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Energy credits
Energy credits are also expended as lump-sum payments for other various tasks, such as clearing [[tile blockers]], initiating [[terraforming]] (a significant investment, with the cheapest process costing 2000 {{iconify|energy|18px}}), and building [[robots]].
Finally, they can also act as bargaining chip in [[diplomacy|trade deals]] with early empires. However as empires grow more established, producing and storing larger amounts of energy credits, they can become worthless for trade. However that can make it realy really cheap to aquire acquire them via [[diplomacy|trade deals]], especially for Minerals.
They can be acquired by building mining stations around celestial bodies, building solar panel networks [[spaceports]] and by constructing and upgrading power plants on colonized worlds. They are produced and stored on a sector-by-sector basis as well as empire basis so it is advisable to keep an eye out on a players' energy balance before handing systems away.

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