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Synthetic Dawn

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Changed "Machine Empire do not die from old age" to "Machine Empire pops do not die from old age"
* Organic pops can not be integrated into a machine empire, and must be displaced or purged.
* A special form of purging called 'Grid Amalgamation' - kills pops at a moderate speed, but the pops produce a large amount of energy while being purged (similar to processing for organic empires)
* Machine Empires Empire pops do not die from old age, but can suffer potentially lethal accidents and malfunctions, though this is fairly rare.
* They also have their own sets of tradition swaps, similar to Hive Minds, including a new 'Versatility' tree that replaces the Diplomacy tree
* They have their own unique personalities, dialogue and interaction with entities such as the Contingency and Fallen Machine Empires.
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