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Synthetic Dawn

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Free features
* '''Core sector governor''' – Instead of hiring a [[governor]] for each [[Empire#Core_systems|core system]], there is now a single governor that governs all core systems. Additionally, a governor skill level now provides a direct increase to all resource production in a sector independent of their [[leader traits]] bonuses.
* '''Manual Purging''' – [[Purging]] specific pops is once again possible on special cases if said pop is either: a [[slave]], a non-protected pre-sapient or a undesirable.
* '''Simplifying vassal creation''' – Previously it was only possible to create [[vassals]] by releasing an entire species whose homeworld was captured. Now to create a vassal all that is needed is to select a planet that contains a species (or sub-species) you want to make a vassal of and click on the ''Create Vassal'' button. Vassal empires will receive their overlords' ethics and authority but they are able to choose their own civics. Systems can be granted or seized via [[trade]].
* '''Land appropriation and refugees''' – This new policy governs whether or not newly conquered planets should have tiles appropriated from non-citizen species. It is available for all [[ethos]] types and it works by clearing some tiles either by driving the occupying species away and turning it into refugees or by outright eliminating them from the game. Homogeneity-seeking empires will make use of this policy meaning that wars of conquest will usually generate refugees.
* '''Pre-sapient policies''' – New [[policies]] are available that dictate how species with the potential to be [[uplift]] are treated and they include: extermination, tolerance, protection and use as livestock.
* '''Initial border status''' – This new policy controls the default border status an empire has towards other empires. An open approach means that ones' borders can be traversed without the need of an open borders agreement and a closed approach means it would need one.
* '''Robotic workers policy refinement''' – This new policy is dictates whether robotic pops should exist or not. Outlawing robotic workers will dismantle all robots within an empire. The currently existing [[Policies#Artificial_Intelligence|artificial intelligence]] one is changed and it now determines if mechanoids can have sentience or not (outlawed) and if they should be enslaved (servitude) or given freedom (citizen rights).
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