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Stored Research: clarified
The expenditure rate of stored research can be expressed as follows:
<math>\text{Stored research expenditure ratelength} = \text{min}[\text{Research resource stored},\text{Research resource produced}]</math>
An empire produces {{icon|eng|21px}} {{green|+24}} Engineering research a month and has just finished debris analysis granting it {{icon|eng|21px}} {{green|+1000}} Engineering research (stored research).
<math>\text{Stored research expenditure ratelength} = \text{min}[\text{1000},\text{24}] =\, 24\text{41.67 months}</math>
The empire will supplement its {{icon|eng|21px}} Engineering research by an additional {{green|+24}} research points for the first 41 months and by another {{green|+16}} research points in the following month, after which the {{icon|eng|21px}} Engineering stored research bank will completely deplete.
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