes.

  • The Husnock Ascendency:

A new force of technologically sophisticated and cunning slavers has emerged on the rim of the galaxy… the Husnock come with a complete ship set of their own.

  • Empire Design Specializations:

Not all ships are born equal. A new mechanic will differentiate the ships of different species and empires. Would you prefer the expensive ships of the Federation

which come with powerful shields and hull? Or the cheap Klingon ships that also offer powerful weapons? The Federation player will also be able to change design philosophies once he incorporated those members into the UFP.

  • More Buildings:

The Suliban Helix will now come with a new set of buildings and visuals. Other buildings have had a visual update.

  • More Localization:

A significant update to localization and descriptions, with almost 90% of all texts completed. Various bug fixes and spelling mistakes were corrected as well.

  • The Third Imperium:

The Rakhari, the xenophobic species from the Gamma Quadrant, has received a total overhaul. They are no longer pink and friendly. We also added several new portraits to other species, among them the Axanari.

  • The Great Link:

Thanks to the great contribution of [B]Gatekeeper[/B] of the More Planet Diversity mod fame, The Dominion now has a new planet type for their capital – one covered entirely by the Great Link.
Dominion starting strength and capital planets has also been adjusted, and a few Jem’Hadar are already present.

  • Commerce!:

The starport building now serves its true purpose. A new policy system will allow you to trade resource across your empire, and you will find unique goods, such as Cardassian Kanar,
Ferengi Beetle Snuff, Romulan Ale… all can be produced by their respective nations and traded across the galaxy.

  • Bug Squashing:

As always, many hundreds of bugs were squashed and crashed, among them the disappearing Jem’hadar armies, the migration bug, the no-war bug, the slavery bug and the Mars Terraforming event not popping up for some players.

The entire mod is also fully compatible with the Adams 1.6.1 patch.

  • General Improvements:

In addition, general cleaning of code, greatly increasing performance as well as improving sector AI building intelligence.

  • New discovery uniforms
  • Dominion ships
  • Vulcan ships
  • Husnock Ships

Hidden content

Anniversary Patchnotes v.0.9.5a:

-- Mechanics/Events -- - The Mirror Universe Crisis Event - Assault Cruiser (new shipclass) - Deep Space Stations - Q-Tips now with voiceover - Easy Mode offered by Q - Reworked Starport building to a commerce center - Empire Design Specializations - Improved "Mirror, Mirror" anomaly

-- Ships -- - New Federation Ships: Intrepid, Sovereign, 3 Nebula Variants, Prometheus, Franklin - Mirror Universe TNG shipset - Husnock shipset - More Vulcan ships - More / improved dominion ships

-- Species/2d art -- - The Husnock Ascendency including 3 enslaved Subspecies, the B'rinn, the Neryj and the Durnen - New Star Trek Discovery Era Uniforms for Starfleet - New Argrathi Portraits and updated government / ethics - The Great Link planet textures - Reworked Dominion home system - New building icons

-- Localization -- - New descriptions - Improved Localisation - Great progress in German, Russian and French translation - Bug fixes

-- General -- - Fixed an issue with sector AI being stuck building - Fixed Jem'Hadar armies - Fixed several species rights - Fixed opinion modifiers - Some GFX fixes - Several minor tweaks and fixes

Patchnotes 0.9.2:[edit]

Hidden content

ST:NH 0.9.2a:

  • Federation multiplayer mechanic
  • New building icons
  • Whale Probe Event
  • Mars terraforming event
  • Fixed mining station transfer when integrating empires through the council
  • Fixed terraforming chains for Tholian and Breen
  • First Q-torials
  • Ocett class Cardassian Heavy Escort
  • Breen Cruiser improvements
  • Breen Heavy Escort
  • Miranda class tri-nacelle and heavy variants
  • Constellation class dreadnaught cruiser variant
  • Xindi Insectoid Scout
  • Antares class federation transport
  • Rescaled Cardassian ships
  • Fixed ethos not showing correctly for some species (e.g., Bolians)
  • Fixed dominion spawn on original map
  • Added Trappist-1 system to all maps
  • Fix to migration
  • Fix to ship events (e.g. Klingon Leadership) triggering while in combat
  • Updates to "Second Chance" anomaly
  • Added traits and ethos to Remans and Xindi
  • Additional descriptions
  • Additions in general
  • Localization fixes
  • Spanish localization
  • Music and VO fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the xindi chain could get stuck after chosing an admiral
  • Oberth Class TMP science ship
  • Nova Class TNG science ship
  • Building fixes
  • Localization fixes

Patchnotes 0.9.0:[edit]

Hidden content


  • Revamped component icons
  • Retextured starship type icons
  • Tons of tech icons


  • Added Cheronite species
  • Added Rigelian species
  • Added Denobulan species (v.0.8.5)
  • Added Kraylor species (v.0.8.5)


  • Andorian Ships:
    • Revamped Andorian textures
    • Andorian Colony Ship
    • Andorian Construction Ship
    • Andorian Troop Transport
    • Andorian Heavy Escort
    • Andorian Battleship
  • Cardassian Ships:
    • Cardassian Battleship
    • Cardassian Science Ship
    • Revamped Cardassian Destroyer
  • Ferengi Ships:
    • Full military shipset (v.0.8.5)
  • Dominion Ships:
    • Dominion Colony Ship
    • Dominion Construction Ship
    • Dominion Troop Transport
  • Klingon Ships:
    • Full TNG era shipset (v.0.8.5)
  • Romulan Ships:
    • Full TNG era shipset (v.0.8.5)
  • Tellarite Ships:
    • Tellarite Corvette
    • Tellarite Destroyer
    • Tellarite Cruiser
    • Tellarite Battlecruiser
  • Xindi Ships:
    • Xindi Reptilian Escort
  • Stations:
    • New stations
    • Station models
    • Visual spaceport modules


  • Improved textures
  • New Weapons effects for all weapons


  • Xindi Crisis (v.0.8.5)
  • Undine Crisis (v.0.8.5)
  • Soul of Alar Crisis (v.0.8.5)


  • Updates to various special projects to close after event chain completed
  • Mirror Mirror Event (v.0.8.5)
  • United Earth Story (v.0.8.5)
  • Kazon Story (v.0.8.5)
  • Terra Prime Event Chain (v.0.8.5)
  • The Terratin Incident (v.0.8.5)


  • Remapped tech tree with over 700 unique technologies and specialization paths.

check it here


  • Re-balanced weapons, with over 300 heavy/light torpedo, cannons and beams, many of them with unique modifiers.


  • Tweaks to Federation Accession mechanic to prevent edge case errors
  • Obsidian Order mechanic for Cardassians
  • Federation Council (v.0.8.5)
  • Tal Shiar Committee (v.0.8.5)
  • Klingon Civil war (v.0.8.5)
  • Improved AI (v.0.8.5)
  • Added new Edicts and policies


  • Streamlined and improved gamecode


  • Localization of the new tech tree
  • More localizations in general
  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Russian
  • Complete localization overhaul


  • 52 new and unique planet classes including gfx
  • Habitability and terraforming overhaul


  • New Alpha/Beta Quadrant map with 600 star systems
  • New Alpha/Beta Quadrant map with 450 star systems
  • Revised starting pops, buildings and resources on homeworlds
  • Revised hostile spawns in the maps
  • Galactic core more difficult to access in the main galaxy map

Weapon Effects

  • Weapon effects global overhaul


  • Reworked New Game Interface. Disabled random species and edits
  • Re-imagined ship designer system, with an innovative section mechanic that allows the player to more specialize its ship classes


  • Added new music Tracks

New Loading Screens by Locutus of Burg

Several Bugfixes

THX to

Gatekeeper With Planetary Diversity Mod

Patchnotes 0.8.0:[edit]

Hidden content

Patchnotes 0.8.0:

New and Updated Species

  • Argrathian
  • Karemma
  • Zahl
  • Random Humanoid 08
  • Random Humanoid 09
  • Random Humanoid 10
  • Random Humanoid 11
  • Betazoid
  • Trill

Ship design Interface

  • 160+ components and icons
  • 300+ weapons and icons

Ship Types

  • Romulan "Motion Picture" era ships
  • Federation and Klingon "Next Generation" era ships
  • Pirate and generic alien ships


  • Tholian
  • Cardassian

Starttext & Bio

  • Added new Starttext and Bio (WIP)

Anomalies & Events

  • Gamesters of Triskelion
  • Romulan leadership challenge event
  • Ferengi "Dabo" event
  • Tellarite debate event
  • Andorian "Ushaan" event
  • Cardassian "Obsidian Order" events
  • Romulan "Tal Shiar" events


  • New Borg assimilating mechanic
  • Borg-AI


  • Complete overhaul of Techtree with over 400+ technologies.


  • Alpha/Beta Quadrant map


  • Federation
  • Vulcan
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Borg
  • Dominion


  • Complete overhaul and optimisation of ship code
  • Huge code optimisation leading to much better performance and stability
  • Sound optimisation


  • English Localisation
  • German Localisation (WIP)
  • Russian Localisation (WIP)
  • French Localisation (WIP)
  • Polish Localisation (WIP)

Patchnotes 0.7.5:[edit]

Hidden content


  • Sheliak
  • Undine
  • Fen Domar
  • Random Humanoid #5
  • Random Humanoid #6
  • Random Humanoid #7

Species Improvements:

  • Enterprise era Tellarite clothing
  • Indian and Indo-Chinese Humans
  • Bajoran Militia uniforms updated
  • Fixes to various invisible pops

Ship Types:

  • Andorian Faction Ships
  • Breen Faction Ships
  • Tholian Faction Ships
  • Tamarian / Generic 02 Faction Ships


  • Added Cardassian city type


  • Strange New World

Flavour Events:

  • Cardassian Literature Events


  • Improved Ketracel White - requires Yridium Bicantizine and Sodium Tetrahydrate rare strategic resources, and "Ketracel White Synthesis" facility
  • Jem'Hadar buildable pops no longer enslavable


  • Number of small improvements to localisation and icons


  • Sheliak system added
  • Removed Vortan Assembly, granted planet to Dominion
  • Garidian Republic starts as vassal of Romulan Star Empire

Patchnotes 0.7.0:[edit]

Hidden content

Wadi Devore Nyberrites Norcadians Garidians Tamarians Founders

Klingon Improvements + Civilian Clothes
Random Humanoids 02 Random Humanoids 03 Random Humanoids 04

Silent Enemy Anomaly Sword of Kahless Epic Chain Federation Formation Chain Praxis Mining Chain

Ketracel White and Jem'Hadar Cloning for Dominion Vanilla "Federations" renamed to "Coalitions" to avoid confusion and better reflect function Map and Setup:
Nyberrite Alliance added to Alpha/Gamma border Fen Domar added to Beta/Delta border

Weapons and Systems: Starbases can now construct multiple weapon and shield upgrades - NOTE the starbase power indicator is not accurately reflecting power upgrades

Special ship components using more appropriate icons and localisation Added listening outpost space station Reduced sensor range of ships and planets Rebalnced number of Terraforming resources (at least doubled) Made civ trade optional

Added Listening Post (Builded via Military station build menu) 10x range of sensor Reduced all sensor range (planets and ships) Civ Trade is now optional at game start via event Improved late game performance (mainly by turning off Civ trade) Rebalance of Terraforming Resources (mainly doubled) Added to the original static map the Fen Domar States (to border of beta/delta quadrants) and and Nyberrite Alliance (to border to alpha/gamma quadrants). Also added additional solar system initializers for certain star systems. Alternative Map: Added an alternative static map, which has more lore related features than the original map, but the alternative map is likely to be less balanced than the original. The map includes some randomization, so each star's initializers and position can vary from game to game. Has better defined spirals Randomises the position of the stars within the spirals each playthrough, providing slightly different tactical and strategic challenges each time you play it. Includes over 300 named stars (from real life, and Star Trek, in all four quadrants) in approximately the correct direction from Sol, with dozens of specific system initializers. Named stars all have the correct star class. An individual set of initializers for galactic core stars. Over 20 pre-warp races, each with a chance of spawning or not spawning in each particular game.

New Ships:
Cardassians Faction Ships + Starbase TMP era Ships for FED

German/Deutsche Localisation