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[[File:Technology interface.png|right|thumb|330px|Technology interface.]]
'''Technology''' is a central pillar in of any interstellar [[empire]]. It was with it that allowed them to reach the starts and it'll will be by it that can make what allows them to succeed against other empires.
== The card system ==
[[File:Card system.png|right|thumb|The "card" system.]]
[[Stellaris]] doesn't have a tech tree in the normal sense of the word, instead it presents to the player with a quasi-random selection of technologies that may or may not appear later on during a playthrough.<ref name="dev_diary_11">[[forum:893377|Dev Diary #11 - Research & Technology]]</ref>
The best A good analogy to for this process is by imagining a deck of cards where in which each card represents a different technology. As soon as a tech is selected for research, the remaining "cards" are placed back into the deck and which is then reshuffled with other ones. This However, in this "shuffling" is not completely fair, however, since some cards are weighted to appear more often than others. This is especially happens common in the early-game where some "cards" are extremely likely to appear as to allow all players to get a fair start. Besides thatAdditionally, an empires' [[ethos]], the leading [[scientist]]s' [[traits]], the current researched technologies, etc. all factor in into this weighting.
== Special technologies ==
Certain technologies are considered "special" in the sense that these and are marked in such a style as different color so players can to recognize their rarity. These are techs that might only appear once in a playthrough and, as such, should probably always be picked.
There are also unique technologies that can only be learned via the [[survey|investigation]] of [[anomalies]], debris, etc.
After some time it's possible to reach a point where procedurally generated techs get a chance of appearing more and more often after many of the "normal" technologies are successfully researched.
There's also the possibility of having "advanced" techs appearing during the later stages of a game. These are high reward/high risk opportunities that can give an empire that much needed edge a significant advantage in the race to [[victory conditions|winvictory]] but may trigger terrible consequences such as [[crisis|crises]].
== Technology types ==
Technology is divided into three types, which are: physicsPhysics, society Society and engineeringEngineering.
** [[Module:]] : Solar panel network

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