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Research alternatives
== Research alternatives ==
{{SVersion|12.92}}Each card hand drawn will contain {{green|3}} research alternatives<ref name="defines" />. This may, however, be further increased with by 1 for each of the following:* {{icon|edict}} Scientific Revolution unity ambition* {{iconify|Natural Neural Network}} civic* {{Bonus tableiconify|research alternativesStatic Research Analysis}} civic* {{icon|self-evolving logic|24px}}Self-Evolving Logic technology* [[File:Tradition_discovery_science_division.png|24px]] Science Division / Mindlink / Research Path Optimization discovery tradition
Additionally, some research cards may be gained as ''permanent alternatives''. They appear below the regular alternatives and are distinguished from them by a {{tech|acquire|golden}} border surrounding the tech card's bezel. These alternatives are usually acquired (along with some partial progress) through post-battle debris analysis, from special projects or [[event]] chains. These options will always appear as available options when drawing a new card hand and will remain as such until completed.
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