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The card system
[[File:Card system.png|thumb|400px|The "card" system.]]
Although the underlying technology system is based on the familiar ''tech tree'' structure, it does away with its standard interaction/presentation in favor of the ''card shuffle'' approach. This injects a semi-random element into research, making it somewhat less predicable predictable as well as more non-linear.
When prompted for a research prospect, the system presents a select subset of research alternatives picked randomly from a pool of all the valid research options.
If a tech were to be picked at random, then each tech's chances would be '''28.7%''', '''12.3%''', and '''59%''' respectively.
'''Note:''' Tiers, weights, and what modifiers affecting it are ''hidden'' parameters. That being said, an expertise in a tech's field is likely to increase its weight (and therefor therefore appearance).
== Research alternatives ==

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