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|- id="Slaver Guilds"
| [[File:Civic_slaver_guilds.png]] Slaver Guilds || {{green|+10%}} {{icon|slave food output}} Slave food output<br/>{{green|+10%}} {{icon|slave mineral output}} Slave mineral output || || {{iconify|Authoritarian}} || ''Much of the true political power in this society rests with a number of powerful and ruthless slaver guilds. They know how to get the most out of a slave.''
|- id="Inward Inwards Perfection"| [[File:Civic_inwards_perfection.png]] Inward Inwards Perfection || {{green|+30%}} {{icon|unity}} Monthly unity<br/>|| || {{iconify|Pacifist}}<br/>{{iconify|Xenophobe}} || ''This calm and pacific society has little use for strangers who do not understand their way of life. More than anything, they would prefer to be left alone.''
|- id="Warrior Culture"
| [[File:Civic_warrior_culture.png]] Warrior Culture || {{green|+20%}} {{icon|army damage}} Army damage<br/>{{green|−20%}} {{icon|army upkeep}} Army upkeep || || {{iconify|Militarist}} || ''This society has developed into a hardy warrior culture. Martial prowess is valued above all else, and true glory can only be found on the field of battle.''

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