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Some new info from ET5
=== {{iconify|Minerals}} ===
Minerals are the principal building resource. Constructing They are mostly gained by constructing Mining Networks on planets or Mining Stations in orbitof uncolonized worlds. They are used for constructing almost any unit or building comes with a Minerals cost. Another important use of minerals is fleet maintenance.
=== {{iconify|Influence}} ===
Influence is a diplomatic and political resource. It is earned mainly Influence gain remains largely the same throughout the game, however it can be increased by declaring other civilizations empires as Rivals in [[diplomacy]]rivals and by upgrading planetary capitals to the highest level. <ref name="blorg_twitch_5" /> It is spent on, among other things: Conducting diplomacy, recruiting leaders, influencing [[election]]s, changing [[policies]], issuing [[edict]]s, changing [[government]] type and [[resettlement]]. [[Frontier outpost]]s, also require influence to operate. Being in an alliance costs 3 influence each month.
=== {{iconify|Food}} ===

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