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Food Stockpiling
==Food StockpilingPolicy=={{SVersion|2.12}}The food stockpiling policy lets an empire decide on how large its food stockpile should beexpenditure. Small stockpiles allow It is non-applicable for faster population growth due to food surplus, while large stockpiles lets an empire prepare for bad circumstances.base {{iconify|Machine Intelligence}}s
{| class="mildtable sortable" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="4" width="100%"
! style="width:30%" | Effects
! style="width:65%" class="unsortable" | Description & Notes
|- id="No StockpileStrict Rationing"| '''NoneStrict Rationing'''| Sets the Food storage capacity to 0* Pop food upkeep {{green|-25%}}.* Pop growth speed {{red|-10%}}.* Biological Pop happiness {{red|-10%}}.| ''We are perfectIn times of need, immortal machineswe all must sacrifice for the greater good.What is a little starvation now, when our glorious future awaits?''
* Valid if {{iconify|machine intelligence}}.|- id="Minimal StockpileDietary Balance"| '''MinimalDietary Balance'''| Sets the Food storage capacity to 200Default expenditure.| ''Keeping our Our population will have all their nutritional needs met, but food stockpiling to is a minimum ensures that it can precious resource and frivolous waste should be put to better avoided.\n\n§EOrganic Pops have normal food use towards population and growthspeed.''
* Activated by default if organic or {{iconify|rogue servitor}}.
|- id="Balanced StockpileNutritional Plenitude"| '''BalancedNutritional Plenitude'''| Sets the Food storage capacity to 1000* Pop food upkeep {{red|+25%}}.* Pop growth speed {{green| ''A balanced approach to stockpiling will allow us to use our food surplus towards growth, while still leaving us significant reserves if the worst should happen+10%}}.''----* Biological Pop happiness {{green|- id="Large Stockpile"+5%}}.| '''Large'''| Sets It is the Food storage capacity fundamental right of each of our citizens to 5000enter hibernation with a full digestive organ.| ''We can never know when disaster and famine Easy access to plentiful, nutritional fare will strike. A large stockpile of food will let us to weather bad circumstances without be the fuel that spurs our population sufferinggrowth among the stars.''
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