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Style templates
== Style templates ==
While I don't disagree with the rewrite tag on the population page. That decision is normally reserved for the moderating team. Hopefully when we mark a page for a rewrite we should also take the time to explain what needs changing on the talk pages. If you would like to list these too then I'm happy to let it startstand. Its really good to see proactive edits on the wikis. Thanks, [[User:Dauth|Dauth]] ([[User talk:Dauth|talk]]) 00:12, 12 March 2018 (CET)
:I wanted to give a reason but I didn't know how to express properly and detailed enough that while the upper half of the page is acceptable (if outdated in case of Happiness), the lower half needs work. I tried to do it myself but didn't have time. I'll see what I can do when I'll be more free. [[User:Kami-sama|Kami-sama]] ([[User talk:Kami-sama|talk]]) 11:43, 12 March 2018 (CET)
:: You could say that on the talk page. Generally I also use the reasons listed on the {{Template|Rewrite}} template documentation. [[User:Dauth|Dauth]] ([[User talk:Dauth|talk]]) 12:22, 12 March 2018 (CET)
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