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Research cost is formulated as follows:
<math>\text{Research cost} = \text{Base cost}\, \cdot\, \left(1\, +\, 0.02\, \cdot\, \text{Owned uncolonized systems}\, +\, 0.05\, \cdot\, \text{Owned colonies} \right)</math>
; Example
An empire is researching {{icon|Global Energy ManagementArmored Torpedoes tech|21px}} Global Energy Management Armored Torpedoes (640 4000 base cost). Aside from Besides its home systemcapital, it owns 2 other 3 colonized planets and 5 uncolonized systems and 1 colony.
<math>\text{Research cost} = 6404000\, \cdot\, \left(1\, +\, 0.02\, \cdot\, 25\, +\, 0.05\, \cdot\, 13\right) =\, 6975000</math>
'''Note that an :''' The empire's capital does ''not'' count counted towards the total number of owned colonies or /systems in the formula.
== Research progress ==
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