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SW Fallen Republic

Game modification: SW Fallen Republic
A Star Wars total conversion Stellaris mod
Paradox Interactive

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About this mod

Hello there,
Welcome to the Star Wars: Fallen Republic mod wiki page.

SW: Fallen Republic is a free total conversion fan-art-mod for Stellaris set in the Star Wars universe. The mod is developed by the Paradoxical (not Paradox) Development Group and is currently in development.

The mod offers the players the ability to select and play from a large number of civilizations in the Star Wars universe. Lore appropriate spaceships, species, events, archaeological sites and more are provided to offer a complete Star Wars experience.

Want to help improve the wiki or mod?

The paradoxical development group are always looking for volunteer modders, 2D/3D artists, translators and anything in between to help make, maintain and improve, not only this mod, but also our sister-mod ST NewHorizons. If that is something you would like to do, please go to our recruitment application from and sign-up using your Discord ID. If you have any questions, please connect to our discord server Paradoxical D.G Community Discord and get in touch with us. Everyone is welcome to join the team, regardless of skill level, so do not let that hold you back. If you are new to Stellaris modding, workshops for beginners are also organized.

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: Who are the Paradoxical Development Group?
  • Answer: The Paradoxical Development Group is a group of die-hard Stellaris, Star Wars and Star Trek Fans who have set out to create the best possible total conversion mods. Everyone involved are here on a volunteer basis meaning this is pure fan-made, non-profitable and non-commercial mod. The Team consists of a core group of long-term committed developers who organize and managed the overall development and design decisions related to the mod. They are then supported by a multitude of awesome community contributors. Some of the contributors work on a freelance basis where they work on a task alone and independently. Others work more closely with the core development group with weekly, if not daily, communication.

  • Question: When will SW: Fallen Republic be released?
  • Answer: This mod is created by voluntary contributors which means dedicated time and deadlines are hard to set and predict. As of current there is no set release date. The best way to keep yourself updated on the development progress is to head over to the discord server and connect to our social media. Until release, current released teasers can be found in the Maintenance.png Pre-Release Teasers wiki page.

  • Question: Which Star Wars time-period does this mod cover?
  • Answer: The game is set to start at the end of the prequel trilogy in 19 BBY, with the foundation of the Galactic Empire. On release, in-game events, technologies and ships are primarily focused around this time-period and up until the battle of Endor in 4 ABY. This may be expanded upon in future updates.

  • Question: Is this mod Disney canon accurate?
  • Answer: The mod is primarily based on current canon material, however, some changes has been made in order to balance the game. Furthermore, places where canon material was not available or lacking details, information from the expanded universe or legends material have been used.

  • Question: Does this mod require DLCs to play?
  • Answer: All mods made by the Paradoxical Development Group works without any mods. However, some features and content might not be available should the corresponding DLCs not be installed (as an example, MegaCorp empires will not be playable without the MegaCorp.png MegaCorp DLC). NOTE: If you are playing an online multiplayer game, only the host will need to own the DLCs in order to unlock features and content for everyone playing.

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