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Synthetic Dawn

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{{Version|Timeless}}{{TemplateRewrite}}{{#evt:Rewrite| service= youtube| id= Jg-hcUcOIi8| description= Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn story pack feature breakdown by Stellaris' game director Martin "Wiz" Anward.| alignment= right| container=frame}}
[[File:Synthetic Dawn packshot.png|right|thumb|400px|Synthetic Dawn cover art.]]
'''Synthetic Dawn''' is the 2nd [[DLC|contentstory pack]] expansion for Stellaris. It was announced on 2017-08-03<ref>Forum, [[forum:1038083|Stellaris Prepares Robotic Empires for Digital Distribution Across the Universe]], 2017-08-03</ref> and its release date is 2017-09-21<ref>Forum, [[forum:1042656|Stellaris Synthetic Dawn Feature Breakdown]], 2017-09-06</ref> . The expansion is expected to be accompanied by the free 1.8 patch (aka ''Čapek''). == Expansion features ==* You, Robot: Play Stellaris as a customized robotic civilization, complete a series of robotic portraits for science robots, worker robots, and more* AI, eh? Aye!: Follow new event chains and story features to lead your robot race to greatness as an intergalactic AI empire; pursue mechanical perfection in the stars* Rise of the Machines: Oppressed synths may rebel against their masters and form new empires -- or you may even discover a fallen synthetic civilization deep in space* Digital Enhancements: New synthetic race portraits, and expanded voice packs for VIR
== Summary ==
* Machine Empires use the new 'Machine' species class with its own portrait set. Around 12 new machine portraits are planned, including one themed for each existing species class (Fungoid bots, Avian bots, etc)
* A regular Machine Empire is made up entirely of networked drones (exceptions are made by the 3 special civics below) and are built using resources (in the same way as robot pops)
* Different models can be created and built once the 'Machine Template' technology is researched. 
* They do not require food, instead using energy for maintenance.
* Organic pops can not be integrated into a machine empire, and must be displaced or purged.
* A special form of purging called 'Grid Amalgamation' - kills pops at a moderate speed, but the pops produce a large amount of energy while being purged (similar to processing for organic empires)
* Machine Empires do not die from old age, but can suffer potentially lethal accidents and malfunctions, though this is fairly rare.
* They also have their own sets of tradition swaps, similar to Hive Minds, including a new 'Versatility' tree that replaces the Diplomacy tree
* They have their own unique personalities, dialogue and interaction with entities such as the Contingency and Fallen Machine Empires.
== Free features ==* They have their own unique personalities, dialogue and interaction with entities such as the Contingency and Fallen Machine be added
== Dev diaries ==

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